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Fast vergessen - Bewegung !

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126 Postings, 3639 Tage Frida PauliFast vergessen - Bewegung !

12.06.19 09:41
Es gibt Bewegung, Wer hat Info ?  
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778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportKlima-Schutz treibt...

09.06.20 14:52

Auch wenn die Coronakrise viele andere ökonomische Trends aktuell überdeckt, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass diese nicht mehr intakt sind. Wie die Weltbank zuletzt meldete, werde die Nachfrage nach Graphit, Lithium oder Kobalt bis 2050 um bis zu 500 Prozent steigen. Indirekt profitieren dürfte von dieser gesteigerten Nachfrage auch Kupfer, wie die Experten erwarten. Wie die Weltbank argumentiert, lagern viele kritische Batteriemetalle in Entwicklungsländern. Damit die Klimaschutzziele erreicht werden können, müssten diese kritischen Metalle unbedingt klimaschonend abgebaut werden. Ziel sei es, dass der CO2-Fußabdruck der Produktion dieser Metalle nur rund sechs Prozent der durch fossile Brennstoffe verursachten Emissionen ausmache.


570 Postings, 4741 Tage zelltimWestwater und Tesla Deal warum eigentlich nicht ?

11.07.20 07:48
New Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jay Wago, an industry veteran with 20 years? experience in battery materials marketing and development, we are preparing to bring these materials to the marketplace.

Und das im Epizentrum von Tesla`s Gigafabrik ! wer weis ob da nicht mal ein Deal zustande kommt !
Ist überhaupt nicht mehr von der Hand zuweisen . Was dann abgeht braucht man wohl nicht lange zu erklären .... selbst kauf Vorverträge wären der Hammer ..sei es Li oder CG .

Westwater meines erachtens sehr sehr interessant .  

778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportWWR konzentriert sich auf das Graphite-Geschäft..

09.09.20 08:57

und gibt Vereinbarung über den Verkauf seines US-Uran Geschäftes bekannt.

Westwater Resources Announces Agreement to Sell Its North American Uranium Business

Westwater Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, today announced a binding letter of intent to sell its uranium assets located in New Mexico and Texas to enCore Energy Corp. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a Toronto Venture Exchange-listed company (TSX.V:EU). Total compensation accruing to Westwater as part of the deal is expected to be in excess of $1.95 million in enCore shares and royalties from future production from the New Mexico properties. All remaining reclamation liabilities and bonding obligations for the Company?s Texas uranium properties will be transferred to enCore at the time of sale, with the transaction expected to close on or before December 31, 2020. This transaction is subject to further due diligence, the execution of a definitive agreement, and other customary conditions. Westwater is retaining its uranium interests in Turkey, which are subject to an ongoing international arbitration proceeding.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westwater said, ?We are happy to place these uranium assets in the hands of a company like enCore where they can be developed further as part of a larger, consolidated land position, while we devote our full focus and attention on advancing our battery-grade graphite product business. We are excited to continue our participation in the uranium sector as a significant shareholder of enCore and royalty holder, while transferring responsibility for remaining reclamation to them. We believe that the enCore organization has a strong foundation of highly experienced former operators of uranium mines and processing facilities, and we are putting this business in good hands. At the same time, we expect to save over $4 million per year for the next several years in land payments, reclamation expenses and operating costs associated with the uranium properties ? money that can be used for our Coosa Graphite Project.?

?The Coosa Graphite Project in Alabama is perfectly timed to take advantage of the advances in the electrification of our transportation system and grid electricity storage for renewable energy here in the United States and the rest of the world. These systems need graphite as a critical ingredient ? and our development plan puts battery graphite in the marketplace and accelerates Westwater?s path to cash flow. Getting our foot in the door early is good for business and good for our shareholders.?

William M. Sheriff, Chairman of enCore Energy Corp said, ?Upon the completion of the reclamation activities commenced by Westwater, we look forward to the revitalization of the licensed Rosita plant in Texas, located in one of the most progressive uranium jurisdictions in the United States. In addition, with the New Mexico assets, enCore is the first company to control and consolidate the leading land position in New Mexico, the largest uranium belt in the United States. With our team?s track record and expertise, we have the capacity to take these valuable assets and create a leader amongst domestic uranium producers.?

Graphite Purification Patent Application

Westwater has applied for a Provisional Patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary graphite purification technology. This proprietary process, which does not utilize hydrofluoric acid, is a purification methodology that has a more sustainable footprint than those currently used in China and elsewhere. Our purification process is an integral component in our pilot plant program, which we announced on August 8, 2020.

Commenting on this important development, Chris Jones stated, ?This patent application, and all the hard work and innovation that went into developing this technology by our technical teams, is another example of Westwater?s dedication and energy ? characteristics that we believe will propel the Company further down the road in the green energy storage space that our graphite business is designed to serve.?

The invention claimed in the provisional patent application relates to a method of obtaining highly purified graphite ? having a graphitic carbon (Cg) grade of at least 99.9% ? from a natural flake graphite concentrate sample. The method consists of three steps: (1) caustic roasting of the graphite concentrate sample; (2) acid leaching of the roasted sample; and (3) thermal treatment of the sample. Additional steps involving water washing and drying are included in some methods. The methods provided in the application may further include any combination of varying the weight percentage of the caustic solution, varying the temperature of and time for the caustic roasting, varying the temperature of and time for the acid leaching, and/or varying the temperature of, time for, and the atmosphere used in the thermal treatment.

Pilot Plant Update

On August 20, 2020, Westwater announced it had engaged Dorfner Anzaplan of Hirschau, Germany to execute its pilot plant that will advance the development of processes needed to purify graphite concentrates and to produce Westwater?s battery grade products: ULTRA-PMGTM, ULTRA-CSPGTM and ULTRA-DEXDGTM. Dorfner Anzaplan is an internationally recognized and highly regarded organization that specializes in high-purity industrial and strategic metals businesses. Dorfner Anzaplan will employ state-of-the-art analytical methods and facilities and use innovative processing technologies to provide effective solutions tailored to Westwater?s requirements. Planning and construction of an operational pilot plant is underway.

Westwater has developed proprietary processes for the production of battery grade graphite from non-Chinese sources that are designed to manufacture high performing products while ensuring a sustainable environmental footprint and low production costs. Test work on the products from these processes has been performed already in laboratories in Germany and the United States, and those results show that the performance of the Coosa Project?s graphite is on par with or exceeds that of currently available battery products. The next step in Westwater?s development process is the operation of a pilot plant that is designed to process approximately 30-tonnes of graphite concentrate and to produce more than ten metric tons of ULTRA-PMGTM, ULTRA-CSPGTM and ULTRA-DEXDGTM products, now scheduled for later this year and the first part of 2021.

The Company will provide updates on this exciting project as they occur over the coming weeks and months.

Return of Lithium Claims

Westwater has returned its lithium claims in Nevada and Utah to the United States government, thereby focusing all financial and technical resources on the continued development of its graphite business. Estimated savings from the return of these claims will be on the order of at least $200,000 per year.


570 Postings, 4741 Tage zelltimKommt da was ?

29.09.20 21:28
Lithium Explorerhat schon gestern ein Vorvertrag abgeschlossen !

Nochmal zur Erinnerung
New Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jay Wago, an industry veteran with 20 years? experience in battery materials marketing and development, we are preparing to bring these materials to the marketplace.

Und das im Epizentrum von Tesla`s Gigafabrik ! wer weis ob da nicht mal ein Deal zustande kommt !
Ist überhaupt nicht mehr von der Hand zuweisen . Was dann abgeht braucht man wohl nicht lange zu erklären .... selbst kauf Vorverträge wären der Hammer ..sei es Li oder CG .

Westwater meines erachtens sehr sehr interessant .    

778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportWas für ein Feuerwerk

06.10.20 08:01
Westwater Resources Applauds the President?s Executive Order to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals


778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-Sportinteressante Seite auf WO gefunden

06.10.20 14:19

102 Postings, 988 Tage Petar StojicWWR

06.10.20 20:16
Ein Zukunft wert, die Entscheidung das sie sich voll auf Graphit konzentrieren wollen ist ne neu Ausrichtung sehr gute Entscheidung, das Unternehmen hat enormes Potenzial wenn es zu Produktion kommt, was ich denke das sie es schaffen nach meiner Ansicht haben sie das Potenzial mit dem Management, es sollte langfristig eine mehr als verhundertfachung drin sein.  

950 Postings, 3326 Tage antares0650hier die offizielle Mitteilung

06.10.20 21:49

778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportWWR ...

08.10.20 20:18
Westwater Resources Stock Rises on Trump's Executive Order

Should you buy Westwater Resources stock?

Currently, Westwater Resources stock is being tracked by one Wall Street analyst. The analyst has a buy rating with a target price of $ mouth


778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportWWR gibt ...

09.10.20 15:23
Westwater Resources gibt den Erhalt von 30 Tonnen Graphitkonzentrat für die Pilotanlagenproduktion bekannt

Pilot soll im November beginnen

Geplante Produktion von über 10 Tonnen Markenbatterie-Graphit-Produkten bis Ende des ersten Quartals 2021

JAHRHUNDERT Colo . 9. Oktober 2020 - Westwater Resources, Inc. (?Westwater?) (Nasdaq: WWR) , ein Unternehmen für die Entwicklung von Energiematerialien, gab heute bekannt, dass es 30 Tonnen natürliches Flockengraphitkonzentrat im Werk von Dorfner Anzaplan in Hirschau erhalten hat. Deutschland, im Rahmen des langfristigen Graphitkaufvertrags des Unternehmens erworben. Dieses Material wird in der Pilotanlage verwendet, die derzeit in den Werken von Dorfner Anzaplan in der Nähe von Amberg (Deutschland) sowie in den Werken in Frankfurt (Deutschland), Chicago (Illinois) und Buffalo (New York) gebaut wird. Diese kombinierte Anstrengung wird voraussichtlich insgesamt mehr als 10 Tonnen von drei geschützten Batteriegraphitprodukten produzieren: ULTRA-PMG TM , ULTRA-CSPG TM und ULTRA-DEXDGTM .

Christopher M. Jones, President und Chief Executive Officer von Westwater, sagte: ?Diese Pilotanlage ist in mehrfacher Hinsicht einzigartig. Wir verwenden mehrere Jahre gesammelter wissenschaftlicher und technischer Daten, um Batterieprodukte durch ein umweltverträgliches Verfahren für Tests durch unsere potenziellen Kunden herzustellen. Dieser Pilot wird qualitativ hochwertige und leistungsstarke Batterie-Graphit-Produkte herstellen, die mit unserer Produktionsanlage in vollem Umfang übereinstimmen. ?


6022 Postings, 3011 Tage derbestezockerKaufkurse sehe ich herannahend

13.10.20 12:14

108 Postings, 282 Tage Mango089Ja

13.10.20 19:45
So gehts mir auch... überlege noch grün zu verkaufen  

6022 Postings, 3011 Tage derbestezockerWas sind das für Drückerschweine sehr nett

13.10.20 20:46

570 Postings, 4741 Tage zelltimdenke bei der Fallhöhe schlägt das Ding wohl

13.10.20 20:57
durch bis in Kellergeschoß ! Echt schade  

14188 Postings, 4960 Tage Romeo237Biontech kurz vor Durchbruch

13.10.20 21:03

778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportEinschätzung...

11.11.20 09:15
Westwater Resources Insiders Need to Let Their Money Do the Talking

The last (and only) time I wrote about Westwater Resources (NASDAQ:WWR) was approximately three weeks ago. Regardless of a recent executive order from President Donald Trump, which was intended to reduce the country?s reliance on foreign suppliers of critical minerals such as graphite, I couldn?t recommend WWR stock except for the most speculative investors.


778 Postings, 2884 Tage K1-SportWWR

13.11.20 10:19

6022 Postings, 3011 Tage derbestezockerWas für Gauner unglaublich

18.11.20 21:17

33 Postings, 23 Tage lapislazuli63news auf der Wetwater Homepage

06.01.21 17:07
selber lesen und entscheiden  

46 Postings, 1732 Tage dmcpuranium assets

06.01.21 17:35 wo alle Nukes wieder anziehen verkaufen sie ihr Urangeschäft.
Wahrscheinlich Altlasten ohne Ende?  

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08.01.21 02:52

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