PUF Ventures to Build 1 Million-Square-Foot

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27.03.19 11:50
ich kaufe noch ein Paar.  

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27.03.19 11:55
Ich hab mich vollgesaugt.
Soll aber keine Aufforderung für andere sein.  

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29.03.19 19:18
CSE 0,69 cad
Hier gehts ab  

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und Verbesserungen und die Agraflora eiert förmlich rum.
Muss doch eine Ursache haben und hat nit Gewinnmitnahmen schon nichts mehr zu tun.
Kommt Euch das nicht komisch vor?  

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alles nach Plan. Bissl mehr informieren bitte. Danke  

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Bei Wallstreet online hab ich grade gelesen das angeblich bei AAA Heidelberg alles unverändert ist und von Anbau keine Spur.
Ist das der Grund warum der Kurs so fällt.
Das wäre ein Skandal wenn das zutrifft.
Lest mal selber  

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Hast du einen Link?  

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´n FCB Avatar -.- *facepalm*  

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1,7 Millionen bei CSE
250000 bei Tradegate
noch Fragen  

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09.04.19 20:09
Was ist eigentlich aus der Anlage in Australien geworden ?  

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10.04.19 16:31
Meines Wissens läuft der Bau und Agraflora ist mit 35% beteiligt.
Letzte Tage erst erwähnt worden.  

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die Verkäufe so ansieht dann hat man den Eindruck das einer seine Warrants absetzt.
Schon bald untrüblich.Meine Meinung und keine Kauf oder Verkaufsaufforderung  

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Soviel zu deiner Meinung, Zander.  

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Streite ich doch nicht ab.
Es sind sehr viel Käufe gewesen aber auch sehr viel Verkäufe im 10000sender Block.
Daher meine Annahme.
Einfach mal reinsehen dann ist man besser Informiert.
Soviel dazu!  

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Wann ist denn mit der ersten Ernte zu rechnen har jemand eine Antwort?  

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23.04.19 15:38
Vancouver, British Columbia / April 23, 2019 ? AgraFlora Organics International Inc.  (?AgraFlora? or the ?Company?) (CSE: AGRA) (Frankfurt: PU31) (OTCPK: PUFXF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Brandon Boddy to the board of directors of the Company.  Mr. Boddy contributes over 14 years of capital markets experience and has directly raised over $500 million in the trailing 24 months. Mr. Boddy is a founding director of Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (formerly Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp.) and is currently a director of Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. In addition, Mr. Boddy was a founder of US Cobalt Corp., which was subsequently sold to First Cobalt Corp. for $149 million in 2018. Mr. Boddy also acts as a corporate advisory consultant for a portfolio of public and private firms, primarily focused on the health and wellness, mining and cannabis sectors.  Mr. Boddy is actively involved in a of variety philanthropic endeavours. A former NCAA Division One athlete, Mr. Boddy provides opportunities in golf for at-risk youth, by way of his foundation, Clubs for Kids.

The Company is also pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Urata as Corporate Secretary of the Company.  Ms. Urata is the Founder and President of Take It Public Services Inc., since 2011, a highly motivated legal support service for top tier and junior issuers in a variety of industry sectors.  She is well versed in taking corporate entities from initial seed capital stage to publicly listed status.  Her services include corporate secretarial to regulatory filings to complex transactions while offering corporate sustainability through cost-effective, efficient and timely services.  Her business model focuses on performance, attention to detail and results, ensuring success and quality of work, with over 25 years? experience in the industry. The business grew out of her years of experience as a legal secretary/paralegal in top Vancouver law firms.  She is also Corporate Secretary of several TSX Venture Exchange issuers  

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28.04.19 01:37
AgraFlora Organics Provides Update to Propagation Services Canada's Greenhouse Retrofit

April 26, 2019 10:42pm  

VANCOUVER, April 26, 2019 /CNW/ - AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (the "Company") (CSE: AGRA) (Frankfurt: PU31) (OTCPK: PUFXF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company, is pleased to report on the progress of the retrofit of the large-scale greenhouse complex in Delta, BC. The retrofit of the 2,200,000 square foot complex has been split into three phases:

Phase 1 - includes the retrofit of 350,000 square feet of flowering space and 30,000 square feet of post-production facilities, completion scheduled for Q2 2019;
Phase 2 – consists of an additional 1,450,000 square feet to be completed by Q4 2019;
Phase 3 – consists of the remaining 400,000 square feet.

At a recent inspection of the greenhouse, AgraFlora management observed the considerable progress made in the first phase of the retrofit. Preparation of the greenhouse growing area including floor repair, electrical wiring, plumbing, installation of walls and security measures is progressing as planned. Installation of a comprehensive security system including renovating secure entrances and exists, and perimeter fencing have begun along with new construction of office spaces and post production areas.

"We continue to work aggressively to prepare the first 350,000 square feet of flowering area for the final Health Canada submission and for our first crop of cannabis," said Derek Ivany, President and CEO of AgraFlora Organics International Inc. "At a recent walk through of the facility the team was impressed at the sheer scope and size of the greenhouse and the progress made on the first phase of the retrofit. They were also impressed by the care and the attention to detail undertaken by the Houwelings Group in the design and operation of the facility under glass. Not only are we expecting higher yielding crops, due to the onsite energy plant and the proprietary climate controls we expect to have the lowest carbon footprint of any cannabis greenhouse in operation."

The Delta Greenhouse Complex is operated using a science-based approach to facility design and crop production. There is a focused to optimize every stage of production which ultimately benefits the plants. The greenhouse uses a complex and proprietary energy efficient air exchange, climate and humidity control management system. The ebb and flow watering system includes full irrigation recapture and treatment of water. There is an integrated natural gas-powered power plant providing heat and electricity while utilizing carbon dioxide emissions to benefit the plants. A 1.5-million-gallon hot water storage tank is used to store energy produced during day time for distribute during night. The facility is also designed to maximize natural sunlight balanced with multistage supplemental lighting. It is an impressive facility.

Upon completion of Phase 1 of the retrofit, the Company will prepare a detailed video to be submitted to Health Canada as part of the licensing of the Delta Greenhouse Complex. The application for the Delta Greenhouse cultivation license was submitted to Health Canada in  Q4 2018. The detailed video submission is the final step for Health Canada for the application and will include details about the growing area including proprietary air filtration, HVAC and watering systems, lighting, post-production facilities and of course the elements that make up the security system for the greenhouse complex.

The Company is also pleased to announce the investor and media tour of the 2,200,000 square foot greenhouse in Delta, BC, has been set for Tuesday, June 25. This date will ensure media, analysts and investors are able to witness the progress made to completing first phase of the conversion. Due to the significant response total registration will be capped at 100. The agenda will include a light lunch, presentation and tours broken into smaller groups.

Delta Greenhouse Complex
2776 – 64th Street, Delta, BC
BBQ, Presentation & Tour
June 25, 2019

The tour is open to Media, Industry Analysts, Shareholders, Investors and other interested parties.

About AgraFlora Organics International Inc.

AgraFlora Organics International Inc. is a growth oriented and diversified company focused on the international cannabis industry. It owns an indoor cultivation operation in London, ON and is a joint venture partner in Propagation Service Canada and its large-scale 2,200,000 sq. ft. greenhouse complex in Delta, BC. The Company has a successful record of creating shareholder value and is actively pursuing other opportunities within the cannabis industry. For more information please visit: www.agraflora.com.


Derek Ivany
President & CEO  

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