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USA GRAPHITE INC Ein Zocker-Papier??

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neuester Beitrag: 28.04.14 11:53
eröffnet am: 09.01.13 09:41 von: Ernesto44 Anzahl Beiträge: 88
neuester Beitrag: 28.04.14 11:53 von: Mr. Vorsich. Leser gesamt: 7565
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123 Postings, 3124 Tage GlenhavenOk, dann schauen wir mal.

11.01.13 20:23
Würde mich freuen, wenn du wieder käufe bzw. Verkäufe anzeigst  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherGuckst du :-)

11.01.13 20:30
3.000.000$ und 7.000.000K und läuft wieder an !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherHier könnt Ihr schauen

11.01.13 20:45

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherStarker Rebound...

11.01.13 22:02
Real-Time Best Bid & Ask

0.685 / 0.689

Für einen Freitag !!!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherAm Montag wird es voll !!

11.01.13 22:03
Dann kommen alle :-))  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherSchlußpunkt für Heute...

11.01.13 22:18
0.690.00 (0.00%)

Real-Time Best Bid & Ask

0.685 / 0.689 (1 x 1)

Kann es gar nicht glauben :-))  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherGucks du !!

11.01.13 22:21
Angehängte Grafik:

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage Forscher-----NEWS-----

11.01.13 22:52
USA GRAPHITE INC. (OTCBB: USGT) (the "Company") is pleased to inform its shareholders of its activities in selecting the location of a high-quality Canadian project for a potential acquisition.Canada is one of the world's dominant producers of high grade flake graphite and, according to the United States Geological Survey ("USGS"), the United States imported 19% of its graphite from Canada in 2011. The Company expects this number to increase in 2012 and rise even further in 2013 as demand for graphite is soaring due to larger production runs on both products requiring graphite and new applications for the super-material graphene.Due to Canada's proximity to the United States, its highly developed infrastructure, and the availability of skilled labor, the Company believes that ownership of a Canadian project, which would be able to supply sufficient tonnage of high-quality graphite to the Company's American operations, would enable the Company to assume a key strategic advantage.The Company has identified the West Coast of Canada as the ideal location to acquire a project that would significantly augment the Company's operations. Eagle Graphite, which is a privately held Canadian corporation, is located on the West Coast of Canada and is one of only two natural flake graphite mines operating in North America. The Company believes that this district would be an ideal location for an acquisition.The Company expects a deal to be stuck in the short term and will keep its shareholders updated. USA Graphite's CEO, Wayne Yamamoto, comments: "We are excited with our progress in selecting a high-quality Canadian project that can access Canada's world class graphite production and steer that tonnage back into our American operations."About Graphite:Graphite is used in refractories - used to line high-temperature equipment; pencils; lithium-ion batteries - used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and others; fuel cells; and Pebble Bed nuclear reactors. It is used in foundries, lubricants and brake linings.Graphite is also used to produce graphene, a tightly packed single layer of carbon atoms that can be used to make inexpensive solar panels, powerful transistors, and even a wafer-thin tablet that could be the next-generation iPad* or iPod*.Graphene, extremely light and strong, has been called the world's next wonder material.The closure of graphite mines in China, which produces 75% of the world's graphite, has resulted in a fall in global graphite production to 1.3 million tonnes per annum in 2011. Like rare earths, China is restricting the export of graphite to protect its own domestic industries. The second largest producer is India, followed by Brazil, North Korea, Austria and Canada.*trademarks of Apple Inc.About USA Graphite:USA Graphite is a publicly traded US exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of world-class graphite properties in North America. USA Graphite intends to become a domestic (US) graphite supplier. The USGS has reported that the USA has been a 100% net importer of graphite over the last 5 years, sending billions of dollars out of America. USA Graphite has holdings in Nevada, offering considerable potential for the discovery and development of large flake, high-grade graphite, whereby mineralization is exposed at surface and clearly evident at economic depths. For additional information please visit"Safe Harbor" Statement:Under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements in the press release that relate to the Company's expectations with regard to the future impact on the Company's results from new products in development are forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements - This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the success of the programs it is commercializing and developing. Further, the risks involve the ability of the Company to raise capital to fund its operations and the capital requirements for the development and marketing of its products. Investors are encouraged to review the risk factors listed or described from time to time in the Company's filings on Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, S-1 and others with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  

123 Postings, 3124 Tage GlenhavenWow, 15 prozent für den ersten tag !!

12.01.13 09:18

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherMorgen geht es weiter !!

13.01.13 08:31
USA Graphite (USGT) made an impressive recovery Friday when shares shot up nearly 77% from their lows!

In the first half hour the sellers were in control and drove the stock price down to .39 cents but the buyers regained control for the rest of the day.

Most of the selling volume was 20% - 35% lower then the close so the average short seller is losing a lot of money right now!

Remember, you cant make money on a short sale until you buy back the shares. Until you buy back the shares you sold short you are exposed to infinite risk! These guys are hurting today.

If you are familiar with candlestick charts you will be pleased with Fridays chart. The price action has formed a hammer, which is a very powerful reversal indicator coming after a down trend. That is exactly what we have here.

Were the buyers in control at the end of the day on Friday? Yes they were! And we think they will stay in control as the short squeeze gets under way on Monday morning.

USGT has a great chart and fantastic fundamentals, as we discussed yesterday. The shorts have given you an opportunity to double down at a bargain basement price. Dont miss out!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherIst Super Glenhaven !!

13.01.13 08:45
Ich war wieder zu früh dran ;-) +-0 Montag geht es sowieso up in the North !!  

123 Postings, 3124 Tage GlenhavenJa, klingt gut

13.01.13 10:50
Die amis wissen auch, dass hier jetzt viel möglich ist. Hoffen wir mal auf eine gute woche. Bleibst du bei deiner strategie erste gewinne nach einer kurzen grünen welle schon mal mitzunehmen?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherHi kommt drauf an

13.01.13 13:44
Wieviel Gewinn ich bis dahin erzielt habe jeder hat ja so sein Ziele ;-)  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDer Euro steigt auch

13.01.13 16:23
steht bei 1,33$  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherGraphitpreis steigt stetig

13.01.13 17:42
Angehängte Grafik:
graphite4231.jpeg (verkleinert auf 92%) vergrößern

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherGraphit ist im kommen

13.01.13 17:48
Graphite Has Surged 250%

Source: Nick Hodge, Energy & Capital  (4/12/12)"Now is the time to take advantage of the graphite bull. Prices for the mineral have surged 250% in the past few years thanks to a number of factors."  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherModerne Goldmine !!

13.01.13 18:30
USA Graphite filed an 8-K defining the terms of a Property Option Agreement with Nevada Minerals Holdings, Inc. The deal allows the Company to acquire 100% of the mining interests in the property defined as the Blue Wing Mountains Graphite Project; 1,985 acres located in the Churchill, Elko, Pershing, and Washoe Counties of the State of Nevada. This was in August 2012 at 40 cents per share Market Cap: 71.15M Today USGT is at 69 cents per share Market Cap:116.89M Graphite is one of the most important raw materials in modern electronics and industry. Yet, graphite is not mined in the U.S. even though, in 2007, U.S. production of synthetic graphite was 198 kt valued at $1.18 billion balanced by consumption which was 42 kt and 200 kt for natural and synthetic graphite, respectively. USGT is banking a modern gold mine.   

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherGuten Morgen ...

14.01.13 08:36
Bin gespannt wie die US Boys anfangen werden ?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherNachbörslich

14.01.13 08:39
Ist der Kurs auf 0,49$ zurück gefallen !! Das nenn ich doch nochmal einen guten Nachkaufwert !!  

123 Postings, 3124 Tage Glenhavenwäre eher ein Schock für mich ;-)

14.01.13 09:40
Komisch ist, dass heute gar keine Mail kam. Ich hoffe, dass APS genug zur Unterstützung tun wird  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherWochenende

14.01.13 10:05
In einem chatforum von USGT war viel los wenn die das alles machen was se da erzählen braucht man APS gar nicht !! Die machen da schön Wirbel !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherAPS wartet

14.01.13 10:07
bestimmt das USGT noch weiter in den Keller plumpst schön einkaufen und hochpushen  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherStücke

14.01.13 10:39
Haben gerade mal 129.400.000 St !! Da kann es ganz schnell nach oben gehen  

535 Postings, 3315 Tage Tarzan11Hallo Forscher,

14.01.13 11:21

wo siehst du das mit dem Kurs 0,49? Bei mir steht da noch immer 0,685 / 0,689 ...


3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDas müßte die Adresse sein

14.01.13 11:58

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