Ucore Rare Earth - USA braucht seltene Erden HREE

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7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartMail von Mark Mcdonald aus "stockhouse":

18.04.12 16:55

4/16/2012 10:10:01 AM      

Here is a response from Mark McDonald:

"Nice to hear from you again.

We are expecting to release the mine scoping study, the metallurgy flowsheet and then the PEA in that order. In the Herald article by John Demont he mentions that the PEA was expected in 'the coming months'. The Demont article was written after a long and detailed discussion with Jim McKenzie and myself pertaining mostly to macro economic issues around the WTO complaint about Chinese REE export policy.

The very specific timing of these releases is difficult to forecast. That being said as per our communications this year we are targeting April to have these individual reports, from our partners, completed. Since the 'mine scoping' and metallurgy reports feed the PEA they will precede that release. The reports are complex and need to be distilled for the public and specifically our investors. Press releases authored by our administration team are then reviewed by our technical team and approved by the executive and importantly, an independent 'Qualified Person'. This process is sometimes protracted.

We are very pleased with the quality of these reports so far. The Mine Scoping Study by Stantec Engineering is complete and we are currently finishing the final technical reviews so that we can release its conclusions very soon. The management team are impatient as are most investors that I deal with. Notwithstanding we can not afford to rush these releases as they include vital information that will be studied very closely. Our investors and partners have come to expect a high level of quality across our communications suite including our press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, website, social media, apps, corporate presentations and the Ucore TV videos that we release regularly. We will not sacrifice quality for timing.

John Demont understands the nature of the business and may have given us more elbow room than we need to deliver the expected releases.  

We at Ucore in partnership with Knight Piesold, Hazen Research, Stantec Engineering, Lintek Engineering, Wardrop (TetraTec) Engineering, Aurora Geosciences and Acculabs under the direction of Ken Collison are working diligently to get the above mentioned partner generated reports delivered this month and the information released to the public forthwith.

Best regards,




7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartNews April 18, 2012

18.04.12 22:10
Ucore Completes Underground Mine Design for Bokan Project

April 18, 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia

25 Postings, 4915 Tage loki82kennt

24.04.12 10:29
jemand den grund für den extremen kursfall? oder einfach nur weltwirtschaftslage?  

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartBericht vom 4. Symposium Freiberger Innovationen

28.04.12 18:24
27.04.2012 07:08 Uhr | Dr. Jürgen Müller


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartUcore Rare Metals Inc. - Seredin Ranking Formula

08.05.12 00:00
Bokan Among Highest Ranked in the World

Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartetfdailynews.com

15.05.12 23:50
"The Rare Earths Industry Is Only Just Beginning For Investors"

May 15th, 2012


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartChina erhöht Exportquote für seltene Erden

18.05.12 17:15

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartInteressanter Artikel:

29.05.12 12:10
"The Big Issue:
German demand, Australia's forecasts, Japan's cerium breakthrough, Lynas latest"

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leider wird Ucore darin nicht erwähnt...  

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartaus "The Gold Report":

29.05.12 19:45
Luisa Moreno, Jacob Securities (5/25/12)

"Ucore Rare Metals Inc.'s Bokan deposit has been identified by the U.S. Geological Survey as the most significant heavy rare earth (HREE) deposit in the United States. . .the Ucore project has attracted significant attention from state and federal governments in the United States, given its relatively high percentage of HREEs, identified as critical for the energy and defense industries. . .Ucore has announced that the full-scale XRT Ore Sorted test has shown that 46% of the feed could be rejected as waste with 93% recovery of rare earth oxides, which is expected to have a positive effect on capital and operating costs."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Michael Silver (5/22/12)

"I call the next group of companies boutique mines. These are the mines that are leaning heavily on the HREEs. At least three have really excellent deposits with great value, but we will have to see how long it takes them to come to fruition because of the permitting process. Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU:TSX.V; UURAF.OTCQX) owns Bokan Mountain in Alaska. It may have a greater percentage of dysprosium than any other deposit on the planet. It also is near a Pacific seaport, giving cost-effective access to Japan and China, where almost all the REEs are presently used. Its CEO, Jim McKenzie, is smart and knows what the company has to do. Ucore has excellent relationships in Alaska; Senator Murkowski is 100% behind the development."


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartIt's Time to 'Buy Low' on Rare Earth Stocks

13.06.12 17:11
- Byron King

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Critical Metals Report  (6/12/12)


11 Postings, 4194 Tage And1234China Seltene Erden Reserve Preisstabilisierung

15.06.12 11:23

China erwägt Seltene Erden Reserve zur Preisstabilisierung

(PresseBox) Düsseldorf, 14.06.2012, China erwägt Seltene Erden Reserve zur Preisstabilisierung

14.06.2012 Institut für Seltene Erden und Metalle - China erregte Anfang dieses Monats die Aufmerksamkeit von Investoren mit der Bekanntmachung, dass es die Einführung einer nationalen Bestandsreserve in Betracht ziehe, um Seltene Erden Preise zu stabilisieren.
In einer weiteren Ankündigung bestätigte die Regierung die eventuelle Einführung einer neuen Steuer, um den Verkauf und die Produktion zu kontrollieren.

Chinas Inlandsnachfrage nach seltenen Erden fiel im Jahre 2011 stark aufgrund Beijings verstärkter Produktionskontrolle. Dies resultierte darin, dass viele Trennungsanlagen schließen mussten, da die Kunden nicht bereit waren, die Rekordpreise zu zahlen.


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartThe Only Five Rare Earth Elements that Matter

20.06.12 22:41
Interview with Jack Lifton

Source: Alec Gimurtu of The Critical Metals Report  (6/19/12)

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartMarkt für Leichte Seltene Erden ab 2015 gesättigt

25.06.12 14:51
Byron Capital Markets gehen in ihrem "ELECTRIC METALS Green Book" (April 2012) davon aus, dass nach der Produktionsaufnahme von Lynas, Molycorp und Great Western die Preise im Bereich der LREE erheblich sinken werden.
Die Folgen für alle weiteren Near-Time-Produzenten von LREEs und besonders für die betroffenen Explorer dürften auf der Hand liegen...

"...Only three types of REE deposits have demonstrated that they can be economically mined. Two of these deposit types, those containing the minerals bastnäsite and monazite, will produce predominantly LREEs such as La and Ce. Without going into specifics, LREE deposits contain of order 80% of their REOs in the form of oxides of La and Ce. In China, allowed production quotas plus some “slack” suggests that annual production is of order 100,000 tonnes of REO. 80% of production quota is granted to companies in the north of China that produce from LREE deposits. So 80,000 tonnes of LREE production has been sufficient, when not under the influence of stringent export quotas, to keep the world’s need for LREEs satisfied. Between Molycorp (MCP-NYSE), Lynas (LYC-ASX) and Great Western Minerals Group (GWG-TSXV), the three companies have plans that would see them produce a combined 75,000 tonnes of LREE deposit-based REOs by 2015.
We suspect that this 90% increase in LREE availability will result in collapsing prices for La and Ce. And this price drop limits the number of additional LREE deposits that can enter the market; if a company with such a deposit and higher costs than MCP or GWG finds itself in the position of not being able to sell its high output of La and Ce, it is doubtful that such a company would even achieve positive cash flow. We believe that the number of such bastnäsite/monazite producers outside China can number no more than five, and we would suggest three or four is more likely..."  

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomart"Bokan breakthroughs raise rare earth estimates"

25.06.12 17:35
Alaska Journal of Commerce
Jun 22, 2012 - 01:42 AM AKST

Bob Tkacz, For the Journal

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartVon der Web-Seite der Senatorin Alaskas:

26.06.12 16:00
"Murkowski Introduces Bill to Assist Southeast Alaska’s Economy"

Thursday June 21 2012

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartNeodym+Dysprosium Breaches Critical Supply Numbers

26.06.12 17:45
By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | April 13, 2012 9:45 AM EST

Rare earths neodymium and dysprosium, critical components needed to create high-performance permanent magnets to support certain technologies, have been found in the brink of supply in the coming years, according to a research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Materials Systems Laboratory.

View Full ImageREUTERS
In what seems to be a testament of the global pandemonium for supply of rare earths, American rare earths producer Molycorp, Inc. on Tuesday reported it had entered into customer supply agreements representing 78 per cent of expected output from the Phase 1 expansion works at its Mountain Pass, California rare earth mine and oxide manufacturing facility.

The supply shortage, the research said, was ironically being induced by the rapid developments in the global green energy movement. The fast demand growth for high-performance permanent magnets needed to make batteries for hybrid and electric cars and motors for wind turbines will push demand for neodymium and dysprosium to soar at an extraordinary rate.

While there exists enough present supply to meet global demand, the study saw miners involved in rare earths will have a hard time scaling up extraction and refining the elements to match the lightning speed demand increase, more so that mining rare earths can bring up and yield massive environmental consequences.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Materials Systems Laboratory said requirement for dysprosium will jump 2,600 per cent in the next 25 years, while necessity for neodymium will rise by as much as 700 per cent for the same period.


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartSeltene Erden: Der nächste Schritt aus China

08.07.12 18:15

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomart"The US and EU Are Desperately Seeking HREs"

08.07.12 18:30
Source: Sally Lowder of The Critical Metals Report  (7/3/12)

Despite market malaise, the outlook for rare earth element demand is growing more and more compelling. China still controls a majority of the supply, but has been cautioning the world that even its reserves can't last forever. North America desperately needs to establish its own sources, but which juniors will be able to fill that need? Jeb Handwerger, editor and publisher of Gold Stock Trades, predicts which companies may win the race to production in this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report.


TCMR: What about Ucore for the U.S.?

JH: Ucore has a very impressive mining engineer, Ken Collison, who recently took over the reins as chief operating officer (COO). Collison was COO of Thompson Creek Metals Co. Inc. (TCM:TSX; TC:NYSE), which I followed very closely. When he was head of Thompson Creek, he took the stock from pennies to $24/share. He's an excellent manager and mining engineer who knows how to develop a mine. He hopes Ucore's Bokan will be his fourth mine that he has built. Collison coming on board is a huge testament to Ucore's potential and economic viability.

Its mine development plan calls for the tailings to be put back, so it's going to be very eco-friendly. It has a very unique eco-friendly mining engineering plan, which is also going to be very good for permitting. That may be why the Bokan Mountain project in Alaska is getting a lot of support politically. It also has excellent infrastructure on the water. I've been to Bokan and seen the deepwater access.

Ucore hasn't released a PEA yet, but it is due soon. It has already announced that it is going to go straight from the PEA to a bankable feasibility study.

It will be very interesting if Ucore gets the only U.S. HREE asset into production in a timely manner. Investors have to understand that it's getting down to which companies are going to make it to production quickly. That's why I like Tasman, Ucore and Pele Mountain (GEM.V).


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartPress Release July 13, 2012

16.07.12 17:05
"Ucore Applauds Rep. Young’s Commitment to Mining Alaskan Natural Resources"

July 13, 2012 – Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (“Ucore”) (TSX VENTURE:UCU)(OTCQX:UURAF) applauds Representative Don Young (R-AK) for his amendment to the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012 (H.R. 4402). Mr. Young’s amendment will allow Ucore to accelerate the mining permit process so it can expedite development of its heavy rare earth project at Bokan Mountain, Alaska.

The 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule banned road building on more than 58 million acres of federal land nationwide. For many years, the Tongass was exempt from the rule due to the richness of its resources, the positive impact on local communities including native populations, and the multiple preexisting environmental protections in the forest. A federal judge in Alaska overturned the blanket exemption in March of 2011, but retained an exemption in the Bokan Mountain area sufficient to provide for Ucore’s needs in the exploration phase of the project.

Rep. Young’s amendment clarifies and expands on that previous exemption and now allows for expedited road development within the Bokan project area, the most significant heavy rare earth resource in the U.S. The metals found in the mineral prescription area at Bokan Mountain will support future economic development in the state of Alaska as well as the national security and energy independence of the United States.

Currently, China dominates the world’s rare earth production but has slowly implemented export restrictions threatening the reliability of continued U.S. supply. H.R. 4402 will allow accelerated development of the U.S. supply chain for these materials. Ucore is pleased to support both the bill and Mr. Young’s amendment and urge passage of the bill in the United States Senate.

Mr. Young’s amendment was adopted by the House of Representatives and included in the final version of the bill, which passed the House by a vote of 256-160. The Senate has introduced S. 1113, the Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011, which is a bi-partisan, companion bill to H.R. 4402.


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartSE:China legt fast eine Milliarde Dollar auf Halde

16.07.12 17:10

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomart"China sichert sich Seltene Erden"

18.07.12 14:50

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartAktuelle Lage an den Seltenen-Erden-Märkten

18.07.12 14:55

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartSeltene Erden - alle Augen auf China

10.08.12 19:40
10.08.2012 | 7:00 Uhr | Weinberg, Eugen, Commerzbank AG


7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartTMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index

15.08.12 17:36

7661 Postings, 5514 Tage videomartPress Release August 13, 2012

16.08.12 22:30
"Ucore Confirms Effectiveness of Solid Phase Technology
to Remove 99% of U and TH Impurities"

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (Aug. 13, 2012)

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