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USA GRAPHITE INC Ein Zocker-Papier??

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3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherAPS ist noch dabei !!

14.01.13 12:24
USA Graphite (USGT) made an impressive recovery Friday when shares shot up nearly 77% from their lows!

In the first half hour the sellers were in control and drove the stock price down to .39 cents but the buyers regained control for the rest of the day.

Most of the selling volume was 20% - 35% lower then the close so the average short seller is losing a lot of money right now!

Remember, you cant make money on a short sale until you buy back the shares. Until you buy back the shares you sold short you are exposed to infinite risk! These guys are hurting today.

If you are familiar with candlestick charts you will be pleased with Fridays chart. The price action has formed a hammer, which is a very powerful reversal indicator coming after a down trend. That is exactly what we have here.

Were the buyers in control at the end of the day on Friday? Yes they were! And we think they will stay in control as the short squeeze gets under way on Monday morning.

USGT has a great chart and fantastic fundamentals, as we discussed yesterday. The shorts have given you an opportunity to double down at a bargain basement price. Dont miss out!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDie US Boys sind schon...

14.01.13 12:30
ganz  heiß :-))  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherEin guter Kurs zum

14.01.13 16:24
Nachlegen !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherUnd sie steigt

14.01.13 16:26
schon wieder sehr schön :-)

Real-Time Best Bid & Ask

0.61 / 0.615  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherJetzt wird aber Gas

14.01.13 17:05
gegeben !!
Real-Time Best Bid & Ask

0.64 / 0.644  
Angehängte Grafik:

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherUSGT hat

14.01.13 18:12
Über 1.000.000K bis jetzt erreicht !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDie US Boys machen

14.01.13 18:50
wohl grad ein Päuschen :-))  

123 Postings, 3124 Tage Glenhaven@ forscher

14.01.13 19:00
Hast du nochmal nachgekauft? Bei welchem kurs? Bist du weiterhin überzeugt, dass usgt laufen wird?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherHab ich :-)

14.01.13 19:20
einen guten Kurs erwischt bin noch minimal im +:-))

Bei Tagg und bei Fare hat es ja auch rumpelig angefangen ;-)
Heute isse ja noch nicht so eingestürzt wie gestern !!
Hält sich doch bis jetzt ganz gut und APS meint man solle abwarten

Also ich mach und warte was anderes bleibt mir gar nicht übrig !!
Wie schon gesagt würde mich gar nicht wundern wenn APS Freitag groß eingekauft hat  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherMeinte wie Freitag "eingestürzt"

14.01.13 19:21

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherAber nicht nur ist nichts los...

14.01.13 19:27
Bei den anderen auch tote Hose ?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherSo das letzte Stündlein...

14.01.13 21:04
hat geschlagen mal gucken was die US Boys so machen ?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage Forscher-----News-----

14.01.13 22:19
USA Graphite, Inc. Acquires the Ruby Mountains Graphite PropertyLAS VEGAS, NV, Jan 14, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- USA Graphite, Inc. (OTCQB: USGT) (or "the Company") is pleased to announce it has signed a letter of intent to acquire the Ruby Mountains Graphite Property.The Ruby Mountains Graphite Property has been identified by the Company as a high priority area for flake graphite. The claim block covers a large graphitic marble unit with flake graphite visible at surface.The financial terms of the transaction consist of approximately $3,200,000 in cash and stock and a $500,000 work program commitment. A production Net Smelter Royalty (the "NSR") will be retained by the vendor equal to two percent (2%) of the net smelter returns, as per the terms and conditions of the Letter of Intent. The Company shall have a one-time right to purchase fifty percent (50%) of the NSR in the Property for five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000).The Ruby Mountains Graphite Property is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Elko, Nevada. It's accessible via the Great Basin Highway (Highway 93) which intersects Interstate 80 via Lamoille Canyon Road. Excellent access to infrastructure, such as paved highways, electricity and clean water, are all readily available. The Property covers approximately 785 acres over a Cordilleran metamorphic core complex. This area of high-grade metamorphism has both graphitic marble and graphitic gneiss.The Ruby Mountains and adjoining East Humboldt Range form a North American Cordilleran metamorphic core complex called the Lamoille Quadrangle. In brief, the core complex in the quadrangle exposes Neoproterozoic and lower Paleozoic miogeoclinal strata that were thrust-faulted, deeply buried, metamorphosed, recumbently folded, and intruded pervasively by Cretaceous to Oligocene granitoids. Cenozoic unroofing accompanied footwall rise below an inclined down-to-the-west extensional fault system. That fault system imprinted a ductilely sheared mylonitic carapace on the now-exposed deep footwall in Oligocene and Miocene time, and has continued into Holocene time to move as a gently dipping near-surface brittle fault.Mr. Wayne Y. Yamamoto, President and CEO of USA Graphite, said, "We are very excited to include the Ruby Mountains Graphite Project amongst our core group of world class Nevada graphite properties. The quality of rock visible on-site exceeded our expectations and the proximity to our other core projects is complementary and economic."  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDer letzte Kurs hat gehalten !!

14.01.13 22:25
After HoursLast TradeLast: $ 0.683 ▼ -0.007 (-1.01%)  
Angehängte Grafik:

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherMorgen geht es los

14.01.13 22:26
Richtung 1$ !?  

123 Postings, 3124 Tage GlenhavenBin sehr zufrieden

14.01.13 22:37
Auf 0,69 bedeutet ein zeichen von stärke. Super! Gratuliere zum Nachkauf, lohnt sich bestimmt.  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherHab grad geschaut ;-))

14.01.13 22:53
Hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt :-)

Die wird Morgen auf jeden Fall zum laufen kommen !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherMal gucken wo das noch hingeht

15.01.13 05:45
Our favorite pick USA Graphite (USGT) rallied at the end of the day to close at the opening price. This bullish movement indicates a strong rally could be ahead of us!

Especially because after the close it was announced that USGT is serious about acquiring the rights to the 787 acre Ruby Mountain graphite property, about 25 miles southeast of Elko, Nevada. Ruby Mountain has some very positive geology that was in excess of management expectations, according to the press release.

We can see that the company is progressing with its plan to acquire graphite properties that are close to its existing leases in order to maximize the efficiency of its team of geologists and its drilling equipment. This is very important in an early stage company like USGT because it reduces the companys cash burn while it is still exploring and not yet getting revenue from mining operations.

The last time management announced a letter of intent to acquire a graphite property was for the Gordon Creek property. The company concluded the deal to acquire Gordon Creek just days after the letter of intent was announced. We cant be sure that USGT will be so quick this time but notice of an acquisition could come sooner rather than later.

Dont let the recent down trend cause you to hesitate. The bears have shot their wad and they are all losing money. With todays positive announcement and the likelihood that it will be followed up with the announcement of an actual acquisition sooner rather than later, the share price could rally back through last weeks highsespecially when the shorts have to cut their losses by buying back their shares. You would want to miss out on that, would you?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherSo gleich geht es wieder los

15.01.13 11:39
Schön die Augen aufhalten wird Heute sehr sehr spannend könnte nach oben aber auch sehr schnell nach unten gehen !! Die US Boys sind sich nicht sicher was heute passiert !!

Deswegen wenn unsicher dann verkaufen !!  

831 Postings, 3080 Tage mulsch0rbin neu im geschäft....

15.01.13 11:41
kann die Aktie nicht über Comdirekt kaufen. Brauche ich dafür ein anderes Depot?  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDu mußt bei Comdirect

15.01.13 11:55
Anrufen WKN angeben und OTC New York wählen  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage Forscher---NEWS-NEWS-NEWS-

15.01.13 14:57
Der ZOCK ist vorbei !!
Seht zu das Ihr rauskommt !!

2013 started and we hope everyone is having a great year so far. As you know, our last pick managed to do amazing and we still believe that it holds tremendous growth potential in the future.

Those who followed our alerts were up over 200% within weeks! We thank you for all the nice messages and thank you for continuing to follow our newsletter.

We would like to mention to our members that we have a new pick coming as early as next week! Make sure to have your brokerage account ready if you are interested in participating in the next Company that will be announced!

We believe our next announcement could be bigger then the last one and we want to make sure our members are ready for next week.

For those who would like to get the alert early on our next pick make sure to check out :

For everyone else, there are no worries as we believe there will be plenty of opportunities and time for you to do your research on the company that will be revealed next week!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherUSGT hat die Nachricht

15.01.13 14:58
die gestern rausgekommen ist Dementiert !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherDer Zock ist VORBEI !!

15.01.13 15:01
Alle Mann und Frau Raus Raus !!  

3512 Postings, 3466 Tage ForscherHier ist sie für alle

15.01.13 15:08
Die nicht wissen wo sie suchen sollen

/ CORRECTION - USA Graphite, Inc.LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan 15, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- In the news release, "USA Graphite, Inc. Acquires the Ruby Mountains Graphite Property" issued yesterday by USA Graphite, Inc. (OTCQB: USGT), we are advised by the company that the headline should read "USA Graphite, Inc. Is Set to Acquire the Ruby Mountains Graphite Property" rather than as originally published. The acquisition of Ruby Mountains Graphite Property has not yet been completed. The full corrected text follows.USA Graphite, Inc. Is Set to Acquire the Ruby Mountains Graphite Property  

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