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Celldex Therapeutics garantierte 100 % bis 06/10

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1657 Postings, 5250 Tage Andreanoheute könnte was gehen

01.04.10 15:43
neues Quartal, heisst die Fonds könnten wider zuschlagen  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage Andreanound sie tun es

01.04.10 15:54
aktuell plus 7 Prozent bei schoenem Volumen  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoPipeline

03.04.10 18:37
mit Milliardenpotential

CDX-110, Vaccine, Brain Cancer, Phase II
CDX-011, Vaccine, Breast Cancer, Phase II
CDX-011, Vaccine, Melanoma, Phase II
CDX-1307,Vaccine, Bladder Cancer, Phase I
CDX-1401,Vaccine, Multiple Tumors, Phase I
CDX-1127,Vaccine, Cancer, Preclinical

Inflammatory diseases
CDX-1189, Antibody, Renal disease, Preclinical
CDX-1135, Receptor, Renal disease, Preclinical

Infectious diseases
Colera, Vaccine, Enteric diseases, Phase II
ETEC, Vaccine, Enteric diseases, Phase II
Tyo 800, Vaccine, Typhoid fever, Phase II
CDX-2401, Vaccine, HIV infection, Preclinical  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoPotential

03.04.10 19:14
wenn man sich überlegt, dass Dendreon mit ihrem Cancer Vaccine (Provenge) ein Marktpotential von
über 5 Milliarden USD hat, ist das schon gigantisch. CLDX krebst bei 200 Millionen rum. Hochgerechnet entspricht das einem Kurs von über 130 USD pro Aktie!!! Hört sich irreal an, ist aber so.

Allein von Pfizer gibts erstmal 390 Millionen USD cash für CDX 110 bei Approval ( und dies ist einfach eine Frage der Zeit). Kurs 12 USD... CDX 011 tritt nun aber immer mehr in den Mittelpunkt, nachdem eine Vaccines gegen Brustkrebs von anderen Pharmaunternehmen keine Wirkung zeigten.

CDX 1307 wirkt gegen Blutkrebs. CDX 1401 war mir bis gestern nicht bekannt, weckt aber natürlich auch Hoffungen.  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoDendreon

03.04.10 19:17
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1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoCelldex

03.04.10 19:18
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1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoEin Verdoppler

07.04.10 18:14
Positive Phase II Data From CDX-110 In Glioblastoma Results In High Expectations For Celldex (CLDX); Analyst Expects A Double Into ASCO 2010
WALL STREET, New York - April 7, 2010 - The Wall Street Transcript has just published its Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Report offering a timely review of the sector to serious investors and industry executives. This Special feature contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs, Equity Analysts and Money Managers. The full issue is available by calling (212) 952-7433 or via The Wall Street Transcript Online.

Topics covered: Clinical, Financial & Regulatory Risks To Drug Development - Easing Capital Markets - Managing Inherent Volatility - FDA Approval Process - Small- & Mid-Cap M&A Rally - Basket Investment Approach - Impact Of Health Care Reform - Therapeutic Cardiovascular Plays - Investable Trend In Antibody Technology

Companies include: Genentech/Roche (RHHBY); Medivation (MDVN); Seattle Genetics (SGEN); AEterna Zentaris (AEZS); Abbott (ABT); Alexion (ALXN); Amgen (AMGN); Antares Pharmaceuticals (AIS); Ardea (RDEA); Astellas (4503); AstraZeneca (AZN); Auxilium (AUXL); Biogen (BIIB); CardioGenics (CHNG); Celera (CRA); Celgene (CELG); Celldex (CLDX); Corcept (CORT); and many more.

In the following brief excerpt from this Biotech And Pharmaceuticals Report, expert analysts discuss the outlook for the sector and for investors.

Dr. Jonathan Aschoff, Ph.D., is a Senior Equity Analyst at Brean Murray, Carret & Co., LLC. Prior to joining the firm in 2003, he held positions as a Senior Biotechnology Analyst at Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., Inc., and at what is now RBC. He also served as an Analyst at Sturza Institutional Research. Prior to Wall Street, Dr. Aschoff was a Research Technician at New England Medical Center. He earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology and microbiology, as well as a B.S. in biology from Tufts University.

TWST: How important to you is company management?

Dr. Aschoff: The earlier the assets, the less I care. But it matters more when it comes to commercializing something, and then I care more. Early on it is only about what the drug does, and that's in the hands of the patients and the people at the clinical trial sites. Management then gets more involved as you get into writing up the application efficiently and considering if management is likely to give a good retort to anything that might be argued against them at an FDA panel. Are they now likely to get a partner on good terms? Can they actually sell this treatment alone or with a partner? That's really what brings more to bear on management. The pivotal data, relatively speaking, is more out of their hands.

TWST: Any other stocks?

Dr. Aschoff: There is a company called Pozen (POZN) that I like quite a lot. I think that partner Glaxo (GSK) will sell Treximet much more aggressively than before, given the new material financial incentive in place for Glaxo's sales force, and therefore it will no longer be a flat-selling drug. I think that there will be an unexpectedly increasing sales ramp and therefore my peers will have to raise their estimates. On April 30 the FDA should easily approve arthritis pain drug Vimovo, a drug that is partnered with AstraZeneca (AZN), and this event will trigger a $20 million milestone payment. A month or two later, Europe should also approve Vimovo, and those three events, should they all go the way I think they'll go, will create a material change in the company's value.

TWST: Are there other companies you want to mention that you have positive ratings on?

Dr. Aschoff: There is Celldex (CLDX) and Keryx (KERX). Celldex is a company with several cancer vaccines as well as antibodies for cancer. It's fully an oncology company; they are going to have a lot to show at this year's ASCO, and the stock has done remarkably well into the last two ASCO conferences due to positive Phase II data from CDX-110 in glioblastoma. This is about a $5 stock that hit $20 into the 2008 ASCO, $14 at last ASCO, and I'm looking for at least a double from here into ASCO 2010, when they show their best cancer results generated between last year's ASCO and the current. Buying CuraGen was a useful acquisition, mostly for the cash it had but also for one Phase II antibody for breast cancer, and there's also a whole bunch of pre-clinical antibodies. And maybe they will develop some, but more likely and hopefully they'll try to partner some because their clinical plate is rather full at present with CDX-1307, CDX-011 and CDX-1401.

TWST: Tell us about Keryx.

Dr. Aschoff: I've covered Keryx for six years and it's really nice to see perifosine, their Akt-inhibiting cancer drug and main value driver, find two niches where it had positive data in multiple myeloma and in third-line colorectal cancer. In multiple myeloma patients who are failing Velcade, the most widely used drug in multiple myeloma, perifosine resensitizes them to Velcade. Perifosine is also in third-line metastatic colorectal cancer, where it beat Xeloda in a head-to-head trial.

So after looking for a niche for this drug ever since I knew the company in early 2004, they have found two really definable areas where perifosine is likely to have a measurable benefit that's worthy of approval, and both trials have received an SPA from the FDA - multiple myeloma Phase III is ongoing; Phase III in third-line colorectal cancer will start soon. Perifosine is the more valuable of their two drugs, and clearly the market cap of Keryx does not capture the success of just perifosine. So that's the upside because $153 million in market capitalization does not capture the upside. Keryx also has an SPA for Zerenex, its hyperphosphatemia drug, which will start Phase III soon. Importantly, Keryx has enough money to fund these three Phase III trials.

TWST: What factors do you look at when selecting companies you want to follow?

Dr. Aschoff: I generally seek companies having a relatively near-term catalyst and a stock that is not efficiently priced given the outcome I expect. It's got to be undervalued for a positive event I think is coming or overvalued for a negative event. It doesn't matter if it's going to be a good event or a bad event, as long as it's inefficiently priced and there is a meaningful catalyst coming within a time frame that appeals to investors.

The Wall Street Transcript is a unique service for investors and industry researchers - providing fresh commentary and insight through verbatim interviews with CEOs and research analysts. This Special issue is available by calling (212) 952-7433 or via The Wall Street Transcript Online .

The Wall Street Transcript does not endorse the views of any interviewees nor does it make stock recommendations.  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoAlle bitte einsteigen

07.04.10 19:43
next stop double digit  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoWallstreet heiß auf CLDX

09.04.10 09:32
Dendreon is durch jetzt kommt Celldex

AH auf 7.26 USD gestiegen (Volumen jedoch gering...)  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoChart

09.04.10 09:39
angeblich zeigt Roche (und Genetech) Interesse an CDX 011 (Breast Cancer and Melanoma)  
Angehängte Grafik:
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1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoStart um die 6.90 USD

09.04.10 15:31
mal schauen was heute so geht  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage Andreano7.01 USD

09.04.10 15:46
da sind die 7 :)  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage Andreanoder Kurs wir an die 7.50 USD

09.04.10 15:47
heute noch gezogen werden denn April Calls verfallen heute noch  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoApril Calls

09.04.10 15:50
5.00 UEP100417C00005000 1.75 0.00 1.75 1.90 237 645
      7.50UEP100417C00007500      0.10      0.00      0.15      0.25       114§793  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoAktuell 6.85 USD

09.04.10 21:05
trotzdem bin ich zufrieden, vielleicht werden heute mal wieder die 1 million shares geknackt...

ASCO wird der Knaller werden...  

730 Postings, 5661 Tage OttomanRosendahlHi, außer dir ist wohl kaum einer jier der

09.04.10 21:28

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoDoch du :)

09.04.10 22:14
ist mir aber auch egal, hauptsache ich fahr meine 100% ein, die ich ja Mitte Februar garantiert habe

momentan +58 % :)

Wahrscheinlich gehts hier Anfang Juni rund, denn dann ist ASCO, dann werden die cleveren Ariva Trader einsteigen und ich aussteigen :)

heute wurden 950 k shares gehandelt... SK 6,86 USD optimal  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage Andreano14 USD bei Phase 3 !?

10.04.10 10:11
Next up this morning is Celldex Therapeutics, Inc., (CLDX)  currently trading in the $6.71 range on nearly a half million shares a day. CLDX was trading a year ago at its current level. With some markets gaining 75% since this time last year; a flat value over 12 months isn?t saying a lot, unless you are a Pharma development company; then it?s pretty darn good. CLDX topped out in June of 09, declined to $5 by Nov and was in the $4 to $5 range until late Feb 2010 when it began to pick up some value.

CLDX is primarily in the cancer vaccine business. The stock was in the $20?s in 2008 and made $14 in 2009. A very, very smart drug analyst (certainly smarter than me) recently said he believes CLDX could double in value in 2010. CLDX bought CuraGen because it has a drug in Phase II trials for breast cancer and a number of pre-clinical antibodies in development. The same analyst also noted that CLDX has a ?full plate? with its clinical trial pipeline. CLDX could be bought up or ?thoroughly partnered? at its current is my speculation. In any case, the stock is on the rise and a strong move into Phase III on its breast cancer drug could propel the stock back to its $14 level. But an FDA setback could send the shares reeling. Boom or Bust? Too close to call on this given day. Some Company news wouldn?t hurt.  

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoJungs, noch was zu Celldex, sehr interessantes Vid

11.04.10 11:29

1657 Postings, 5250 Tage AndreanoChart Update

12.04.10 14:19
Erwarte für heute ne kleine Korrektur, RSI läuft in den überkauften Bereich

die Trading-Range ist nach oben hin ausgereizt, rechne mit Rückgang bis auf 6,50 USD

wer einsteige will, sollte da zuschlagen

MA(50) kreuzt bald MA(200) dann wirds interessant, rechne zu dem Zeitpunkt mit nem mächtigen Schub, die Amis fahren auf die Charttechnik ab...vorallem in kleineren Werten  
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