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Ucore Rare Earth - USA braucht seltene Erden HREE

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7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartPress Release December 4, 2012

05.12.12 15:30
"Ucore Receives Approval from the TSX Venture Exchange for Warrant Extension"

December 4, 2012 – Halifax, Nova Scotia  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomart"Ucore assessment looks good"

05.12.12 15:35
Alaskan rare earth mine closer to production

December 3, 2012 - 4:54pm
By BRUCE ERSKINE, Business Reporter  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartEmail von Mark McDonald, Investor Relations

10.12.12 15:45
aus sh, 12/8/2012 2:21:51 PM

"Thanks for your support.

We are very pleased with the 2011 drill results. The final assay results were completed and released in Q1 this year. The 'Preliminary Economic Assessment' (PEA) however, only requires an 'inferred' resource.

We completed some detailed analysis to determine the most efficient way to use the next resource upgrade to fulfill our requirements for the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) in 2013. This analysis is now complete and we have contracted with Aurora Geoscience to complete the mathematical modelling of the Dotson Zone resource. We expect to upgrade the resource to 'indicated/measured' in January.

Phil, you may want to email me directly in the future as there is a delay sometimes through our website. It is quite busy... Did you check out our new 'Bokan Advantages' page?. We have over 11,000 followers on Twitter now as well.

We have a simple communication strategy at Ucore. Do the work well. Tell the story accurately.

Thanks for your patience, we expect another great year in 2013.

Best regards,


7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomart"The Middle Rare Earth Weight Debate"

13.12.12 15:40

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartCanadian Insider

17.12.12 22:50

Dec 10/12Nov 28/12Collison, Kenneth W.Direct OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Acquisition in the public market100,000$0.517
Dec 13/12Dec 17/07McKenzie, James StephenDirect OwnershipWarrants55 - Expiration of warrants-136,000 
Dec 13/12Aug 17/07McKenzie, James StephenDirect OwnershipWarrants22 - Acquisition pursuant to a take-over bid, merger or acquisition136,000 
Dec 13/12Aug 17/07McKenzie, James StephenDirect OwnershipCommon Shares22 - Acquisition pursuant to a take-over bid, merger or acquisition136,000


7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartUcore Advanced Metallurgy - Solid Phase Extraction

17.12.12 23:00
Veröffentlicht am 17.12.2012

"Ucore uses innovative SPE technology for separating rare earth oxides."  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartInterview mit Byron King

18.12.12 17:15
"Time to Take Rare Earths Losses Ahead of Tax Code Changes?"

18 December 2012
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Critical Metals Report  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartPentagon Worries Make Ucore Rare Earths A Top Pick

24.12.12 16:30

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartThe Pulse: Billions of rare earths in slag...

27.12.12 16:00

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartChina: Förderstopp für seltene Erden verlängert

27.12.12 17:35
Aktualisiert am 25.12.2012

Der chinesische Stahl- und Bergbaukonzern Batou Steel fördert einen weiteren Monat lang keine seltenen Erden. Die Firma hält die Preise für die begehrten Metalle weiterhin für zu tief.  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartSeven High-Performing Rare Earth Stocks of 2012

28.12.12 14:15
Monday December 24, 2012, 4:30am PST

By Andrew Topf - Exclusive to Rare Earth Investing News  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartBNN-TV: "Top Mining Stories of 2012"

29.12.12 19:30
28 December 2012 | 11:40 AM

BNN speaks with Luisa Moreno, Research Analyst, Euro Pacific Canada, to find out her top rare earth stock picks for 2012 and get her outlook for the sector.  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartExport-Quoten für 2013

30.12.12 14:15
The First Round Of Chinese Rare-Earth Export-Quota Allocations For 2013

by Gareth Hatch on December 28, 2012  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartChina's export caps can't stop prices falling

08.01.13 15:05

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartMayor gives annual State of the City address

10.01.13 22:50

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomart"Environmental Assessment"

22.01.13 20:55

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartObama's 2nd Act may prove beneficial for REEs

23.01.13 19:43

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartArtikel im "Alaska Journal of Commerce"

25.01.13 14:30

Report projects 2016 startup for Bokan rare earths mine

Jan 24, 2013 - 10:54 AM AKST, BOB TKACZ, FOR THE JOURNAL


7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomart"Rare-earth elements mine possible2

29.01.13 15:35
Ketchikan (Alaska) Daily News
Posted: January 27, 2013 - 12:11am

(bitte auch die kritischen Kommentare im Anschluss an diesen Artikel beachten!!)  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartUcore Rare Metals, The Next US Mine

05.02.13 18:10

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartPress Release Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013

05.02.13 18:20
"Ucore Rare Metals Inc.: U.S. Senators Murkowski, Begich and Alaska State Senators McGuire, Gardner and Ellis Introduce Legislation to Advance Bokan"

REUTERS | Tue Feb 5, 2013 9:37am EST  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomart"Seltene Erden - ein Update"

06.03.13 16:05

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartMassensterben bei Explorern befürchtet

07.03.13 15:31
"In Toronto ist heute der letzte Tag der PDAC . Bereits ALLE Besucher (Fondsgesellschaften, Investoren, etc.) sind sich einig und vermelden, dass der Junior Mining /Explorationssektor im enormen Wandel der Zeit ist. Sämtliche Investoren werden die Risikobereitschaft erheblich reduzieren, denn nur noch wenige sind bereit, Gesellschaften zu finanzieren, die wenig neue Lagerstätten/hohe Werte bekannt geben.
Schlussfolgernd kann und wird dies zu einem Massensterben der Explorationswerte führen (2013 bis 2014). Auch ist man sich einig, dass die Gelder und Investitionen auf die nun sehr wenigen "Branchenjuniors" fokusiert wird, hier haben sich auf der PDAC nur eine handvoll bewiesen, nur 3-4 Explorer konnten Verbesserungen nachweisen und noch weniger sind "so weit" wie zwei Unternehmen, die kurz vor der PDAC Weltklassenachrichten auf den Tisch gelegt haben; die Verhandlungen laufen intensiv und nachhaltig und man ist sich einig, wenn man nicht bald zuschlägt, dann sind auch diese Perlen in ungewollt fremder Hand..."

Quelle: aus Toronto direkt vor Ort...  

7612 Postings, 5042 Tage videomartAktuelle Einschätzung zu Ucore:

08.03.13 15:46
Posted By Byron King On March 6, 2013 @ 3:22pm

"Moving back to el Norte, and speaking of the U.S., I had a long talk with the team from Ucore
Rare Metals (UCU: TSX-­V). It?s a fascinating parallel, how much the ?Russian? play and this
?American? play are following similar pathways.
Again, with Ucore, we?ve had share price weakness. But the company itself is in great shape, and making excellent progress. Everything today is better than a year or two ago.

The ore body, at Bokan Mountain, Alaska, is well mapped. Prudently, Ucore quit spending money on drilling, last year. ?We have plenty of mine life,? said COO Ken Collison. ?Now we have to buckle down and build a mine.?
Indeed, there are vast areas, on the same, mineralized trends at Bokan, that will likely add decades to the Ucore play. But that?s work for another day.

The Bokan mineralogy is well understood, along with processes for bringing the rare earth
materials into a concentrated form. The solid phase extraction (SPE) techniques, pioneered by
Ucore?s partners, are ready to translate into a pilot plant stage. Likely by 2014, the plant will be up and running, processing ore on a routine basis.
And within a matter of months, Ucore will kick off construction of its pilot plant, to prove-­up the
overall reactions and systems, and generate material. There?s work to be done, but it?s all moving.
I should note that the Alaska reception is splendid. There?s excellent political support from Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, plus Gov. Sean Parnell. And Alaska is ?small? enough ? socially ? that everyone (sort of) knows everybody else?s business. The Ucore people all tell stories of how they talk with friendly supporters every time they walk through the airport at Ketchikan, Juneau and Anchorage. (?When is that plant going to start running? You hiring yet??)

Meanwhile, Ucore has people working on downstream processing and sales pathways, where the cash register rings. There?s plenty to know about this critical phase, but almost all of it is
competition-­sensitive. Suffice to say that I?m satisfied that Ucore management has no grass
growing beneath its feet..."  

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