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Ucore Rare Earth - USA braucht seltene Erden HREE

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1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosUcore dreht

25.10.10 21:19
Ucore ist genau an der Wiederstandzone von 0,47 CAD gedreht...
AGF Metals Fund ist neuerdings auch Substantial Shareholder mit 7,8 Mio Stücken...  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosCritical & Rare Metals Summit III

26.10.10 00:03

Morgen beginnt eine interessante zweitägige Keynote zu REE:

Critical & Rare Metals Summit III: Rare Earths Outlook - Strategies for Managing Rare Earths and Lithium Supply Risk

Global policy-makers, industrial, investment and mining leaders convene to shape the fate of the rare metals value chain, and with it, the viability of a global clean energy economy.

Eines ist mir als alten Schriftsetzer mal aufgefallen:
Molycorp und Ucore haben wohl den gleichen Haus- und Hofdesigner.
Die Schriftart ist exact identisch...  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanses???

29.10.10 12:03
hat jemnd was neues zu ucore ?

wäre sehr dankbar für ein paar infos !  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanses-10%

29.10.10 15:28
in Frankfurt ist sie um 10 % gefallen, ist doch komisch obwohl die ersten ergebnisse der Bohrungen gut waren ! Hat da jemand eine erklärung dafür ?  

150 Postings, 4060 Tage Staatsfernsehenklar gibt s dafür

29.10.10 17:56

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stansesok

31.10.10 17:10
lets go @Staatsfernsehen  

438 Postings, 4071 Tage comandanteund die nächste Explorerbuchte

31.10.10 17:26

die von ihm gepuscht wird, während Nupower klamheimlich in der Versenkung verschwindet!



1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosWas ein Zufall...

31.10.10 23:32
dass sich hier Leute Melden, die sonst wenig posten, oder neu sind...
...wissen nicht mal,was pushen ist...
Zum Glück lassen sich hier nicht alle Poster, die versuchen, so viel wie möglich herauszufinden, von solchen Subjekten verjagen.  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosRare-Earth Hysteria?

31.10.10 23:33
Rare-Earth Hysteria?

China has a monopoly in rare-earth elements so when it slashed exports to the West in July, prices for the metals soared (as did rare-earth stocks).

Does this mean high prices and shortages for goods using rare earths, which include iPods, BlackBerrys, laptops, LED screens, windmills, hybrid cars, smart bombs and guided missiles? There isn?t too much to be worried about on this front, according to experts such as Technology Metals Research cofounder Jack Lifton.

First, deposits of the light version of rare earths are relatively plentiful around the world. Indeed, a supply glut is expected to emerge once the Molycorp Inc. (MCP) mine at Mountain Pass in California returns to production in 2011 (especially considering MCP claims to have new processes that lower its costs of production to Chinese levels).

Second, although deposits of the heavy rare earths (especially neodymium and dysprosium) are relatively scarce, the impact of China?s restrictions should still be minimal.

Many of the products using rare earths contain only tiny quantities, so there will be little increase in production costs. ?Something like a laptop computer probably only has got about 50 to 80 cents? worth of rare earth in it,? says Dudley Kingsnorth, a rare-earth metals expert at Industrial Minerals Co. of Australia.

Even in cases where the content is relatively high, there shouldn?t be big price increases. Most high-tech companies have outsourced production to China and can buy rare earths at low prices there. And since rare earths used in exported Chinese goods are not subject to quotas, the companies? costs are not affected.

As for national security concerns, Lifton says the U.S. military doesn?t require rare earths in large quantities. And there are stockpiles that should provide a buffer pending a ramp up in Western production.

North America can become self sufficient in heavy rare earths by bringing the Alaskan property of Ucore Rare Metals (UURAF.PK) into production. This has been estimated to take several years but the time could be reduced depending on urgency and financial support from the U.S. government.

Legislation before the U.S. Congress, if passed, will authorize loan guarantees, and financial assistance for research and development. When production comes on stream from Molycorp, Ucore and others, as suggested in On the precipice, this could have the benefit of encouraging manufacturing operations to locate in the West for the refining of rare earths as well as the making of consumer, green and military products.

Could China respond by flooding the market with cheap supplies to put Western miners and refiners out of business, like it did several years ago? Such a tactic is unlikely if, as Chinese authorities say, they are currently restricting supply for environmental reasons/domestic requirements. In any event, the U.S. government could protect rare-earth operations through tariffs and other measures.  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosGuter Artikel auf Bullboard

01.11.10 10:00
okay u s govt involvement


okay maybe  this is unusual  so i was hoping to get some feedback

we have this article dated in sept of this year  and i quote from the story

Though the Pentagon foresees a global shortfall of rare earth supply in 2012 at 50,000 tons from the current global reserve of 100,000 tons, other experts observe that an oversupply of ?light? rare earth metals market is more likely to occur once certain mines in California and Australia become operational soon. It is rather in the ?heavy? rare earth metal market that a shortage of supply is foreseen, particularly in its main metals such as terbium and dysprosium, which are used in high-strength magnets.

Read more:

and now we have this article dated 31 oct 2010  from bloomberg

and now we have molycorp appliying to the dept of energy for a 280 million dollar loan  guarantee

and we see that some of the biggest names in the areospace and weapons industry have dropped the ball here
and let china call the shots . so basicaly the entire western world got caught with there pants down.

since molycorp provides the lree"s    and ucore has the heavy rhee's  this may get interesting ,

now my questions are this  since we dont have a lot of mention on ucore here  ( bloomberg )   yet they have bokan and the usgs has been involved   and they have the largest and maybe only confirmed deposit in  north america .

could the goverment be working rapidly behind the scenes on this issue  with the backing say of general elect. and the other big guns and DOD   whom work in the interest of national security . as i would have thought that ucore would have more mention  since the hrees are the critical ones .  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage Mikrokosmosaus Bullboard, lesenswert

02.11.10 19:51
Ucore Rare Metals (UCU:  TSX-V) enjoyed a share price run-up during the rare earths boom of the past two months, and now the shares are back down near where we bought them.  Hold on, though.  I'm not worried, and in fact I'm VERY optimistic about where Ucore is headed in the next year or so.  Indeed, I think Ucore is under-valued.

Here's my thinking on Ucore.  Right now, it's more of a mining and first-stage processing play, than an end-to-end rare earths idea like Molycorp or Lynas.  That is, Ucore has a superb ore body at Bokan Mountain, Alaska.  It's one of the best ore bodies in North America.  That's its key strength, and I'm not looking hard at the "downstream" processing aspect.

Why just focus on the upstream, mining-processing side of Ucore?  Because the Ucore plan is very do-able, and soon.  I like "do-able" and I like "soon."

Over and above great ore, the Bokan site is an old uranium mine.  It's already permitted for mining.  (Management needs to update the permits, though.  Hint, hint.)  It's inside a national forest, so there are no annoying, NIMBY-neighbors to complain.  There are about $20 million-equivalent of roads already constructed.  There's electric power.  There's a deepwater pier right at the foot of the mountain.  It's right across the water from the Port of Ketchikan.

That is, of all the many rare earths ideas out there, Ucore holds an ore body that's among the most easily mineable.  You've got to like that.

Being adjacent to a deepwater pier, the processed ore can go wherever in the world a boat can float.  That would include one or more of the following...  Japan, which is screaming for rare earths and is desperately moving to build up its internal processing capability.  Or China, which is not above buying foreign ore.  Or Malaysia -- think about Lynas using Alaskan ore at its new plant.  Or California -- think about Molycorp using Alaskan ore.  Or Ucore can ship its product pretty much anywhere else.

In last week's ESI alert, I discussed the Ucore drilling results .  I think that Ucore is getting a bad rap, based on a few holes out of many.  There are more drill holes for Ucore to discuss in future news releases.  Plus, there are the results of an extensive trenching effort that have yet to hit the wires.

In my view, we're going to be very pleased with the Bokan Mountain ore body, when the results come out.  We'll see a very mineable ore body, with very good, consistent ore grades -- including enviable quantities of "heavy" rare earths that command premium prices.

Finally, the infrastructure is already there to start mining, and in fairly short order.  Really, that matters.  When you look at many other rare earths sites, they're on the far side of nowhere.  It would take truly heroic efforts, and very big bucks, for some of these other plays ever to see the light of day.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading...

Byron W. King  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosJack Lifton Interview, heute

02.11.10 21:28

GEOFF CANDY: In terms of the companies themselves, what should you be looking for if you're looking to go into the sector.

JACK LIFTON: Today you should be looking for the company that has the least start up costs to ore concentration - the least - and you should be looking for companies the ore bodies of which have significant commercial quantities of the so-called heavy rare earths. Rather than give you a chemistry lesson I will name them for you. If a mine today - a small mine does not have the metal dysprosium - then you should not invest in it because it will never be able to compete ever with the Chinese, Lynas or Molycorp. Dysprosium is the key heavy rare earth, which is critical for manufacturing rare earth permanent magnets that can operate at high temperatures, such as under the hood of a car or in aircraft or in a spacecraft. This is the real problem in the world - lets say of the estimated 120,000 tonnes of rare earths produced last year, 1% was dysprosium and 100% of that was produced in China. The Chinese, however, are saying they think they're running out of that critical material and they're looking for new sources. So far they tell us they haven't found any new resources in China - you can identify in the world several deposits in Canada, one in Alaska and a couple in South Africa and one or two in Australia that have significant commercially recoverable amounts of this metal dysprosium. But like all rare earth mines, they have all the rare earths and no matter which rare earth mine it is, the principle product will be lanthanum, cerium and neodymium - the light rare earths. Some of them have insignificant heavy rare earths - unfortunately this seems to include Molycorp and Lynas. So each one of them needs to have additional access to deposits so they can add these heavy rare earths - dysprosium is the most important, but there is another one where dysprosium is 1% of all the rare earths produced in the world, terbium which is critical for modern non-incandescent lighting is produced at one-fifth of 1% of the total of rare earths, today and only ever produced in China. So what the industrial end users are looking for in fact is dysprosium and terbium to marry with their neodymium so they can produce magnets and lighting, which is the principle uses for rare earths. This is the big problem and you really have to study the published information of all of these ventures to see if anybody has 1) got dysprosium and terbium in any significant quantity, and 2) whether that venture is small enough to be developed, because there is no way possible, in my opinion, that Molycorp and Lynas - each of which may ultimately need $1billion to come to market and now we have let's say there's a potential in Canada for the worlds largest heavy rare earth producer - that would be Avalon Rare Metals - the problem is Avalon needs more than a billion and they say this themselves, to develop their resource. You have other Canadian companies that have significant heavy rare earths - the one that's farthest along towards the Gulf in the Great Western Minerals Group of Saskatchewan - it's most likely mine to produce rare earths which would have significant heavy rare earths, is in South Africa - a previously operated mine that belonged to Anglo American and went out of production in 1962 for lack of financial interests in those days, it was revived in the late 1990s and went out of business again when the Chinese dropped the price to the point where they went away. I handicap all the stuff and I say that the Great Western deposit in South Africa will probably be the first heavy rare earth producer in the world outside of China within about 24 months. It's a relatively small deposit and although it can supply Great Western internally, which is vertically integrated to making magnet elements, it cannot supply the world with sufficient dysprosium. For that you're going to need Avalon or you're going to need the Canadian company with the American deposit called Ucore Rare Metals, or you're going to need Quest Rare Metals in Canada or Northern Uranium which has nice heavy rare earth deposit in Australia - there are just a few of these companies that I am following. I'm not following the large ones - Molycorp now has a market cap of several billion dollars. I'm going to leave you with one thought - tell me why the market has poured billions of dollars of newly created market capitalisation into rare earth - the last 30 days will not put money into the actual development of any rare earth companies, or bringing them into production. This is share trading - this sis the bubble. What we now need is long-term strategic investment in rare earths and I don't see how all this market trading makes any difference at all.  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanseswieder minus heute

03.11.10 13:28
ich bin hier investiert, und seit dem ich die Aktien gekauft habe lese ich auch nur gute bzw. positive nachichten, doch mein depot ist asgt mir was anderes, wie kann es denn sein, das die am tag ca.  -10% verlust machen?  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanses@ Mikrokosmos

03.11.10 23:30
Wollte dich mal fragen,  ob es dieses jahr noch was wird mit ucore ?  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosHeute 10%plus

04.11.10 01:49
Stanses, wie kann es sein...
Es wurden ca. 20 m neue Aktien an den Markt zum Handel freigegeben.
Die Bohrergebnisse waren unter den Erwartungen.
Der Gesamte REE-Markt hat in den letzten Tagen geschwächelt.

Positiv ist, dass UCU in den letzten Tagen immer häufiger in der Presse mit MCP und RareEarthElements genannt wird. Ein Ritterschlag. Verschafft endlich mehr und mehr Aufmerksamkeit...  

1 Posting, 4238 Tage QuasrSpekulation

05.11.10 14:10
rein spekulativ

das Kulmbacher "größtes Börsen Magazin" hat vor 2 Tagen einen Spezialreport zu seltene Erden veröffentlicht mit 3 Positionen...
Ucore ist nicht dabei(Spekulation)...aber es könnte trotzdem der "Markt" profitieren
aktuelle News "Es wird einen Mangel geben"
Ucore wird steigen ;-), bin auch investiert

die nächsten Bohrergebnisse kommen und wirklich schlecht sind sie bis jetzt nicht
trotz schwächelnden Marktes gibt es auch konstante Aufwertstrends z.B.:
Commerce Res.
Quant Rare Earth

oder ganz krass:
Rare Element Res

die Frage ist wie überhitzt das ganze ist seit den Anstiegen die letzten Monate....  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanses@ Mikrokosmos

07.11.10 21:35
ich bin noch ein Anfänger  im Aktiengeschäft, desswegen auch diese komischen Fragen von mir. Ich wollte dich mal fragen (Mikrokosmos), wo du die Zahlen der Bohrungen her nimmst.
danke im Voraus !!!  

125 Postings, 4097 Tage Stanses@ Mikrokosmos

07.11.10 21:43
habe die zahlen jetzt gefunden, direkt bei denen auf der seite !
oder hast du andere Quellen ?

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosStanses

08.11.10 23:13
Informationen über alle in Kanada gelisteten Unternehmen findest Du z.B. auch auf
Insidertrades auf

Ucore trottet so vor sich hin.
Ohne, dass der Staat da mit Signalen kommt, befürchte ich eher einen Seitwärtshandel.

Gruß, Mikro  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosPlacement

09.11.10 16:41
Ucore Rare arranges $10-million private placement

2010-11-09 09:06 ET - News Release


November 9, 2010 - Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX-V: UCU), ("Ucore" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has arranged a brokered private placement of units for gross proceeds of up to $10,000,000 at $0.40 per unit. Each unit consists of one common share and one half of one common share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant gives the holder the right to purchase one common share at an exercise price of $0.55 for a period of 24 months. The Offering will be led by Byron Securities Ltd. (the "Agent").

The net proceeds of the financing will be used to advance exploration on the Company's properties, focusing on the Company's Bokan Mountain property, and for general working capital.

Also nun wissen wir, warum der Kurs so abgebröckelt ist.
25m neue Aktien wären das...knapp 135m Aktien, Mcap bei 40c, 54m USD.
Ich denke, das spült ordentlich Geld für die Exploration und die NI-Study in die Kasse.
Guter Einstiegszeitpunkt...IMO  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosGREAT NEWS

16.11.10 19:44
Das sind really GREAT News...jeder kennt Collison und sein Baby TCM.
Der wird sich nicht den Ruf versauen wollen. Eine tolle Auszeichnung und ein starker Vertrauensbeweis in Ucores Projekt!

Wer hatte mich hier als Pusher bezeichnet?
We hat behauptet, dass Ucore eine Pommesbude ist?

Ucore Retains Collison for Mine Design

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, Nov 16, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX News Network) --

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE: UCU) ("Ucore" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has retained Ken Collison of Collison Minecon Inc. ("Minecon") for the purpose of initial mine scoping, engineering and design work on a prospective Heavy Rare Earth mine and processing facility at the Company's Bokan - Dotson Ridge project in South East Alaska.

Mr. Collison is President of Collison Minecon Inc., and holds a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters of Engineering in Mining from the University of Saskatchewan. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Blue Pearl Mining/Thompson Creek Metals from 2005 to 2009, and was part of the team that purchased Thompson Creek Metals and built it into one of North America's premier molybdenum producers. He has previously held the positions of Vice President at Crandon Mining Corporation and Coeur Alaska, the Alaskan subsidiary of Coeur d'Alene Mines. He has extensive experience in mining operations, permitting and preparation of mining feasibility studies.

"Ucore is honoured to be associated with such an accomplished mine engineer as Ken Collison," said Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore. "He has a track record of successfully bringing prospective mines from initial scoping into profitable production, both efficiently and on a minimal allocation of time, financial and human resources. We believe that the fact that Mr. Collison has elected to be associated with the project speaks volumes as to the prospectiveness of near term mining operations at Bokan."

"The Bokan rare earth deposit is characterized by narrow vein hosted mineralization which can be readily extracted using classic narrow vein mining techniques," said Ken Collison, President of Minecon. "The vein stock works at Bokan are like the branches of an immense tree, with mineable widths and substantial HREE mineralization across the entire system. The mineralization in the Dotson Zone is highly consistent and continuous along strike. Further, the mineralization is visually demarcated from the surrounding country rock, with the opportunity to systematically remove the ore while leaving much of the waste rock in place. The methodology is well proven, and will have a small footprint relative to larger or open pit operations. The potential effect is a highly efficient prospective mining and milling operation, with minimal environmental impact, and a much faster track to design and permitting."

The Bokan rare earth deposit has an anomalously high content of dysprosium relative to other metals in the lanthanide suite and by comparison to other rare earth deposits. At the 6th International Rare Earth Conference in Hong Kong last week, industry expert Dudley Kingsnorth of IMCOA commented on dysprosium as being one of few rare earth metals to exhibit a pronounced supply shortfall in the near and intermediate term, with very few alternative sources of supply globally. Dysprosium is one of the most valuable, scarce and sought after metals outside of the precious metals group, and is in substantial demand for hybrid electric vehicles, nuclear power, lasers, and data storage applications. Bokan drill results have similarly exhibited anomalously high content of other highly valuable heavy rare earths including terbium, which is utilized in fuel cells and solid state devices.


Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is a well-funded junior exploration company focused on establishing REE, uranium and other rare metal resources through exploration and property acquisition. With multiple projects across North America, Ucore's primary focus is the 100% owned Bokan - Dotson Ridge REE property in Alaska.

The Bokan - Dotson Ridge project is located 60 km southwest of Ketchikan, Alaska and 140 km northwest of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The project area is served by barge and float plane from Ketchikan, with a pre-existing road network providing access to the main target areas. REE mineralization at the Bokan-Dotson Ridge project is structurally controlled in multiple dikes radial to a Mesozoic peralkaline intrusive complex.

In 1989, a U.S. Bureau of Mines study (Barker & Warner, USBM OFR 33-89) estimated that the greater Bokan area contains 37.8 million tons grading 0.50% TREO. This historical non NI 43-101 compliant estimate equates to 374 million lbs of contained TREO and ranks as one of the most prospective and accessible heavy rare earth prospects in North America.  

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosUcore in Kanada, Richtungswechsel?

22.11.10 21:19
Heutiges Posting von unserem Chartexperten...

[b]One of my favorite technical setups...  An oversold condition on both the Slow Stochastic and the Relative Strength Index and a touch down on the 200 SMA line.  And to make it even more interesting, we have a Falling Wedge pattern.    So as long as  the 200 SMA holds, or it doesn't drop below the wedge formation, we might see it break out of the wedge and make a go for .56 soon and give you a nice 51.3% gain from current share price.  The proper way to play a Falling Wedge formation is to wait for the break out of the formation on good volume.  This would make the entry in a few days at around .40.  The REE sector has cooled down in the last few weeks and is the reason why I am not putting my high target at .69.  If it turns and starts to run again, you can always re-evaluate your position as it nears the initial target.[/b]  

421 Postings, 4209 Tage Loewe111richtung

23.11.10 21:29
du hast die richtung gut erkannt....ab nun gibts nur noch eine....nach oben....)
super anlage....sie wird laufen....fundamental stimmt alles...wer nicht dabei ist, sein pech  

943 Postings, 4877 Tage Alfgolf2alles klar

24.11.10 20:15
bin dabei.........zum richtigen Zeitpunkt so hoffe ich!!!

kann losgehne, wenn der letze sitzt..?!

Wer ist es ?

Nur wer an sich glaubt, kann anderen helfen, an sich zu glauben.

1280 Postings, 5360 Tage MikrokosmosUcore mit heftigen Käufen aus dem Ask in Kanada

24.11.10 20:56
Momentan 0,50 CAD, +16,28%, 1,8m Stücke gehandelt
Wenn sich bewahrheitet, was Lifton am 22. veröffentlicht hat, dann fliegt das teil hier durch die Decke. Sieht ganz so aus, als wenn sich große Hände positionieren.  

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