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18.07.04 21:30
GoTrek Internet TV + Firefly VoIP = Total voice and video online communication
Official GoConnect Press Release - 19 May 2004
GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd and Freshtel Pty Ltd have entered into an agreement for GoConnect to market and distribute the Firefly Voice over IP application, developed by Freshtel, to GoConnect's GoTrek users. Soon, the GoTrek users will not only be able to watch TV quality video infotainment on the Internet even on dialup connections, they will also be able to talk to each other about these videos by using the Firefly application for effectively no call charges to and from anywhere in the world, so long as they are online.

GoConnect's Option Plan ISP is the first ISP under agreement to enable its subscribers to use the Firefly application to make calls on the Internet to another Firefly user, at no cost. GoConnect subscribers will also be provided with special incentives to use the Firefly application to call fixed line or mobile phones. Subscribers of GoConnect's Option Plan ISP already receive an unlimited download dialup service at most attractive prices, and free video infotainment provided by GoConnect, but soon, the ISP plan will also save them on telephone charges if they use the Firefly application.

Mr Michael Carew, founder and CEO of Freshtel said, it is great to see a progressive, forward thinking company such as GoConnect understand the VoIP market and the importance of establishing a voice presence in this fast moving industry.

VoIP has come a long way from its humble beginning a few years ago. At Freshtel, we have focused our Firefly development effort on delivering the best quality Internet phone call to users of the application. We have also developed simple to use handsets to go with the application for both consumers and businesses. Our users have often remarked how little difference there is between VoIP using Firefly compared to the traditional phone call, except for the money they can now save. Our Firefly application is now used by over 50,000 people from around the world in over 200 countries since its release around 16 weeks ago."

Mr Richard Li, Chairman of GoConnect, said, " We have been interested in combining our patented GoTrek Internet TV application with voice communication over the Internet for some time. We believe content will encourage communication and compelling content will drive communication even further.

In recent months, we have witnessed how the use of VoIP applications on the Internet has been growing at explosive rates. GoTrek bundled with VoIP has the ability to deliver a powerful "viral" effect for the adoption of the GoTrek video delivery platform. By bundling GoTrek with Firefly, it will create the win-win situation for the accelerated adoption of both GoTrek and Firefly by Internet users. For businesses, the ability of GoTrek to deliver video communication while at the same time be able to communicate within the business organization at no cost to discuss the video communication delivered, will present a powerful package of communication tools for the business sector, whether it is for business training purposes, or agent to client communication, local as well as cross countries. The combined application of GoTrek and Firefly would appear to be without boundaries."

For further information regarding this Media Release, please contact Mr. Michael Carew of Freshtel on michael@freshtel.net or visit www.freshtel.net for further information. Or contact Mr. Richard Li of GoConnect on +61 3 9993 7000 or visit www.gotrek.com.au for further information.


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18.07.04 21:33

1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovilest

18.07.04 21:35
GoConnect signs deal with Motorola mobile phone distributor
Official GoConnect Press Release - 06 July 2004
GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd (GoConnect), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian listed GoConnect Ltd (GCN) has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Mobile Distribution Sdn Bhd (Mobile Distribution), the Malaysian distributor of Motorola mobile phone products.

The license agreement will entail Mobile Distribution bundling GoConnect's m-Vision technology onto its Motorola Smartphones. This means that buyers of the Motorola Smartphones will have access to an array of local and international broadcast quality media content and video services.

The m-Vision application will be preloaded onto a 128 mb storage card supplied free with the Motorola Smartphone making it a plug-and-play application.

Says Eric Chong, Area Director, Motorola PCS Malaysia and Brunei: "Motorola is currently undergoing trials on m-Vision video applications with the MPx200 Smartphone and will do the same for all future Microsoft OS smartphone models.

"We expect to launch this very exciting m-Vision application to our consumers shortly."

Says Anthony Voglis, Senior General Manager, GoConnect: "The support from major players such as Motorola and Mobile Distribution will accelerate the adoption of m-Vision.

"It is a significant deal in that it marks the further emergence of the mobile media industry. With support from major mobile phone vendors such as Motorola, the mobile media industry is bound to develop even more quickly."

Voglis also pointed out that GoConnect has been in talks with major mobile device vendors such as Motorola and some of the large media organizations around the world and it would be making further announcements in this regard.


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovilest

19.07.04 20:53
GoConnect signs deal with Motorola mobile phone distributor
AAP - 07 July 2004
Communications company GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Malaysian Motorola mobile phone distributor Mobile Distribution Sdn Bhd.

The licensing agreement allows Mobile Distribution to bundle GoConnect's m-Vision mobile video technology onto its Motorola Smartphones.

Buyers of the Motorola Smartphones will have access to broadcast quality media content and video services, available through the m-Vision application.

"Motorola is currently undergoing trials on m-Vision video applications with the MPx200 Smartphone and will do the same for all future Microsoft OS smartphone models," Eric Chong, area director of Motorola PCS Malaysia and Brunei, said.

GoConnect senior general manager Anthony Voglis said GoConnect would make more announcements about arrangements with other media organisations soon.

GoConnect Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian listed GoConnect Ltd. ---


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovinochmal lest

20.07.04 20:48
GoConnect Establishes Beachhead in Europe
Official GoConnect Press Release - 19 July 2004
GoConnect Limited (GCN) has appointed Mobile Media Services( MMS) as European agent for corporate development. MMS will provide GoConnect with access to European media, music and telecommunications companies to expedite the application of m-Vision and GoTrek proprietary technologies.

This appointment is for an initial two year period and is to be remunerated by the granting of 9.5million options exercisable on a one for one basis into ordinary shares of GoConnect Limited at A$0.07 per share at any time until 26 July 2006. These options will not be listed, and if fully exercised, will represent 2.6% of the expanded total issued capital and will bring to 46.62 million the number of shares and equivalent securities issued or granted in the past 12-month period.


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24.07.04 20:25
Naked News auf m-Vision, jetzt auf Mobiltelefonen weltweit

TORONTO, Kanada, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Naked News (TM) (www.NakedNews.com) (Naked News TV!) ("Das Programm, das nichts zu verstecken hat"), hat nach eigenen Angaben mit dem an der australischen Börse ASX notierten Online Medien und Kommunikations-Unternehmen GoConnect Ltd. eine Distributionsverabredung getroffen. Darunter wird das Naked News Programm über Mobiltelefone weltweit ausgestrahlt.

Während Millionen von Menschen Naked News online sowie über spezielles Kabel- und Abonnentenfernsehen anschauen, können nun Besitzer von Mobiltelefonen von jedem beliebigen Punkt auf der Welt über die einzigartige Mobilvideo-Distributionsplattform von GoConnect, m-Vision, Naked News auf ihrem Windows Mobil Pocket PC oder Smartphone anschauen. m-Vision Abonnenten des Naked News Kanals werden 200 Minuten im Monat an hoch qualitativen Video Nachrichten- und Unterhaltungssendungen geboten, die in purem, nackten Spass in sowohl täglichen als auch wöchentlichen Abschnitten übertragen werden.

David Warga, leitender Produzent von Naked News sagte, "Dies ist der nächste logische Schritt im Bereich Videoinhalt - Video überall und jederzeit, wenn man es will. Unterhaltung unterwegs und rund um die Uhr mit GoConnect. Man ist nicht mehr an einen Fernseher oder Computer gebunden, um unser einzigartiges Nachrichten- und Unterhaltungsprogramm zu empfangen."

Richard Li, Vorsitzender von GoConnect, sagte, "GoConnect bietet bereits eine Reihe von Video Abonnementsdiensten. Wir suchen jedoch ständig nach einem neuen Programm, das unsere Zuschauer und Abonnenten als nächstes haben müssen. Wir freuen uns, mit Naked News zusammenzuarbeiten, und Benutzern von Mobiltelefonen ein derart hochqualitatives und beliebtes Programm liefern zu können."

m-Vision (www.m-vision.tv) führt inzwischen das Naked News Programm und nimmt Abonnements entgegen. Im Rahmen einer Einführungsaktion bietet GoConnect bis zum 30. Juni 2004 einen Nachlass in Höhe von 25% auf Abonnements für den Naked News Kanal.

Im Angesicht von 500 Millionen verkauften Mobiltelefonen pro Jahr, wird Mobile Media zweifelsfrei eine der wichtigsten Distributionsplattformen für die globale Medienindustrie werden. Über m-Vision hat GoConnect bereits seine Präsenz in der mobilen Medienindustrie eingerichtet. Als erstes Unternehmen auf der Welt strahlt es Naked News an Windows Mobilgerätebenutzer aus, unabhängig von deren geographischen Standort.


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviPartners

24.07.04 20:29
ABC Asia Pacific  


  AV Channel  

  Becker Entertainment  


  Buena Vista International  

  Columbia Tristar Films  

  Crime Stoppers  

  Dendy Films  

  Dreamworks SKG  

  Festival Mushroom Records  

  20th Century Fox  

  Healthy Eating Club  

  HMV Australia  

  Icon Films  







  MSS Vision  

  Naked News  

  O2 Malaysia  

  Palace Films  

  Paramount Pictures  

  Planet X  


  Roadshow Music  


  Shock Records  


  Universal International Pictures  

  Universal Pictures  

  Visual Entertainment Group  


  Warner Music  


38 Postings, 6803 Tage BrabusGoconnect WKN 563564 KAUFEN!!!

26.07.04 14:31
Die Aktie hat ein Megapotenzial. Der Kurs wird explodieren, nach die das Patent und Lizenz für die "Naked News" erhalten haben!!!
Freu mich schon auf meine satten gewinne!!!  

1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovizur Erinnerung

26.07.04 20:16
O2 xda supports Video service in Malaysia
Official GoConnect Press Release - 07 July 2003
Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne Friday, 4 July 2003 - O2 (Online) Limited, a division of mmO2 plc, has become the first company in the world to introduce subscription video services on a mobile device. This service will soon be supported on their PDA-Phone called the xda and Malaysia will be the first country to enjoy such state-of-the-art subscription service in collaboration with an Australian listed public company, GoConnect Ltd ("GCN").

This video subscription service from GCN is called m-Vision and is delivered using the patented GoTrek technology developed and owned by GCN. Using GoTrek, Malaysian subscribers with an O2 xda will be able to receive TV quality videos over the public GPRS network supported by mobile operators like Maxis, Celcom, Digi and TimeCel.

The O2 xda uses Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition and is acclaimed to be the first in the world to have introduced a device using this platform in 2002. GoTrek leverages this platform to enable the m-Vision video services on the O2 xda.

m-Vision provides a range of content including movie trailers, music videos, video horoscope, sports, business, etc. Additional content including drama, comedy, science and technology, etc, will be introduced over the next 12 months. When online over GPRS, special m-Vision messages are interactive and one tap on the content will link the subscriber to designated websites to book a movie ticket, to purchase the music CD or simply, to obtain more information about the content. The age of m-commerce has finally arrived to Malaysia with subscribers being able to "sample the goods" before they purchase.

For the Malaysian subscribers, m-Vision is providing local content in movie trailers distributed by Golden Screen Cinema group and Speedy Video group for the Malaysian market, and full-length music videos as well as other international video content.

O2 launched the xda in September 2002 in Malaysia and the xda has been very well received across the country and around the world. O2 (Online) Ltd (Malaysia Branch) Country Manager, Ng Kien Lock, said, "We had said in the past months that newer services like video services will be supported on the xda. Now, we are making this come true in Malaysia for xda users through our collaboration with GoConnect using their m-Vision service. This is another first for xda users in the world and is extending the ability of their O2 xda's while making the xda a true video player on the move."

"O2, with GoConnect, will offer an exciting subscription package to new and existing xda users from August to enable them not only the convenience to enjoy video on the xda, but also to provide them with a special m-Vision incentive package to reward their loyalty to the company. Existing and new customers of the xda can now email us their name and handphone number at contactusasia@o2.com to indicate their interest in securing the m-Vision incentive package. This offer will be limited to the first 500 interested parties. With m-Vision, whenever subscribers have a spare moment, they can watch the latest music video, the latest movie offering, or check the latest comment on Wall Street, even when they are not connected to GPRS at that time."

Commenting on the launch of m-Vision for Malaysia, Mr Richard Li. Executive Chairman of GoConnect said, "We are absolutely delighted to be able to work with a visionary company such as O2 to launch m-Vision firstly to the Malaysian mobile phone market. m-Vision represents the beginning of a whole new entertainment media industry, that of "Mobile Media". Just imagine the amount of spare time your mobile phone is with you but you are not on the phone or doing mobile computing. Now you can enjoy that spare moment watching your favorite music video on your O2 xda!

We have also been working closely with Microsoft to deploy m-Vision on the Microsoft Pocket PC, the Pocket PC Phone such as the O2 xda, and the Microsoft Smartphone. While there are at present a handful of video capable phone devices in the market place, and users of these devices are able to pull down short video clips for viewing, there is at present not any other established media service like m-Vision that will provide the variety and the TV quality image of videos like m-Vision for the hand held device, regardless of their Internet connection speed. The m-Vision video subscription service is now live and can be purchased online at www.m-vision.tv"

"It is great to see that mmO2 has partnered with GoConnect to support m-Vision for the O2 xda," said Howard Gefen, director of mobile operator solutions at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is excited about the deployment of m-Vision, and we are delighted that GoConnect has been able to utilize the open platform of Windows Mobile 2002 to deliver entertainment media to mobile consumers. This compelling solution is another great way for O2 and GoConnect to add value for users of Windows Mobile 2002."

For further information regarding this Media Release, please contact Mr Ng Kien Lock of O2 (Online) Limited on +60 12 3887661 or by email to kienlock.ng@o2.com; or Mr Richard Li of GoConnect Ltd on +61 3 99937000 or by email to richard.li@goconnect.com.au

About mmO2 plc and O2 (Online) Limited

mmO2 plc is a leading provider of mobile communications services in Europe with a strong position in mobile data and Internet services. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately 5 billion GBP and has 20 million mobile phone subscribers. The company is made up of mobile assets in four countries, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. Additionally, it has operations on the Isle of Man and a leading Internet portal business. With its technological insight and deep commitment, it intends to lead the field in data services with the highest quality networks and state-of-the-art wireless solutions.

mmO2 were pioneers in introducing GPRS and in December 2001 its Manx Telecom business launched its third generation network, the first fully operational 3G system in Europe.

In 2002, the company launched its new multimedia-messaging service. Users of the service are able to send and receive media-rich messages - a combination of text, sounds, images and video - to specially enabled handsets. O2 xda was introduced into the European and Asian markets as a state-of-the-art PDA-Phone to enhance the usage of GPRS and mobile data services.

In 2003, the company plans to exploit newer capabilities as they become more widely available, in particular GPRS, providing mobile devices with 'always on' connections to web-based services. It will be launching full mobile web browsing and a range of exciting new mobile devices to make the most of these capabilities.

O2 (Online) Limited has its headquarters in Singapore and currently operates in Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea. Its focus is to work with mobile operators in the Asia Pacific region to strengthen their mobile data revenue in the coming years by leveraging the experience and leadership of mmO2 plc in Europe. O2 xda was introduced to the various markets that O2 operates in 2H 2002.


About GoConnect Ltd

GoConnect Ltd ("GCN") is an online media communications company listed on the Australian and German stock exchanges. GCN prides itself on its ability to deliver TV quality interactive audio/video content via the Internet regardless of the connection speed of the user, broadband or narrowband, wired or wireless with the use of its patented GoTrek push technology. GCN has already launched 11 video content channels over the past 18 months on fixed line Internet, while at the same time the company has entered into affiliate agreements with 12 organizations to promote and to distribute the patented GoTrek technology. GCN, powered by GoTrek, delivers global television via the public Internet infrastructure by defying the limitations of narrowband, which of course remains the access mode for over 90% of the world's online population.

Having successfully introduced GoTrek TV to the fixed line Internet world, GCN has now extended GoTrek as a video subscription service branded as m-Vision to the wireless Internet, again defying the limitations of WiFi, GPRS, CDMA1x, or 3G in delivering TV quality audio/video to the mobile device. With the patented GoTrek push technology, consumers can finally receive "Mobile Media" in TV quality over the wireless Internet on hand held devices.

GCN is working with a number of WiFi hotspot operators, mobile carriers and mobile device vendors in Asia and Australia to adopt m-Vision to promote the usage of the wireless Internet network, from WiFi to GPRS to CDMA1x to 3G. As a push technology, GoTrek enables mobile carriers to optimize the utilization of their network capacity over the 24 hours, providing far superior economies and efficiency to a mobile network compared to the current on-demand system of retrieving video or other content onto the mobile device. For content providers, again unlike the current system of on-demand video, pulled and downloaded onto the handset by the subscriber, the m-Vision service is supported by a sophisticated content management system to ensure that GCN, rather than the subscriber, retains the ultimate control over the content delivered.


- ends -


nicht "nur" Motorola und Microsoft....


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovi@Brabus

26.07.04 20:23
sei bitte so nett und fordere bitte keinen zum Kauf auf, jeder muß für sich entscheiden was er oder sie macht...ich versuche nur nützliche Informationen über goconnect zu posten und werde es weiter versuchen.
Die Aussichten sind meiner Meinung nach gut und im 4. Quater könnte es profitabel werden und dann werden wesentlich höhere Kurse erzielt werden mit "openend".

besonders gefällt mir das es kein OTC-Wert, sondern in Australien gelistet ist.  


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviMotorola

26.07.04 20:42
GoConnect signs deal with Motorola mobile phone distributor
AAP - 07 July 2004
Communications company GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Malaysian Motorola mobile phone distributor Mobile Distribution Sdn Bhd.

The licensing agreement allows Mobile Distribution to bundle GoConnect's m-Vision mobile video technology onto its Motorola Smartphones.

Buyers of the Motorola Smartphones will have access to broadcast quality media content and video services, available through the m-Vision application.

"Motorola is currently undergoing trials on m-Vision video applications with the MPx200 Smartphone and will do the same for all future Microsoft OS smartphone models," Eric Chong, area director of Motorola PCS Malaysia and Brunei, said.

GoConnect senior general manager Anthony Voglis said GoConnect would make more announcements about arrangements with other media organisations soon.


den letzten Absatz sollte man sich besonders zu Herzen nehmen....


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovinochmal zur Erinnerung

26.07.04 21:04
m-Vision video delivery system now live on Microsoft Smartphone
February 19, 2004 [MS Smartphone]
m-Vision for Windows Mobile Smartphone is live as of today for downloading by the public [...] Microsoft targets to capture 5 % of the mobile handset market with devices running Windows Mobile. More info follows.

* * * * *

The Board of Directors of GoConnect Ltd is pleased to advise that the Company’s patented video delivery system, GoTrek, which was first extended to the mobile device environment in June 2003 and branded as m-Vision for the Windows Mobile operating system for Pocket PC and Pocket PC phone, has now been successfully extended to the Microsoft Windows Mobile for Smartphone. The Company’s R&D team has successfully completed this development in just less than 9 months. m-Vision for Windows Mobile Smartphone is live as of today for downloading by the public from anywhere in the world from www.m-vision.tv . Owners of the Smartphone can now receive and watch a range of free and subscription video infotainment from GoConnect on their Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Smartphone that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system is the primary device introduced by Microsoft in order for it to capture a significant share of the mobile phone operating system market. Windows Mobile is directly competitive with the Symbian operating system supported by Nokia and a number of other major mobile phone vendors. In August 2003, Motorola, the second largest mobile phone vendor in the world, announced the sale of its 19 % stake in the Symbian consortium. Since Motorola’s subsequent confirmation of its support for the Windows Mobile operating system with the introduction of the Motorola Smartphone, the MPx200, the mobile phone industry has started to take Microsoft’s entry into the industry seriously.

The Smartphone, with a size comparable to the average mobile phone handset, has been gaining increasing support by mobile operators around the world since its introduction in late 2003. With over 500 million units of mobile handsets sold per annum, we can safely assume that Microsoft will invest heavily to ensure its success in capturing a major share of the operating systems that power the mobile phone handsets of the future. Mr Bill Gates has also publicly stated that within the next two years, Microsoft targets to capture 5 % of the mobile handset market with devices running Windows Mobile. In order to realize this objective, Microsoft will need to ensure that there will be an increasing number of compelling applications which can be installed on the Smartphone, and which will attract the mobile phone consumers.

Based on internal research of the Company, GoConnect believes that games and video infotainment will be two of the key drivers of consumer interests in future mobile handset sales. While there are a number of games developers around the world who have started to extend their games to mobile devices that are compatible with Windows Mobile, GoConnect’s research shows that other than m-Vision, there is as yet no video delivery and management system to the Windows Mobile powered Smartphone. Now that m-Vision for the Smartphone is live, and is available for the public to download and access video infotainment on their Smartphone, as well as on the Pocket PC and Pocket PC phone, GoConnect has a unique and early-mover advantage to promote the adoption of m-Vision as the standard video delivery and management system for Windows Mobile powered devices.


kann sich jeder seinen Teil denken


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviGoConnect

22.09.04 08:24
GoConnect "speculative buy"
First Berlin

Die Analysten von First Berlin stufen die Aktie von GoConnect (ISIN AU000000GCN9/ WKN 563564) mit "speculative buy" ein und geben ein Kursziel von 0,60 Australische Dollar (AUD) an.

Die Analysten seien weiter positiv gegenüber dem Titel eingestellt, auch wenn der CEO, Richard Li, in den letzten sechs Wochen durch eine Krankheit arbeitsunfähig gewesen sei.

Erst kürzlich habe das Unternehmen sein neues Produkt "Direct Assist" auf den Markt eingeführt. Es ermögliche die mobile Suche nach Telefonnummern. Dabei könne die Telefonnummer direkt aus dem Ergebnis der Suche gewählt werden. Die Analysten seien der Ansicht, dass "Direct Assist" ein großer Erfolg werde.

Die Analysten von First Berlin bewerten die GoConnect-Aktie mit "speculative buy".




1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviABC News

21.10.04 15:07
ABC News now on Mobiles and Pocket PCs through GoConnect's patented technology, m-Vision
Official GoConnect Press Release - 21 October 2004
GoConnect Ltd (GoConnect) announced today that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd (GAP), a wholly owned subsidiary of GoConnect, have entered into an agreement that will see ABC news content delivered worldwide to mobile phones and pocket PCs using the patented technology of m-Vision.

GoConnect's unique mobile video delivery platform, m-Vision, allows Microsoft enabled mobile phones and pocket PC users to access video content using GPRS, WiFi or ActiveSync worldwide.

The agreement will see subscribers accessing the ABC's news content which will include daily news and segments from the award-winning ABC current affairs program, Foreign Correspondent.

"GoConnect can now offer an up-to-date news service within its suite of video content on the m-Vision subscription platform," said GoConnect's Executive Director of Operations, Craig Wyllie. "An increased base of superior content, such as that provided by the ABC, will drive the take-up of m-Vision," he added.

"This agreement allows the ABC to take advantage of a new content delivery platform," said Augustus Dulgaro, Manager ABC Content Sales. “In establishing our content on new distribution channels we deliver the ABC a wider audience," he added.

--- ends ---


1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviPrimus

29.10.04 08:28
GoConnect adds ADSL to capture a share of the fastest growing broadband Internet market in the world through Primus supply network
Official GoConnect Press Release - 29 October 2004
GoConnect Ltd (GoConnect) announced today that GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd (GAP), a wholly owned subsidiary of GoConnect, will shortly be adding ADSL broadband to its ISP service by becoming the first enhanced wholesale customer of Primus Telecom.

"GoConnect has provided a reliable, top value quality, and user friendly dial-up service to subscribers for the past 4 years, an experience that has also been enriched by the delivery of video infotainment using our proprietary GoTrek technology," said GoConnect's Executive Director of Operations, Craig Wyllie. "The addition of ADSL broadband through Primus network will be most welcome by our existing and future subscribers and place the company in a much better position to compete with other ISPs," he added.

"Primus is very pleased to be deepening our relationship with GoConnect through the addition of wholesale broadband DSL" said Campbell Sallabank, General Manager of Primus Telecom. "The broadband market in Australia is accelerating quickly and with the current expansion of our own broadband network, Primus is ideally positioned to drive this growth" he added.

--- ends ---

greetz Jovi

4308 Postings, 7832 Tage Nukem1100% Chance

28.11.04 07:18
Focus hat sich diesem Titel schon zweimal angenommen und auch eine Berliner Bank. Unter aktiencheck.de ist auch nachzulesen, dass übereinkommend ein Kursziel von 60 australische Cent, also ca. 40 Euro Cent genannt werden.

Die Berliner teilen mit, dass nächste Woche eine Pressekonferenz einberufen wird. Dort wird die Bombe platzen. Ich hab mir ein paar Titel reingelegt, da ich Goconnect zumindest in den nächsten zwei Wochen für den interessantesten Titel halte.

3186 Postings, 6796 Tage lancerevo7lest mal das hier

28.11.04 11:10

209 Postings, 6542 Tage motiprofit durch umts-boom?

28.11.04 12:57
ich habe mir mal so meine gedanken über den laden gemacht.
ich bin der meinung, daß goconnect ordentlich profit machen
kann, sollte es einen umts-boom geben.
vergleichbar mit klingeltönen etc.
die idee, sachen (z.b. videos) erst runterzuladen, um dann zu schauen ist
im moment sicher top, da gprs im moment immer noch standart ist.
man kann trotz geringer bandbreite, videos mit hoher auflösung sehen.
durch umts steigt die bandbreite jedoch stark an (im verglich zu gprs).
echtzeit nachrichten etc. sollten dann zumindest auf den kleinen handy-
bildschirmen kein problem sein. auch auf dem pocket pc (das ding scheint
ja im moment goconnects zielobjekt zu sein) ist die auflösung nicht
so super hoch, daß man bei echtzeitübertragungen probleme bekommen dürfte.
irgendwann hat der pocketpc auch ausgedient und es wird sich alles auf das
"super-handy", was alles kann konzentrieren. dann stehen die mit ihrer
software, die nur auf microsoft-betriebssystem läuft, dumm da.
können sie aber schnell mit dem trend ihre produktreihe ändern, oder ausweiten,
dann dürfte es das geschäft ihres lebens werden. so lange der boom anhält,
versteht sich.
die gesamte produktreihe bezieht sich nur auf trends. nakednews z.b. ist
vielleicht ganz nett und ein paar teenies gönnen sich vielleicht auch
den spaß und in der firma ist das bestimmt auch mal ganz witzig, wenn
da so en nackter typ die nachrichten runterliest.
aber mal im ernst...wer will sein ganzes leben lang nackte typen in den nachrichten sehen? ich nicht. aber auch wenn das ne frau wäre, könnte ich mich nicht
hinreißen lassen, da jeden tag geld für zu lassen.
wie gesagt: alles trends!
auf einen zock würde ich mich einlassen, aber eine langfristige kapitalanlage
ist das sicherlich nicht. das "spekulativ" würde ich 3x rot unterstreichen

4308 Postings, 7832 Tage NukemWann ist die Pressekonferenz? o. T.

30.11.04 09:01

1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviEs

30.11.04 11:55
ist keine Pressekonferenz angekündigt, lediglich werden einige PR`s erwartet, die von Li angekündigt sind.

es ist schon richtig was du schreibst aber Videos und Nachrichten sind nicht das einzige Standbein von GoConnect.
Alleine das Patent hat schon seinen Wert und die Partner sind nicht zu verachten nur mal Motorola, Microsoft und O2 genannt.
Das microsoft-betriebssystem könnte zum Problem werden wenn Microsoft sich auf diesem Gebiet zuückzieht, was ich allerdings nicht glaube, die haben genug Spielgeld um Nokia zu verdrängen.
Natürlich ist es Risiko aber was ist das nicht...und hier sehe ich gute Chancen.

in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft.

greetz Jovi  

45636 Postings, 7028 Tage joker67Weise gesprochen jovi:-) o. T.

30.11.04 11:59

1433 Postings, 7082 Tage jovisei gegrüsst mein Freund :) o. T.

30.11.04 12:05

45636 Postings, 7028 Tage joker67Wenn die jetzt noch die 100er und 200er Linie von

30.11.04 12:13
unten durchschiesst, dann hole ich mir auch ein paar und wir versuchen mal einen zweiten Anlauf mit unserer Insel:-)  

1433 Postings, 7082 Tage joviYep :)

30.11.04 12:23
kann nicht mehr lang dauern.
Auf ein Neues.
Übrigends, Motorola hat mit Microsoft eine neue Vereinbarung, hat nix direkt mit GCN zu tun aber Stück für Stück zum Puzzle-Glück
Nachzulesen unter www.motorola.com

Bin nu zum nächsten Termin, schönen Tag wünsch ich dir und den deinen und natürlich allen anderen!


45636 Postings, 7028 Tage joker67Wünsche ich dir auch und viel Erfolg:-)

30.11.04 12:28

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