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Oldest Operating Drone Company in the World

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46 Postings, 3339 Tage TyskieOldest Operating Drone Company in the World

20.11.19 14:34

Interessantes Interview mit dem CEO

Meinungen zur Aktie? Die haben all das wovon Drone Delivery Canada träumt, von daher sollte hier einiges gehen.Packe sie mir erstmal auf die Watchlist

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427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephLustig - Vision

22.07.21 22:48

114 Postings, 818 Tage The Tick9 Mio. Manufacturing Agreement with DDL

14.10.21 21:03
Draganfly Signs $9 Million Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement with Digital Dream Labs

Draganfly Inc, an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions and systems developer, is pleased to announce that it has signed a minimum manufacturing agreement with Digital Dream Labs, Inc. ) to design and develop an AI consumer companion robot drone (the "Drone")
DDL is an edtechtainment company that specializes in the development of hands-on video games and personal robots. Their popular desktop robots, Cozmo and Vector, are two of the best-selling consumer robots of all-time.  

114 Postings, 818 Tage The TickMulti-Year Partnership with Drone Racing League

14.10.21 21:05
The Drone Racing League and Draganfly Launch Multi-Year Partnership and Innovation Lab

Draganfly, a global UAV leader, partners with DRL to a dvance drone racing and humanitarian aid through new groundbreaking technology

New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the Drone Racing League (DRL), the world's premier, professional drone racing property, and Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO; CSE: DPRO; FSE: 3U8), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions and systems developer, announced a multi-year partnership. The companies will launch DRL Labs, an innovation hub, to research and develop next generation drone technology that will advance the sport of drone racing and other industries undergoing significant transformations through drones, including humanitarian aid and mobility.  

114 Postings, 818 Tage The TickRecord Third Quarter Revenue

10.11.21 14:08
Draganfly Announces Record Third Quarter Revenue

Nov 9, 2021 4:15 PM EST
Los Angeles, CA., Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8) (“ Draganfly ” or the “ Company ”), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solution developer and operator, is pleased to announce its third quarter financial results.

Key Financial and Operational Highlights for Q3 2021:

‎Revenue for the third quarter increased 30.5% to $1,896,992 up from $1,453,905 in the third quarter of 2020. Third quarter revenue was made up of $1,351,517 from product sales while $411,756 was from drone services with the balance coming from engineering services‎.

Gross profit increased by $212,586 or 37.9% for the third quarter over the same period last year. Gross margin percentage for Q3 2021 was 40.8% compared to 38.5% in Q3 2020. This was attributed to a larger contribution of engineering services this quarter versus the same period last year, as these services tend to have higher gross margins than the other categories.

Total comprehensive income for Q3 2021 was $24.0 million compared to a loss of $2.5 million in Q3 2020. The large increase is from the accounting treatment of a $30.6 million non-cash liability from USD warrants that were issued during the Company’s Reg A offering. The year over year comprehensive income increased as Q3 2020 did not have the treatment of the USD warrants from the Company’s Reg A offering. The increase year over year was somewhat offset by an increase in office and miscellaneous expenses and professional expenses.

Cash balance on September 30, 2021 of $28.0 million compared to $2.0 million on December 31, 2020.

Draganfly signed a minimum $9 million manufacturing agreement with Digital Dream Labs, Inc. (“DDL”) to design and develop an AI consumer companion robot drone (the “Drone”). As per the terms of the announced agreement, Draganfly will be the exclusive manufacturer and assembler. DDL will order at least 50,000 units annually with delivery starting in 2022. The Drone will be integrated into DDL’s existing product family, including support, sales, and distribution channels used for their other consumer robots. Draganfly has also been granted a right of first refusal to become the exclusive manufacturer and assembler of subsequent drone or UAV-based robots to be added to DDL’s product portfolio. The parties have entered into a binding letter agreement reflecting the above terms and will use commercially reasonable efforts to enter into a definitive agreement. The binding letter agreement will govern the relationship between DDL and Draganfly and there can be no assurance that a definitive agreement will be completed or entered into amongst the parties.

Draganfly entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Valqari LLC (“Valqari”) to produce its Drone Delivery Stations. The Valqari Delivery Station is a patented universal drone receptacle for package delivery and pick-up. It will allow Valqari to revolutionize drone deliveries for industries including pharmaceuticals, meal delivery, grocery services, governments, and residential e-commerce. As per the manufacturing agreement, Draganfly will be the exclusive manufacturer of Valqari’s Drone Delivery Stations. Valqari will be ordering at least $400,000 of manufacturing services during the initial phase of the agreement.

Draganfly successfully completed over 300 daytime drone delivery test flights with EMS personnel in Texas. 100 of the successful flights were completed with the Company’s innovative temperature managed payload box, which can transport up to 15 pounds of medical supplies including vaccines and testing kits. The payload box is uniquely top mounted to make deliveries safer and more accessible. Initial night flight training and testing is being scheduled to commence. The data collected from Draganfly’s daytime and night flight tests will be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for approval to enter Phase 2 of its five-phase agreement with Coldchain Technology Services, LLC. Feedback from EMS personnel is also being used to improve Draganfly’s training module and develop industry standards.

The Drone Racing League (“DRL”) announced a multi-year partnership with Draganfly. The companies will launch DRL Labs, an innovation hub, to research and develop next generation drone technology that will advance the sport of drone racing and other industries undergoing significant transformations through drones, including humanitarian aid and mobility. DRL will incorporate Draganfly’s groundbreaking AI Vital Intelligence platform into its 2021-22 DRL World Championship Season, which will be used to monitor pilots’ in-race heart and respiratory-rates. DRL will also release a “Why I Fly” Series Presented by Draganfly, spotlighting pilots’ personal journeys into drone flying during the 2021-22 Season.

Draganfly’s Drone Pilot Training program is now being offered at Alabama State University (“ASU”) in Montgomery, Alabama. The nine-week course includes an FAA Part 107 drone preparation course. To fly drones under the FAA’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Rule (Part 107), a Remote Pilot Certificate must be obtained. The certificate demonstrates that pilots understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones. It is also inclusive of specific skills for sensors, software, and missions as it relates to varied specific high demand drone operations like emergency response, delivery, and security. Following the end of the pilot project in the winter, ASU is expected to add the course to its continuing education program. Draganfly’s Drone Pilot Training program will also be commercialized next year.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Vital system has been integrated into Fobi AI Inc.'s (“Fobi”) (TSXV: FOBI) Venue Management System for Conferences & Events. The venue management platform will now consist of Draganfly’s Smart Vital assessment system, Fobi’s Passcreator mobile Wallet passes, proprietary Smart Tap Devices, Smart Scan Pass Validation App, and Insight Portal for event analytics.

Draganfly launched its Draganflyer Commander2 drone system. Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in Canada, the system fully complies with “Built-in-North America'' requirements. It takes maximum advantage of federal regulatory requirements concerning the origin and security of drone systems and devices. The Draganflyer Commander2 is a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) and replaces the highly respected Commander platform that launched in 2015. The new model improves operational capabilities and payload options, as well as offering new North American built and sourced flight controllers, sensors, communications, and utilises Mav-Link based mission planning software. Draganfly’s latest class leading drone is ready to answer the needs of the commercial, farming, geological, military, and emergency services sectors.

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephIst das neu?

12.11.21 12:22
Was der CEO in der Meldung über die künftige Positionierung des Unternehmens in der Region ausführt  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephFüße in vielversprechenden Türen

18.11.21 18:34
Meine Prognose, der Umsatz 2022 wird deutlich über dem von diesem Jahr liegen, und ich bin abschließend positioniert  

114 Postings, 818 Tage The TickUS to blacklist dronemaker DJI

15.12.21 19:39
Wie es aussieht setzten die USA den chinesischen Drohnenhersteller DJI auf ihre Blacklist der "bösen" Firmen. Ungeachtet der Sinnhaftigkeit dieser Maßnahme - sollte Draganfly (sowie weitere Drohnenhersteller in Nordamerika) von dieser Entscheidung profitieren?

Hier ein Artikel zum "Blacklisting" aus der Financial Times:

Stattdessen macht der Kurs das, was er praktisch immer tut ...  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephKlare Ansage

03.01.22 20:17
Siehe Meldung von heute, ich versuche zu glauben und werde keine weitere Drohnenfirma in Nordamerika mehr beobachten  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephWas habe ich mit einer Aktie mindestens

06.01.22 16:52
Meinen Anteil an der Kasse x% je Aktie von ? ; anteilig Vermögenswerte Vital Intelligence - wie hoch war der Kaufpreis?, anteilig Patente - Jetzt nur mein Gefühl, da kann man schon eine positive Meinung zum aktuell gehandelten Wert der Aktie haben  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephWas werden sie daraus machen?

12.01.22 17:27
Cash - 27,96xx Mio Kanada. Dollar (plus Fußnote), Seite 13 der Januar Unternehmens- Präsentation, auf  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephKlarstellung

12.01.22 17:55
Zahl vom Q3/2021  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephSchon schwieriger als vor 12 Monaten

14.01.22 16:31
Quizfrage: Wofür 2 neue Drohnenpiloten - siehe Form 7, Monthly Progress Report, Dezember 2021, , ist mir dann doch zu viel Arbeit alle seitdem dafür möglichen Projekte mit Quellenangabe zum Tippen aufzureihen  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephSpekulation

14.01.22 16:44
Ich kenne natürlich auch nicht die Auflösung, aber in der Januar 2022 Unternehmenspräsentation haben 2 Projekte eine eigene Seite (Seite 9 und 10) Windfall Geotek und Coldchain  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephdraganfly uplists to nasdaq

21.01.22 18:47
Die Firma scheint mir bei der Bearbeitung der Unternehmensseite immer sehr aktuell zu sein, das unterstreicht die Bedeutung und weitreichende Aktualität dieses immer noch auf der ersten Seite auf aufgezeichneten Satzes. Bei dem aktuellen Kurs könnte man sich vielleicht sogar hinreißen lassen festzustellen  - das im vergangenen Jahr wohl geschickt hinbekommen zu haben. Und ich glaube vieles was im letzten halben Jahr passiert ist und wichtige Vorraussetzungen für ein solides Wachstum der Zukunft geschaffen hat, eng mit dem Listing an der NASDAQ verbunden ist und sein wird. Nur meine Meinung  

2183 Postings, 1888 Tage uranfaktswas ist los, mega

14.03.22 19:29
hab mir die Maus mal vor paar Wochen ins Depot gelegt, Geduld zahlt sich wohl doch noch aus?  

22268 Postings, 4507 Tage Balu4u1,49USD +0,21USD +16,41%

15.03.22 09:55
Keine News, wohl technische Gegenbewegung. Vorsicht ist geboten...  

2183 Postings, 1888 Tage uranfaktstime

16.03.22 18:59
for drone is back  

114 Postings, 818 Tage The TickTja wenn es nur so einfach wäre

16.03.22 22:54
So ein Anstieg ganz ohne Nachrichten ist schon verdächtig. Im schlimmsten Fall nur ein dead cat bounce ...

Könnte mir aber vorstellen, dass in Kürze eine Kapitalerhöhung oder ähnliches ansteht. Hab ich schon bei anderen Werten erlebt, die für zwei, drei Tage überraschend aus dem Koma erwacht sind ...  

114 Postings, 818 Tage The TickEcht jetzt?

22.03.22 13:33
Über 80 Prozent (vorbörslich) im Plus wegen dieser Meldung (s. unten)? Da steckt doch irgendwas anderes dahinter ...

Draganfly Receives Order for Critical Lifesaving Drones from Revived Soldiers Ukraine for Immediate Deployment to Ukraine

Spring Branch, TX., March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8) (“Draganfly” or the “Company”), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions and systems developer, announced today that it has received an order for the Company’s Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones from Coldchain Delivery Systems, LLC (“Coldchain Delivery Systems”) for immediate deployment with Revived Soldiers Ukraine (“RSU”).

Draganfly will provide an immediate combined total of 10 North American-made Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones. In addition, Draganfly will be donating three drone systems to RSU. The total initial order size (subject to conditions) is up to 200 units.

Iryna Vashchuk Discipio, President of RSU, was recently awarded the Order of Princess Olga by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Ukrainian civil decoration is bestowed on women for their achievements in state, production, scientific, educational, cultural, charity, and other social activities.

Draganfly’s Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones are manufactured in North America to help ensure the integrity of the Company’s hardware and the security of a user’s data. The Company’s Medical Response Drones will be equipped with an innovative temperature-managed Medical Response Payload Box. Draganfly’s payload box can transport up to 35 pounds of medical supplies, including blood, pharmaceuticals, insulin/medicines, vaccines, water, and wound care kits. It is also uniquely top-mounted to make deliveries safer and more accessible.

Founded in 2006, Coldchain Delivery Systems is a leader in time and temperature-sensitive medical materials. The organization has extensive experience developing shipping systems, supplying thermal shippers, creating shipping protocols, and managing pharmaceuticals, supplies, and emergency asset materials. [...]


301 Postings, 195 Tage HODELBalu

22.03.22 16:07
Vorsicht ?.. ? ist also ( siehe heute ) nicht immer angebracht. Was nun ;-)

Auf so eine Meldung warte ich bei Delta Drone schon lange.   ( keine Kauf- Aufforderung)  

2183 Postings, 1888 Tage uranfakts@ the tick

22.03.22 19:09
na das ist doch ein riesen Ding oder nicht? Auch noch im Zusammenhang mit dem Ukraine Krieg  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephIntelligentes Potential!

11.05.22 10:23

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephEtwas zum Analysieren

27.05.22 10:05
Ich mag Veränderungen bei der Außendarstellung gerne als Indikator sehen - siehe Veränderungen Unternehmensseite, einschließlich Corporate Presentation Mai 2022, und Darstellungen Vitalintelligence;mit einem guten Auge und vielleicht noch im Blick die älteren kann man für sich durchaus zu Gedanken kommen; auch Angaben in Form 7 auf der CES Seite zu möglichen oder nichtmöglichen Veränderungen in Geschäftsbeziehungen kann man dabei berücksichtigen  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephAnnual General Meeting

19.06.22 18:02
23.06.2022, Sedar Information vom 24.Mai 2022,  

427 Postings, 5697 Tage franzjosephHatte mich am 27.05. wohl vertan

30.06.22 16:40
Für mich scheint der Umbau des Internetauftrittes erst jetzt abgeschlossen, gab noch einige Veränderungen  

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