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246512 Postings, 6312 Tage burandie SINGAPORE POST ist da

22.07.14 11:01
Kosmonova buran  
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246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranFullerton Building, the 'Grand Old Dame',

05.08.14 07:56
was the site of the General Post Office (GPO) and was built between 1925 and 1928. An earlier GPO was demolished to make way for this building. The novelist, Joseph Conrad, described this earlier post office as 'the most important post office in the East'.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranOn 4 December 1971, the Mail

05.08.14 07:57
and Registration Branch from General Post Office moved to rented premises at a Port of Singapore Authority warehouse at Nelson Road. This was used as a temporary handling centre pending the completion and the establishment of a permanent postal complex in a new location. On 1 February 1974, a Facer-Canceller Table capable of processing up to 30,000 letter mail items per hour was put into operation.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranIn November 1983,

05.08.14 07:57
the Mails and Parcels Centre moved from Nelson Road to bigger premises at Chai Chee Complex. At Chai Chee, staff experienced the coming of first generation Optical Character Reader technology. With this technology, about 40% of the mail was processed mechanically, with the remaining 60% needing to be processed manually by staff.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranIn September 1998,

05.08.14 07:58
the mail-sorting operations at Chai Chee moved to the Singapore Post Centre located along Eunos Road 8, which was purpose-built for mail processing and houses state-of-the-art mail-sorting technology.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranBUSINESSES........

05.08.14 08:00
Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) provides an integrated suite of mail, logistics and retail solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

SingPost has three main business areas:

Mail Business
Logistics Business
Retail Business

SingPost was listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST on 13 May 2003. The company has won many awards and accolades. It is the only postal company in the world to have won the Express Mail Service (EMS) Cooperative Certification Gold Level Award by the Universal Postal Union for its Speedpost Worldwide Courier Service for 11 consecutive years since 2001. It was also named runners-up in the "Most Transparent Company Award 2011" for the sixth consecutive year in the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranMail Business

05.08.14 08:00
SingPost is the designated Public Postal Licensee (PPL) for Singapore, providing comprehensive services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including Direct Mail and Mailroom Management services. We take our universal service obligation seriously such as collecting and delivering mail to every corner of Singapore including offshore islands like Pulau Ubin; maintaining a minimum number of postboxes and post offices for consumers' easy access, and offering service quality according to standards set by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Our worldwide delivery network which leverages our strong international partnerships reaches even the most remote regions. SingPost also provides a full spectrum of end-to-end mail solutions such as data printing, letter-shopping and delivery.  As Singapore's PPL, SingPost is the designated organisation representing Singapore at international and regional postal meetings.

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranLogistics Business

05.08.14 08:01
As the leading provider of delivery solutions domestically as well as being the local worldwide delivery service provider with our courier brand, Speedpost, SingPost provides a wide suite of delivery solutions to suit the needs of our corporate and retail customers.  Speedpost offers door-to-door deliveries with complete reliability and efficiency both within Singapore and to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. We have also steadily expanded our logistics business beyond Singapore through our wholly owned subsidiary, Quantium Solutions. Additionally, we also offer integrated, customised logistics solutions that cover a wide range of value-added services including warehousing, fulfilment, distribution and inventory management.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranRetail Business

05.08.14 08:02
SingPost owns one of the largest retail distribution networks in Singapore.  Our extensive multi-channel network of over 60 post offices, more than 300 SAM and SAMPLUS as well as vPOST our internet portal, provides one-stop, round-the-clock convenience for customers for a wide variety of postal, bill payment, ticketing, government application and payment as well as financial services. We also offer a host of higher-value consumer products and services to meet our customers' fast-changing needs.http://www.singpost.com/corporate-information/history.html

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranthread update

11.08.14 07:48
SK 1,40 $ SKP +1,45 Pott +1,72% ,GrB

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranding ding dongggggggg::::::

17.08.14 20:29
::::::::::::::::: 1,383 $ +0,95% +0,013 $
In Euro: 1,0321 ? | Nasdaq OTC Other, 14.08.14:::::: bimmmmm  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranMario Meierhof 29. September um 21:38.

28.10.14 20:18
buran: nur ein börsenboard geführt von www.bundesbank.de 21:18 #1
achte er einfach auf die links
Mit freundlichen Grüssen Mario Meierhof 39517 Lüderitz Gartenstrasse 6
Tel.:039361/96548 Atelier Meierhof 039361/51273 Kuhle
gez MARIO alias buran http://www.ariva.de/?/nur-ein-boersenboard-gefuehrt-von-www?

Deutsche Bundesbank - Startseite
Die Deutsche Bundesbank ist die Zentralbank der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Zentrales Geschäftsfeld ist die Geldpolitik des Eurosystems.

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buransetta setta 1,188 ?

14.11.14 17:57
Kosmonova buran  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranPott +16,65% (oben rechts)

17.11.14 21:35
Kosmonova buran  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranSingle Purpose Company

02.01.15 15:33
Der Name Single Purpose Company bedeutet, dass das so bezeichnete Unternehmen nur einen einzigen Geschäftszweck verfolgt. Oft werden solche Gesellschaften gegründet, wenn sich mehrere Unternehmen zur Realisierung eines speziellen Projekts - wie beispielsweise dem Bau einer Großimmobilie, eines Kraftwerks oder der Entwicklung einer technischen Innovation - zusammenschließen. http://www.ariva.de/extras/lexikon.m?begriff=Single_Purpose_Company  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buran250 Frankfurt 250

17.02.15 21:32
Zeit     Kurs Stück
  08:02:14§1,299 ? 250

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranSK 1,45 $ SKP +1,90 ,GrB

28.02.15 16:04

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranPott +28,46% ,GrB

12.03.15 07:16

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranKiosk Frankfurt aktuell:::

17.07.15 16:50
::::::::::::::: 1,269 ? +0,55% +0,007 ?
Frankfurt ,GrB  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranStuttgart ON::::

28.08.15 10:16
:::::::::::::::: 1,127 ? +3,30% +0,036 ? ,GrB  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranPlus

15.09.16 09:01
Dividenden & Splits
  16.08.16 Dividende§ 0,0099 EUR ,GrB  

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buran@Richter zu Plus

04.04.17 18:49
Dividenden & Splits
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246512 Postings, 6312 Tage buranSingPost offers festive postage rates for Hari

30.05.17 00:50

246512 Postings, 6312 Tage burangewohnte Handhabe

09.09.17 17:39
Dividenden & Splits
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