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154 Postings, 6550 Tage halliassk 0,0018

08.06.12 22:30

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage Rosalie52 Wochentief heute bei 0,0005

15.06.12 20:40
habe mal einiges an Shares gekauft und lasse sie liegen ,da ich zumindest hier wieder 100% sehe, wenn nicht noch mehr .  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage Rosalieauf Platz 14 im Breakout Board

20.06.12 06:21
bei den Amis . Ebenso in anderen Boards wird über Aumy diskutiert, das es explosiv ist .  

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUAKurs wird interessant zwischen 0,0006 und 0,0007

20.06.12 15:53

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUADas ist doch mal was gutes!

27.06.12 15:10
Vielleicht kommt der Kurs etwas in "Wallung"!  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieHier eine Übersicht aller News

27.06.12 15:14

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieWelch ein Glück

27.06.12 15:17
hatte gestern noch einmal bei 0,0004 nachgelegt . Dachte schon bei 0,0005 es geht nicht mehr tiefer ,von daher hatte der Kurs mich gestern angelacht und ich konnte nicht vorbeischauen :-))  

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUAnaja

27.06.12 15:19
ich habe nochmals zu 0,0006 welche bekommen,bin aber auch schön länger dabei!
Dann wünsche ich uns heute viel Glück!  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieDA BUA

27.06.12 15:23
Bin auch schon länger dabei und hatte welche im Depot mit einem EK von 0,0032 ,die ich dann mit Verlust verkauft habe, um nun nach ständiger Beobachtung von Aumy jetzt wieder erneut dabei zu sein :-)  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieManchmal

28.06.12 07:48
muß man es nicht begreifen ,das nach einer guten Nachricht am Tagesende -40% im Depot stehen :-))

Da Rom auch nicht an einem Tag erbaut wurde und Aumy vor ganz kurzer Zeit noch bei 0,01 $ stand ohne das die Nachrichtenlage schlechter wurde ,ist mein Optimismus nach wie vor ,ungebrochen :-)))  

198 Postings, 4037 Tage Cectorich

02.07.12 22:25

habe heute mal ordentlich für 0,0002 gesammelt.


39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieKluger Cector

03.07.12 18:28
du hast den richtigen ZeitpunkteErwischt !!

Ich habe wie man lesen kann 100% mehr bezahlt :-)))aber auch das, wird sich auszahlen!!  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieKorrektur

03.07.12 18:30
Zeitpunkt erwischt ........  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieHeute wird fleißig bei Aumy gekauft .

03.07.12 19:21

198 Postings, 4037 Tage Cector@ Rosalie

03.07.12 19:49

Aber auch nur mit Glück.

Hatte die letzten Tage noch Probleme mit meinem Depot.

Sonst wäre ich auch schon höher drin.


39641 Postings, 4373 Tage RosalieCector

03.07.12 21:34
Die Hot Stocks sind oft nicht ein zuschätzen ,es passiert oftmals das Gegenteil von dem, was man denkt :-))) daher ist Glück bei den Pennys wichtiger ,als Wissen :-)  

39641 Postings, 4373 Tage Rosalie200 % plus

09.07.12 09:54
hört sich nach sehr viel Gewinn   an,  nun bin ich nur noch 30 % im Minus :-))).

Bin mal gespannt, was diese Woche noch geht !!!  

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02.08.12 16:45
Auric Mining Increases Revenue Projections and Asset Valuations:  2012 Q1 Gold Demand Value 116% and Average Price 122% of 2011

Increased Demand in China, Continued Central Bank Purchasing and Inflows into ETFs.

WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Auric Mining Company  (PINKSHEETS: AUMY) announced today that it has revised upward its  revenue projections and asset valuations based on the on  the World Gold  Council's (WGC) Gold Demand Trends report for Q1 2012.


The WGC's respected Gold Demands Trends report recently published for  Q1 2012, reported a 16% increase year on year to an estimated US$59.7  billion of the Gold Demand Value. The average price of gold for the  quarter was US$1,690.57, 22% higher than the average for Q1 2011. Demand  for the quarter was underpinned by increased demand in China, continued  central bank purchasing and inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


The WGC report continues to support the Company's aggressive  acquisition and partnership initiative focused on the gold mining  sector.  The Company had recently announced the completion of a single  $60 million asset backed Financial Guarantee permits the Company to  expedite the closing of the three (3) properties currently under the  investigative analysis stage of its due diligence process and will  permit the Company to greatly expand the scope of its recently announced  acquisition and partnership initiatives. The Company will give priority  to the recommissioning of previously producing gold properties due to  their relatively low cap-ex and high production probability and to the  acquisition and/or development of environmentally sensitive, cost saving  mining technologies.


The Company recently announced it had increased to $60 million the  total Financial Guarantees in place and that it had completed the first  phase of its due diligence on 7 properties and would be proceeding to  the next phase with three (3) of these properties. Further progress on  the finalization of these acquisitions, as well as any additional  opportunities under review will be reported in due course.


The Company has put in place the required financial and human  resources and management to leverage the significant inherent resource  value at these near term production scenarios, each with significant  undervalued growth potential. 


The Company expects to soon announce completion of specific mining  property acquisitions and/or partnerships that are currently in  progress, as well as details of specific mining technologies under  development.


About Auric Mining Co.


Auric Mining is an investment and management enterprise that acquires  and operates profitable energy companies with strong historical  cash-flow and sustainable profitability. As part of its new growth  initiative, the Company plans to acquire sector-specific technology and  assets to be integrated into existing and future operations. Auric's  primary business strategy is the acquisition of diverse, profitable  energy related assets that provide synergistic profits and revenue  enhancements across all portfolio companies.


The Company has developed and maintains an extensive database of  private and public natural resources companies which have substantial  resources already proven. The Company is constantly seeking acquisition  opportunities with significant exploration upside through purchase,  joint venture or investment. With unparalleled instincts for successful  mineral projects, a field-oriented management style and a flat  organizational structure, the Company has an ability to concentrate its  financial assets, human resources and field efforts to provide timely  decisions and a continued focus on the most prospective targets. The  company has a number of claims strategically located in this historic  mining district. The Company believes its combination of profitability  and mitigated-risk funding structures provides long-term shareholder  equity appreciation. For more information please visit the company's  website at


Forward-looking Statements


This news release contains forward-looking statements as defined by  the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 - forward-looking  statements concerning plans, objectives, goals, strategies, future  events of performance and underlying assumptions and other statements  which are other than statements of historical facts. These statements  are subject to uncertainties and risks including, but not limited to,  product and services demand and acceptance, changes in technology and in  economic, political and regulatory conditions and to all of the risks  generally associated with a company at Auric Mining's stage of  development. All such forward looking statements, whether written or  oral, and whether made by or on behalf of the company, are expressly  qualified by these cautionary statements. In addition, the Company  disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements to  reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof.


For more information contact:


Auric Mining Company
Investor Relations: 302-351-4977

SOURCE  Auric Mining Co.



Source: PR Newswire (August 2, 2012 - 8:30 AM EDT)


News by QuoteMedia


6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUANews

14.01.13 13:56

PR Newswire

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 13, 2012

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Auric Mining Corp. (OTC: AUMY) today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam-basedAnh Thang Mining Corp. to jointly mine and excavate some of the largest, active iron ore and steel mining properties in Northern Vietnam.

Established in the early 80's, Anh Thang Mining Corp., the cradle of the metallurgical industry of Vietnam, is one of the first to mine unique metallurgical zone in Vietnam with an integrated production line from exploiting iron ore to making cast iron, steel billet and rolling steel.

For almost 20 years of operation and development, Anh Thang Mining Corp. has been nonstop growing in production strengths. With the rolling steel capacity currently of over 10,000 tons per year and turnover revenues of $50Mil. USD in 2011, Anh Thang has large product distribution network including 3 branches in Hanoi, Quang Ninh and Thanh Hoa provinces.  

Auric will utilize its resources, equipment and contract labor personnel to provide infrastructure support to Anh Thang project initiatives in Quang Ninh and Thanh Hoa provinces.  The Joint Venture is for three years with an option to renew for another two years.  In return, Anh Thang will allow Auric Mining a ten percent ownership in its mines once production volume has reached an agreed upon milestone.

"We're delighted and honor to welcome Auric Mining to our network alliances.  With a strong foothold and access to US capital market, Auric will definitely be an asset to our future and ongoing mining projects," comments Marcus Nguyen, Anh Thang's Director of Operations.

Additionally, Auric's management has considered a share buy back program of up to one billion shares to reduce the current float and outstanding.  This strategic move will allow the Company to lower its liabilities in anticipation of the return to positive EPS in 2013 and beyond.

About Auric Mining Company

Auric Mining Company is as an investment and management company involved in mining and natural resources projects. The company focuses its resources by investing in on-going projects to establish immediate cash-flow for the company and to provide profitability for its shareholders. The company is currently focused on developing its properties in the Wawa area of the Sault Ste. Marie Mining District in Ontario. In addition to its prolific history for gold mining, Wawa has shown promising signs of concentrated kimberlite indicators, a favorable geological formation for diamond exploration. The company has a number of claims strategically located in this historic mining district.  For more information on the company, please go to

This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and section 21e of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Those statements include the intent, belief or current expectations of the company and its management team. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors. Accomplishing the strategy described herein is significantly dependent upon numerous factors, many that are not in management's control. Some of these factors include the ability of the company to raise sufficient capital, attract qualified management, attract new customers and effectively compete against similar companies.

SOURCE Auric Mining Corp.  

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUAinterresant dabei ist: meiner Meinung nach

14.01.13 13:58
Darüber hinaus hat Auric Management ein Aktienrückkaufprogramm bis zu 1 Milliarde Aktien zur Verringerung der aktuellen Float angesehen und in Umlauf. Mit diesem strategische Schritt ermöglicht das Unternehmen, seine Verbindlichkeiten im Hinblick auf die Rückkehr zum positiven EPS im Jahr 2013 und darüber hinaus zu senken.  

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUABald komm was!

13.03.13 14:33
Im Hinblick auf mein voriges Posting  

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUANicht mehr lange....

07.05.13 12:57

6084 Postings, 4023 Tage DA_BUAInterim Financial Report

07.06.13 10:56

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