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19.05.10 05:34
EcoloCap Solutions Inc. Takes Important Step Towards Production of Its Nano Lithium X Battery

EcoloCap Solutions Inc. partners with Enersol Energy System to finalize manufacturing plans for its Korean production facility



BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS, May 18, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- EcoloCap Solutions Inc.(ECOS 0.29+0.04+16.00%) today announced that the Company has retained Enersol Energy System Solutions, a leading battery and energy system consulting firm in the U.S., to finalize its plans to build a production facility in Seoul, Korea and begin manufacturing its proprietary Nano Lithium X Battery.

In conjunction with EcoloCap's personnel in the U.S. and South Korea, Enersol will first conduct a needs analysis for the proposed production facility. Subsequently, Enersol will determine the physical layout, the equipment required, and perform a cost analysis. The Enersol report will serve as a basis for the construction of the facility, the purchasing and layout of the plant and equipment with the goal of maximizing production and quality while controlling cost.

The Nano Lithium X battery's superior energy reserve represents a 50%+ cost advantage in the lithium battery market, and a marked competitive advantage over upper-end lead acid batteries for large storage applications, including the growing solar and wind energy markets.

Batteries for these new applications need to be light-weight, compact and have a wide operating temperature range. Solving the problems of traditional lithium-ion batteries, EcoloCap's Nano Lithium X technology surpasses these requirements with its high-density storage capability and efficient performance in rugged environments.

-------------------------------------------------- --- Volts        Ahr       Weight in Lbs     Size in Inches     Cells -------------------------------------------------- 4.2       240 Ahr           12         17.91 x .61 x 13      1 -------------------------------------------------- 4.2      1,440 Ahr          72          17.91 x 6 x 13       6 -------------------------------------------------- 12.6      1.440 Ahr         216          17.91 X 18 X 13      18 -------------------------------------------------- Model                            240 Capacity           Ah           240.00 Volumetric energy density    Wh/l           1.17 Mass energy density          Wh/Kg          185.19 Mass               Kg            5.44 Voltage            V             4.20 Charging Voltage            V             4.20 Minimum Voltage    V             2.70 Capacity           Wh          1,008.00     Battery Overview (Without BMS) -------------------------------------------------- Li (All ECOS Nano     Lead Acid       Types) -------------------------------------------------- $/WHr                           .21 - .45     .17 - .68     .39 - 1.5 -------------------------------------------------- Heat Problems                       No           Yes           Yes -------------------------------------------------- Temperature Constraints             No           Yes           Yes -------------------------------------------------- Gassing                             No           Yes           Yes -------------------------------------------------- Quick Charge                       Yes            No            No -------------------------------------------------- Maximum Full Charge and Discharge Cycles                4,000 +         200          1,000 -------------------------------------------------- Med - Very Low Internal Resistance          Very Low        High       Low - High -------------------------------------------------- 5 x Current Maximum Discharge Allowances        +        .05 Current   2 x Current --------------------------------------------------    

"Following the independent test results from Exponent that confirmed the superiority of our battery technology, we are now focused on rapidly bringing the Nano Lithium X battery to market. With the help of Enersol's experienced team, we are prudently but expeditiously developing a roadmap to maximize value for our shareholders," said EcoloCap Solutions, Inc. CEO Michael Siegel.

Management is actively exploring strategic partnership opportunities with leading battery manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. With the lithium-ion battery market expected to reach $16 billion by 2020 in the U.S. alone, EcoloCap's Nano Lithium X batteries are entering the market at a perfect time. Strategic partnerships will help expedite the process of bringing the revolutionary batteries to market and position the Company to rapidly gain market share.

This press release may contain statements of a forward-looking nature regarding future events. These statements are only predictions and actual events may differ materially. Please refer to documents that EcoloCap Solutions Inc. files from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a discussion of certain factors that could cause actual results to differ materials from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

Contacts: EcoloCap Solutions Inc. 866-479-7041 847-919-8440 (FAX)    

SOURCE: EcoloCap Solutions Inc.

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314 Postings, 4436 Tage baranykawas ist

14.09.12 16:27
jetzt passiert? ich habe sogar eine gute Nachricht gefunden und verstehe nicht den Absturz ;-(  

2113 Postings, 4557 Tage pennystocktraderdas

15.09.12 22:11
volumen war grass freitag was die aktie wieder hoch gerissen hat  

314 Postings, 4436 Tage baranykavielleicht

24.09.12 20:18
kommt doch sehr bald ein update ;-) sieht heute wieder mal nett aus  

2113 Postings, 4557 Tage pennystocktraderjupp

25.09.12 16:18
sieht wieder besser aus...ecos ist nix für schwache nerven so wie die hoch und runter und wieder hoch geht in den letzten monaten.  
Angehängte Grafik:
ecos.png (verkleinert auf 72%) vergrößern

2113 Postings, 4557 Tage pennystocktraderheute abend

28.09.12 21:50
war schon mal wieder kurz die 0,03 $ zu sehen die aktie ist immer noch unter starken schwankungen unberechenbar....alles ohne news....hoffe hier kommt bald mal ein update^ECOS&p=0&t=19&vol=1  

314 Postings, 4436 Tage baranykahi,

30.09.12 21:32
das hoffe ich auch (UPDATE BALD!!!). auf ihub wird viel mehr über ecos diskutiert, lohnt sich mitzulesen ;-)  

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01.10.12 18:18

100 Postings, 4620 Tage falkenaugeKleines update

02.10.12 14:59
EcoloCap Reports on Trip to Ukraine at the Invitation of the Ministry of Energy and Coal
The Trip Resulted in a Request for Proposal on four Major Projects
Barrington  IL, October 1, 2012.  Michael Siegel CEO, and Jeung Kwak, Chairman of  EcoloCap have returned from Ukraine where they were invited by the  Ministry of Energy and Coal.
In  Kiev, Mr. Siegel made presentations before Yashenko Yurij Petrovich the  Director of The Coal Industry of Ukraine, Dr. Kyrychok Oleksander  Consular to the President of Ukraine, a number of government scientists  and private and government power generation executives.  Mr. Siegel and  Mr. Kwak then flew to Donetsk where Mr. Siegel made a presentation to Umrihin Oleksandr Nikolayevich the head of the largest power plant in the region.
ECOS  had previously secured distribution and manufacturing rights to two new  technologies that were part of the presentations besides M-Fuel.  The  first is a pyrolysis system that converts used tires or low grade coal  to syn gas, methane and diesel.  ECOS will have the exclusivity outside  the US.  The second technology concerns the conversion of municipal  waste to energy, without harmful emissions.  ECOS will have the  exclusive rights to this technology outside of Korea
Russia,  the only supplier of natural gas to Ukraine has increased the cost of  natural gas to the Ukraine to the point where it is no longer economical  to use the gas to produce energy.  The EcoloCap technologies are the  answer to the Ukrainian needs.  Ukraine has a large amount of low-grade  coal that is not economically viable in its original form.  The  pyrolysis system will convert the low grade coal to syn gas and methane  without any volatile emissions.  EcoloCap has been asked to make  proposals for 4 installations in the Ukraine that include municipal  waste to heat used tires to gas and diesel to M-Fuel.
EcoloCap has been requested to design a tire-to-diesel/M-fuel system for  This  project will eventually supply energy to 40,000 living units and will  be totally self-sufficient using mainly discarded tires.
EcoloCap  is presently looking for a factory location in the US and is in  discussions with the EXIM Bank to finance the Ukrainian projects.

1093 Postings, 4648 Tage alexis62baranyka

02.10.12 15:35
Danke für den TIPP  

5216 Postings, 4432 Tage DerWahrsagerwars das schon?

08.10.12 21:47

100 Postings, 4620 Tage falkenaugere: wars das schon.

10.10.12 17:45

Die News sind wie immer so ein bisschen lasch. Ecos müsste harte Verkaufszahlen sowie Einkommen vorweisen ... sonst wird sich da nichts grossartiges bewegen. Die News sehen immer nach immensem Potential aus, die immer vom Winde verweht werden. Man sollte aber nicht vergessen dass diese Firma noch ein Baby ist und noch gar nicht richtig laufen kann.
Die Zeit wird zeigen ob diese Aktie der Knaller des Jahrhunderts oder die Titanic ist.
Ich persönlcih glaube halt das deren Technologie ein sehr grosse Rolle spielen wird. Der politische und wirtschaftliche Trend ist eindeutich ... aber noch nicht im vollen gange... sondern es bewegt sich irgendwie so sicher aber schleichend nach vorne.
Die Flexibilität sowie die verschiedenen Vorhaben von Ecos finde ich immer wieder gut...


1093 Postings, 4648 Tage alexis62Geduld ist angesagt

12.10.12 08:51
Bis zum 30.6.2012 sind noch keine Verkäufe ausgewiesen, bin gespannt auf die nächsten SEC Veröffentlichungen.  

100 Postings, 4620 Tage falkenauge5 jahre warten dann ist gut hier!

17.10.12 15:04

1093 Postings, 4648 Tage alexis62NEWS

26.10.12 17:32
EcoloCap's CEO Updates on Recent Activities / EcoloCap is active on many fronts to actualize existing orders and progressing on many new opportunities for sales and financing

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- (Marketwire) -- 10/26/12 -- EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (ECOS) (OTCQB: ECOS), Michael Siegel, President and CEO of EcoloCap "I've been asked many times, how come the ECOS technology that has been proven to reduce diesel and other heavy oil consumption by up to 30% takes so much time to be totally accepted and implemented. We have also been struggling with that question in the past."

"Coming from other first movers and pioneers, the answer is that it takes more than a couple of years to move in the mainstream with a totally disruptive concept, a game changer."

However, I want to report to our shareholders that we have paid our dues; we have taken the time and spent the money and energy to demonstrate our technology in many countries and almost every continent. We are very close to acceptance in many quarters and we are receiving new inquiries every week."

"In the last few months we have booked orders and are in the process of sourcing the components to complete these orders, our first production NPUs and we expect to ship in January after thorough testing."

"We have visited the Ukraine recently where we had serious talks with the Ukrainian Government and expect results by the beginning of the year. To complete the Ukrainian orders, we will need to set up large production facilities in the US and are in talks with the EXIM bank for financing as their mission is to promote US production for export.

"Just last week we traveled to Detroit and tested a small sample of M-Fuel on a 14 kW generator for a major investment and management group. The sample was only 20% water and still produced a 13% reduction in diesel consumption when compared with the preprocessed diesel. In the next few weeks we will be going back with 55 gallons of 25% water blend M-Fuel for final testing. This should show a 22%+ reduction in diesel consumption, which is well over the minimum requirement of this prospective financing and distribution source."

"We are also sending samples to Great Britain and Ireland for testing in furnace applications. All of this to show that we are not resting, on the contrary, our activities are increasing and the goal is getting forever closer. The patience our shareholders have demonstrated will be amply rewarded we are very sure."

M-Fuel is a post refinery fuel technology that processes hydrocarbon-based, heavy oils (kerosene, diesel and bunker) in proprietary, patented device that employs electro-mechanical/chemical means to generate a fuel/H2O emulsion. Any HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil, (crude, bunker A, B, C, diesel or kerosene)) can be used as the feedstock to produce M-Fuel. Independent testing have demonstrated: a) Large reduction in emissions (NOx and Particulate Matter, b) Reduction in fuel consumption and cost, c) Reduction in maintenance and downtime, utilizing existing distribution infrastructure and compatible with existing diesel, turbines and furnaces. M-Fuel offers increase fuel range options and very short return on cost of equipment.

About The Company: EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCQB: ECOS) is focused on technology that utilizes advanced nanotechnology to design, develop, manufacture and sell alternative energy products.  

314 Postings, 4436 Tage baranyka2 tage

30.10.12 16:28
ohne Börse... bei diesen Aussichten schade...  

1093 Postings, 4648 Tage alexis62Klare Sales Aussage

06.11.12 14:48
EcoloCap Expects to Finalize Testing on 60 kW CAT Diesel Genset in Detroit by Mid-November

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- (Marketwire) -- 11/06/12 -- EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCQB: ECOS)

Michael Siegel, President and CEO of EcoloCap stated: "By the end of November we should finish testing of the 25% water blend M-Fuel on a 60kW CAT Genset as a follow-up to our preliminary test of a few weeks ago. We expect to show a 22% + reduction in diesel consumption and a minimum 85% reduction in particulate emissions, which surpasses the minimum expectations of our client for the electricity generation market. To estimate the size of this market, over 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) watts of electricity is generated each year by diesel or heavy fuel oil (HFO) worldwide. An NPU-60 produces 18,000 gallons per day, or enough fuel to power approximately 700,000 kilowatts of electricity. Many of the Diesel/HFO power installations will soon be required to reduce emissions and costs of operation. To put things into a realistic perspective, within two years ECOS expects to sell 18 NPU-60s to obtain 1% of the market, or 100,000,000 gallons per year. This represents reccurring yearly gross revenue of $25,000,000 per year in additive sales. The use of M-Fuel will reduce or eliminate the need for pollution control methods and at the same time reduce costs substantially. Parallel testing starts on the delivering of M-Fuel samples to Great Britain and Ireland by mid-November."

EcoloCap is also negotiating with an Austrian energy commodity trading group to start testing M-Fuel on HFO for large maritime applications. Testing will serve to determine whether M-Fuel, with its increased viscosity, could prevent engine failures caused by low sulfur HFO ( Other available options (such as adding lubricity additives to the HFO and other distillates, or scrubbers to control emissions while burning high sulfur fuel oil, or even switching to burning liquefied natural gas) may take some time to become cost-effective enough to be practical, whereas M-Fuel could be implemented immediately and also reduce costs substantially.

Additionally, Jeung Kwak, EcoloCap Chairman will be meeting Ukrainian officials in Korea at the end of November to finalize projects that will utilize ECOS technologies."

M-Fuel is a post-refinery fuel technology that processes hydrocarbon-based heavy oils (kerosene, diesel and bunker) in proprietary, patented devices that employ electro-mechanical/chemical means to generate a fuel/H2O emulsion.

Any HFO (crude, bunker A, B, C, diesel or kerosene) can be used as the feedstock to produce M-Fuel. Independent testing has demonstrated: a) a significantlarge reduction in emissions (NOx and Particulate Matter; b) reduction in fuel consumption and cost; and c) reduction in maintenance and downtime -- all while utilizing existing distribution infrastructures and compatible with existing diesel, turbines and furnaces. M-Fuel offers increased fuel range options and very short return on cost of equipment.  

1093 Postings, 4648 Tage alexis62... es geht los ...

03.12.12 16:47

Monar International Enters Into a Strategic Alliance and Distribution Agreement with EcoloCap for M-Fuel Technology / Monar will set up a production center in Canada, the first in North America for M-Fuel, a fuel emulsion proven to reduce consumption of

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/03/12 -- Monar International Inc. (OTCQB: MNAI) is proud to announce that it has entered into a Strategic Alliance and Distribution Agreement for M-Fuel with EcoloCap Solutions of Chicago.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this Strategic Alliance after an extensive search for the right business venture that would bring additional value to our stakeholders," said Robert Clarke, President and CEO at Monar International. "After completing our due diligence on the M-Fuel technology, we have negotiated this agreement, positioning us at the cutting edge of alternative energy technologies. We believe this is the ideal time to enter this market as the world seeks to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and searches to find ways to reduce fuel costs, consumption and emissions at the same time."

Clarke continues, "We are very fortunate to receive the guidance of Dr. Tri Vu Truong as we launch this venture. Dr. Truong is a leading scientist in the energy and ecology field and a Board Member of EcoloCap. His innovation and experience are recognized globally as he has been part of the M-Fuel market research and development almost since the beginning. "

The Company is moving forward with ordering a Nano Processing Unit ("NPU') to be built in Korea, and set-up of a production center in Canada. At this facility, potential users will be able to witness the production of M-Fuel from a mix of diesel fuel or other Heavy Fuel Oils, water and a proprietary additive. Large fuel users and distributors will be invited to test the actual results such as the reduction in fuel consumption in diesel engines by up to 30% and in open furnaces by 40% in addition to emission reduction by over 80%.

"Given the obvious advantages of M-Fuel, we anticipate the impact to be considerable and to translate into volume sales in the short term," concluded Mr. Clarke.  

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07.02.13 17:24

Sprichwörtlich geworden ist die so genannte Hackordnung  der Hühner. Diese ist aber, im Vergleich etwa zur Situation bei anderen  sozial lebenden Tierarten, recht flexibel. Da Hühner möglichst  hochgelegene Schlafplätze bevorzugen, sollten Sitzstangen in Ställen  möglichst in gleicher Höhe angebracht sein, um ständige  Rangordnungskämpfe um den besten Schlafplatz zu vermeiden. Auch das  Körnerfutter wird breitflächig gestreut, damit rangniedere Tiere nicht  zu kurz kommen. Unabhängig von der Art der Haltung können Probleme wie  Federpicken und sogar Kannibalismus auftreten.


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08.02.13 10:30

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08.02.13 13:05
alles ist möglich, wenn ich mir so manch ein OTC Penny anschaue, dann sollte man hier auch mal auf der Lauer liegen  

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08.02.13 15:48
0,005 $ +42,85% +0,0015 $  

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08.02.13 16:32
0,004 EUR
08.02.13  16:25  

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08.02.13 17:15
noch wenig beachtung hier in D, dann lassen wir mal in aller Ruhe die Ammies agieren  

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