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27.06.13 11:21

Hab hier mal ein Thread eröffnet mit einer sehr intressanten firma die sich bzgl. Handyzahlung platziert hat hier paar infos



Mehr Einkaufserlebnis für Ihre Kunden

Bilden Sie eine Kasse wann und wo Sie möchten und steigern Sie  Ihre Umsatzchancen. PAYware Mobile kombiniert den verschlüsselten  VeriFone Kartenleser mit einem iPod touch® oder iPad®, aber auch mit  anderen Smartphones oder Tablets. Das integrierte PIN-Pad und der  2D-Barcode-Scanner lassen jegliche Form elektronischer Bezahlung,  einschließlich EMV Chip und PIN sowie NFC-Transaktionen zu und bieten  höchste Vielseitigkeit. Dabei ist VeriFone PAYware Mobile dank des API  Framework besonders sicher und flexibel und bietet Ihnen eine  revolutionäre Mobile-Payment-Lösung, die sehr viel mehr kann als  klassische mobile Bezahlterminals.




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27.06.13 11:22
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27.06.13 11:24


VeriFone and Lenovo to Deliver Windows-based Mobile Point-of-Sale Platform SAN JOSE, CA - June 25, 2013 PAYware Mobile

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27.06.13 11:29

ja auch umgerüstet ist und in den markt mit eingetaucht ist könnte es zukunft haben und auf steigende kurse hoffen... beobachte Verifone schon länger und meine ganz schwer das wir den boden erreicht haben.    KEINE KAUF EMPFEHLUNG


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27.06.13 11:30


Unsere heutige Systemempfehlung lautet KAUFEN. Das BULLISCHES HARAMI -Muster hat letztendlich eine Bestätigung erhalten, da die Kurse den   Bestätigungs -Schwellenwert von 16,3100 überschritten haben und unser  gültiger Durchschnitts-Kauf Kurs jetzt bei 16,5300 steht. Die vorherige  Empfehlung VERKAUFEN wurde am 28.05.2013, 29 Tage  zuvor ausgegeben, als der Aktienkurs 23,4100 betrug. Seit dem ist PAY um -29,39% gefallen.
Lassen  Sie uns auf unserer weißen Pferde springen und einen bullischen Ritt  unternehmen. Das bullische Muster, das zuvor identifiziert wurde, ist  endlich bestätigt worden und ein   KAUFEN  Signal wurde erzeugt. Wahrscheinlich ist es die richtige Zeit, um an  dem bullischen Eifer teilzunehmen. Der Markt berichtet Ihnen über einen  neuen Gewinn. Verpassen Sie nicht diese bullische Gelegenheit.


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27.06.13 22:20

 16,86$ +2%.  1,5mille Vol.


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27.06.13 22:36
Danke für deinen Threrad ! Die aktie hat mich auf Anhieb überzeugt,ich bin dabei ! Parallel beobachte ich noch die holländische NXP Semiconducters (NXPI) ,die die chips herstellen,aber hoch verschuldet und viel teurer sind als Verifone ..... Wäre es masslos zu behaupten,wir sitzen auf der nächsten apple ???????


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27.06.13 22:49

 Is nach meiner meinung schon am höchstand und ein guter gewinn mit sehr hohem risiko verbunden wenn ich mir den 1 jahres chart anschau... PAY allerdings hockt im keller mit einem neuen konzept handybezahlung was hoffentlich schwer am kommen ist. Wenn man sich mal die homepage ansieht von verifone dann sieht man das die mit namhaften hardwarehersteller zusammenarbeitet


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28.06.13 10:22

Alspaugh Robert W who is Director at VeriFone Systems, Inc (NYSE:PAY), bought 5,000 shares at $16.78 per share for a total value of $83,900. The shares recently traded at $16.53, down $0.25, or 1.49% since the insider buy.


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28.06.13 10:23

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08.07.13 16:12
Was hälst du davon ,obelax ?

VeriFone Systems (NYSE: PAY) is one such stock. The so-called ?global leader in secure electronic payment solutions? is seemingly falling into an endless abyss as it has failed to set its house in order. The company has been plagued by numerous issues ranging from a poor acquisition strategy to poor planning and execution, macroeconomic headwinds, and most importantly, a change in business model (requires sign-in).

As such, the stock?s massive decline of around 43% this year doesn?t come as a surprise. VeriFone has been missing estimates and issuing sorrowful guidance figures of late. The company?s growth story seems effectively over as revenue and earnings declined once again in the previous quarter from the year-ago period. Now, for a company plying its trade in the electronic payments industry, this is unacceptable.

Elbowed out

VeriFone has been trying to turn itself around, but things seem pretty difficult from here. The company is presently headed by an interim CEO after former CEO Douglas Bergeron stepped down in March. Revenue across various geographies declined in the previous quarter and this does not make for good reading. VeriFone?s competitors, such as Ingenico (NASDAQOTH: INGIY.PK), have made life difficult for it and seem to have pushed it into a corner.

VeriFone understands that lack of innovation has hurt it, and the fact that it strayed from its proven model of selling hardware to a monthly subscription model hasn?t done any good either. While this has had a terrible impact on the company?s financial performance, competitors have moved in and it would be difficult for VeriFone to move into markets where players like Ingenico have established a hold.

For instance, Ingenico will be rolling out contactless payment terminals in Mexico for Banco Nacional de México (Banamex) in the country. Banamex plans to deploy this system to around 30,000 retailers which will allow the 1 million contactless cards which were issued recently to be used with them.

Now, this is certainly a massive boost for Ingenico. But at the same time, this is a big loss for VeriFone as it was among the technology providers who were tried out for the project and finally lost out to its competitor. Moreover, when you consider that VeriFone had its D.C. Taxi smart meter contract overturned as the Taxicab Commission decided that it?ll allow multiple vendors to install credit card readers, taking exclusivity away from VeriFone, question marks might be raised over the company?s future.

Lack of R&D could be fatal

Moreover, there is further threat from the likes of PayPal from eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY). eBay has been taking PayPal to retail stores and it had entered into a partnership with Ingenico last year to enable in-store payments. Consumers would be able to make payments via a PayPal card or mobile. It should also be noted that PayPal has a similar deal in place with VeriFone as well.

Now, as fellow blogger Salvatore "Sam" Mattera had pointed out eBay might disrupt the space, and I think that it could even eliminate the need for terminals in the future once it establishes its presence in stores. Since PayPal?s in-store payment system doesn?t require an NFC device, the company is well-capable of pulling a fast one on the likes of VeriFone.

The advent of mobile payment solutions are a threat to VeriFone?s business, and given the fact that the company has failed to focus on research and development has made life further difficult. VeriFone accepts the fact that a failure in R&D led to a loss of market share as customers switched to competitors.

While the company is now looking to fix that, I doubt whether a customer who has bought a different device will switch back considering the logistical challenges of switching every now and then. Failure to innovate and execute properly has also increased threats from the likes of Square as VeriFone had to shelve its own solution that was intended to compete with Square.

Stay away

VeriFone Systems has endured pretty tough times, but management did offer some positives over the previous conference call as to what they intend to do. But, such positive commentary has been a common feature over VeriFone?s earnings calls. In the end nothing has come of it. Increasing competition and a rising threat of disruption from newer technology coupled with VeriFone?s own failure to move fast has doomed the company.

Moreover, despite the stock having crashed significantly this year it still trades at 100 times earnings, which is too much to pay for a company with declining revenue and earnings, and that too in an industry with potential to grow. In comparison, competitor Ingenico has an acceptable trailing P/E of 28 times and has growing revenue. Thus, it?s best to stay away from VeriFone even though the stock might be trading near its 52-week low

hm ?  

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21.07.17 21:53
viele jahre sind vergangen und nicht viel ist passiert. ausser dass jetzt paypal verstärkt am vortreten ist.
ich werde mir überlegen ob ich demnächst eine wette auf insolvenz eingehen werde. ist zwar riskant aber der gewinn wäre riesig, naja we will see  

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11.09.18 09:33
hallo zusammen,
es scheint ziemlich anaktuv, qber ich habe gerade das erste mal mit payback pay bezahlt. es scheint mir, dass in Deutschland payback pay der erste richtige inshop bezahlpartner für mobiles zahlen ist. wie seht ihr die Zukunft dessen?  

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