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TRUE LEAF erhält Marijuana-Lizenz als nächstes?

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1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Auf jeden Fall haben sie sich

06.05.15 13:02
gleich mal die Möglichkeit gesichert, den Produzenten übernehmen zu können...was natürlich Sinn macht und wahrscheinlich über kurz oder lang sowieso passieren wird.  

1504 Postings, 2982 Tage CentimoOrderbuch füllt sich in CAN

06.05.15 14:26
100k auf der 0,07. Ask in D zieht auch hoch.

1504 Postings, 2982 Tage CentimoNews jetzt auch auf deutsch

06.05.15 15:14

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Die Erläuterung von Rockstone

06.05.15 22:59
macht ganz gut die Bedeutung der heutigen News deutlich.
Lasst das in Kanada erstmal durchsacken.

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Lesenswertes Interview mit dem CEO Darcy Bomford:

07.05.15 07:28

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Es geht um die Lizenz

07.05.15 14:10
alles andere scheint den Markt nicht sonderlich zu interessieren...

Seit zwei Monaten hat Health Canada keine Rückfragen mehr an True Leaf gehabt, deswegen kann die Lizenz m.M.n. jetzt auch jeden Tag kommen.

Aber True  Leaf ist ja zum Glück extrem busy...und weitere News werden mit Sicherheit in Kürze folgen !  

1504 Postings, 2982 Tage Centimolange nichts mehr

20.05.15 13:46
vom Unternehmen gehört. Aktienkurs kennt auch nur eine Richtung...  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Und wieder eine gute Meldung

21.05.15 13:32
von True leaf:

Da haben sie sich offensichtlich einen sehr renomiertien Veterenär als Berater ins Boot geholt. Das passt doch prima ins Gesamtbild, finde ich.  

1504 Postings, 2982 Tage Centimolangsam könnten aber

21.05.15 22:57
mal die Lizenznews kommen...


1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Blog von Kevin Bottomley vom 21.5.

04.06.15 11:23
A Day to Remember?.
By True Leaf Team on May 21, 2015 in Events, Featured News

Special Message from Kevin Bottomley, Director.

Yesterday was one of the most energizing days I?ve had in the past 4 years! The roll out of true leaf pet to the Marijuana community here in Chicago at the Marijuana Business Conference could not have gone better!

Almost every person that stopped by the booth had a personal connection whether it was their own pet or a friends pet there was no engagement barrier whatsoever. The direction True Leaf Pet is moving in is the RIGHT direction. We are the only company out of the 160 exhibiting companies that is focusing on products for pets and its the reason true leaf is going to be the leader in this space.

The show itself is divided into 4 trade show areas with each area hosting approximately 40 booths. The thing that really blew my mind was the flow of people. Darcy and I pitched True Leaf from 9 am to 7pm and spoke to different contacts every single time we opened our mouths?..there was zero overlap.

That is something I haven?t experienced since the start of the super bull market in resources in 2006. Being a part of a brand new industry is invigorating and really helps you get hyper focused on being successful.

Some of the questions we fielded during the day included:

When are you guys coming to market with your product?
Omg I love your concept! Do you have any samples?
Do you need distributors in X state?
I have an older dog and I?ve spent thousands of dollars trying to make him more comfortable.
How can I purchase your product?

Today?s announcement of Dr. Silver is key as well. I fielded a half a dozen questions on our association with vets as well as speaking to vets and people close to vets. Darcy kept the fact that Dr. Silver was interviewed by NBC on Tuesday a secret from me because clearly he believed I would become over stimulated. Once the news hits the wires we will be looking to gain access to this interview as America loves its television media.

I?m sure Darcy will echo my enthusiasm? was a special day for True Leaf yesterday. I have every confidence it will continue gaining momentum rapidly from here on out. ~ Kevin Bottomley | Director  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005HALLO !

04.06.15 11:41
160 Austeller und True Leaf waren die Einzigen mit Produkten für Haustiere.
Was für ein gigantisches Potential hier wohl schlummern mag ?
Kevin Bottomley, der ja nun wirklich kein Amateur seines Faches ist, war jedenfalls ziemlich euphorisch.  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Conference vom 17.-19.6. in New York

05.06.15 11:19
True Leaf wird sich om 17.-19. Juni in New York auf einer riesigen Konferenz präsentieren, und zwar als EINZIGES kanadisches Unternehmen und als EINZIGES Unternehmen aus dem 58 Mrd $ Haustier-Markt. Was für eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, sich und sein Unternehmen zu präsentieren und potente Finanzierer zu finden.
True Leaf ist auf dem Weg, hier über kurz oder lang der MARKTFÜHRER zu werden...und noch immer hat es kaum jemand bemerkt...  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005O-Ton Kevin

05.06.15 11:20
O-Ton Kevin Bottomley in einer Mail von gestern:

"Things are progressing very quickly for the company and the enthusiasm has never been higher!"  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005999 Follower auf Twitter...

05.06.15 11:22
Tendenz täglich steigend.

Nicht schlecht für ein Start-up, das noch eine ganze Ecke vom Verkauf seines ersten Produktes entfernt ist :-)

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Zur Konferenz in NYC:

11.06.15 10:09

Wenn sich da, wir mir Kevin Bottomley schreibt, tatsächlich 2.500 Deligierte treffen, die für die Veranstaltung 800 US-$ bezahlen, dann sollte das schon eine ziemlich hochkarätige Nummer sein, die da abläuft.

Zeit, ein paar finanzkräftige Investoren zu suchen...und zu finden !  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Hier der Bericht von der NYC Conference

25.06.15 08:37

New York Cannabis Conference: International Cannabis Association?
By True Leaf Team on June 23, 2015 in Other News

Recap by Kevin Bottomley.

At the conference, Day 2 in New York City provided much of the same excitement as Day 1 but with a few key notable exceptions:

The New York Times ran a story on the previous day?s events at the show, which mentioned Hemp Chews For Dogs. True Leaf was recognized as the only company focused on the 58 billion dollar per space with our hemp based chews and supplements. True Leaf?s CEO, Darcy was also interviewed by NBC online for a segment that will run later this week (we will keep you posted).  There were also a few more-less commercialized publications that took to our story and promised to cover us as we move forward.

It is interesting to see how these major cities transformed with the granting of permits to groups to start cultivation of medicinal cannabis within their state. Chicago was very focused on industry service providers, as Illinois had just granted three or four licenses. With New York just on the cusp of granting their first permits to grow in state we found a much more diverse crowd of people. The sheer density of the city itself allowed us to tell the story to at least 3 times the amount of people in a much shorter time frame. We were able to connect with 3 groups that would be a nice financial partner moving forward.

We didn?t have a lot of previous experience in the New York market as it appeals to Pet Retailers, so we popped into a boutique pet food store in midtown called The Barking Zoo. We asked the owner if he had ever heard of a dog chew made from hemp? He said that he thought he?d read about it recently but had not had an opportunity to secure supply for his store. We then revealed our true nature for stopping in and he basically told us that he is firm believer in hemp not only for humans but also for pets and he would stock our product as soon as it?s After a little digging we realized there were over 50 boutique ? pet shops in

True Leaf was once again the only company promoting the health benefits of a hemp-based treat for dogs! New York along with Chicago represents a huge retail market opportunity.

If we can continue to meet our Timelines and Milestones True Leaf will have extremely strong distribution in these major metropolises!
About International Cannabis Association

The International Cannabis Association (ICA) provides the resources necessary for professionals to succeed in the cannabis industry. Whether considering starting a cannabis business, taking an existing cannabis business to the next level or expanding service to support the cannabis industry, the ICA is here to help. By offering educational conferences and networking events, the International Cannabis Association brings together experts from across the cannabis industry as well as individuals simply interested in getting started.  As the cannabis industry?s business-to-business association, the ICA is the professional?s source for timely, entrepreneurial and high-quality information.  For more information visit

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Mail von Kevin Bottomley von Freitag:

14.07.15 10:58
Thank you for your continued support in Europe. For the past 2 weeks we have been finalizing our revised business plan to include our additional focus on the 58 billion dollar pet space. I am happy to say that this is now complete!

We have had various requests from top tier investors for the full business plan which we have will be providing once they sign a non disclosure document or "NDA" the reason for this we have financial projections in our plan for the next 5 years.

We are finalizing our packaging for our first product line now. Darcy is looking to secure distribution channels in the U.S as we speak. We are looking to have news regarding this shortly.

We are also looking into some strategic partnerships with groups that have expressed interest. We need to be cautious when negotiating this as we are focused on long term gains and dont' want to give up to much to early.

The Presidents letter is now complete. We will look at getting this out to market in the near future as well.

I hope this gives you an idea of what we are working on!

All the best,


1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von

15.07.15 07:36
Kevin Bottomley:

Executive    Summary

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd., is a Canadian    medical marijuana company carving a niche in the fast growing and dynamic $60 billion pet industry.1
True Leaf Pet will enter the natural pet product sector with a product line consisting of innovative hemp-­?based functional pet chews, followed by CBD supplements for pets in the USA market. This will lay a profitable foundation for the company?s long-­?term strategy to secure a new animal drug application for    a cannabis-­?based pet medication sold via veterinary prescription in the $13.8 billion pet medication market.    

Statistics show that consumers are looking for higher quality products that address health needs common to their pets, without having to worry about food safety or harmful side effects. Products containing hemp, including hemp seed oil, hemp protein and cannabidiol (CBD), are gaining significant acceptance as evidence of their nutritional and medicinal effectiveness becomes recognized. The vast    majority of the companies in this market space lack mass appeal or scalability; they offer weak product platforms and often focus on the recreational marijuana consumer.        

True Leaf is well-­?positioned    to    meet the consumer    demand    for innovative pet health    by marketing    hemp-­?focused natural products that    are professionally designed, scalable and legal for    sale in the USA    and Canada.   The    company?s initial product line-­?up will provide hemp-­?based    antioxidant, joint and    calming support    in a soft-­?chew format that will be sold in the USA and Canada. This    will be followed by    an innovative    product line    utilizing cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp as the    active    ingredient for    anti-­?inflammatory    and    anti-­?anxiety supplements to be    sold in USA    market only.      

The USA pet industry has tripled    in    size since 1996 from annual revenues of $21 billion    to    over $60 billion today.2 This dramatic rise can be linked to three significant paradigm shifts:  

         ?§The personification of pets as they become members of our family    
         ?§The increasing focus on product ?premiumization?, wellness and quality of life in our society    
         ?§Rising awareness of food safety and security concerns related to continuing pet food recalls  

True Leaf Pet?s initial hemp-­?based soft chews will enter the $3.2 billion natural pet product market and compete in the ?functional chew? category. This market segment continues to grow as sophisticated   ?treat?    formulas    provide    functional health    benefits    and    attract    supplement    consumers.3 True Leaf?s CBD supplement will be sold online and offered as    an anti-­?inflammatory    and    anti-­?anxiety supplement,    capturing consumers from the supplement and pet medication market who are seeking more natural -­?    yet effective -­? alternatives. These    two products lay the foundation for    the company?s    5    year goal; to    receive FDA approval for    a cannabis-­?based    pet medication    that will be sold    by veterinary prescription    in    the $13.8 billion pet    medication market.    

2 2014 APPA    

Several  companies have similar offerings to True Leaf, but none have combined the functional benefits of hemp or CBD into  an  all-­?in-­?one product offering with    professional packaging and a soft chew format.          

Popular functional chew products include: Zuke's® ?Hip-­?Action? Hip    and    Joint Chews, Pet Naturals®  ?Calming?    Soft    Moist    Chews,    Cloud    Star®    ?Dynamo    Dog?    Hip    and    Joint    Treats,    Blue    Buffalo®    ?Jolly    Joints?    Jerky Treats.      

CBD supplement products: There are three companies who    are currently operating in    this category.    They are offering products in capsule and    baked    biscuit formats; Canna-­?Pet? ?Canna-­?Biscuits? and    ?MaxCBD?    capsules,    Canna-­?Companion? Hemp    CBD capsules and    Treatibles? baked    CBD dog biscuits.    

All products will be made in    the USA    utilizing large-­?scale co-­?manufacturing companies featuring multiple    plants and    the ability to    scale production    to    meet    the market    demand.   The company has secured    Canadian    hemp    seed    for True Leaf?s pet chews and    is currently reviewing USA    and    European    CBD    suppliers. The chew formulations    will be professionally    designed    with    research-­?backed, standardized    botanical ingredients and    will comply with    current pet supplement marketing guidelines.   The company    will launch the CBD supplement range when a standardized supply is secured and the dosage levels are    validated through pilot    trials and/or    research findings. The company plans to launch the initial hemp    chew range in the fall of 2015 and will utilize a central USA distribution center to supply    all of North    America.    

The company is led by an exceptional management and director team, all of whom have    a proven    history of execution    and    leadership    in    business. True Leaf Chairman    Michael Harcourt is a former    Premier of British Columbia: CEO Darcy Bomford has three    decades of experience    in executive    management and a 25 year history of manufacturing and marketing pet products throughout the USA    and Canada.   The    remaining team has pet industry experience    in finance, manufacturing and retail    distribution.   In    addition, the marketing team brings vast knowledge and experience in branding,    ecommerce    and social media.      

This well-­?positioned    company is predicted    to    achieve a $100 million    valuation    over the next 5 years,    based    on    projected    gross revenues of $32.8 million    and    a target share    price    of $1.21. The    company    expects to achieve    60% gross margins on its pet product range    and over 70% on future    medicinal    marijuana sales from True Leaf?s co-­?division, True Leaf Medicine.    Given these assumptions, capital    market performance, a ?3x sales? multiple and a premium    for being an early entrant into a new highly    profitable industry -­?the  company strongly forecasts that    this valuation is achievable.    

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Diese Woche sollen

16.07.15 07:14
noch sigifikante News von True Leaf kommen...bin mal sehr gespannt.  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005NEWS !

16.07.15 14:45
Hemp-based pet chews on target for fall launch
By True Leaf Team on July 16, 2015

US distribution center and successful trial runs latest steps in True Leaf Pet?s plan to enter $60 billion marketplace

July 16, 2015 ? Vancouver BC ?? True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (CSE: MJ) announced today that it has begun trial runs for its hemp-based pet chews and secured a US distribution center to meet the expected demands of the US market.

The trial runs at a US production facility were successful, with more scheduled over the summer in preparation for a fall launch to the specialty natural pet product industry.

   ?We?ve been working on some very innovative manufacturing techniques that will be a game-changer in this category and the initial trials have exceeded our expectations,? said True Leaf CEO Darcy Bomford.

True Leaf has also secured CenterPoint Warehousing in Kansas City, Missouri as the company?s exclusive order fulfillment and distribution center. CenterPoint is a full service provider of warehousing, logistics, order-fulfillment and distribution services, serving the pet products industry for over 15 years. The company occupies just over 350,000 sq. ft. in an underground USDA and FDA inspected warehouse facility that is certified food grade and meets all industry standards.

?The True Leaf team has a keen eye for up-and-coming niche areas in the natural pet product market,? said Joe Fitzgerald, CenterPoint CEO. ?We look forward to working with them to ensure they can service their customers efficiently and achieve success in this market.?

These two milestones align with the company?s strategy to build a scalable, product-to-market platform that can meet the expected demands of the North American market. Once the production trials are finalized, full production will begin ? to meet the targeted fall product launch.
About True Leaf International Ltd:

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. is entering the $60 billion pet industry with a line of hemp-focused pet chews and supplements marketed through natural pet health and veterinary channels in Canada and the US. The company has also filed an application under Health Canada?s Marihuana for Medicinal Purposes Regulations (MMPR) to become a Canadian licensed producer. It has passed through the preliminary and enhanced screening process of Health Canada?s review and is currently awaiting a ?pre-license inspection? approval.

Paul Sullivan
BreakThrough Communications
O: 604-685-4742
M: 604-603-7358

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Step by step

16.07.15 14:47
in Richtung erster Produktion im Herbst 2015. Klasse !  

31878 Postings, 4255 Tage tbhomyKommen bald wieder Zahlen vom Unternehmen...

16.07.15 15:11
..denke ich.

Financial Year-End: Mar 31 (  

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Besonders gut gefällt mir dies hier:

16.07.15 15:31
?We?ve been working on some very innovative manufacturing techniques that will be a game-changer in this category and the initial trials have exceeded our expectations,? said True Leaf CEO Darcy Bomford.

Die Erwartungen zu übertreffen ist immer gut.

Hoffe mal, sie bringen bald mal News über die anstehende Finanzierung - sie sollen ja mit Investoren im Gespräch sein. Bevor die Produktion im Herbst anläuft, sollte schon ausreichend Geld vorhanden sein.  

31878 Postings, 4255 Tage tbhomyExistiert noch eine andere Quelle...

16.07.15 15:35
...zu den tollen Errungenschaften von TrueLeaf oder kommt alles aus dem Munde des CEO?

Neutrale Presse ist die beste Presse... ;-)    

1577 Postings, 4137 Tage Tuedi2005Die beiden aktuellen Meilensteine

16.07.15 15:37
haben sie doch sachlich genug benannt, finde ich.

Und die Euphorie der Unternehmensführung kann ich gut verstehen.  

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