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1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Fire Danger LOW Today ! LoL

13.08.15 17:42

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50@scrivener

17.08.15 23:59
...you better stay in the kitchen while the house burns down! LoL  

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50@scriveners

18.08.15 00:33
Your money would be getting you a better return under your air matress - Stock market is not for you.
........ ‘cause you can't take the heat!


1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Hi everyone

24.09.15 17:00
....more from across the pond - I`ll catch you later!


1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Lucky for you...

24.09.15 17:39
...the train aired up and you finally got on your way while raking in huge profits!! LoL


1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Welcome to all new fearless investors !

30.09.15 01:17
Welcome to a snug haven *Nasdaq Stock Market* ! - How does this make you feel?
Great to see fresh blood here! LoL  

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Wow - cheaters &crooks all over the place!

08.10.15 16:29
.....but people still believe in the carmaker - They deserve nothing more than jail!

American's would love to see him play winter Golf in Siberia!! LoL


1157044 Postings, 4674 Tage unionliner...

05.12.15 17:15
...sonst alles ok bei Dir?  

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Happy Holidays to all my friends on the WMIH Board

27.12.15 19:14
......been away from the board for a while, but reading the most recent posts - it seems like I haven’t missed much!

I would like to wish all of you posters a happy holiday and for all that you are thankful for.
I pray that you are able to be thankful for small mercies and for many many many years to come - may the deity that you believe in bless you!

Happy Holidays to all of you great people who make this board fun and rewarding!!


@ Hotty:
Just because you're stupid and have the brains of a termite doesn't mean you're not being loved...LoL


144 Postings, 3136 Tage Der der alles weiß307 Milliarden Dollar

29.01.16 12:28

Doc`s hin? Doc`s her?

Ein Strauch zittert, weil ein Vogel darüber flog. Das Herz erzittert, weil Erinnerung es durchzog.

zitat:18.04.10 22:37

Ich sage aber: Es ist wichtig für den Gerichtsprozess in Delaware, sofern schwarz auf weiß belegt wird, dass eine solvente Bank beschlagnahmt und zum Spottpreis ohne korrektes Bieterverfahren an einen Konkurrenten verkauft wurde, denn durch diesen Fehler haben auch Kunden, Aktionäre und Investoren einen Schaden erlitten, den es auszugleichen gilt.
Für das EC sind solche Aussagen ein gutes Futter, für JPM, FDIC und den lächerlichen POR im Zusammenhang mit dem lachhaften "Global Settlement" pures Gift.
Die Sache mit der Senatsuntersuchung hat also insgesamt gesehen doch etwas positives für uns hervorgebracht, weil die Presse sich unerwarteterweise auch mit Dingen beschäftigt, die WaMu besser dastehen lassen bzw. ins rechte Licht rücken, denn nun wird schon davon gesprochen, dass es ein Fehler war, die Bank überhaupt zu beschlagnahmen.

Gerechtigkeit betrifft immer zwei Seiten: den, der es bezahlt, und den, der es bekommt.

Wenn man lange genug wartet, wird das schönste Wetter.

Keiner geht leer aus? aus diesem Geisterschiff..denn es sind Üngeöfnete Türe?

Washington Mutual verfügt den Regulierungsbehörden zufolge über Vermögenswerte von rund 307 Milliarden Dollar und Einlagen in Höhe von 188 Milliarden Dollar?

Wo bitte sind die 307 Milliarden Dollar?


(Liebe Escrowraner unser Escrow sind ZIG Milliarden Dollar $$$$$$$$$$$  Wert?)

((((( PS. Der  Schlüssel Liegt Beim FDIC?)))))


Der der alles weiss

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50That's how rookies behave!

11.04.16 23:35

************************  #59450 Fdic Robbery Wamu *********************************

Sheila Bair's Biggest Haters - Joe Weisenthal - April-04-2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ranger, I would love to know how you are an "expert" at anything except riding a donkey! LoL


1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Löschung

08.05.16 00:05

Zeitpunkt: 08.05.16 17:08
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Off-Topic



1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50WMIH is getting pretty boring....

08.05.16 21:09

Nothing interesting last week other than some desperation !

love you guys hope you have a good day and I just want to wish everyone a happy Sunday especially to all my friends on the other side of the world

remember: timesucker is gonna suck your time!!  LoL

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Hi guys, how's everyone doing today

01.06.16 23:54
Anyone out there that would like to have a Tupperware Party with Ilene?

If you would like more info about dating a party, getting free tupperware,
career opportunities, fundraisers, or custom kitchen planning: PLS. check her Web Page.

I can see that she has done their research into what a great web page should look like.
It is going to offer their customers so much more than the old web page.
It has a clean style, without throwing a bunch of stuff at you all at once! LoL

With continuing affect – Liner50

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Stock could take another hit

03.06.16 19:04

I would like to express my deep concern about the WMI case - this shell-company is in deep trouble!

Could anybody elaborate on what Mrs. Ilene Slatko might have meant?:“He (BR) was certainly nervous to see me there”?  huh?

any speculation?


1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Rock drill can help

10.06.16 00:32

Prayer circle in full lurk mode!!!   LoL  

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Löschung

17.06.16 09:01

Zeitpunkt: 17.06.16 14:28
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1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Hey boys, how are you doing

17.06.16 19:47
I’m aware of that, I know Message Board-Members will dressed me down very big! LoL

yo Capt. Schwartz, when are you doing another finance lesson?

with warmest wishes for a speedy  recovery.  


some called me  Al Gorithm!  

1157044 Postings, 4674 Tage unionThread Ende

26.07.16 11:13
Der neue Thread zur reorganisierten Firma befindet sich hier ( http://www.ariva.de/forum/wmi-holdings-corp-news-461347 )  

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Hello to all

10.08.16 20:27
Headin’ out on vacation to the SFO Bay Area this coming friday, which means you'll all have a vacation from me as well! LoL

I plan on golfing next weekend and then have to run the ship without a crew for a week!!

Good luck to everyone!

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Hyperlink

10.08.16 20:44
The linked discussion board does not seem to be working today?

Where's all your strategic insights, the reverie, the laughter, the visions, the hallucinations,
the comments and guesswork?

Are you in the shift rotation and not allowed to post during prime time hours..LoL

....Is everybody still on vacation? Is there anybody out there?

Best all

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50How are things going today?

31.08.16 16:52
Rough week, no doubt…. but bull trend remains intact ! LoL!  

Tanjaz - Is that the best you can come up with? ¯\_(o_o)_/¯

1216 Postings, 4503 Tage liner50Psychedelic mushrooms?

08.09.16 23:17
Maybe it is some sort of hypnosis inducing visual to soothe us before Tanjaz starts to post on IHub! LoL

.....she went on and on about the moon being in the 2nd phase while the sun was on the cusp of
Leo-Virgo and Uranus was in the House of Mercury ….


1157044 Postings, 4674 Tage unionNochmal Thread Ende...

17.09.16 17:48

20545 Postings, 4456 Tage The_HopeÄhh Du

17.09.16 18:27
Bitte weiter gehen, hier gibt es nichts zu sehen

Der Thread ist zu Ende

geht hier weiter



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