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BMSN - Bio-Matrix Scientific - Drug-Stocks Boom $

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13 Postings, 3177 Tage cargobedeBMSN - Bio-Matrix Scientific - Drug-Stocks Boom $

13.02.13 10:19
BMSN - Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Aktie - Drug-Stocks Boom $

WKN: A0NJL3      -   ISIN: US09065C1062       Symbol: BMSN

Nach der Legalisierung den Marihuana in zwei US-Bundesstaaten, sind die sogenannten "Drug-Stocks" im Aufwind. Ein Ende ist nicht in Sicht. USA wird anscheinend wie auch Holland den Drogen-Verkauf zulassen. Mittlerweile verzeichnen die Drug-Stocks gewaltige Wertzuwächse und sind laut Analysten immer noch stark unterbewertet.

Entest BioMedical Inc. (OTCBB: ENTB)is a majority owned subsidiary of Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc (OTCBB: BMSN). The Company is involved with the development of stem cell therapy treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), cancer immuno-therapies, testing procedures for diabetes and stem cell research applications for diabetes and other illnesses. The Company also is involved with medical device development (including stem cell extraction instrumentation). Currently, Entest is focused on research and development in areas of COPD and Immuno-Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines. The Company sees applications for its patent pending technologies in both human and animal venues. Immuno-therapeutic treatment of cancer - The patent pending Entest application involves perfecting the use of cell lines for sustained release of immunologically relevant cytokines for maximum anti-tumor immune responses in treating cancer. The treatment process itself will utilize an implantable encapsulation device as the vaccine delivery system and the initial focus will be treatment of cancer in canines. This canine cancer treatment may also provide clinical support for expansion into human cancer treatment. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease -There is currently no cure for COPD and therapy is limited to management of the condition and its symptoms. Over the next 5 years, it is estimated that over $170 billion will be spent on treating COPD in the United States. Entest believes its COPD treatment, which utilizes patent pending adult stem cell therapy coupled with photoceutical device enhancement, has the potential to reverse COPD related lung damage as well as alleviate symptoms. Entest BioMedical was founded for the purpose of providing excellence in biotechnology research (including adult stem cell regenerative treatment). Our objectives go beyond developing single products and procedures. Our mission is to discover and develop new procedures, treatments and medical devices that improve the quality of life. Our efforts revolve around a business focus of developing leading research and technology. Ongoing R&D is paramount to us in developing products and procedures with purpose, products and services that serve the present and help shape the future.

FDA FILING HemaXellerate?

[Regen intends to file an Investigational New Drug (IND) Application in the fourth quarter of 2012 ]
patent No. 6,821,513
HemaXellerate? offers the possibility of delivering a population of endothelial cells to restore blood production in patients with hematological conditions. "Unlike current approaches of administering pharmaceuticals," said J. Christopher Mizer, President of Regen BioPharma, "our strategy is to heal the bone marrow by administering cells that provide the optimum mix of growth factors to stimulate the bone marrow into producing blood cells naturally." Regen has submitted two provisional patent applications covering the use of different sources of endothelial cells to heal damaged bone marrow. These applications cover: (1) placental cells (61/648898 - Acceleration 0f Hematopoietic Reconstitution by Placental Endothelial and Endothelial Progenitor Cells); and (2) fat cells (61/670791 - Treatment of Hematopoietic Disorders).

1.Month 1-2: Assembly of Team. Regen intends to assemble a team of world-class leaders in the spheres of Technology, Intellectual Property assessment, valuation and Clinical development. Regen will seek to compile a team of Physician-Scientists with experience in the area of clinical trials for regenerative medicine/stem cell products, Regulatory experts who have successfully taken products through the FDA and corresponding agencies internationally, and Biotech Entrepreneurs who have track records of excellence in business formation and value optimization. -DONE
2.Month 1-4: In-licensing of Intellectual Property. The Company having already assessed over 20,000 issued patents and having compiled a shortlist of 30 targets; Regen will seek to execute licensing deals on an initial core of 3 technologies. Regen focuses on issued patents that have already passed preclinical studies but are not under clinical development. -DONE
3.Month 3-6: Interaction with Regulatory Agencies. Regen intends to develop data packages for each of the technologies and initiate interaction with Regulatory Agencies such as the FDA for initiation of trials.-DONE (CLINARTIS)
4.Month 6-18: Clinical Implementation. Regen intends to launch clinical trials with world-leading institutions to obtain human safety data and "signal" of therapeutic efficacy. NEXT UP
5.Month 18-24: Exit. It is intended that technologies "incubated" by Regen will be spun off either as separate companies, or sold to Large Pharma companies seeking to enhance their therapeutic pipeline.
6."At present there exists a wealth of intellectual property that is 'collecting dust' in the corridors of Academia. Given the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is so young, and the business models are fuzzy at best in terms of valuation, we see this space as a unique opportunity for acceleration of clinical development/value optimization," said Bio-Matrix Chairman & CEO David Koos about its Regen BioPharma. "Valuations for stem cell companies that have passed the threshold of clinical safety, with signals of efficacy are astronomical. The $1.8 billion Mesoblast-Cephalon deal, as well as recent financings of private companies with as little as 3 patient data such as Promethera ($31 million) or Allocure with 16 patients ($23 million), is testimony to the extremely high valuations that are characteristic of this space."
$$$$$$$ Why Expect BMSN FDA Approval of IND App...

At times, some people fail to realize that within the penny stock world, it?s not all about where you have been as a company? it?s all about where you are going. BMSN appears to be truly going some places in some major ways.

Per the FDA link below, they will review the Investigational New Drug (IND) application filed with the FDA by BMSN (Regen BioPharma a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMSN) and yes, after not having any comments within 30 days after submission (about 24 now remaining), BMSN could move forward with their goal to initiate clinical trials assessing the company's HemaXellerate I? stem cell drug in patients:


BMSN kommt von 1,19 US$ Dollar und dahin und mehr wird sie auch wieder hinkommen, wenn m,an dedenkt das die Indutire diese Branche eine Branche in In den USA einen Marktkapital von 18 Mrd. Milliarden US$ Dollar aus macht, nehmen wir einmal an das BMSN nur 1% davon sind es eine partizipation von 180.000.000 Mio US$ für BMSN anm Umsatz $$$

Hier die Berechnungen für euch, Hier steckt viel Performance und sehr STRONG LONG $$$$$ My target: 3,00 US$ Longterm auf 16 - 12 Monate Sicht: $$$

A Very Likely $1.19 BMSN Fundamental Valuation?

Before I explain how ?logically? BMSN could ?Fundamentally? be worth trading in the $1.19 per share area, I think it fair to first understand some of the key variables that I will use to help me to derive this ?Fundamental Valuation? for BMSN.

Look within the Yahoo link below and you will see that BMSN trades within the Biotechnology Industry that exists within the Healthcare Sector:

Within the Biotechnology Industry, stocks that are fully reporting and file with the SEC have a Net Profit Margin % of 11.90% and a Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio of 57.80 as indicated within the Yahoo Finance database as confirmed below:

Read the post below to fully understand the importance of the P/E Ratio:

Now consider below that it has been indicated that BMSN is seeking to enter into an $18 billion market for bone marrow stimulating growth factors as indicated below since beginning the development of its first clinical product (HemaXellerate?) which is a cellular drug designed to heal damaged bone marrow:

The question now is? Do you believe that BMSN would be able to achieve at least 1% of that $18 Billion market if they obtain their FDA Letter? The answers is? Yes, no doubt! However, for the purposes of this valuation, I will remain conservative and figure that BMSN would only be able to achieve obtaining only 1% of that $18 Billion market so that investors could understand the magnitude of the true potential that would then exist in BMSN?

1% of $18,000,000,000 = $180,000,000 in Revenues

$180,000,000 x 11.90% Net Profit Margin = $21,420,000 in Net Profit/Income

Per the recent 8-K below, the BMSN Outstanding Shares (OS) is 1,035,911,549 shares:

Now consider the formulas below to derive a ?potential? ?Fundamental Valuation? for BMSN:

Net Profit/Income ÷ OS = Earnings Per Share (EPS)
EPS x Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio = Expected Price Per Share


Net Profit/Income ÷ OS = Earnings Per Share (EPS)
$21,420,000 Net Profit/Income ÷ 1,035,911,549 OS = .0206 Earnings Per Share (EPS)

EPS x Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio = Expected Price Per Share
.0206 EPS x 57.80 P/E Ratio = $1.19 per share

This means that given the above fundamental variables, the expected price per share could be justified to be trading within the $1.19 per share range for BMSN if BMSN is only able to capture only 1% of its $18 Billion market of which it exists.

If you believe that BMSN would capture still an amount far less than 1% of the $18 Billion market to let?s say maybe ?half? of the 1% of the $18 Billion market, then the expected price per share could be justified trading within the .59 per share range for BMSN.

On the contrary, if you believe that BMSN is going to capture far more than 1% of the $18 Billion market, then for every 1% that you believe it would obtain from the $18 Billion market? then you can ?fundamentally? add $1.19 per share for each 1% of expectation. Example below:

1% of $18 Billion Market = $1.19 per share for BMSN
2% of $18 Billion Market = $2.38 per share for BMSN
3% of $18 Billion Market = $3.57 per share for BMSN
4% of $18 Billion Market = $4.76 per share for BMSN
5% of $18 Billion Market = $5.95 per share for BMSN

And so on? and so on? etc.

With this valuation post, it is like any other valuation post that I have made in that it will not be up to what I post or say in order for these price levels to be achieved. It will be up to the company to deliver the ?substance? that we all here are expecting to be the stimulus for such to transpire. Here with BMSN, that primary substance that should act as the stimulus would be the FDA Letter. If BMSN delivers the FDA Letter to the public, then it is very possible that any of the valuations above by themselves or combined could happen.

Please, do not use or consider this post to be the gospel for where BMSN is going. Use it as a framework to have to understand where BMSN could very well go ?just-in-case? BMSN deliver the goods.

Before closing, there is something else very important to note? BMSN trades on the OTCQB. This means that they are fully reporting and file their financials with the SEC. This also means that they have ?audited? financials already acclimated with its existence.

BMSN SEC Filings:

Bottom line, obtaining the FDA Letter is key, but of course it will also be important for BMSN to remain current and qualified on the OTCQB venture marketplace too. This means that BMSN is very legit and very transparent. The more investors learn of BMSN and its potential, the more significant growth that will be achieved for BMSN.

With BMSN, there are the following key things that investors are expecting to continue the move northward?

1**Filing of 10Q/K
2**Pending FDA IND Application News
3**Research & Safety Data News
4**Phase I & II Clinical Trial Update News
5**Merger News to bring even more valuation

BMSN Website:  
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11.06.14 17:06

13 Postings, 2754 Tage dickie koosverfluchtes Drecksteil......

16.06.14 20:19

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1165 Postings, 3358 Tage fab24Tante Sierra trommelt unsere gewünschten News

23.06.14 08:56
Die Meldung hat Sierra vor 10 Stunden eingestellt.

Es wäre so schön, wenn diese Tratschtante mal nen Treffer landen würde.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) Has Received Positive Word From The FDA Ventures Sierra World Equity Review
Latest Projections: Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) Has Received Positive Word From The FDA Ventures Sierra World Equity Review. A PR is being prepared for distribution this coming Thursday or Friday predicts Sierra. Look for the official word news


617 Postings, 3894 Tage katzengreisJo jo und gerade deswegen verlassen

23.06.14 16:44
die ersten Ratten ... äh sorry true longs .. das sinkende Schiff :-D
Und inventor1, also der Aktionär, der sich schon mit Koos getroffen hat, seinen Hund persönlich kennt und häufig mit Koos telefoniert geht auf auch schon damit hausieren, daß er von neuen Fragen ausgeht. Da er 'nen NDA unterzeichnet hat kann er das aber nicht als Fakt darstellen, sondern verkryptet das imho als seine eigene Meinung.
Hoffentlich liege ich falsch, inzwischen gönne ich Sierra sogar den Triumph, aber es sieht nach 'nem langen Sommer aus.
Und nach niedrigen Kursen .... bei 0.0009 würde ich wohl schwach werden ;-)

617 Postings, 3894 Tage katzengreisUnd hier mal was um die Spekulationen

03.07.14 11:36

anzuheizen. Post von inventor1 auf investorshangout

"I am HAPPY to report a new o/s of 2,996,013,000 and that it is for a great caus and I hope for another increase soon

I am keeping you as informed the best I can and this should show all that I believe !!!

There is not good news but great news comming not as fast as we all would like but none the less it is comming"

Read More:

Ich versuch mich mal als Übersetzer

There is not good news but great news comming - es kommt keine gute Nachricht, aber eine großartige Nachricht kommt  ?-) *hää*

not as fast as we all would like - also nicht so schnell wie wir gern hätten

none the less it is comming - aber sie kommt

Hätte der Verfasser nicht eingangs ausdrücklich erwähnt nicht besoffen zu sein, hätte ich glatt selbiges vermutet. Die Orakelsprüche des Orakels von Delphi sind imho leichter zu verstehen.

Aber vlt. stimmt meine Übersetzung ja nicht. Dann bitte ich um entsprechende Korrekturen.

Auch Hinweise wofür die ca. 135T USD bzw. 44Mio Aktien gut sein könnten nehm ich gern entgegen.


1165 Postings, 3358 Tage fab24Wenn das was dran sein sollte!

04.08.14 13:20
Angeblich ist BMSN heute als Promo bei

Auch auf Sierra wird wieder fleißig BMSN getrommelt und es fällt der Name Merck. Sind natürlich wieder alles nur leere Worte, aber für den Kurs dürfte es nicht so schlecht sein.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) To Receive Upfront Payment Of $16 Million And 3% Royalty Payments From Merck (MRK) For Any FDA Successfully Cleared Pipeline Drugs Predicts Sierra World Equity Review  

772 Postings, 2699 Tage BeTheMaskauf ihub

06.08.14 15:08
ist wieder Party.  

1165 Postings, 3358 Tage fab24Die Regenshares sind seit gestern Morgen

04.09.14 13:01

Ist doch schon mal ein gutes Zeichen.

Vielleicht sind ja dann auch News im Anmarsch. Zeit für wilde Spekulationen.  

660 Postings, 3047 Tage AND08Hallo Zusammen

04.09.14 17:25
kann mir mal jemand erklären was Bio Matrix mit Regen Bio... zu tun hat. Gehören die zusammen? Ich hab auch solche Regen Aktien in meinem Depot.

Ich kenn mich leider hier gar nicht so sehr aus

Bitte Hilfe


1165 Postings, 3358 Tage fab24#806

05.09.14 08:09
Regen BioPharma, Inc., a subsidiary of Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. (OTCBB: BMSN)
is a biotechnology company focused on identifying undervalued regenerative medicine applications
in the stem cell space and rapidly advancing these technologies through pre-clinical andPhase I/ II clinical trials.  

987 Postings, 4997 Tage Master32???

05.09.14 10:15
Alter Schwede.... wie geht sowas ???
Unglaublich....: "
kann mir mal jemand erklären was Bio Matrix mit Regen Bio... zu tun hat. Gehören die zusammen? Ich hab auch solche Regen Aktien in meinem Depot.

Ich kenn mich leider hier gar nicht so sehr aus"

Kann ja jedem mal passieren, aber traurig wenn man sich leider gar nicht asukennt.....da würde ich auf PennyStocks verzichten wenn ich kein Plan hätte wie meine Regen Aktien in mein Depot gekommen sind :)=)))

Peace trotzdem....

Alles was ich schreibe drückt meine aktuelle Meinung aus! Und ist niemals eine Kauf oder Verkaufsempfehlung !

617 Postings, 3894 Tage katzengreis@Master

05.09.14 21:39
irgendwie hast du ja Recht. Ohne Ahnung ist OTC/BB nicht ganz die richtige Spielwiese.
Aber andererseits sind wir doch grad alle in Hochstimmung weil die Dinger endlich gehandelt werden können und vor allem WAS wert sind.
Die Regen-Aktien hast du als Dividende von BMSN bekommen, weil du zum Stichtag (18.03.2014) eine bestimmte Menge BMSN-Aktien im Depot hattest. Wenn du das genaue Verhältnis für die Aktiendividende wissen willst, musst du dich über die Links am Ende mal durch die Filing wühlen. Bin ich jetzt zu faul zu und im Kopf hab ich's grad auch nicht mehr.
Regen ist also defacto ein spin-off von BMSN und BMSN hält immer noch 58% an Regen.

772 Postings, 2699 Tage BeTheMaskkurs ist ja kurz

02.10.14 09:01

39 Postings, 3348 Tage Fuelist2012BMSN

13.10.14 14:21
Hallo zusammen,

über welchen Broker habt ihr denn eure Bio-Matrix Aktien gekauft?
Habe Bio-Matrix und Regen Biopharma im Depot und heute erfahren, dass Verkäufe dieser Papiere nur bis  31.12.2014 möglich sind, da es immer wieder Abwicklungsprobleme beim Börsenplatz OTC/Rockville gab.

Sollte wissen bei welchem Broker der Handel mit OTC-Werten unproblematisch ist.



772 Postings, 2699 Tage BeTheMaskcortal c.

13.10.14 14:31

617 Postings, 3894 Tage katzengreisTD Ameritrade

13.10.14 22:39

77 Postings, 3280 Tage Herp22Geht hier was?

27.02.15 10:39
Hier könnte auch bald wieder was passieren oder sehe ich das falsch?

Tochterunternehmen Regen Biopharma geht ordentlich in die Höhe wegen Dividendenzahlung.

Was meint ihr?  

458 Postings, 3191 Tage Schnuffi007hier könnte ziemlich was gehen...

17.03.15 14:08
Regen Receives Green Light From FDA to Proceed With GLP Safety Study in Support of Its HemaXellerate Investigational New Drug Application  

617 Postings, 3894 Tage katzengreisNEWS für REGEN Biopharma

21.07.15 17:00

Vielleicht wird's ja doch noch was mit der FDA Zulassung zu den klinischen Versuchen.  

987 Postings, 4997 Tage Master32Löschung

22.04.16 09:45

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Aktionen: Löschung des Beitrages, Nutzer-Sperre für 2 Tage
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25.04.21 03:50

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