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GOFF - neuer APS-Pick

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neuester Beitrag: 03.09.13 21:37
eröffnet am: 18.03.13 15:31 von: yoloxin7 Anzahl Beiträge: 3853
neuester Beitrag: 03.09.13 21:37 von: Joerg100877 Leser gesamt: 108035
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1013 Postings, 7414 Tage snakerSkandal um

18.03.13 19:49
sry (-;  

1013 Postings, 7414 Tage snakerdanke

18.03.13 19:49

5696 Postings, 2989 Tage rokrocktbitte ;-)

18.03.13 19:49

39641 Postings, 3700 Tage RosalieÜber ADVFN kostenlos

18.03.13 19:49
bei den Banken mußt du immer dafür bezahlen  

1013 Postings, 7414 Tage snakerbin mal gespannt wann PS sich meldet

18.03.13 19:54

780 Postings, 2893 Tage Kuli77Hallo zusammen

18.03.13 19:56
Bin diesmal auch von Anfang an mit dabei. Dachte ich bekomme noch welche für 0,26 $. Nix war´s. Bin auch gleich wieder weg. Schönen Abend euch. Auf einen geilen Zock!  

1013 Postings, 7414 Tage snakerja servus

18.03.13 20:13

39641 Postings, 3700 Tage RosalieSK

18.03.13 20:30
0,27 oder 0,32  !!  

1013 Postings, 7414 Tage snakergeht runter )-;

18.03.13 20:52

39641 Postings, 3700 Tage Rosalieyolo

18.03.13 20:59
damit steht fest, das du morgen billiger als wir heute , reinkommst !!  

3512 Postings, 3320 Tage ForscherJaap das wars für Heute

18.03.13 21:04
Real-Time Best Bid & Ask
0.281 / 0.2849
wenigstens stabil geblieben  

3512 Postings, 3320 Tage ForscherSchönen Abend noch

18.03.13 21:07
bis Morgen in aller Frische

Gruß Forscher  

2981 Postings, 2902 Tage PackardbellBin auch da bei bei 0,28

18.03.13 21:12

 Wo meint ihr geht's hin ? 


39641 Postings, 3700 Tage RosalieNachtii

18.03.13 21:14
bis morgen um 14 Uhr 30 .

Bringt Eure Laufschuhe mit:-))  

39641 Postings, 3700 Tage RosaliePackardbell

18.03.13 21:17
wissen werden wir es nicht genau ,aber wir wollen die von APS genannten 400 % hier haben:-)  

2981 Postings, 2902 Tage PackardbellJa

18.03.13 21:20

 Wir kennen ja die aps für ein paar hundert Prozent sind die immer gut besonders der zock geht gerade erst los wünsche allen viel Spaß und viele Prozente Richtung Norden


3512 Postings, 3320 Tage ForscherNachrichten

18.03.13 21:33
Hi Everyone,

Our golden pick GOFF traded over 249 million shares. This shouldn't come as a surprise on the eve of major economic troubles in Europe and more specifically with the Bank of Cyprus' recent EUR 17 billion bailout.

Investors are buying safe haven products in gold-related investments. In fact, today gold price hit over $1,600 per ounce as fear in Europe continues to grow. There has never been a better time to invest in gold companies then now in our opinion. The instability about the European financial institutions created a huge opportunity for investors to jump on gold companies like GOFF.

GOFF is just getting started and with so much accumulation from investors looking to be involved in gold-related investments today, we wouldn't be surprise to see GOFF jump over 400% or more in the near term!

GOFF operates in Colombia where recent gold production has ranked the country 2nd to 5th largest gold producer in South America. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, GOFF owns the its La Frontera project, in the Caldas region. As stated by the company:

"The Caldas Region is widely regarded in the mining investment community as one of Colombia's hottest gold exploration and production areas.

In 2011 an estimated 55,908 kilograms of gold valued at over USD $2.8 billion were produced in that South American country.

Approximately two-thirds of Colombian gold production has been from placer deposits in the Department of Antioquia, which is immediacy adjacent to and straddles about 30% of the leases where Golden Glory's La Frontera Project is located.

Exploration was carried out by previous leaseholders and several artisanal miners have produced gold from the La Frontera property. This data, combined with modern mining approaches and review led to the acquisition and new initiative being launched by Goff subsidiary Golden Glory Resources.

As stated by the company, small amounts of gold have been produced in the past at the La Frontera property. A positive sign that a LOT more gold could be right underneath the property.

As you might be aware, our last mining pick soar an incredible 480% and reached a high of $1 within weeks. Our feelings about GOFF is not only stronger but we see the potential of La Frontera property to hold tremendous value especially in the light of all the economic turmoil. The rush to gold-related products from investors on Wall Street should send GOFF much higher in the near term!

We expect huge coverage from many financial portals to take notice of this little gem in the very near term and so we urge our members to start their due diligence as soon as possible before shares skyrocket even more.

Our new mining pick GOFF is about to surprise the small-cap market. Get ready for a lot more momentum in the upcoming days and weeks!

Your Editor  

39641 Postings, 3700 Tage Rosalie# 93

18.03.13 21:42
wenn Geld verdienen doch immer so einfach wäre :-)))  

1477 Postings, 3573 Tage

18.03.13 22:30
was kommt  

5696 Postings, 2989 Tage rokrockt@schakal

18.03.13 23:00
bis du hier schon wieder nur am rumheulen?

Zitat aus SWV.. Thread (Ich muss mich wolhl entschuldigen,,,Die Aktie,nicht schlecht,,,,)

Was spricht dagegen das GOFF weiter läuft???

Schakal Kauf die paar WOFF WOFF und sei ruhig ;-))))  

3512 Postings, 3320 Tage ForscherGuten Morgen mal eben ein paar Details

19.03.13 06:04
Stock: GOFF - 12 Alert(s)
Loss today: -6.97%
First Trade: 0.3 - Last Trade: 0.2791
Low: 0.2202 - High: 0.35
Trades: 370
Volume: 63613470$  

2981 Postings, 2902 Tage PackardbellGestern

19.03.13 09:36

 Ging das eindecken los, denke heute werden wir einen Sprung in Richtung 0,40-0,44 sehen


831 Postings, 2934 Tage mulsch0rwas meint ihr komme ich mit einem Limit

19.03.13 11:48
von 0,3cent  heute noch rein oder was empfehlt ihr?  

3512 Postings, 3320 Tage ForscherJa ich denke es wird noch billiger werden

19.03.13 12:14

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