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Ballard Power Systems lebt noch (Wieder)

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5101 Postings, 5797 Tage LapismucBallard Power Systems lebt noch (Wieder)

08.01.09 15:04
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ta7a jetzt ausgesetzt
und eine BALLARD POWER SYSTEMS INC. REGISTERED SHARES O.N. ist auch schon dieses Jahr ausgesetzt
die wurden doch nur umgetauscht in ARENB ???
Korrektur A0RENB
Man wird nicht reich, durch das, was man verdient, sondern durch das, was man nicht ausgibt
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1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEBus giant rides green wave to hydrogen first

05.07.22 15:24
The fuel cell, the key component that converts hydrogen into electricity, is provided by Ballard Power Systems; and the Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinder system is provided by CIMC-Hexagon, a joint-venture between CIMC Enric and Hexagon Purus. Both Ballard and CIMC-Hexagon, will work with Citybus to develop application of existing technology and more hydrogen double deck buses for ongoing trials here.  

76 Postings, 1670 Tage Teewasser10.08.22 gibt's Zahlen - 2 Q

13.07.22 16:15

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEFirst Hydrogen Enters Trials with Major Fleet Cons

25.07.22 18:07
The announcement coincides with confirmation that First Hydrogen's two demonstrator hydrogen fuel cell light commercial vehicles (LCV) are scheduled for testing and on-road commissioning starting later this month in the UK. The commissioning integrates two MAN eTGE vehicles with Ballard Power System's Fcgen-LCS hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicles are expected to be road-ready in Q4 2022, allowing for customer real-world usage trials to start in early 2023.
First Hydrogen Corp. is a Vancouver and London UK-based company focused on zero-emission vehicles, green hydrogen production and distribution and supercritical carbon dioxide extractor systems. The Company is designing and building hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered light commercial demonstrator vehicles ("LCV") under two agreements with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems Inc. The LCV will have a range of 500+ kilometres. At the same time, the company has launched its bespoke vehicle design phase which will develop its fleet of proprietary zero emission vehicles. First Hydrogen is also developing refueling capability working with FEV Consulting GmbH, the automotive consultancy of FEV Group of Aachen Germany. The Company is also pursuing opportunities in green hydrogen production and distribution in the UK and elsewhere.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEVery positive news for Northern California !

25.07.22 18:09
Humboldt Transit Authority Awarded $38.7M Grant for Fuel Cell Electric Buses

Humboldt Transit Authority Awarded $38.7M Grant for Fuel Cell Electric Buses
POSTED ON: JULY 21, 2022

July 20th, 2022

2022 07 HTA TIRCP Press Release

The Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) has been awarded a $38.7M grant from the California State Transportation Agency?s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program that will launch HTA?s transition to a zero-emission fleet. Coming soon to HTA are 11 New Flyer fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and a hydrogen fueling station at HTA?s facility in Eureka. This fueling station will include a public dispenser for light and medium-duty vehicles (cars, delivery vans, etc.) to help kick start a hydrogen fueling network and supply chain on the North Coast.

?This project is incredibly exciting for HTA ? I could not be more proud of our team?s work and this opportunity for innovation. It?s truly a cutting-edge project to reduce emissions throughout our region while providing reliable service and support to more than 600,000 riders every year,? ? Natalie Arroyo, Humboldt Transit Authority Board Chair.

HTA partnered with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Cal Poly Humboldt to develop the winning proposal. Peter Lehman, Founding Director of the Schatz Center, shared the excitement. ?We?re delighted to be teaming with the Humboldt Transit Authority on this pioneering project.? The Humboldt County Association of Governments, Center for Transportation and the Environment, Servitas LLC, SmithGroup, and Creative Inclusion LLC also made significant contributions to the grant proposal.

HTA worked closely with transit bus manufacturer New Flyer to develop specifications for a next-generation model of their Xcelsior Charge H2TM that will meet HTA?s demanding routes. HTA will be replacing the entire fleet of the Redwood Transit system with these new buses.
Fleet maintenance facilities at HTA will also be upgraded to support the new buses.

The hydrogen fueling station will be the northern-most fueling station planned in California. HTA will partner with Air Products Inc. who will design and construct the station. The station will support both bus and passenger car fueling. A fueling dispenser will be available to the public, providing a station that supports the Governor?s target of 200 hydrogen stations by 2026 serving light and medium-duty vehicles. HTA will also offer fueling to other local fleets interested in adopting fuel cell electric cars, delivery vans and other models.

In addition to laying the foundation for a zero-emission transit fleet, this grant also creates a new intercity transit service, the Redwood Coast Express (RCX), that will be served with the New Flyer buses. This service will connect local riders to Ukiah and points south, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

This grant will also construct new intermodal transit center in downtown Eureka. The center will be integrated with workforce and student housing and commercial space and enliven urban life in Eureka. The Eureka Regional Transit and Housing Center (EaRTH Center) will combine local and intercity fixed route services with on-demand, taxi, bike and scooter share, and paratransit services all centralized in Eureka?s Old Town district. This project is expected to contribute significantly to increasing transit ridership and decreasing vehicle miles traveled, two key targets in the County?s Regional Transportation Plan.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEes muss auch mal ankommen..

25.07.22 18:13
So glad for the parisians,really hopeful news.

The Board of Directors of IDFM approves the purchase of 47 additional hydrogen buses.

As a reminder, our objective:
- 100% clean vehicles by 2025 deployed in dense areas.
- 100% clean vehicles by 2029 throughout Île-de-France.

Hydrogen buses arrive in Ile-de-France ,Viva la France !
7:50 a.m., July 11, 2022

ByJulien Descalles Translatd from french :
EXCLUSIVE. Nearly 50 buses that do not emit greenhouse gases will be ordered. They will be added to the seven vehicles already tested.

By the end of 2023, 47 additional hydrogen buses will be criss-crossing the roads of the Ile-de-France region. The acquisition procedure will begin on Tuesday, during the next board of directors of Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM). An investment of 48 million euros to enrich a fleet which today has seven. These have been tested since 2019 in real operating conditions on two Yvelines lines, between Versailles and Jouy-en-Josas and between Satory and Viroflay.

At a time when the transport organizing authority is carrying out "the largest bus fleet renewal plan (10,500 vehicles), outside of China", with 100% clean vehicles by 2025 deployed in urban areas, and by 2029 throughout Île-de-France based on electricity and bioNGV, why invite a new technology, which is moreover in its infancy? ?We need to test all possible alternatives in order to further strengthen our energy mix. And thus not to depend on a single source of supply?, specifies Stéphane Beaudet, vice-president of the Region in charge of transport and sustainable mobility. A desire further reinforced by the war in Ukraine and by the inflation which weighs on gas prices.

Mobility with zero emissions
If the ecosystem is still embryonic ? barely 43,000 vehicles are equipped with a fuel cell in the world, a few hundred in France, the promises, on the other hand, are numerous. ?From an environmental point of view, the hydrogen bus first guarantees mobility with zero emissions, underlines Laurent Probst, CEO of IDFM. But it also has other advantages over electric. Brakes and tires produce fewer particles, since it carries a battery weighing only one ton. And then the autonomy is greater, more than 300 kilometers against 180. Hence a more favorable deployment in the outer suburbs or for long-distance lines. "Another advantage: a full tank in a quarter of an hour, the equivalent of going to the pump of a diesel bus.

Read also - Clean cars: is hydrogen the miracle solution?

A dozen supply sites in 2024
Porte de Saint-Cloud (16th), the four guns of the HysetCo station will also provide "exemplary" hydrogen when it opens in July. "A ton will be produced there every day by water electrolysis; it will be the largest production and distribution station in Europe for low-carbon and storable energy?, assures Loïc Voisin, president of a company which has TotalEnergies, Air Liquide and Toyota as shareholders. Enough to insure up to 200 full of hydrogen in the form of compressed gas - count from 70 to 90 euros for 500kilometres for all types of customers: trucks, dumpsters, individuals... But also taxis from the Hype company, which HysetCo also owns. "A way of resolving the question of the chicken and the egg: the sector being embryonic, should we start by developing the infrastructures or rather the uses? »

?With a fleet of 200 hydrogen vehicles and the establishment of a network of stations, we play on both ends of the chain?, explains the manager. By 2024, a dozen sites, including soon Le Bourget airport, should thus network Île-de-France. In addition to the Porte de Saint-Cloud site, which required nearly 15 million euros of investment to transform a former open-air car park, three other stations ? distribution only ? are already in operation, at the Porte de Saint-Cloud. la Chapelle (18th) and at Orly and Roissy airports. Step by step, hydrogen is weaving its web in Greater Paris.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEATCO to build fuelling stations for CP Rail's hydr

25.07.22 18:13
ogen locomotive program.
ATCO says construction of facilities is expected to begin later this year with production and supply of hydrogen being provided to locomotives in 2023.
The Calgary-based structures and logistics company says the stations will be built at CP Rail's Calgary and Edmonton rail yards. They will be used to supply CP's hydrogen powered locomotive program.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEob es so kommt

25.07.22 18:15
Hundreds of hydrogen stations from HRS and Dover Fueling Solutions arriving in the countries the most damaged by the global warming ,Italy and Spain and also in Europe.

And here they come,our hydrogen buses in London : the first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell-powered double-decker buses in England.

The twenty hydrogen double-deckers, manufactured by Wrightbus, will join more 500 electric buses already on the fleet, and will first see service on route 7 between East Acton and Oxford Circus.

If you have been in a diesel bus during these heat waves,you will understand the point. Hydrogen buses = no heat emission buses inside and outside,they are providential both for passengers and citizens.
Diesel buses are literally baking you in summer! A new hydrogen fuelling station at Metroline?s Perivale depot built by Danish engineering firm Nel Hydrogen will top-up each bus, a process that takes as little as five minutes and will be needed just once per day, making them well suited to longer routes.

The hydrogen is currently produced at Air Liquide?s plant in Runcorn, where waste hydrogen from an industrial chlor-alkali plant is captured, before being transported by Oxford-based Ryze Hydrogen to the refuelling station. From 2023, the hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis powered directly from an off-shore windfarm.


74147 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyBallard hat gutes Finanzpolster 1,1Mrd$

28.07.22 18:00
Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist die Bereitstellung von Brennstoffzellenenergie . Seine emissionsfreien PEM-Brennstoffzellen ermöglichen die Elektrifizierung der Mobilität, einschließlich Bussen, Zügen, Nutzfahrzeugen und sogar Schiffen. In finanzieller Hinsicht ist hervorzuheben, dass Ballard das Geschäftsjahr 2022 mit einem Umsatz von 21,0 Millionen US-Dollar im ersten Quartal begonnen hat, was einem Anstieg von 19 % gegenüber dem Vorjahr entspricht. Außerdem konnte Ballard neue Aufträge im Wert von 27,8 Millionen Dollar verbuchen. Die meisten davon sind europäische Kunden.

Abgesehen davon sollten Anleger auch berücksichtigen, dass Ballard das Quartal mit starken Barreserven in Höhe von 1,1 Mrd. $ abgeschlossen hat. Dies dürfte dem Unternehmen helfen, seine Wachstumsstrategien langfristig zu verwirklichen. Darüber hinaus gab das Unternehmen im Mai seine Partnerschaft mit der Wisdom Motor Company und Bravo Transport Services Limited bekannt. Die Zusammenarbeit zielt darauf ab, die Einführung von kommerziellen Brennstoffzellen-Elektrofahrzeugen in Hongkong zu beschleunigen. Ballard wird bei der Einführung eines neuen Doppeldeckerbusses mit Brennstoffzellenantrieb Unterstützung leisten. Insgesamt wird Bravo diese Busse im Rahmen der Initiative des Unternehmens vorstellen, seine Busflotte durch  emissionsfreie Modelle zu ersetzen  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEauch Ballard vertreten

02.08.22 02:11
Hydrogene de France : HDF Energy signed a MoU with Saigon Asset Management to jointly develop Renewstable(R) power plants in Vietnam

Hanoi, 25 July 2022 - Hydrogène de France SA ("HDF Energy") - Euronext Paris: HDF - today announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saigon Asset Management ("SAM") for the development of Renewstable® power plant projects in Vietnam.

HDF Energy has integrated key fuel-cell know-how under a memorandum of understanding with Ballard (seven-year exclusive licence agreement) and has developed the world's first mass production plant for high-power fuel cells for energy, which will be commissioned in France (Bordeaux Metropole) in 2023. Through this activity, HDF Energy will also serve the maritime, rail and data center markets.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCECanada funding

02.08.22 02:14
NOTICE: The Government of Canada has announced $547.5M of funding over four years (or until available funding is exhausted) for the Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) Program starting July 11th, 2022.

We consider the following vehicles to be ZEVs:
battery-electric vehicles (BEVs)
plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)

In order to encourage the adoption of medium- and heavy-duty ZEVs by Canadian businesses, the Government of Canada launched the Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) Program on July 11th, 2022. There are many different makes and models of eligible zero-emission vehicles for purchase or lease that provide eligible purchasing/leasing organizations with iMHZEV Program incentives of up to $200,000.  

1594 Postings, 3875 Tage sven60Climate programme USA

04.08.22 10:28

74147 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyRenewable Hydrogen im Klimaschutzprogramm

04.08.22 16:14
?Renewable Hydrogen? ist eine von fünf Prioritäten in der Innovationsstrategie des Biden-Harris-Transition-Teams für den Klimaschutz.

Die USA sind mit circa 12 bis 16 Prozent der Erzeugung nach China der weltgrößte Produzent und Verbraucher von Wasserstoff. Mehr als die Hälfte der weltweiten Wasserstoffpipelines sowie fast 5000 Kilometer Ammoniak-Pipelines liegen in den USA. Auch wenn Batteriefahrzeuge sich zunehmend durchsetzen, so fährt doch die Hälfte der Brennstoffzellenfahrzeuge weltweit in den USA. Allerdings ist der Wasserstoff bislang fast ausschließlich grau.

Die Grünwasserstoffwirtschaft in den USA dürfte schnell wachsen; erst recht mit mehr politischer Unterstützung. Denn die USA verfügen über umfangreiche und kostengünstige Solar- und Windenergieressourcen und vor allem Land. An den besten Standorten könnte die großskalige Elektrolyse mit erneuerbarem Strom bereits ab 2030 nah an der Konkurrenzfähigkeit mit Blauwasserstoff sein, wenn ein signifikanter CO2-Preis erhoben wird.
Ferner steht die US-Frackingindustrie wegen des Preisverfalls 2020 und der unter Biden zu erwartenden Verschärfung der Umweltauflagen unter Druck. Die Finanzwelt sucht neue Investitionsfelder.
Bidens Unterstützung für erneuerbare Energien und grünen Wasserstoff steht außer Frage. ..."  

1424 Postings, 4023 Tage trawekBalard bald über 30US$

05.08.22 12:09
Ballard Power: Kapitalerhöhung zur Finanzierung des Wachstums - News aus der Welt der Regenerativen Energiewirtschaft vom IWR

74147 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyBallard Aktienkurs gibt nach

05.08.22 12:24
When a company issues additional shares of stock, it can reduce the value of existing investors' shares and their proportional ownership of the company. This common problem is called dilution.  

74147 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyBallard +5,43 % an Nasdaq gestern

05.08.22 12:29
Demokraten einigen sich überraschend auf Klimaschutzpaket
Monatelang hat ein konservativer Senator das Gesetz blockiert und US-Präsident Joe Biden frustriert. Jetzt lenkt er ein ? das könnte zu einer Wende in den USA führen.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEzu den Bussen

06.08.22 13:45
In the latest edition of its customer magazine, the Polish bus manufacturer reveals that it will launch an 18m version of its hydrogen bus. The model will be available in 2023.

The urbino 18 H2 is on the cover of this mag, available online on the manufacturer's website. And he will be on the bill for the Solaris Talks, a meeting scheduled for September 14 in Krakow. In any case, this model will come to reinforce the Urbino 12 Hydrogen, a 12 m bus which runs in Poland, but also in Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and Sweden.

Longer, it will be able to carry more passengers (the 12 m is limited to 70 passengers). Solaris announces that the future bus will be customizable according to customer tastes. It will also be equipped with driver assistance systems.

Solaris sold 54 H2 buses last year and expects 100 this year. The new 18 m model will make it possible to amplify the volumes.  

1317 Postings, 3557 Tage JAM_JOYCEThe hydrogen buses are being built by UK based bus

08.08.22 23:21
manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), with the first vehicles set to be delivered later in 2022. It is planned that the buses will initially serve the region's busiest route - the 10A between St Helens and Liverpool city centre, jointly operated by operators Arriva and Stagecoach.

The 20-strong, state-of-the-art hydrogen bus fleet will be directly purchased through the Liverpool City Region?s Transforming Cities Fund, and, like the new trains for the Merseyrail network, will be owned by the people of the city region.

This zero emission hydrogen bus should be everywhere in the world.This is the real way to reverse the dangerous global warming trend.Outstanding realization by Alexander Dennis and Ballard Power.


89 Postings, 198 Tage BallardboyThis way is up

10.08.22 13:55
H2 Busse aber auch Elektrobusse sind eine tolle Story!

Wahrscheinlich wird Elektro einen höheren Anteil bekommen!
Weil sie auf die Batterietechnologie der Autohersteller zurück greifen können.


Mit electrovaya Batterien.
WKN 631863

Mal sehen wer das Rennen macht und ob wir bei Ballard nochmal die 100 sehen!  

5163 Postings, 373 Tage Highländer49Ballard Power

11.08.22 10:57

74147 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyQuartalsbericht enttäuscht erneut

11.08.22 11:57
Wie das Unternehmen am Mittwoch vor Handelsbeginn bekanntgab, erhöhte sich der Nettoverlust im zweiten Quartal gegenüber dem Vorjahreszeitraum um mehr als 150% auf -55,8 Millionen US$. Das Ergebnis je Aktie (EPS) verschlechterte sich somit von -0,07 auf -0,19 US$. Analysten hatten im Schnitt mit einem Fehlbetrag von nur -26 Millionen US$ gerechnet sowie mit einem EPS von -0,12 US$.

Beim Umsatz verbuchte das Unternehmen ebenfalls einen satten Rückgang von -16,4% auf 20,9 Millionen US$. Auch hier gab es eine deutliche Diskrepanz zur Konsensprognose, die bei 24,2 Millionen US$ lag.

Zusätzlich zu dem schwachen Zahlenwerk geben die Kanadier einen düsteren Ausblick für die kommenden Monate. So verkündete das Management, bei der Bruttomarge aufgrund eines ?herausfordernden wirtschaftlichen Umfelds? auch bis zum Jahresende weiteren Gegenwind zu erwarten.

offenbar war da Plug Power optimistischer  

280 Postings, 463 Tage GlassheadSchaden begrenzen

11.08.22 20:17
Ich überlege, ob ich mit 60% Verlust verkaufe und mein Glück mit einem anderen Investment irgendwie rette..ich sehe bei Ballard immer weniger Potential...  

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