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schätzungen für die kommenden zahlen  

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22.08.13 13:06

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Danke für deinen einsatz hier!!  

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Distributed Generation Grabs Power From Centralized Utilities

Like a lot of industrial sectors, American utilities are in the midst of re-thinking of their business model. Building centralized generation and then selling as many electrons as possible is now getting challenged by those who produce their own power, which enables them to ?disconnect? from the grid.
A local microgrid in Sendai, Japan

A local microgrid in Sendai, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The inherent conflicts are now surfacing because the utilities are still responsible for maintaining the wires and for supplying electricity when customers need it. As such, those entities using ?distributed generation? that is based close to where the power is consumed are trying to work out a cost sharing arrangement with utilities. For example, rooftop solar panels may provide more than enough electricity for homeowners, who may then sell their excess back to the utility. Or, the sun may quit shining and homeowners would have to buy utility-produced power.

Enter another way of looking at things: Chip Bottone, chief executive of FuelCell Energy in Danbury, Conn, explained to this reporter that utilities should embrace on site generation as the wave of the future. He points to Germany?s E.ON , which has created a separate distributed generation unit. How would that work?

In the case of FuelCell Energy, it segments the electricity load and then distributes that energy to where it is needed. Its fuel cells, which are a form of distributed generation, have an electrical efficiency rate around 47 percent, which is the amount of energy produced per unit of input. That rises to 80 percent if the heat is captured and re-used in some other capacity.

Consider: FuelCell Energy sold a 14.9 megawatt fuel cell to Dominion Resources last December. Connecticut Light & Power, whose parent is Northeast Utilities , is buying the electricity under a 15-year energy purchase agreement. It?s all part of Connecticut?s renewable power generation goals. The fuel cell power plants will convert hydrogen from natural gas. Because the fuel is not combusted, it releases almost no harmful emissions during the process.

?Electricity efficiency is what drives the economics,? says Bottone. ?And the ability to add heat creates additional value. Utilities need distributed generation and they must have a discussion as to how best to plan for it. They can?t be the victim. If there is a significant amount of wind and solar energy coming onto the grid that creates intermittency concerns, utilities must deal with this variability and ensure reliability. Fuel cells can solve these balancing and operational issues because they relieve power companies from having to put power on the grid.?

Right now, federal and state incentives are encouraging the escalated use of green energy. At the federal level, developers of fuel cells receive a credit of $3,000 per kilowatt generated or 30 percent of the capital cost, whichever is less. It is scheduled to expire at the end of 2016. Meantime, more than half of the states have some variation of renewable portfolio standards.

Some critical issues must be resolved: If the incentives and cost reductions cause more people to go off the grid, then the price of maintaining the distribution network falls on fewer people. Likewise, the utilities and the customers using on site generation must determine how they will allocate costs and configure prices. The states are devising so-called ?net-metering? laws to work this out.

Distributed generation may reduce the need for an expanded distribution system. Minimizing those outlays would more than compensate utilities for lost electricity sales, say proponents of the technology.

However, the Edison Electric Institute says that even if customers generate their own juice and sell any excess electricity to the utility, power companies must maintain the network that makes those transactions possible ? a $25 billion annual outlay. Meantime, if intermittency issues prevent self-sufficiency, then utilities are still required to provide the back-up power, all of which cost money.

The institute penned an analysis that says a rapid escalation of transformative technologies could ?threaten the centralized utility model.? Fewer connected customers lead to higher costs for the vast majority who will fully utilize utility services as well as less revenues and greater borrowing costs, which enable both the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure.

?The threat to the centralized utility service model is likely to come from the new technologies or customer behavioral changes that reduce load,? says the institute?s study. ?Any recovery paradigms that force cost of service to be spread over fewer units of sales ? enhance the ongoing competitive threat of disruptive alternatives ? Customers are not precluded from leaving the system entirely if a more cost competitive alternative is available.?

On site power generation will gradually gain marketshare, necessitating that the current utility model make adaptations. Financial considerations are one issue. Operational matters are another. In the final analysis, though, reliability standards must keep pace with green energy advances, meaning that the two business structures must be reconciled.

Twitter: @Ken_Silverstein


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What are the anticipated earnings release dates?

FuelCell Energy typically releases earnings approximately four weeks after the close of the first, second and third fiscal quarters and about six weeks after the close of its fiscal year. Consequently, reporting dates are typically:

First Quarter ending Jan. 31st: Early March
Second Quarter ending April 30th: Early June
Third Quarter ending July 31st: Early September
Fourth Quarter ending Oct. 31st: Middle of December

How can I automatically receive press releases and public filings from FuelCell Energy?

We offer an automated email alert function that can be accessed by clicking here or on the ?email alert? tab to the left side of this webpage.

What is FuelCell Energy's fiscal year?

The fiscal year begins on November 1 and concludes on October 31

The First quarter begins on November 1 and concludes on January 31

The Second quarter begins on February 1 and concludes on April 30

The Third quarter begins on May 1 and concludes on July 31

The Fourth quarter begins on August 1 and concludes on October 3
When is the Annual Meeting of Shareholders?

FuelCell Energy holds its Annual Meeting of Shareholders in late March or early April.  Stockholders are informed of the date, time and location by the Proxy that is distributed in advance of the Meeting and a notice is placed on the Investor Relations section of the Company website.

What stock exchange is FuelCell Energy listed on?

FuelCell Energy shares are listed on the Nasdaq Global Market.
What is the stock symbol and CUSIP number for FuelCell Energy Common stock?

Common Shares of FuelCell Energy are traded with the symbol FCEL on the Nasdaq Global Market. The CUSIP number for FuelCell Energy common shares is 35952H106.
What is the stock symbol and CUSIP number for FuelCell Energy Preferred stock?

The Series B Preferred Stock trades with the symbol FCELB and the CUSIP number is 35952h20.

The Series I Preferred Shares are owned by only one shareholder, Enbridge, Inc., and do not trade publicly.

Can I buy stock directly from FuelCell Energy or do I have to use a broker?

Stock cannot be purchased directly from FuelCell Energy at this time as the Company does not have a direct stock purchase plan.

Where is FuelCell Energy incorporated?

FuelCell Energy is incorporated in Delaware.  Initially a research company, FuelCell Energy was founded in Connecticut in 1969 and became a publicly traded company in 1992.  The Company was reincorporated in Delaware in 1999.

Does FuelCell Energy pay a dividend on its common stock?

FuelCell Energy does not pay dividends on its common stock, nor has it historically paid dividends.  Any potential future adoption of a dividend will depend upon the financial condition, capital requirements and earnings of the Company, as well as other factors that the Board of Directors of the Company may deem relevant.

Who is FuelCell Energy's transfer agent and how does a registered shareholder contact the agent for account information?

FuelCell Energy's Transfer Agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, maintains a telephone response center to service registered shareholder accounts. Registered owners may contact the center to inquire about address changes, stock transfers, and other account matters.

Contact info:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone 800-937-5449
Website: www.amstock.com

What is a Transfer Agent?

A transfer agent for a publicly held company maintains records of every outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person to whom the stock is registered. When stock changes hands, the transfer agent transfers the ownership of the stock from the seller?s name to the buyer?s name. The registrar reconciles all transfer records and makes sure that the number of shares debited (i.e. sold) is equal to the number of shares credited (i.e. purchased).

How can I get a history of FCEL's closing stock prices?

Click here for historical prices.
Has FuelCell Energy stock ever split?

The Board of Directors approved three different splits, including:

   Three-for-two split effective November 17, 1999
   Two-for-one split effective September 14, 2000
   Two-for-one split effective June 20, 2001

How do I contact Investor Relations/Shareholder Relations by telephone or mail?

Kurt Goddard
VP of Investor Relations

Donna Ferenz
Investor Relations Specialist

3 Great Pasture Road
Danbury, CT 06813
Phone: 203-825-6000  

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23.08.13 12:20

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12.08.2013, 17:30 Uhr Meldung drucken | Artikel empfehlen

Studie: Markt für Brennstoffzellen wird schnell wachsen

Dublin ? Bislang stehen Brennstoffzellen noch ganz am Anfang der kommerziellen Verbreitung. Das aber soll sich in den kommenden Jahren schnell ändern: Die Auslieferung werden nach einer Studie bis 2018 um den Faktor 14 auf rund 1,1 Millionen steigen. Derzeit sind es rund 78.000.

Wie aus der Erhebung des irischen Marktforschungs-Instituts Research and Markets hervorgeht, wird der weltweite Umsatz dann auf 2,5 Mrd. US-Dollar gestiegen sein. Der Großteil des Wachstums werde in Asien stattfinden, gefolgt von Nordamerika und Europa. Mit Ballard (Kanafa), Ceramic Fuel Cell (Australien), FuelCell Energy (USA), Hydrogenics PlugPower (U.S.) und SFC Energy (Deutschland) teilen sechs Unternehmen 58 Prozent des Marktes unter sich auf.

Brennstoffzelle mit starkem Wachstum in Europa
Die US-amerikanischen Marktforscher von Markets and Markets wiederum rechnen damit, dass das Marktvolumen nur in Europa von aktuell 150,4 Mio. auf 613,7 Mio. Dollar in 2018 steigen wird. Dies entspräche einer jährlichen Wachstumsrate von 32,5 Prozent. In Europa wird die Nachfrage demnach vor allem bei der unterbrechungsfreien Stromversorgung entstehen, also in Haushalten oder in Telekommunikation und IT.

Brennstoffzellen wandeln chemische in elektrische Energie um - ähnlich wie bei einer Batterie. Der Unterschied ist, dass der Brennstoffzelle Kraftstoff von außen zugeführt wird, diesen aber ohne Verbrennung in Strom wandelt. Hierfür kommt eine Vielzahl von Brennstoffen wie Wasserstoff, Methanol, Biogas, Erdgas oder Kohlenwasserstoffe zum Einsatz.

Mehr Nachrichten und Informationen
Alternative Antriebe: GM und Honda kooperieren bei Brennstoffzellen
Plug Power stellt neue Brennstoffzelle für Gabelstapler vor
Ballard Power liefert Technik für 80 Prozent der Brennstoffzellen-Busse in Europa
Die Unternehmen der Regenerativen Energiewirtschaft im Ranking
Brennstoffzellen-Komponenten von CeramTec
© IWR, 2013  

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26.08.13 13:22
Steam Power: Underground system of tunnels and piping heats and cools downtown Hartford | HartfordBusiness.com
Underneath the footfalls, cars, restaurants, bars, and well-intentioned economic development plans lies the secret to what's hot and cold in Hartford.

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FuelCell Energy, Inc. Short Interest

*Delayed - data as of Aug. 26, 2013
Exchange: NASDAQ
Industry: Energy
Community Rating: Rate FuelCell Energy, Inc.Bullish
View:    FCEL After Hours


Edit Symbol List
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Stock Details

   Summary Quote
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   Option Chain


   Basic Chart
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   Company Headlines
   Press Releases
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   Analyst Research
   Guru Analysis
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   Call Transcripts
   Annual Report
   Income Statement
   SEC Filings
   Short Interest
   Dividend History


   Ownership Summary
   Institutional Holdings
   (SEC Form 4)

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Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
 8/15/201316,457,341 1,258,923 13.072556          §
 7/31/201315,793,524 1,286,054 12.280607          §
 7/15/201315,330,460 1,771,904  8.651970          §
 6/28/201314,410,740 4,506,318  3.197897          §
 6/14/2013 9,966,283 4,398,999  2.265580          §
 5/31/2013 9,408,391 5,393,792  1.744300          §
 5/15/2013 9,356,633 1,169,040  8.003689          §
 4/30/2013 9,544,625 1,627,651  5.864049          §
 4/15/2013 8,974,782   751,775 11.938122          §
 3/28/2013 8,463,376   625,293 13.535056          §
 3/15/2013 8,553,661 1,089,638  7.850002          §
 2/28/2013 8,464,094   772,448 10.957494          §
 2/15/2013 8,076,072   741,439 10.892429          §
 1/31/2013 8,211,829 1,144,235  7.176698          §
 1/15/2013 8,524,179 2,241,208  3.803386          §
12/31/2012 8,827,634 1,398,138  6.313850          §
12/14/2012 9,660,474   997,738  9.682376          §
11/30/2012 9,689,238   654,153 14.811883          §
11/15/2012 9,231,078 1,658,725  5.565165          §
10/31/2012 8,818,933   540,438 16.318122          §
10/15/2012 8,691,732   723,478 12.013817          §
 9/28/2012 8,414,499   745,385 11.288796          §
 9/14/2012 8,844,985 1,346,914  6.566852          §
 8/31/2012 9,341,215 1,149,872  8.123700          §
 8/15/2012 9,433,562   798,65111.811870
Schon über 16 millionen das wird ein fest  

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das sie Shorties kaufen müssen ??

wann müssen sie covern ???


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Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
 8/15/201316,457,341 1,258,923§13.072556  

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Fuelcell EnergyVolume AnalyticsLongShortAug.13.13Aug.14.13  

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sorry, klappt nicht  

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27.08.13 10:58
entweder wissen die mehr
oder die sind verrückt
würde hier niemals short gehen  

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27.08.13 13:42
mich auch wamu. am 4.9 sind wir schlauer:)  

740 Postings, 3649 Tage arrival66ich hoffe

27.08.13 14:04

nicht das sie Shorties schon mehr wissen !!


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27.08.13 15:13
NRG plans to add fuel cells, solar to Montville power plant Read more: NRG plans to add fuel cells, solar to Montville power plant - Norwic
The Bulletin
Posted Aug 05, 2013 @ 10:09 PM

Danbury-based FuelCell Energy Inc., which is building the world?s largest fuel cell generation plant in Bridgeport, has joined the Montville project, NRG announced Monday. Ben Toby, who oversees FuelCell Energy?s Eastern U.S. sales, touted his company?s facilities as ?safe, quiet and clean,? and at least 65 percent more efficient than most power plants.

?Dedicated people can make a difference in the future,? Toby said.
NRG Energy Inc. on Monday announced plans to add fuel cell and solar elements to a biomass conversion at its Montville power station on the same day it filed to get a long-term contract with the state government.

At a news conference at the Lathrop Road station, Montville Mayor Ron McDaniel expressed support and gratitude for NRG?s plans. McDaniel is chairman of Renew Montville, a group formed last year to support the conversion of Montville Unit 5 to a wood-burning biomass generator.

?This has risen to a new level,? the mayor said. ?This is really about jobs.?

The ?renewable energy park? project, which now includes 5.6 megawatts of natural gas-fired fuel cell generation and 2.3 megawatts from a planned solar panel ?farm,? will create 300 construction jobs and 200 long-term jobs, including those servicing fuel cells, working in the biomass facility, and in logging and transportation, said Jon Baylor, manager of the NRG Montville project.

New Jersey-based NRG?s investment of at least $100 million, of which at least half will be financed through loans, will be a ?showcase for renewable energy,? Baylor said. NRG?s bid will be attractive to state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection administrators weighing which firms should be awarded contracts for 175 megawatts in the Class 1 generation category, he said.  

3656 Postings, 6908 Tage Bäcker33FuelCell Energy Earnings Preview For Sept, 2013

27.08.13 17:14
FuelCell Energy Earnings Preview For Sept, 2013

Submitted by StockSaints on Mon,26/08/2013 - 01:44pm
FuelCell Energy Company Logo Image
FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL)

Background: FuelCell Energy, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, sells, installs, operates, and services stationary fuel cell power plants for distributed baseload power generation.

Wall Street and investors are planning on more of the same in the upcoming third-quarter earnings report. It's expected after the market closes on September 4, 2013 The consensus opinion is presently losing three cents a share, a very small amount of three cents (%) over losing six cents during the corresponding period last year.
The lowest analyst estimate this report is losing four cents per share, and the highest is losing two cents per share.

Short interest over 10% should give pause to investors looking at this company. The current percentage of the float short is 10.2%.




Strong Buy




Moderate Buy








Avg Analyst Price Target





$166.78 million

$67.61 million

$17.33 billion

Est Low EPS




Est High EPS




1 Year Stock Price Change




stock saints
Mattress Firm Holding Earnings Preview For Sept, 2013

stock saints
NCI Building Systems Earnings Preview For Sept, 2013

stock saints
Korn/Ferry International Earnings Preview For Sept, 2013

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Average: 5 (1 vote)
Stock Tickers: FCEL BLDP CMI Author Disclosure: n/a
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3656 Postings, 6908 Tage Bäcker33Bridgeport Beachhead - Strategic use of fuel cells

28.08.13 07:50
Bridgeport Beachhead - Strategic use of fuel cells (article)
Published today:
The U.S. Department of Energy released a report recently that stated that the nation's entire energy system - the grid and all of its associated parts - is vulnerable to severe and costly weather events and that energy disruptions such as those caused by Hurricane Sandy are just the beginning.
"What we've learned from Hurricane Sandy and other disasters is that we've got to build smarter, more resilient infrastructure that can protect our homes and businesses, and withstand more powerful storms," President Barack Obama said recently."
So how do Dominion and other energy companies find ways to improve the resiliency of the nation's grid? What do we need to build today to prepare for an ever-changing future, to keep the lights on and get them back on faster after a natural disaster?
One of many possible answers is being built today on what was an empty lot in downtown Bridgeport, Conn. It is our newest "smart grid green" power station that holds a promise of 24/7 reliable energy, but doesn't depend on fuel combustion or those other familiar but intermittent green power sources such as sun or wind.
The new entry is the Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell Power Station, which will be in operation by year's end. Its progress is easily visible to the millions of people who drive along Interstate 95 and travel Amtrak's Northeast Corridor between New York City and Boston. We believe that this facility and others like it can be a key to utilities locating "clean" distributed generation in constrained areas and improving grid resiliency.
Dominion announced in late 2012 that it had acquired the project from FuelCell Energy of Danbury, Conn., Which is providing the fuel cells and services. The facility will produce enough to power approximately 15,000 homes using an electrochemical process that converts natural gas into electricity without combustion. Dominion will sell the output to Connecticut Light & Power under a 15-year fixed power purchase agreement. The facility is part of Project 150, a program sponsored by Connecticut and supported by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority to increase renewable and clean energy projects in Connecticut by 150 megawatts.

The power station will have five proprietary stationary fuel cell systems and an organic Rankine turbine that will use waste heat to generate almost 15 megawatts of electricity.

In essence, fuel cells are electrochemical devices that combine fuel - in this case, natural gas - with oxygen from the ambient air to produce electricity and heat, as well as water. The non-combustion process is a direct form of fuel-to energy conversion, and is more efficient than conventional heat engine approaches. Carbon dioxide is reduced because of the fuel cell's high efficiency, and the absence of combustion significantly reduces the production of nitrogen oxides and particulate pollutants.

Fuel cells incorporate an anode and a cathode, with an electrolyte in between, similar to a battery. The material used for the electrolyte and the design of the supporting structure determine the type and performance of the fuel cell. The process uses molten carbonate and porous nickel catalysts as the anode and cathode. At the end of the process, electrons flow through the external circuit, producing the desired electricity in direct current. An inverter changes the DC output to AC for use on the grid.

Distributed generation such as the Bridgeport project has several advantages. Commercial businesses, universities and military bases can become energy self-reliant. It reduces grid congestion and power transmission issues associated with centralized generation. It makes the grid better able to respond to severe weather events and does so with a process that is clean and efficient and available at all times. It is one of the possible keys to recovering from the next disruptive weather challenge that utilities will face. Less  

3656 Postings, 6908 Tage Bäcker33Pre-Market Analysis

29.08.13 14:15
Pre-Market Analysis: Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais, Consolidated Edison Inc., FuelCell Energy Inc., and NextEra Energy Inc.
LONDON, August 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Editor Note: For more information about this release, please scroll to bottom. The U.S. equity market posted.

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29.08.13 21:09
Was stimmt hier nicht ?
Kann es sein das FuelCell Energy Aktien auf den Markt schmeißt ,was meinst Du dazu?  

3656 Postings, 6908 Tage Bäcker33wie kommst du

30.08.13 08:06
auf sowas?das müsste gemeldet werden!  

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