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43 Postings, 3437 Tage Thommy132Petropavlovsk

24.08.13 13:07

 Ich denke hier könnte es in kürze endlich wieder bergauf gehen. Würde mich freuen, wenn hier eine Diskussion zu der Aktie Petropavlovsk zustande kommen würde.



Petropavlovsk Given “Buy” Rating at Numis Securities Ltd (POG)


Es könnte am Montag wieder einen starken Anstieg geben, da der Goldpreis am Freitag auch stark zugelegt hat.


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940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutich sehe das genauso...

13.03.15 13:36
hohe Volumina... die letzten tage und zuversichtlich stimmt mich dass die DB hier einen großen Anteil hält... Montag wird die Refinanzierung durch sein. Dann sehen wir weiter... aber hier schon mal n Buy
Petropavlovsk PLC (LON:POG)?s stock had its ?buy? rating reaffirmed by stock analysts at SP Angel in a report issued on Friday. They currently have a GBX 11 ($0.17) price target on the stock. SP Angel?s target price would indicate a potential upside of 119.56% from the stock?s previous close.

Petropavlovsk PLC (LON:POG) opened at 4.9600 on Friday. Petropavlovsk PLC has a 52-week low of GBX 2.1500 and a 52-week high of GBX 32.0710. The stock?s 50-day moving average is GBX 5.16 and its 200-day moving average is GBX 7.11. The company?s market cap is £9.74 million.

260 Postings, 4493 Tage heimo5,05 Pence

13.03.15 13:41
Kurs zieht leicht an.

So wie ich es verstanden habe, wird Montag das Resultat verkündet. Merrill Lynch als Konsortialführer wird dann versuchen, bis 17.03. die übrigen Bezugsrechte bestens zu verwerten. Vielleicht gibt's ja doch noch 0,01-0,10 Pence dafür...


940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitut5,20 jetzt!

13.03.15 14:48

260 Postings, 4493 Tage heimoEin Schelm, wer böses dabei denkt...

13.03.15 17:58 wo man die Rechte nicht mehr handeln kann...

Hoffentlich bekommt man jetzt bei der Schlussauktion noch was für. Am 16.03. wird das Ergebnis der KE verkündet und danach wird bis 17.03. Merrill Lynch noch nach Abnehmern für die Rechte suchen.

Immerhin 0,20 GBP pro Recht, das sind fast 0,3 Euro-Cent.  

260 Postings, 4493 Tage heimoQ: What happens if I take no action?

13.03.15 18:29
A: If you do not want to buy any of the New Ordinary Shares to which
you are entitled and you do not wish to sell any or all of your Rights,
you do not need to do anything. If you do not return your Provisional
Allotment Letter by 11.00 a.m. on 13 March 2015, and take no other
action, the Underwriter will try to find investors to take up your
Rights by 4.30 p.m. on 17 March 2015. If the Underwriter finds
investors and is able to sell your New Ordinary Shares at a price
which exceeds the Issue Price and the related expenses of procuring
those investors (including any brokerage, commission and payments
in relation to value added tax), you will be sent a cheque in pounds
sterling for the amount of that aggregate premium provided that this
is £5.00 or more. Cheques are expect to be despatched on or around
30 March 2015 and will be sent to your address as it appears on the
Company?s register of members (or to the first named holder if you
hold Ordinary Shares jointly).  

318 Postings, 3743 Tage priima@heimo

13.03.15 23:27
wovon träumst denn Du,
wer zu spät kommt der wurde hier bestraft. Falls Du welche hattest sind diese wertlos.
Realistische 2 GBPence konntest ja erzielen.

Das wurde freilich so gesteuert.

260 Postings, 4493 Tage heimoSteuerung

14.03.15 14:52
Als ich meine Rechte eingebucht bekam, waren diese schon im freien Fall und im Geld bei 0,002 an der Börse Stuttgart. Ich meine es war Dienstag der 03.03. Ordererteilung nur telefonisch möglich und nicht per online-Banking...

Und in der Nacht auf den 04. wurden sie dann auch noch automatisch gelöscht.

Große Sauerei das Ganze.  

260 Postings, 4493 Tage heimoupdate

14.03.15 15:47
hab gerade gesehen, dass meine Bank die Dinger am 10.03. nachts zu 0,00012 GBP verkauft hat. Also 0,012 Pence.

Besser als gar nichts... so reicht es jetzt immerhin noch für ein gutes Abendessen.  

549 Postings, 4651 Tage OdimaWas hat der denn

16.03.15 19:39
im Interview gesagt?
Mein Englisch ist leider nicht so gut. Überleg mir noch ob ich ein klein wenig investieren soll. Aber nur Spielgeld, da der Absturz schon heftig erscheint.
Bitte um Meinungen

940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutzusammenfassung... einfach in google übersetzen...

17.03.15 08:15
Petropavlovsk (LON:POG) ? Investors take up 35.35% rights issue shares. ML to offer remaining 2bn shares to investors

? Investors have elected to take up just 35.35% of Petropavlovsk shares representing 1.1bn new shares in the company?s mammoth rights issue.

? The underwriters Merrill Lynch International are now looking to place some 2,005,898,145 new shares with institutions and other investors.

? The rights issue has been underwritten by Peter Hambro, Pavel Maslovskiy and certain bond holders.

? The new shares should be tradable from today.

? Valuation: We updated the market on our revised valuation for Petropavlovsk on Friday taking account of our updated production forecast based on company guidance, rouble devaluation and lower capital expenditure.

? Our valuation of 11p/s includes the heavy dilution to the shares created in the company?s refinancing.

? The Cash Flow table below indicates the potential for strong cash flow from operations on our gold price assumptions below. But we also see potential for a $30m cash deficit in 2017 (on the assumption of a flat US$1,200/oz gold price).

? Our modelling shows >US$200m in leveraged free cash flow in 2015, assuming a dollar / rouble exchange rate of 1:60 and gold price of US$1,234/oz this year subject to the company meeting its production and operating costs guidance.

? We assume cost inflation accelerates to 15% through the 2015-18E period to reflect the estimated 40% depreciation in Rouble (USDRUB 2014: 39; 2015: 60; 2016: 65)

? Applying a more conservative US$1,200/oz gold price forecast from 2015 onwards, leveraged FCF generation declines with a potential cash deficit emerging in 2017/18 assuming our production estimates (less than 600kozpa guided by the Company) and debt repayments schedule kept unchanged.

? Following a successful completion of the refinancing deal and having accumulated significant cash buffer in 2015, we expect the Company to generate near sufficient cash to meet its debt repayment schedule moving forwards (see debt repayment schedule below).

*Cost inflation is assumed to accelerate to 15% through the 2015-18E period to reflect an estimated 40% depreciation in Rouble (39 to 65).

POG debt repayment schedule 2015e-2020e

Source: SP Angel

? 2015 assumptions:

o Production: 680-700koz (POG) v 690koz (SP Angel)

o Total Cash Costs: US$700/oz (POG) v US$698/oz (SP Angel)

§ Low operating costs compared to estimated US$890/oz in 2014 is a result of stronger gold sales (690koz v 617koz) and weaker US dollar Rouble exchange rate (60 v 39).

? Capex: $35m=$25m(exploration)+$10m(development) (POG), $42m=$25m(exploration)+$17m(development)

? Our capex numbers are slightly higher than guided by the Company; however, 2015 levels, in general, highlight significantly reduced capital expenditures compared to

Part two.

? Our capex numbers are slightly higher than guided by the Company; however, 2015 levels, in general, highlight significantly reduced capital expenditures compared to historical numbers.

? While the Company?s outstanding debt is serviceable on our estimates, the outstanding guarantee for the ICBC loan to IRC for construction of the K&S I project is under risk should IRC miss its interest/amortization payments.

? The IRC facility stands at US$267m as of Dec/14 with IRC having agreed with ICBC the release of the remaining US$52m following successful completion of the POG?s refinancing.

? With iron ore prices currently trading sub-$60/t ore c. 60% down on levels seen at the start of 2014 and ilmenite prices in downward trend since 2012, IRC earnings are under significant pressure as the new plant is going through a commissioning phase and ICBC debt amortization coming in at $43m in 2015.

Conclusion: Petropavlovsk continues to offer value for investors despite the hefty dilution from the rights and convertible issues. Our calculations indicate the company generates sufficient cash flow to cover debt repayments on our gold price assumptions and lower costs, a weaker rouble, higher gold production and better capital control.

We also highlight the current low gold price if rolled forwards at US$1,200/oz may see the Company recording a cash shortfall in 2017/18 given present debt repayment schedule.


940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutdie conclusion also die zusammenfassung ist wichti

17.03.15 08:15

940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutheut ging nach oben...

19.03.15 14:01
mal schauen wo sich der preis einpendelt... hoffe wir erreichen bald die 8p dann kann die wadelanleihe in Aktien umgewandelt werden und 100 mio zu 9 % würden wegfallen... bleibt n krimmi! :-))  

940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutnews

20.03.15 12:16
Peter Hambro describes it as being like having a lead weight being lifted from around his neck.

He is referring to the completion of a protracted refinancing of Petropavlovsk (LON:POG), the Siberian gold miner the septuagenarian founded in 1994 with former Russian senator Pavel Maslovskiy.

There was a dissident investor, Sapinda, that wanted to block the bail-out and a shareholder vote that eventually approved a US$235mln rights issue.

As moves were being made to refinance to debt-laden company and re-shape and re-focus the strategy, the business became the target of short sellers.

So, in the space of a year, the firm, once a candidate for the FTSE 100, has seen 95% wiped from its value.

A market veteran, Hambro is no stranger to the practice of short selling - betting on a fall in a share price - and in fact it was a tactic he quite 'enjoyed' deploying during his time as a City trader.

But being the target, it all felt a bit personal, he said.

"On the other end of it the whole process is very, very unpleasant," Hambro told Proactive Investors.

"There is very little you can do other than hope you can catch them out."

When we meet, the Petropavlovsk chairman, scion of the great Hambro merchant banking dynasty, is keen to look to the future, not what has gone before.

With the funds in place and a new US$100mln debt facility he and the team focus on getting the absolute best out of what is still a globally significant gold deposit.

The plan is to mine the near-surface oxide ore from its deposits at a rate of 680-700,000 ounces a year.

That is a significant alteration to the previous strategy in which Petropavlovsk targeted refractory ore.

In mining parlance, refractory is often short-hand for tough-to-process sulphide material.

But using pressure oxidisaton or POX for short, it was able to do in 45 minutes what it took Mother Nature 4.5mln years to complete.

A 2012 presentation outlining the firm's plans claimed boldly that POX had the potential to 'unlock the future of gold mining'. Instead it almost became a POX on both the house of Peter Hambro and the company itself.

For the huge investment required to tap the potential of the refractory Pioneer and Pokrovskiy deposits using pressure oxidisation left Petropavlovsk with big debts just as the gold price was going into reverse.

"We had to turn the super-tanker around big time," Hambro said.

The fall in the share price down to 4p and the dilution of the rights issue may have been unpalatable for existing shareholders.

But this has provided an opportunity for investors new to Petropavlovsk.

The hedge fund CapeView, run by former Deutsche Bank trader Theo Panos, took its position above 5% on Thursday and more new shareholders are expected to emerge following the rights issue and placing that followed.

With an all-sustaining cash cost of below US$700, Petropavlovsk is one of the lower cost major gold producers. The tailwinds provided by a lower rouble will only help bolster its profit margins.

Some insightful analysis provided by John Meyer, the veteran mining analyst at resources boutique SP Angel, underlines the company's significant potential.

He is predicting the group will post underlying earnings (EBITDA) of US$319mln this year, rising to US$336mln next based on a gold price of between US$1,234 and US$1,300 an ounce.

Importantly, Meyer's modelling reveals Petropavlovsk is capable of producing leveraged cash flow of more than US$200mln this year; which is important as the group looks to repay the remainder of its debt.

Meyer concludes: "Petropavlovsk continues to offer value for investors despite the hefty dilution from the rights and convertible issues.

"Our calculations indicate the company generates sufficient cash flow to cover debt repayments on our gold price assumptions and lower costs, a weaker rouble, higher gold production and better capital control."

The analyst reckons the stock is worth around 11p a share.

That valuation might increase when Petropavlovsk completes a reserve and resource report due late next month or early May.

And there is also the blue sky opportunity at some later date of chasing the bonanza grade shoots that have been identified across the company's licence areas.

None of this has been factored into the current assessment of the prospects of the company, which Hambro says has been 'weighed down by negativity'.

Neither has the prospect of a dividend payment. Yet the chairman can see a day when Petropavlovsk rewards investors for the patience (and courage) with a payout.

"You value gold companies on a discounted cash flow basis. If you don't have access to the cash flow you shouldn't be involved," he explains.

32 Postings, 4794 Tage stadtjungeRusslands Petropavlovsk halbiert Verluste

29.04.15 19:54

Russlands Petropavlovsk halbiert Verluste
( Moskau 29.04.15 - Der in Russland tätige Goldproduzent Petropavlovsk hat seinen Verlust im vergangenen Jahr deutlich verringern können. Die Planungen für die Ausweitung der Produktion wurden bestätigt.

Petropavlovsk hat im vergangenen Jahr einen Nettoverlust von 348 Mio. USD eingefahren und konnte diesen gegenüber dem Vorjahr mehr als halbieren. Das Unternehmen meldete, dass man die operativen Kosten senken konnte und die Wertberichtigungen geringer ausfielen. Der bereinigte Nettogewinn aus dem laufenden Geschäft lag im vergangenen Jahr bei 4,4 Mio. USD, nachdem im Vorjahr noch ein Verlust von 1,5 Mio. USD Stand.

Für das Gesamtjahr plant Petropavlovsk eine Reduktion seiner Verbindlichkeiten auf unter 600 Mio. USD. Die Produktion soll 2015 zwischen 680.000 und 700.000 Unzen Gold liegen, im ersten Quartal allein wurde 112.800 Unzen produziert.

Quelle:, Autor: (cs)

940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutnews

29.04.15 22:08

Debt the priority for Petropavlovsk

Petropavlovsk (POG) halved its net loss for 2014 to $348m (£227m), but the relative improvement can be attributed to $562m in impairments booked the previous year. Cash profits for the Russia-focused gold miner declined by around a fifth to $252m, due in part to a 12 per cent fall in realised gold prices.

With net debt approaching the $1bn mark at the year-end, the group's primary focus is getting the balance sheet in order. To this end, Petropavlovsk recently secured the eleventh-hour support of shareholders for a debt refinancing scheme, involving a new $100m five-year convertible bond as well as a heavily discounted rights issue. Petropavlovsk's management, under the auspice of chairman and co-founder Peter Hambro, now plans to pare back net debt to below $600m by the 2015 year-end, from $707m at the end of March.

Gold production fell by 16 per cent during the year to 625,000 ounces, but the miner said it was still on track to produce between 680,000 and 700,000 ounces in 2015. It will have to achieve this without a contribution from its stake in the Koboldo gold-mining company, which it hived off last month for $18.7m. And Petropavlovsk will also need to step up its production rate for the remainder of the year because it has so far been working its way through lower-grade ore.

    TOUCH:5.85-5.88p§12-MONTH HIGH: 29p LOW: 2p

Year to 31 Dec Turnover ($bn) Pre-tax profit ($m) Earnings per share (¢) Dividend per share (p)
      2010       0.6      69.0      11.0        10          §
      2011       1.3       361       124        12          §
      2012       1.2      40.0        na       12?          §
      2013       1.2      -523      -259       nil          §
      2014       0.9     -14.3     -94.0       nil§
% change -28 - - -

?Includes 5p a share scrip dividend. £1=$1.54


Petropavlovsk's shares trade well below the discounted cash-flow valuation of 10.3p provided by BoA Merrill Lynch. And the good news is that a weakened rouble has reduced the miner's all-in costs by 22 per cent. However, this is a very high-risk recovery play until Petropavlovsk makes more headway in reducing its debts. Hold.

Last IC view: Accept, 14.25p, 12 Feb 2015

visible-status-Standard story-url-Petropavlovsk_results_290415.xml

By Mark Robinson,
29 April 2015
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Petropavlovsk PLC (POG:LSE)

1556 Postings, 3078 Tage Fu HuBerichtigt mich wenn ich daneben liege

30.04.15 07:41
Aber bei einer geplanten Produktion von 680.000 - 700.000 Unzen Gold 2015 und einer Ausbeute von 112.800 Unzen im ersten Quartal steht hier ja noch viel viel Arbeit an.
Um genau zu sein wurde das Quartals-Soll von 170.000 gleich um 35% verfehlt. Wir sprechen hier immerhin von jährlich 228800 Unzen Gold also ziemlich genau 1/3 der geplanten Produktion.

Ich hab mir jetzt noch nicht die älteren Berichte dazu angesehen, evt. fördern sie in den Sommermonaten ja das doppelte, was sie ja müssten, wenn sie Ihr Ziel erreichen wollen).
Bei 228800 Unzen sprechen wir ja auch zugleich von rund 270.000.000 $
Dabei kann man nur hoffen, dass damit noch nicht geplant wurde.  

940 Postings, 4228 Tage Nenoderwohlitutja das stimmt...

30.04.15 16:13
sie fördern in der wärmeren zeit sehr viel mehr... russische winter sind nicht schön... der planung von 680 kann man denke ich vertrauen... heute auch akutell in london + 6 %!  

1556 Postings, 3078 Tage Fu HuRobert Jenkins stoßt neu ins BoD dazu

05.05.15 16:13

1556 Postings, 3078 Tage Fu HuDa hat aber heute wer ganz dick

07.05.15 10:57
Knete aufn Tisch geworfen. Ob sich da wohl noch ne Bank dazu äußert?
700 Stk zu 0,081 ? = 56,7 ? zuzgl. 14,99 ? von Tradegate. Total: 71,69 ?  

1556 Postings, 3078 Tage Fu HuPetropavlovsk schedules AGM

18.05.15 13:24

15 May 2015 | 15:34pm - Petropavlovsk will hold its annual general meeting at 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AQ, on 18 June at noon.

At 3:34pm: [LON:POG] Petropavlovsk PLC share price was -0.07p at 6.18p
- See more at:  

1556 Postings, 3078 Tage Fu HuDEShaw hat 12% gekreuzt

20.05.15 08:39

194 Postings, 3586 Tage insectDollar, Gold, Bär und Drache

26.06.15 18:11

Eine äußerst lesenswerte Analyse zur Zukunft des jetzigen Finanzsystems aus der Sicht der Goldpreisentwicklung.
Speziell ab Seite 104 werden die chinesisch-russischen Aktivtäten zur Ablösung des Dollars erläutert.
Die russischen Goldminen werden davon stark profitieren.
Die Chinesen werden sich auch an russischen Minen beteiligen.

Das wird den Goldmarkt kraftvoll anschieben.

Der Beitrag gehört hier rein.

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