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Uramin die Uranperle

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457 Postings, 5787 Tage Inform2006Uramin die Uranperle

19.02.07 15:29
mit echten HAMMERNEWS -in Kanada vom Handel ausgestzt!KAUFEN!!!!

Interim Feasibility Study

UraMin Inc
19 February 2007

19 February 2007

UraMin Inc.
("UraMin" or the "Company")

SRK's Interim Report on the Trekkopje Feasibility Study

UraMin is pleased to announce the results of SRK's Interim Progress Update
Report on the feasibility study for the Trekkopje Uranium Project in Namibia:

? Proposed production profile rising to over 8 million lbs per annum
U308 using heap leach technology

? Estimated operating costs are US$18.07 per lb U308 after V205 credit
(US$20.08 per lb without V205 credit) and estimated capital expenditure of
US$461 million

? Estimated pre-tax Internal Rate of Return of 67 per cent and a Net
Asset Value of US$1.2 billion (using an 8 per cent discount rate)

? Resources in the Measured and Indicated category increase over 200 per
cent to 46.5 million lbs at an average grade of 146ppm U308 (using a cut-off
of 100ppm)

Ian Stalker, Chief Executive, said: "SRK's project scope contemplates an open
pit mine utilising a sodium carbonate/bicarbonate heap leach process at a large
scale mining rate of 100,000 tpd. As a result production would rise to more
than 8 million lbs per annum of U308, much higher than previously envisaged, and
Trekkopje would become one of the largest uranium producing mines in the world.
SRK's interim results have exceeded expectations and we look forward to
completing the Feasibility Study and beginning the development stage later this

Heap leach is the preferred processing technology following successful column
leach test work indicating recoveries of approximately 75 per cent and as a
result SRK has evaluated a production profile for Trekkopje rising to 8 million
lbs U308 per annum. This compares favourably with the 3.3 million lbs U308 per
annum of production previously considered using tank leach processing. Most
importantly water consumption using heap leaching is substantially lower than
would be the case with tank leaching.

SRK's model envisages a 2 year pre-production period, followed by a production
period of 8 years producing 61 million lbs U308 and 20 million lbs V205. A trial
mine is planned for the fourth quarter of 2007 and Trekkopje should commence
commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2008 at initial production rates
of 4 million lbs per annum scaling up to in excess of 8 million lbs within 2
years thereafter. Potential exists to achieve incremental production for the
project from the following areas:

? An additional 75 million tonnes of sulphate rich ore grading approximately
148 ppm is excluded from the proposed mine plan but is the subject of
further testing and could be amenable to acid leaching.

? Test work is being undertaken to determine whether lower grade material
using a cut off grade of 60 ppm could be treated on a "dump leach" basis.

? Excellent exploration potential exists on the additional exploration license
area granted to UraMin in November 2006. Significant radiometric
anomalies on the property are interpreted to delineate extensive sedimentary
channels, similar to those already drilled on the Trekkopje project.

This potential upside could extend the life of mine and sustainability of
production rates of 8 million lbs per annum of U308 beyond the initial mine plan
of 8 years with resultant enhanced project economics.

The selection of a carbonate/bi-carbonate heap leach and ion exchange at a mine
production rate of 100,000 tpd would require a water supply from a desalination
plant of 12 million m3 per year. It is anticipated that the cost of construction
of a desalination plant may be partially offset by contributions from other
parties reducing the estimated capital expenditure on the basis of a shared

Updated Resource Statement

UraMin is also pleased to announce SRK's NI 43-101 compliant updated interim
resource statement on the Trekkopje Uranium Project in Namibia where both
deposits have seen a substantial conversion of Inferred to Indicated Resources.
Current in-fill drilling is expected to convert most of the total remaining
Inferred resource to Measured and Indicated.

? Project Measured and Indicated resources are estimated at 144.6
million tonnes grading 146 ppm eU3O8 (at a 100 ppm cut off grade), containing
an estimated 46.5 million pounds of U3O8.

? Project Inferred resources are estimated at 195.3 million tonnes grading 138
ppm eU3O8, containing an estimated 59.3 million pounds U3O8.

? The Measured and Indicated resource increased 236% from the September 2006
initial resource estimate, as a result of the conversion of Inferred
resources, due to increased drill density.

? A program of in-fill drilling central to the 200 by 200m grid (5-spot
drilling) is being completed and is expected to convert much of the existing
Inferred resource to Measured and/or Indicated resource. An updated resource
estimate is due in April 2007.

Trekkopje Project Combined Resources at 100 ppm U3O8 Cut-off grade

Resource Classification Resource Grade Contained Contained
(tonnes) eU3O8 (ppm) Tonnes eU3O8 Pounds eU3O8

Klein Trekkopje 7,096,000 156 1,105 2,435,000
Trekkopje 0 0 0 0

_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Measured 7,096,000 156 1,105 2,435,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Klein Trekkopje 109,631,000 149 16,320 35,978,000
Trekkopje 27,835,000 131 3,659 8,067,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Indicated 137,466,000 145 19,979 44,045,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Measured & Indicated:

Klein Trekkopje 116,727,000 149 17,424 38,413,000
Trekkopje 27,835,000 131 3,659 8,067,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Total M&I 144,562,000 146 21,084 46,480,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Klein Trekkopje 177,090,000 139 24,610 54,255,000
Trekkopje 18,216,000 125 2,284 5,035,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Inferred 195,306,000 138 26,894 59,290,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Klein Trekkopje Deposit Resources at 100 ppm U3O8 Cut-off grade

Resource Classification - 100 ppm cutoff Resource Grade Contained Contained
(tonnes) eU3O8 (ppm) Tonnes eU3O8 Pounds eU3O8


Conglomerate 2,835,000 143 404 891,000
SO4 Rock* 4,261,000 164 700 1,544,000
Bedrock 0 0 0 0
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Measured 7,096,000 156 1,105 2,435,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Conglomerate 88,430,000 144 12,744 28,095,000
SO4 Rock* 21,076,000 169 3,561 7,851,000
Bedrock 125,000 115 14 32,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Indicated 109,631,000 149 16,320 35,978,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Measured & Indicated:

Conglomerate 91,265,000 144 13,148 28,986,000
SO4 Rock* 25,337,000 168 4,262 9,395,000
Bedrock 125,000 115 14 32,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Total M&I 116,727,000 149 17,424 38,413,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Conglomerate 119,579,000 136 16,288 35,909,000
SO4 Rock* 57,381,000 145 8,307 18,313,000
Bedrock 130,000 116 15 33,000
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Inferred 177,090,000 139 24,610 54,255,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

* SO4 Rock is material for which sulfate (gypsum) is present above a
process-determined cut-off grade of 0.30% SO4. The average SO4 grade of sulfate
rich ore is not yet determined, as too few assays are present to allow grade
estimation. SO4 material may or may not need special attention in processing.
In-fill RC drilling in progress will establish SO4 grade distribution.

Trekkopje Deposit Resources at 100 ppm U3O8 Cut-off grade

Resource Classification - 100 ppm cutoff Resource Grade Contained Contained
(tonnes) eU3O8 (ppm) Tonnes eU3O8 Pounds eU3O8

Measured 0 0 0 0

Conglomerate 20,063,000 133 2,659 5,862,000
SO4 Rock* 7,772,000 129 1,000 2,205,000
Bedrock 0 0
_____ _____ _____ _____
Total M&I 27,835,000 131 3,659 8,067,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

Conglomerate 11,395,000 127 1,445 3,186,000
SO4 Rock* 6,821,000 123 839 1,849,000
Bedrock 0 0
_____ _____ _____ _____
Sub-Total Inferred 18,216,000 125 2,284 5,035,000
_____ _____ _____ _____

* SO4 Rock is material for which sulfate (gypsum) is present above a
process-determined cut-off grade of 0.30% SO4. The average SO4 grade of sulfate
rock is not yet determined, as too few assays are present to allow grade
estimation. SO4 material may or may not need special attention in processing.
In-fill RC drilling in progress will establish SO4 grade distribution.

Resources for both Trekkopje and Klein Trekkopje have been updated from
September 2006 by the following:

? Completion of 200 by 200m spaced drilling at Klein Trekkopje and the
drilling of a 400 by 400 m area on 50 by 50m spacing to examine grade

? An 18ppm "background" radiometric eU3O8 base above which
mineralization exists was confirmed by chemical analyses. This was removed
from the down-hole eU3O8 data for all drill holes at both Trekkopje and Klein

? Statistical data defined a 35ppm break to corrected eU3O8 data, as the basis
for establishing grade shells at both deposits;

? Data was composited to 2.5m down-hole intervals to allow for the likelihood of
bulk tonnage mining methods, while permitting vertical discrimination of the
deposit at the top and bottom of mineralization.

? Increased density of drilling allowed for 100m x 100m x 2.5m blocks; grade
interpolation was by ordinary kriging internal to the grade shells, using
acceptable variography parameters that mimic geology.

? Resources were classified based on a proportion of the range, number of
composites, and a minimum number of drill holes; standard protocols for CIM
classifications of Measured, Indicated and Inferred resources.

? SO4 material was defined by a 0.3% SO4 cutoff, defining a surface
sub-parallel to the topography surface to define tonnes of SO4 material.

? SO4 grades are not reported as they are based on very limited RC assay data,
are not currently sufficient, and will be augmented with additional
information from the current 5-spot drilling in progress.

? For the purpose of a Preliminary Assessment, there are a total of 33.1
million tonnes of Measured and Indicated resource, and 64.2 million tonnes
of Inferred resource for which sufficient SO4 is present to be listed
separately. Approximately 22 million tonnes are currently in the plan as
normally processable material, pending further testing and drill assay
results. The remaining SO4 bearing resource is being investigated for
possible alternative processing options.

Resources will be updated in April 2007 after inclusion of 5-spot infill RC
drilling. The intent of the 5-spot drilling program is to convert Inferred
resources to Indicated resources and provide additional analytical data to
establish SO4 grades.

Feasibility a comprehensive study of a deposit in which all geological, engineering, operating, economic and other
study relevant factors are considered in sufficient detail for it to reasonably serve as the basis for a final
decision by a financial institution to finance the development of the deposit for mineral production

U308 ppm Triuranium octaoxide grades in parts per million generated as a result of the conversion of down hole
total gamma radiometric probe data to equivalent uranium oxide using probe calibration on known uranium
sources and QA/QC procedures. "Industry Standard Procedure"

Sodium Chemical formula - Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid

V205 Vanadium pentoxide

SO4 Sulphate

Sedimentary Fluvial channel containing debris including clasts and sediment derived from a source upstream

Conglomerate Rock consisting of rounded clasts of gravel surrounded by sand.

NI 43-101 National Instrument 43-101 - Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, Form 43-101F1 and Companion
Policy 43-101CP

Measured A 'Measured Mineral Resource' is that part of a Mineral Resource for which quantity, grade or quality,
Resource densities, shape, and physical characteristics are so well established that they can be estimated with
confidence sufficient to allow the appropriate application of technical and economic parameters, to
support production planning and evaluation of the economic viability of the deposit. The estimate is
based on detailed and reliable exploration, sampling and testing information gathered through
appropriate techniques from locations such as outcrops, trenches, pits, workings and drill holes that
are spaced closely enough to confirm both geological and grade continuity.

Indicated An 'Indicated Mineral Resource' is that part of a Mineral Resource for which quantity, grade or quality,
Resource densities, shape and physical characteristics can be estimated with a level of confidence sufficient to
allow the appropriate application of technical and economic parameters, to support mine planning and
evaluation of the economic viability of the deposit. The estimate is based on detailed and reliable
exploration and testing information gathered through appropriate techniques from locations such as
outcrops, trenches, pits, workings and drill holes that are spaced closely enough for geological and
grade continuity to be reasonably assumed.

Inferred An 'Inferred Mineral Resource' is that part of a Mineral Resource for which quantity and grade or quality
Resource can be estimated on the basis of geological evidence and limited sampling and reasonably assumed, but not
verified, geological and grade continuity. The estimate is based on limited information and sampling
gathered through appropriate techniques from locations such as outcrops, trenches, pits, workings and
drill holes.

5 spot infill Drill pattern that includes 4 drill holes on a square pattern with an additional 5th hole drilled at the
drilling centre of the square

eU3O8 (ppm) Triuranium octaoxide grades in parts per million generated as a result of the conversion of down hole
total gamma radiometric probe data to equivalent uranium oxide using probe calibration on known uranium
sources and QA/QC procedures. 'Industry Standard Procedure'.

Lb Pound

Uranium heavy silvery-white metallic element found in several minerals, notably uraninite and carnotite

SRK SRK Consulting (US) Incorporated, managing engineers for the feasibility study of the Trekkopje Uranium

Tpd Tonnes per day

The resource information contained in this announcement has been reviewed by
Allan Moran, Principal Geologist with SRK. He is the Qualified Person overseeing
the Trekkopje Project drilling and resource estimation activities for the
purposes of NI 43-101 compliance. Mr. Moran has sufficient experience relevant
to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to
the activity which he is undertaking, to qualify as a Qualified Person for the
purposes of this announcement.

Resource estimation by SRK, follows CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy) resource classification categories, and resources were determined
using background-corrected eU3O8 radiometric probe data, ordinary kriging for
grade estimation and industry standard block modeling techniques. Industry
accepted "Best Practices Guidelines" were followed in data collection,
documentation, analyses, and reporting. UraMin has a QA/QC program in place for
sample analytical data and down-hole radiometric probe data. The stated
Trekkopje Project resource estimates are based on entirely new drilling data
collected in 2006 by UraMin, and does not include any historical drill hole

The Interim Progress Update Report represents the latest view of project
concepts, designs and likely projected outcomes based on the work conducted to
date, industry accepted practice and certain project specific assumptions.
Readers are cautioned that the results reported are not definitive and maybe
subject to change as further work is undertaken. Project outcomes may
ultimately be materially different from those projected in this report.

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65 Postings ausgeblendet.

15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noideaWollen mal hoffen, dass die Übernahme bald

15.06.07 13:57
klappt oder noch besser, dass es eine Bieterschlacht um UraMin geben wird. Leider bin ich erst jetzt auf den Wert aufmerksam geworden und wenn ich mir den Chart zu ansehe, beneide ich alle die schon etwas länger dabei sind. Bin wirklich rein zufällig über einen Zeitungsbericht auf die Aktie aufmerksam geworden. Im Wo Forum gehen sie von einem Kursziel von ca. 7,50 aus. Sollten sich aber mehrere für das Unternehmen interessieren, könnte der Kurs auch deutlich darüber liegen. Risiko: Sollte die Übernahme nicht stattfinden hat die Aktie allerdings Rückschlagspotential.  

4618 Postings, 5594 Tage chinaloverÜbernahmeangebot für 5,85 Euro

15.06.07 15:43
AREVA Announces US$ 7.75 Per Share Friendly Cash Offer for UraMin

PARIS, Jun 15, 2007 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --

- 100% cash offer

- Attractive premium of 21% over UraMin 20-day average share price(1)
as of June 8, 2007(2)

- AREVA and UraMin entered into a support agreement in respect of
AREVA's offer to acquire all the outstanding UraMin shares by way
of a take-over bid

- Full support of UraMin Board of Directors

- Lock-up agreements in respect of approximately 25% of shares

- An acquisition which perfectly fits into AREVA's strategy to
significantly increase its uranium production in the medium term

AREVA and UraMin Inc. ("UraMin") today entered into an agreement in respect of AREVA's friendly cash offer for 100% of the share capital of UraMin (the Offer"). UraMin is listed in London (AIM) and Toronto (TSX). AREVA (Euronext Paris) already owns 5.5% of UraMin's share capital.

This cash offer of AREVA will be made through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary CFMM Développement ("AREVA") based on a price of US$ 7.75 per UraMin share. The total ofer consideration amounts to more than USD 2.5 billion for 100% of the fully diluted share capital of UraMin(3). This represents a premium of 21% over UraMin 20-day weighted average trading price(1) ending on June 8, 2007(2).

The UraMin Board of Directors, after consulting with its financial advisors, has detrmined that the offer is fair and in the best interest of the UraMin shareholders and it has resolved to recommend acceptance of the Offer. BMO Capital Markets has provided an opinion that the offer is fair, from a financial point of view, to the UraMin shareholders.

In connection with the offer, all directors and certain other shareholders rpresenting approximately 25% of the outstanding UraMin shares (calculated on a fully diluted basis) have entered into lock-up agreements with AREVA pursuant to which they have agreed to tender all their UraMin shares to AREVA's offer.

The suport agreement entered into between AREVA and UraMin provides for, among other things, in case a superior proposal is accepted by UraMin, a right to match in favour of AREVA. The support agreement also includes a break up fee in favour of AREVA of US$ 75 milion under certain circumstances.

The offer and take-over circular will be mailed to UraMin shareholders in the comin days. The offer period will be open for not less than 35 days. The offer is conditional upon, in particular, the tendering of a minimum of 75% of the outstanding UraMin's shares on a fully diluted basis, including the 5.5% shares held by AREVA.

Concurrently with the closing of the proposed offer, UraMin will declare a dividendpayable in shares of the capital of Niger Uranium Limited held by UraMin (where permitted by law) or a cash equivalent of the value of such shares. Further details will be provided at the time of the mailing of UraMin Directors' Circular.


"UraMin has benefited from its founders' dynamism and know-how to identify significant mining resources on the African continent. The commissioning of these assets would enable AREVA to develop and further diversify its sourcing, thereby securing its clients' long term uranium needs.

UraMin's acquisition perfectly fits into AREVA's strategy in the mining sector. It will allow combining the mining resources of both companies, as well as their respective human expertise. For AREVA, it will result into a significant increase of its uranium production in the medium term.

Through the main projects, located in South Africa, Namibia, and Central African Republic, AREVA plans to reach a yearly production of about 18mio Lbs of U3O8 by 2012. AREVA has the technical and commercial capabilities to rapidly commission UraMin projects and market its production." explains Olivier Mallet, AREVA Senior Executive Vice President of the Mining, Chemistry and Enrichment sector of AREVA.

Mr. Stephen R. Dattels, UraMin's founder and Executive Deputy Chairman said today that "UraMin's potential production capability gives AREVA the opportunity to strengthen its position as one of the largest uranium producers in the world. Combined with the integrated business model of AREVA all along the nuclear value chain, access to long-term sources of uranium will reinforce AREVA's ability to provide security of supply to its costumers. For UraMin's shareholders, the proposed offer by AREVA provides a unique opportunity to realize an attractive premium today and to participate in an exciting new uranium vehicle with drill ready properties in Niger."

Mr. Dattels went on to say, "I would like to thank the directors, management and employees of UraMin for their tremendous contribution since the inception of UraMin in 2005. Their hard work and vision enabled us to create over US$2.5 billion of market value in just over two years time, making UraMin a major success story in the mining sector."

BMO Capital Markets is acting as financial advisors to UraMin and Heenan Blaikie LLP is acting as legal counsel to UraMin.

NM Rothschild & Sons Canada Limited is acting as financial advisor to AREVA and Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP is acting as legal counsel to AREVA.


A conference call will take place today, June 15, at 4:00pm CET.

To reach the conference, please call:

- From France: +33 (0)1 70 99 42 66

- From North America: + 1 718 354 1357

- From UK: +44 (0)20 7138 0817

To access to the slide-show, click on the following link:

More about AREVA

With manufacturing facilities in 41 countries and a sales network in more than 100 countries, AREVA offers customers reliable technological solutions for CO(2)-free power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. We are the world leader in nuclear power and the only company to cover all industrial activities in this field. Our 61.000 employees are committed to continuous improvement on a daily basis, making sustainable development the focal point of the group's industrial strategy. AREVA's businesses help meet the 21st century's greatest challenges: making energy available to all, protecting the planet, and acting responsibly towards future generations.

Press Office : Charles Hufnagel/Julien Duperray

T: +33 1 34 96 12 15

Investors Relations : Frédéric Potelle

T: +33 1 34 96 14 08

More about UraMin

UraMin Inc. ( was founded in February 2005 and its shares are traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol 'UMN'. The Company was established to acquire and develop mineral properties, predominantly uranium. The Company currently has working capital of approximately US$285 million and a market capitalization of approximately US$2 billion on an undiluted basis.

UraMin is currently focusing on the development of its advanced exploration projects at Trekkopje in Namibia, Bakouma in the Central African Republic and Ryst Kuil in South Africa. Through the South African joint venture, UraMin also enjoys additional prospecting license applications for important uranium deposits in the Karoo, South Africa.


This announcement does not constitute or form part of any offer to sell or invitation to purchase any securities or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, pursuant to the Offer or otherwise. The Offer will be made solely by the formal offer and take-over bid circular, which will contain the full terms and conditions of the Offer, including details of how the Offer may be accepted.

This announcement is for information purposes and is not a substitute for the formal offer and take-over bid circular. Copies of the offer and take-over bid circular and other materials relating to the Offer can be obtained when they become available free of charge at the SEDAR website at


This document contains statements which are, or may be deemed to be, "forward looking statements" which are prospective in nature. Forward-looking statements are not based on historical facts, but rather on current expectations and projections about future events, and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from the future results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Often, but not always, forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking words such as "plans", "expects" or "does not expect", "is expected", "budget", "scheduled", "estimates", "forecasts", "intends", "anticipates" or "does not anticipate", or "believes", or variations of such words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results "may", "could", "should", "would", "might" or "will" be taken, occur or be achieved. Such statements are qualified in their entirety by the inherent risks and uncertainties surrounding future expectations. Such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of UraMin to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward looking statements. Important factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements of UraMin to differ materially from the expectations of UraMin include, among other things, general business and economic conditions globally, commodity price volatility, industry trends, competition, changes in government and other regulation, including in relation to the environment, health and safety and taxation, labor relations and work stoppages, changes in political and economic stability, the failure to meet certain conditions of the Offer and/or the failure to obtain the required approvals or clearances from regulatory and other agencies and bodies on a timely basis or at all, the inability to successfully integrate UraMin's operations and programs with those of AREVA, incurring and/or experiencing unanticipated costs and/or delays or difficulties relating to integration of UraMin, disruptions in business operations due to reorganization activities and interest rate and currency fluctuations. Such forward-looking statements should therefore be construed in light of such factors.

Other than in accordance with its legal or regulatory obligations, AREVA is not under any obligation and AREVA expressly disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Neither the Toronto Stock Exchange nor the AIM has reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the release.

(1) Calculated based on UraMin's 20-day volume weighted average trading
price on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock
Exchange ending on June 8, 2007
(2) Last trading day prior to the date on which UraMin announced it had
entered into negotiations regarding a potential sale of the company
(3) The existing number of UraMin shares is currently about 277M.
Given the number of options and warrants that have been emitted,
UraMin share capital is made of 323M of shares on a fully diluted

SOURCE: UraMin Inc.

UraMin Inc, Neil Herbert, Finance Director, Tel: +44 77 85 95 77 84; Stephen R. Dattels, Executive Deputy Chairman; Tel: +44 79 17 73 92 49
Copyright (C) 2007 CNW Group. All rights reserved.

15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noidea@chinalover

15.06.07 16:58
Denke mal die werden noch  nachlegen müssen. Das Angebot ist viel zu niedrig, liegt wohl daran, dass sie bis jetzt noch keine Bieter-Konkurrenz haben. Wird sich sicherlich bald ändern. Vielleicht mischen auch bald die Chinesen mit, dann heißt es für die Franzosen doch etwas tiefer in die Tasche zu greifen.  

5465 Postings, 5498 Tage bull2000Da ist doch hoffentlich noch etwas mehr drin......

15.06.07 17:02
was mich allerdings etwas stört, ist die Tatsache, daß nur noch 44,5% des freefloats angedient werden müssen, damit areva die notwendigen 75% zusammen hat. Schau mer mal.... ist ja noch 35 Tage Zeit, erst einmal weiter halten, denn was hat man schon zu verlieren?    

15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noideaTja, im Moment liegt der Kurs ja um einiges

15.06.07 17:05
höher als das Angebot der Franzosen. Die bieten pro  Aktie 7,75 CAD Dollars.  

5847 Postings, 5723 Tage biomuellhabe verkauft - wollte ohnehin CASH position

15.06.07 17:19
erhöhen. URAMIN war ein netter Play. Dank an RSR.

5465 Postings, 5498 Tage bull2000@noidea

15.06.07 17:19
der aktuelle Kurs ist etwas höher, aber nur zur Klarstellung: sie bieten 7,75 U S $.  

15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noidea@bull2000 - sorry for my mistake !

15.06.07 18:58

6409 Postings, 5843 Tage OhioUramin

16.06.07 20:21

Das von uns am Montag bereits spekuliert, ist Areva der Käufer des Uranexplorers UraMin.

Mit 7,75 CAD in Cash will man den u.a. in Namibia ansässigen Explorer übernehmen.

Areva ist der größtenteils staatliche französische Kernkraftwerkbetreiber.

?Verdächtig? ist jedoch, dass die Aktie in Kanada nun bei hohen Umsätzen auf 8,50 CAD gestiegen ist.

Wir vermuten daher, dass einige ?Eingeweihte? mehr wissen und es zu einem weiteren Angebot kommt.

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass Areva nachbessert oder ein anderer Konkurrent sich eine Übernahmeschlacht mit Areva leistet, ist daher hoch.

Wir würden jedoch auf keinen Fall jetzt noch auf diese Spekulation aufspringen.

Denn kommt es nicht dazu, bleibt das Areva-Angebot bei 7,75 CAD bestehen.

Andere Uranaktien dürften nun in den kommenden Tagen und Wochen ebenfalls in den Fokus geraten.

Ein Areva-Sprecher bestätigte in dieser Woche, dass man sich auch mit anderen Uran-Explorern ?unterhalte?.


1280 Postings, 5571 Tage MikrokosmosDiese Aktie macht einfach Spaß

16.06.07 22:26
bin erst im März zu 3,75 rein.
Eine Übernahmeschlacht wäre phantastisch. $$$

Möchte aber steuerfrei raus, daher long.  

141 Postings, 5647 Tage CariopaMikrokosmos

18.06.07 13:24
Das sehe ich genauso wie Du. Mein Invest ist ebenfalls long ausgerichtet. Deshalb bin ich noch nicht so scharf auf eine Übernahme. Leider werden das "wie und wann" andere Player entscheiden.

Viel Glück  

5465 Postings, 5498 Tage bull2000Ich fasse es nicht, wer verkauft denn hier

21.06.07 11:50
zu K unter 5,80 und damit unter dem Areva-Angebot? Das gilt noch ca. 4 Wochen und in der Zeit könnte es noch ein Konkurrenzangebot geben, was den K nach oben treibt. Für diese Chance ist doch wohl eine anständige (positive) Prämie fällig. Wenn ich nicht schon investiert wäre, würde ich jetzt glatt kaufen.    

15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noideaSo, ab jetzt kann eigentlich nur noch nach oben

21.06.07 17:10

12 Postings, 5485 Tage azvhIst doch i.O.

21.06.07 17:21
Hab mir gleich ein paar gesichert. nun man wird sehen was die Übernahmespeku. bringt.  

300 Postings, 5542 Tage squalidNews (von gestern)

28.06.07 20:20

Toronto ? 27. Juni 2007 ? Nach ihrer erfolgreichen Vereinbarung zur
Gründung eines Joint Ventures in Niger haben Northwestern Mineral Ventures
Inc. (WKN A0B917, ISIN CA6681301074) und UraMin Inc. (TSX: UMN; AIM: UMN)
die Bohrungen in den viel versprechenden Irhazer- und In Gall-Konzessionen
begonnen. In Phase 1 sind insgesamt 2.000 Meter (6.562 Fuß)
Schlammbohrungen geplant, die vor dem Start der Regenzeit in Niger
abgeschlossen sein sollen. Das Bohrprogramm konzentriert sich dabei auf
Bereiche mit hoher Priorität in der Nähe von radioaktiven Domstrukturen,
die bei früheren Erkundungen gefunden wurden.

'Diese Bohrphase ist der Beginn eines großen, erweiterten
Erkundungsprogramms in unserem weitläufigen Niger-Portfolio, und wir freuen
uns, dass wir mit den Bohrungen in Irhazer und In Gall so schnell starten
konnten', sagte Marek J. Kreczmer, Präsident und CEO von Northwestern sowie
Geschäftsführender Direktor und CEO des Joint Ventures. 'Irhazer und In
Gall haben bis jetzt hochgradige Uranwert mit bis zu 1,0% U3O8 in großen
Felssplitterproben ergeben. Wir freuen uns darauf, das ganze Potenzial
unserer Nigerkonzessionen nutzen zu können.'

Ian Stalker, zweiter Vorstandsvorsitzender des Joint Ventures, sagte: 'Die
schnellen Fortschritte, die wir soweit machen konnten, zeigen unser
Engagement bei der Entwicklung unserer Aktivitäten in Niger, und wir werden
den Markt so früh wie möglich über die Ergebnisse dieser Probebohrungen
informieren. Die Arbeit in den UraMin-Gebieten in Niger, die einen Teil des
neuen Joint Ventures darstellt, hat auch am Boden begonnen.'

Die Standorte, die in dieser Phase getestet werden, umfassen insgesamt drei
Ziele in Irhazer und In Gall. Das Ziel des Programms ist es, in der Nähe
von radioaktiven Domstrukturen und unterirdischen Sandsteinvorkommen zu
testen, die dafür bekannt sind, an den benachbarten Erzabbaustellen Azelik
und Imouraren wirtschaftlich relevante Mineralisierung zu enthalten.

Die Bohrungen werden durchgeführt von ESAFOR aus Arlit, Niger. ESAFOR ist
eine der großen Bohrfirmen bei der Uranerkundung und dem Uranabbau in
Niger. Mindestens 14 Löcher sind geplant, um in dieser ersten Phase Gebiete
mit potenzieller Uranmineralisierung in geringer Tiefe zu testen.

Portfolio an Abbaugebieten des Joint Ventures

Das Joint-Venture-Unternehmen verfügt derzeit über acht Uranabbaugebiete
- Irhazer, In Gall, Kamas 1 bis 4 sowie Dabala 3 und 4 ? die zusammen eine
Fläche von 6.773 km2 (1.673.644 acres) abdecken.

Irhazer und In Gall ergaben Uranwerte von 0,22% U3O8 bis 1,0% U3O8 von fünf
Proben Oberflächengestein, die aus Aufschlüssen gesammelt wurden, wie in
einer Pressemeldung von Northwestern Mineral Ventures vom 29. Mai 2007
berichtet. Diese Proben wurden erneuten Analysen unterzogen, nachdem sie
Nachweisgrenzen von Urantests überschritten hatten, die üblicherweise für
die Analyse von Proben aus dem Niger verwendet werden. Produktionsminen und
-ablagerungen im Niger reichen normalerweise von 0,1% bis 0,42% U3O8, wobei
die höchsten Werten in größeren Tiefen erreicht werden.

Kamas 1 bis 4 und Dabala 3 und 4 liegen nebeneinander und entlang der
nachgewiesenen Arlit-Verwerfung westlich einer erfolgreichen
uranproduzierenden Mine.

Die Gründung des neuen Unternehmens und die Beendigung der Transaktionen
unterliegen der Prüfung und Genehmigung der Republik Niger sowie der
Vergabe aller geltenden vorschriftsmäßigen Autorisierungen (einschließlich
Genehmigung der TSX Venture Exchange) und eines 'Favorable Fairness'

1352 Postings, 5868 Tage RöttgenUranim

06.07.07 15:55
Fuchsbriefe - Uramin ein spekulativer Kauf  

09:13 06.07.07  

Berlin ( AG) - Die Experten von "Fuchsbriefe" empfehlen die Aktie von Uramin (ISIN VGG9298V1067/ WKN A0JM97) zum spekulativen Kauf.

Wie die Experten berichten würden, spiele sich bei den Betreibern von Uranminen ähnliches ab wie bei den Herstellern von Windrädern. Auch hier sorge die Suche nach Alternativen zu Öl, Kohle und Gas für einen enormen Nachfrageschub. Es würden weltweit neue Atomkraftwerke (AKW) geplant oder befänden sich bereits im Bau. Schätzungen von Experten zufolge werde die Zahl der AKWs (derzeit 441) allein in den nächsten zehn Jahren um rund 20% zunehmen. Die weltweite Renaissance der Atomkraft habe den Preis für Uran explodieren lassen. Zuletzt habe ein Pfund Uranoxid (U3O8) mehr als 130 USD gekostet. Seit Beginn des Jahres bedeute dies annähernd eine Verdoppelung. Anfang 2005 habe der Preis sogar erst bei 20 USD pro Pfund Uran gelegen.

Nach Angaben der Experten spiegle sich dieser Preisschub auch in den Aktiennotierungen der börsennotierten Uran-Fördergesellschaften wider. Ähnlich wie in der Windenergiebranche rolle auch hier eine Übernahmewelle, die die Kurse zusätzlich vorantreibe. Der französische Atom-Konzern Areva habe zuletzt ein Angebot für die kanadische Gesellschaft Uramin unterbreitet. Uramin sei erst vor rund zwei Jahren gegründet worden und entwickle Förderprojekte in Afrika. Die Franzosen würden weltweit Kernkraftwerke planen, bauen und modernisieren und diese auch mit Brennstäben versorgen. Zu diesem Geschäftsmodell würde Uramin perfekt passen. Eigenen Angaben zufolge könnte Areva mit der Übernahme seine Uranförderung bis zum Jahr 2010 verdoppeln.

Areva biete 2,5 Mrd. USD oder umgerechnet 1,9 Mrd. Euro. Das Angebot pro Uramin-Aktie liege bei 7,75 USD bzw. 5,75 Euro. Die Übernahmefrist für das verbindliche Angebot laufe in einem ersten Schritt bis zum 20. Juli 2007. Sollten die Franzosen dann nicht mindestens 75% der Anteile angeboten bekommen haben, könne der Konzern die Übernahme stoppen. Die Experten würden jedoch für diesen Fall die Erhöhung des Übernahmepreises für deutlich wahrscheinlicher halten.

Wie die Experten berichten würden, ergebe sich aus dieser Konstellation eine attraktive Chance. Der Kurs der Uramin-Aktie sei in den nächsten zwei Wochen durch das Übernahmeangebot im Bereich um 5,75 Euro nach unten weitgehend abgesichert. Umgekehrt bestehe aber die Chance, dass Areva beim Werben um die Kanadier beim Preis draufsatteln müsse. Aber auch ein höheres Angebot von einem anderen Konzern sei denkbar. Für Übernahmefantasie sei bei Uramin gesorgt.

Mit einem Kursziel in Höhe von 6,30 Euro ist die Uranim-Aktie für die Experten von "Fuchsbriefe" ein spekulativer Kauf. Zur Absicherung sollte ein enger Stoppkurs bei 5,50 Euro platziert werden. (Ausgabe 27 vom 05.07.2007)


15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noideaSo langsam wird es spannend ! Am 20.Juli

10.07.07 13:09
läuft das Angebot aus. Sollten sie bis dahin nicht die nötige Anzahl von Aktien haben werden sie ihr Angebot nachbessern müssen.

300 Postings, 5542 Tage squalidBarabfindung

11.07.07 16:45

Wertpapierbezeichnung URAMIN INC. REGISTERED SHARES O.N.
Art Freiwillige Barabfindung
Frist bis  27.07.2007
Abfindungspreis  7,75 USD
Die CFMM Development (eine Tochtergesellschaft der Compagnie Francaise de Mines et Mtaux S.A.) bietet den Aktionären der Gesellschaft ein Übernahme-/Abfindungsangebot für ihre Aktien an. Die Einstellung der Notierung ist für den 02.08.2007 vorgesehen.


15732 Postings, 5644 Tage noidea@squalid

11.07.07 21:26
Was denkst Du ? Raus aus der Aktie oder doch noch hoffen, dass ein anderes Angebot abgegeben wird ! Wenn weiterhin der Dollar in die Knie geht, verlieren wir täglich Geld weil das Angebot ja bei 7,75 USD steht. Also was tun  Deiner Meinung nach.  

237 Postings, 5950 Tage kikerikiÜbernahmeangebot

19.07.07 09:53
Wie verhaltet Ihr Euch ??  

249 Postings, 5456 Tage golferngar nicht

19.07.07 11:13
wers annimmt ist selber schuld und könnte genauso gut schon längst auch so verkauft gibt Dinge über die man nicht zu sprechen braucht, wir sollten uns da einig sein ;-)  

141 Postings, 5647 Tage CariopaÜbernahmeangebot

19.07.07 12:33
USD 7,75 (ggf. unter Abzug von US-Quellensteuer) umgerechnet 5,62 ?
Aktueller Kurs 5,76 ?
Über was bitte sollen wir hier reden? Da kann ich nur "golfern" posting 87 zustimmen. Das sogenannte Angebot ist doch eine Frechheit! Also nochmal ganz deutlich: In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. So eine Perle verschenkt man doch nicht einfach. Schönen Tach noch und viel Erfolg.  

237 Postings, 5950 Tage kikerikiÜbernahmeangebot

19.07.07 13:28
Ich möchte nicht falsch verstanden werden, natürlich halte ich den Preis für viel zu niedrig, aber man muss trotzdem über die verschiedenen Szenarien nachdenken und sich eine Strategie zurecht legen.


237 Postings, 5950 Tage kikeriki@Cariopa

19.07.07 13:31
s.a. Posting 77

Leider werden das "wie und wann" andere Player entscheiden.

237 Postings, 5950 Tage kikerikiKurs steigt

20.07.07 11:04
wer sammelt da?  

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