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496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoinsiderkäufe und 13G's

08.02.16 17:10

2500 aktien für $10.1
( total value: $25,250.00 )

2500 aktien für $ 9.14
( total value: $ 22,850.00 )


SEC Form SC 13G:

Incentive Active Value Fund: 1,1mio aktien


SEC Form SC 13G:

Forsakringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension:  3,0mio aktien  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongommh

14.02.16 13:10
wirtschaftsprüfer stellt zusammenarbeit ein + china wert = ungutes gefühl

Sino Agro Food, Inc. (the ?Company?) has accepted the resignation of Anthony Kam & Associates Limited (?AK&A?) as its independent registered public accounting firm, which resignation was submitted to the Company in a letter dated January 28, 2016. 

On February 11, 2016, the Company engaged ECOVIS David Yeung Hong Kong (?ECOVIS?) as its new independent registered public accounting firm based on the recommendation of the audit committee of its board of directors.  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongomega farm / seafood forum / 13G

27.02.16 07:31

Sino Agro Food Begins Stocking Zhongshan Aquaculture MegaFarm

Sino Agro Food initiated stocking of its Zhongshan MegaFarm February 23, 2016, supplying the first two A Power Module ("APM") tanks with total of a 1,200,000 giant freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) postlarvae ("PL," or young prawns).

The Zhongshan MegaFarm is designed to become the world's largest indoor recirculating aquaculture system ("RAS") facility, producing safe, healthy, and sustainable seafood.


The North Atlantic Seafood Forum is the world?s largest seafood business conference, and a leading executive meeting place for the seafood industry. In Bergen, March 1-3 2016, around 700 delegates from more than 35 countries and 350 companies will attend NASF.

On March 3, SIAF CSO Dr. Anthony Ostrowski will present at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum. His paper, ?The SIAF APRAS Model: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century Aquaculture,? will discuss the Zhongshan MegaFarm Project.


SEC Form SC 13G:

City National Rochdale, LLC       1mio. aktien

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoweitere restrukturierung

02.03.16 08:59
bisherige cfo bertil tiusanen ist jetzt senior vice president of business development, new ventures-europe.  

( In his new capacity, Mr. Tiusanen will work to identify opportunities consistent with SIAF's global strategy, engaging with SIAF's global commercial leadership team, prioritizing current and new initiatives, and managing their launch in Europe. The aquaculture carve-out for listing in Norway is the first priority.).

neuer übergangs-cfo: daniel ritchey.

(Mr. Ritchey's work on behalf of the Company since its inception will provide for a seamless transition with Company plans moving forward.The Board will appoint a search committee to permanently fill the CFO position. )

Mr. Solomon Lee, Chairman and CEO commented:

"Mr. Tiusanen is highly qualified to handle the challenges his new position brings and to help accomplish the Company's goals in Europe. Mr. Ritchey will serve well as acting CFO bringing to it the same strengths and focus he has provided the Company over the last eight years. I am very confident in the work these individuals will provide their respective roles as we continue to develop our operations and move forward with our expansion."  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoLöschung

09.03.16 13:10

Zeitpunkt: 09.03.16 14:37
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Regelverstoß - Die Boardsprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch.



496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoSIAF in Finansavisen / 2016 Seafood Conference

09.03.16 15:05
- Arne Fredly Apollo Asset Limited hält 327,000aktien
- Alexander Hansson hält 150,000 shares

"According to a recent shareholder list Arne Fredly?s Apollo Asset Limited listed owns 327,000 shares in
the company which has a market value of 1.4 billion NOK. Through High Seas the Monaco neighbor Alexander Hansson controls 150,000 shares in the stock exchange rookie.
- The company is ridiculously cheap, and there is a lot that can happen, says Hansson to Finansavisen."


Dr. Anthony C. Ostrowski's presentation to the 2016 North Atlantic Seafood Conference, ?The SIAF APRAS Model: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century Aquaculture," is available for download from our website.


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoN10K - verspäteter finanzbericht 2015

18.03.16 18:53
nach dem wechsel der wirtschaftprüfer benötigt siaf mehr zeit für den finanzbericht 2015.

  umsatz 2015: $429mio.
( umsatz 2014: $404 mio.  )


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoShrimp News Interviews Dr. A. Ostrowski

28.03.16 19:15

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongofinanzbericht 2015

31.03.16 00:44
revenue:                       $ 429.1mio
gross profit:                 $ 111.2 mio.
net income:                 $ 66.4 mio.
eps (fully diluted):      $ 3.60
stockholders' equity: $ 483,5mio.          
                                    ($ 24,66/share)

Sino Agro Food's Chairman and CEO Solomon Lee summarized the year, stating that "2015 was very much a transitional year during which we have continued to build operational capacity to support production well beyond current revenue. Further, we have laid the groundwork for financial restructurings. We expect to capitalize on these efforts in 2016.

We have initiated restructuring of the Aquaculture segment in preparation for a separate listing in Norway, the leading capital market for seafood. Contracts are currently being consolidated into our Hong Kong based Tri-way Industries Ltd. subsidiary.

Steps are also being taken in preparation for separate listing of other of our subsidiaries, again in an effort to align those operations and assets into proper market valuations."


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoEarnings Call Transcript

19.04.16 09:51
Sino Agro's (SIAF) 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

"We have an offer from our construction subcontractor, one of the largest in China on new terms to build the second phase of the Zhongshan MegaFarm Project to construct it at a much faster pace and much cheaper construction cost in Prawn Farm 3 which will add 60,000 metric tons of production capacity per year.We are now calling the first phase of the MegaFarm Prawn Farm 3 and the second phase Prawn Farm 4. Prawn Farm 4 we will build in six modules, each module with approximate capacity of Prawn Farm 3 which itself has the capacity of approximately 10 Fish Farm 1s."

"The aquaculture sector, during 2015 we harvested 6,762 metric tons of seafood, 21% growth over 2014. Since starting major operations in 2012, aquaculture production has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 56%"

" Key operations at SJAP increased gross profits from value-added processing in 2015 more than offset decreases from sales of live cattle due to deteriorating prices.....we are expanding the deboning capacity to 12,500 MT/year and freezing capacity to 10,000 MT/year. In accordance with this plan value-added capacity production in SJAP will double."

"Stockholders' equity totaled $483.5 million based on 2015 weighted average number of fully diluted outstanding shares. The 21% yearly increase of $83.9 million equals to $4.50 per share."

"Tri-way will also serve as an excellent platform for raising debt capital. Restructuring the aqua [indiscernible] business segment into a standalone entity we undertake to incorporate a separate audit firm and Board of Director listing exercise et cetera. According to plan we projected Tri-way to generate healthy and growing revenue and profit in 2016 and 2017. By year end 2017 Tri-way is projected to generate sufficient profit to self finance further remaining development needs for capital expenditure and working capital at the Zhongshan MegaFarm project and other facilities."

"Steps are also being taken to create suitable, attractive candidates for other of our subsidiary in preparation for separate listings.
Having held numerous meetings with domestic Chinese other Asian and Nordic financial advisors in relation to separate listing of our assets we are pleased that two of our carve out candidate currently being worked on might well each achieved separate variation far greater than SIAF Group's variation."

"The company currently has two options on the table, one consisting the merging of the HU Plantation with the health and the herbal company with change of health food change food shops. This option promotes positioning the [indiscernible] of the producer and retailer with selenium rich and calcium rich health products using the HU flowers and immortal plans at its core produce.....
Work has progressed for the better part of two months on procedures preparing SJAP for listing on the NEEQ which is the National Equities Exchange & Quotation market in China i.e. the third board where it seems well-qualified for an invitation. We are encouraged by efforts to date and if all requisites are timely met, the separate listing of SJAP is projected within Q4 of this year."  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoWork Schedule for Aquaculture Carve-out

29.04.16 09:09
SIAF Outlines Work Schedule for Aquaculture Carve-out

"For aquaculture assets, we have begun the process of transferring contracts from Capital Award into our Hong Kong based Tri-way Industries Subsidiary, such that Tri-way will acquire the rights to attain ownership in Prawn Farms 1 and 2, and Prawn Farms 3 and 4 of the Zhongshan MegaFarm. Tri-way will receive the current commission fee income on said farms until acquisitions are made. This creates a separate legal entity suitable for listing on a regulated market or multilateral trading facility, one with clear visibility into the financial performance of the Aquaculture operations. Tri-way will also serve as an excellent platform for raising debt capital.

The images below contain lists that itemize most necessary tasks, many of which are underway. The Company will publish progress on these steps as it occurs. The list also serves as a general template for the carve-outs of other assets:


Additional Details on Prawn Farm 4 Contractor Offer


Artikel in Intrafish:


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoimplosion

03.05.16 10:19
der aktienkurs von siaf ist in den letzten monaten stark eingebrochen. der einbruch hat sich in jüngster zeit noch verstärkt. was sind die gründe des einbruchs?
zur letzten cc wurde deutlich, dass investoren mit der performance von siaf stark unzufrieden sind. obwohl siaf in letzter zeit einige meilensteine ( Sino Agro Food Begins Stocking Zhongshan Aquaculture MegaFarm / Sino Agro Food Commences Trading on OTCQX / Sino Agro Food Approved for Trading on the Oslo Bors' Merkur Market, Stockholders' equity totaled $483.5 million etc.) erreicht hat.
gleichzeitig war das eps in 2015 stark rückläufig (gründe hierfür sind sinkende preise auf produkte, schlechtes wetter, nachwirkungen der extremen verwässerung in der vergangenheit, etc). genauer, seit 2013 ist kein eps-wachstum mehr vorhanden. laut swedbank wird sich diese entwicklung erneut in 2016 fortsetzen. der wachstumsmotor scheint zum stillstand gekommen zu sein.
grosse hoffnungen auf wachstum liegen in der mega-farm und ein listing des aqua-geschäftes an der börse in oslo. allerdings benötigt siaf geld, viel geld, um sich in die diversen aqua-farmen einzukaufen. woher dieses geld kommen soll, ist derzeit noch unklar. damit ist auch offen, ob und wann siaf diesen meilenstein (oslo listing) erreichen wird. kurz bis mittelfristig ist auch hier wohl kein zündstoff für den kurs zu erwarten.
bleibt noch die hoffnung auf ein separates listing der tochtergesellschaften ( 1. merging of the HU Plantation with the health and the herbal company / 2. preparing SJAP for listing on the NEEQ) - womöglich noch in diesem jahr?
ernüchterung hingegen ist eingetreten hinsichtlich euro china capital AB und fredrik danielsson ( einstieg sept.2014).  er hat es bisher nicht geschafft, den wert von siaf freizusetzen. zuletzt ( august 2015 ) sollte er ein mitglied im BOD werden. seitdem ist nichts passiert und es ist eher ruhig um ihn geworden. die bisherige errungenschaft von ECAB war das ende der grenzenlosen verwässerung. den wert der aktie nachhaltig zu steigern blieben jedoch bisher erfolglos. der aktienkurs befindet sich wieder auf niveau des einstieges von ecab in sino agro food. hat das vertrauen in fredrik danielsson damit einen derzeitigen tiefpunkt erreicht?
das übergeordnete bild von siaf ist derzeit eher schlecht, nicht zuletzt deshalb finden sich wohl keine neuen investoren, trotz auch guter entwicklungen in jüngster vergangenheit. kann siaf das blatt erfolgreich wenden? noch sind nicht alle hoffnungen verloren, allerdings wird man hier wohl noch eine menge geduld mitbringen müssen...

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoerneut enttäuschendes q-ergebnis

12.05.16 00:28
vorläufige zahlen:

revenue:        $72mio
gross profit : $19mio

gründe für das schlechte quartal:

- erneut schlechtes wetter
- weiterhin sinkende preise auf produkte
 ( gestiegene produktion von garnelen    
   und gesteigerte kapazität des
   schlachthofes konnten die sinkenden
   preise nicht kompensieren )
- aufgrund der schlechten fleischpreise
 sind weniger rinder in q1 verkauft
 wurden, in der hoffnung, dass sich im
 laufe des jahres die preise wieder
- gleichzeitig wurde weniger dünger und
 viehfutter verkauft


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoq1/16

17.05.16 15:44
Revenue                  $71,9Mio  (Q1/16)      $115,4Mio.   (Q1/15)     -37,7%
Gross Profit              $18,8Mio  (Q1716)      $  35,5Mio.  (Q1/15)     -47,0%
Net Income              $ 9,2Mio   (Q1/16)      $  23,7Mio.  (Q1/15)     -61,1%  
EPS                        $ 0,39       (Q1/16)     $ 1,33         (Q1/15)    -70,7%

Shares outstanding (diluted)   23,62Mio (Q1/16)     17,82Mio   (Q1/15)   +32,5%
Stockholders? equity            $492.0Mio (Q1/16)      $431Mio   (Q1/15)   +14,1%

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoaquaculture carve-out / sa-artikel

01.06.16 07:11
bjorn myrseth ( Bjørn Myrseth is a Norwegian biologist and businessperson, and since 1987 chief executive officer of Marine Farms. Myrseth was educated in fishery biology from theUniversity of Bergen, and was a co-founder of Stolt Sea Farms in 1972, where he was CEO until 1987. He then sold his stake in the company, and founded Marine Farms, where he continues as CEO. )
hat weiterhin interesse an einem platz im aufsichtsrat von sino agro food

laut erik ahl (investor relations) ist ein börsengang des aqua-geschäftes noch in 2016 möglich. derzeit liegt man im zeitplan und es gibt keine verzögerungen. ein update diesbezüglich soll es in kürze geben!

Searching For New Investments: Sino Agro Food


SIAF is a complex conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries. It operates at the world's largest market. It produces the protein sources in a environmentally friendly way.

It does have its drawbacks which relate mostly to corporate structure and location:

complex company structure
US OTC listed
Chinese corporate governance which causes fears of fraudulent activities

Like I said earlier, I don't believe SIAF is a fraud. This is mainly because not all of SIAF's management team are Chinese.

Now that it has gotten to the trial stocking of the MegaFarm, I see value in the upcoming spin-offs. This is the point I am going to follow with SIAF. The most important thing to keep an eye on is: What do the insiders do? Based on that, it can be figured whether the spin-off is done in a way it can create value to shareholders. Another important point is how the shares will be distributed. What I mean is Solomon Lee's A class share affect the distribution in the spin-off's case. If he gets to keep his vote over other shareholders, it probably would expel the institutional investors.

Because of Solomon Lee's erratic behavior with different projects, and the money problems it leads to, SIAF has really had problems to stay on schedule with different projects. Also, 2016 has started weakly for the company and Q2 is likely to be weak another quarter. Therefore, I don't have any rush to buy the shares even though, to me, it seems that SIAF would be a profitable investment.

SIAF has promised more info about the spin-offs in the coming weeks, so I will want to hear at least that until I invest money.

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongocarve-out progress / inside look / otc-newsletter

05.07.16 12:26
Sino Agro Food, Inc. Updates Aquaculture Carve-Out Progress

The Company is pleased to announce completion of all Stage 1 Hong Kong and China legal and commercial documents related to the transfer of Aquaculture assets into its Hong Kong based Tri-Way Industries subsidiary, in preparation for its carve-out and subsequent IPO. The Aquaculture assets include Prawn Farms 1 through 4 of the Zhongshan Aquaculture MegaFarm, and the Zhongshan A Power Prawn Culture Farms Development Co., Ltd. (?ZSAPP?), which operate a hatchery and nursery for prawns and shrimp.

In the interim, the Company has made significant inroads toward securing debt financing for working capital for the Tri-Way project. Registration of the aforementioned legal and commercial documents is today pending debt financing closing.

An inside look at Sino Agro Foods? giant prawn MegaFarm


Read the interview with SIAF's CEO Solomon Lee in the Community Spotlight section of this month's OTC Markets newsletter.  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoq2 - bericht / ZSNPP

09.08.16 23:15
q2 zahlen wieder besser:

revenue:         $124,2mio.(q2/15:$90,0)
gross profit:   $  29,9mio.(q2/15:$21,9)
net profit:       $  15,7mio.(q2/15:$  9,9)
eps diluted:   $   0,82       (q2/15:$0,51)

Harvest method, live freshwater shrimp key to Sino
Chinese firm says it may match Vietnam?s total shrimp output, 300,000t, by 2025  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongocarve out

09.08.16 23:50

Carve-out Exercises

The Company has been working closely with one of the largest financial institutions in Southeast Asia toward securing debt financing and initiating an IPO exercise for the Tri-way carve-out for the purposes of acquiring farm assets and rights to Fish Farm 1 and Prawn Farms 1, 2, and 3, in addition to the development and acquisition of assets and rights to Prawn Farm 4 and subsequent related future farm developments. The additional time needed to complete this exercise serves both the lending institution?s as well as the Company?s better interests since a combination of debt financing and pre-IPO funding is anticipated to secure the majority of funding necessary to complete the acquisition, providing adequate security for both parties while accelerating development and improved revenue streams through both project development services and subsequent product sales. The Company anticipates closing on the loan some time within later Q3 or early Q4 2016.

Beef and Cattle (SJAP):
The Company has been working closely with well regarded Securities Firms, a CPA firm and a China Law firm, to carve out and list SJAP through the National Equities and Exchange and Quotations Board (?NEEQ?), which operates the National Third Board exchange in China. The following are major milestones categories, with time targets estimated on a best efforts basis:

1. Complete the acquisition as soon as practical of a Xining based cattle and beef company to expedite and advance SJAP?s next expansion in value added processing.

2. Incorporate internal controls; undertake an internal audit, and complete related other related financial matters including taxation issues in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Security Commission of China and the China Accounting Standards Board, targeting the end of October.

3. Complete company restructuring of SJAP into a share capital company with arrangements that will allow participation of foreign shareholders, targeting the end of November.

4. Complete related legal and prospectus work, etc., within the month of December for submission to NEEQ within Q1 of 2017.

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoweitere verzögerungen? / GOAL 2016 / KCSA

28.10.16 09:24
gibt es weitere verzögerungen? kursperformance ist ja grauenvoll....


The Company anticipates closing on the loan some time within later Q3 or early Q4 2016.

Beef and Cattle:

Incorporate internal controls; undertake an internal audit, and complete related other related financial matters, targeting the end of October.


GOAL 2016:

Chief Scientific Officer, Anthony Ostrowski, Ph.D., was invited to participate as an expert panel member at the GOAL 2016 conference in Guangzhou last month.

GOAL Conferences are presented by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA). In an overall context of sustainability, Dr. Tony presented the Company vision and strategy. During the conference, it was noted that an earlier article about SIAF in Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine ranked among the five most read articles for the year. There was great interest in Sino Agro Food?s sustainable APRAS technology and methods, and in SIAF?s phased and partial harvest model.


Sino Agro Food Inc. Retains KCSA Strategic Communications as Investor Relations Counsel

"We are excited to begin working with KCSA Strategic Communications to enhance our shareholder communications program and generate greater investor awareness for Sino Agro Food as we enter an inflection point in the Company?s development," said Solomon Lee, Sino Agro Food?s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Todd Fromer, Managing Partner of KCSA Strategic Communications, commented, ?With its ongoing construction of the world?s largest recirculating aquaculture (farm) system (?RAS?), its shift toward offering higher-margin, premium quality food items, and with an established track record, Sino Agro Food is extremely well-positioned to address the ramp-up in demand for seafood and beef occurring in China.  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoMeeting / Summit / Form PRE 14C

15.11.16 09:24
Our 2016 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET and will be our first completely virtual meeting of shareholders. You will be able to attend the 2016 Annual Meeting, vote, and submit your questions during the meeting via live webcast by visiting


From Farm To Fork

SIAF's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Anthony Ostrowski will speak about the future of food and the food industry at the SACC New York Summit on November 15th.


SEC Form PRE 14C:

old authorized shares of common stock:  22,727,723

new authorized shares of common stock: 27,000,000

The board of directors believes that the increase in our authorized Common Stock will provide us with greater flexibility with respect to our capital structure for purposes including additional equity financings and stock based acquisitions.

At present, the board of directors has no plans to issue the additional shares of Common Stock authorized by the Amendment. However, it is possible that some of these additional shares could be used in the future for various other purposes without further shareholder approval.


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongosolides q3-ergebnis

15.11.16 09:26
revenue:                                                           $124,1mio
gross profit:                                                      $  33,4mio   (26,9%)
net income:                                                       $  21,3mio
eps:                                                                         0,95
diluted weighted average number of shares:        22,8mio

CEO Commentary:

?During the third quarter of 2016 we made significant inroads executing on our strategic plan to restructure the business and maximize value for shareholders. Overall, it was a very positive quarter, exhibited through improved gross margins, a stronger cash balance and significant operational progress in both the aquaculture and the cattle/beef businesses. "

?To recap our high-level strategy, we are undertaking a series of initiatives to transition Sino Agro Food into an investment vehicle with positions in multiple independent, public companies operating within China?s agricultural industry. To this end, Sino Agro Food?s two largest and fast growing subsidiaries ? the aquaculture and beef businesses ? will be carved out from the parent company and listed on stock exchanges where we believe their shares will be able to trade at a market value commensurate with peers and substantially higher than their embedded values. As part of this carve out and IPO process, we are raising growth capital for these subsidiaries to accelerate their development, with Sino Agro Food expected to retain significant stakes in each of the companies after the spin offs have occurred."

?One key focus right now is our aquaculture business, which we believe has the potential to develop into an extremely profitable and sustainable business model of much larger size. Through its proprietary indoor recirculating aquaculture systems (?RAS?) technology, the aquaculture business produces disease-free, superior quality and higher-margin seafood to the China markets all year-round. With aquaculture the fastest growing food production system in the world, and currently accounting for nearly 45% of world seafood supply, we are confident that our superior production methods position the aquaculture subsidiary as a competitive and significant player in a rapidly growing market."

?By transferring all the assets from our wholly-owned subsidiary, Capital Awards, into a standalone entity, we expect to attract institutional investors who specialize in investing in high-growth business opportunities, spurring higher valuations for the ?new? entities, as well as SIAF. We strongly believe this strategy is the most efficient way to enable the aquaculture business to grow rapidly, benefiting all shareholders."

?During the third quarter, we took necessary steps to commence work at the aqua-farms. This has curtailed production in the short term, but is expected to expand capacity, and therefore revenues, as early as Q4 2016. The Company was able to secure $8.2 million in working capital to facilitate these efforts while continuing to work closely with a major Asian bank toward securing a larger loan to accelerate the growth of the company. The larger loan is taking longer to complete since the prospective lender is agreeing to help underwrite the IPO as well. Thus, while the overall review and approval process for the ?entire package? consumes more time, it also provides the Company?s shareholders a much greater return on investment than would other available alternatives, at this time. In the interim we will continue to develop the aquaculture farms organically via internally generated cash flow. With our plan to develop the world?s largest RAS farm, we are confident the aquaculture business can grow into a highly profitable company, driven by demand from the burgeoning middle classes in China."

"?SJAP, our cattle and beef subsidiary, is also undergoing several strategic changes to maximize its value. Specifically, we are restructuring the business with the goal of listing it on a stock exchange in early 2017. As with the aquaculture business, the carve-out will make it easier to more accurately value the company and is expected to attract more investors at a higher valuation."

?SJAP is transitioning toward production of higher quality beef which, as well as generating improved margins for the company, allows us to tap into an underserved niche. Currently, there is limited supply of premium quality beef in China and products on the market are typically imported from abroad. However, as Chinese consumers become wealthier and more discerning about food quality, the consumption of premium beef is expected to grow significantly. Sino Agro Food is one of the foremost players in this market and our leadership position in the industry provides an advantage going forward. During the quarter, we continued to transition toward premium cattle breeds. Coupled with higher prices for domestic beef, the transition led to a marked improvement in gross margins."

"In the short term our cash flow is constrained by ongoing investments in these business segments; yet, results from our strategy have already begun to materialize. As obscure as it may seem, the Company is reaching an inflection point in its growth trajectory and reiterates its appreciation to shareholders who remain confident in the Company?s mission going forward.?

Earnings Call Information

The Company will host an earnings call on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT/4:00 PM CET to discuss quarterly financial results.


496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoLoan Commitment (USD 36.3M)

02.12.16 08:51
ein grosser schritt in die richtige richtung!

Sino Agro Food Inc. Receives Loan Commitment to Develop Aquaculture Business

GUANGZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTCQX: SIAF | OSE: SIAF-ME), an agriculture technology and natural food company that produces and sells protein food including seafood and cattle, on behalf of its wholly owned subsidiary Tri-way Industries Ltd. (Tri-way), confirms that its operating company, Jiangmen City A Power Fishery Development Co. Ltd. (JFD), has received an official letter of commitment from one of Southeast Asia?s preeminent international banking firms regarding its loan approval. The loan facility, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is an unsecured revolving 2-year term loan of CNY 250 Million (USD 36.3M) for purposes of financing JFD's aquaculture business unit's working capital. The interest rate will be in line with conventional rates currently afforded revolving loans in China, which are currently hovering around 4.5% to 6.5%.  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoform4 / 13G

08.12.16 08:49

SANDBERG NILS-ERIK EDUARD verkauft 10000aktien zu $ 4.85


13G:  Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB
erhöht Aktienzahl von 2115278 auf 2316013  

496 Postings, 4795 Tage gongoUpdates Restructuring

17.01.17 23:23
Sino Agro Food Provides Updates on the Restructuring of its Aquaculture Business

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTCQX: SIAF | OSE: SIAF-ME) (or the "Companriculture technology and natural food company that produces and sells protein food including seafood and cattle, on behalf of its wholly owned subsidiary Tri-way Industries Ltd. ("Tri-way"), today announced it has completed important legal due diligence and made meaningful progress toward the restructuring, carve-out and subsequent spin-off of the Company's aquaculture operations into an independent, publicly traded company.  

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01.03.17 23:03
Sino Agro Food Completes Carve Out of Aquaculture Assets

GUANGZHOU, China, Mar. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTCQX: SIAF | OSE: SIAF-ME) ("SIAF" or the "Group"), a specialized investment company focused on protein food including seafood and cattle, today announced the carve-out of Tri-way Industries Ltd ("Tri-way"), its enterprise value assessed at US$340.6M, with Sino Agro Food, Inc. retaining and / or acquiring holdings of US$124.7M (of US$340.6M), which includes a provision for repayment of debt owed to SIAF. The carve out, which is immediately accretive to SIAF's earnings per share and EBITDA, confirms the Company's strategy to unlock the value of its current aquaculture business assets and plans for one of the world's largest land-based aquaculture projects.

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Dr. Anthony C. Otrowski, Cheif Scientific Officer, Sino Agro Food, Inc


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