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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

15.11.14 10:58
- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Rakuten?
Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisition, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company?s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully, become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitions to date along these lines, this is Rakuten?s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisition, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten?s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-present Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Ebates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprisingly, Rakuten says it is undaunted. For starters, it has assembled a very interesting mix of acquisitions. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service, Viki, a digital content platform and
Now it has picked up Ebates.  
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55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaInterview with Julie Van Ullen, MD Rakuten Rewards

08.09.21 19:51

by Sudipto Ghosh June 7, 2021

How did your role evolve through the pandemic months? How did your previous experiences with technology management help you scale your efforts and meet unprecedented challenges?

I started my role as Managing Director and Head of Revenue during the pandemic, so a big challenge was taking on a new team and figuring out how to best manage and motivate team members in the remote environment. I know leaders from all industries can relate to how challenging it is to cultivate a thriving team culture virtually through channels like video conferencing and instant messenger.

We also launched a new product, Personalized Rewards, during the pandemic, which effectively allows marketers to apply different levels of cash back to affect different marketing outcomes, for instance acquisition vs reengagement. At first, we weren?t sure how we would best communicate the benefits of Personalized Rewards without in-person client meetings to present the technology, which is so important because performance is paramount to advertisers. Despite initial challenges, we transitioned to remote client engagements seamlessly, and we saw some fantastic campaign results from our clients using Personalized Rewards, like a 128% shopper lift and 125% sales lift.

In general, the past year and a half has provided us with a lot of opportunities to help retailers and brands in affected industries navigate opportunities for growth, and we?ve appreciated the opportunities to help brands find success. One good example is our client Overstock, which leaned into cash back as a revenue driver during the pandemic. As a result, the business saw significant site traffic increases in 2020, growing 75% in sales YOY at a time when many retailers struggled. With e-commerce exhibiting a 5+ year growth evolution as a by product of the pandemic, spending continued and even strengthened in certain categories. Brands and retailers who didn?t suffer as much from inventory and fulfillment issues were able to use mechanisms like cash back to attract and gain market share in many highly meaningful instances.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaCabify gets on board with mobility

09.09.21 22:55

CEO Juan de Antonio says society needs to recognise and support innovation
Wendy Atkins August 23, 2021

Running a ridesharing business during a global pandemic might not be for the faint-hearted, but for Juan de Antonio, CEO of Spanish multi-mobility ?unicorn? Cabify, transformations that were taking place in the mobility world before the pandemic are continuing to shift up a gear.

Coming from a small village where fresh air was a given, Mr de Antonio was on a mission when he started Cabify in 2011: ?I wanted to transform cities in a positive way,? he says.

Mr de Antonio says he created Cabify to provide an alternative to private vehicle ownership. ?Customers can select what?s best for them. When someone opens our app, they can choose to use taxis, private hire vehicles, bikes or scooters.?

Cabify now operates in Spain and parts of Latin America, including Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay.

?Our long-term aim was to build a community where everyone was a winner: the drivers were earning enough and the passengers received a service they valued,? says Mr de Antonio. ?We were generating profits and were growing rapidly. During Covid-19, though, most of our volume disappeared.?
He adds: ?Now that cities have started recovering, safety and sustainability have become more important. We?ve taken steps to keep everyone safe, such as installing screens and using technology to generate a safe working environment.

?Additionally, with people not moving around so much during the pandemic ... we launched a parcel delivery service [Cabify Envíos] for passengers.?

Since then, the firm has expanded its logistics services to connect retailers? stores and warehouses with customers for last-mile delivery in a series of trials in select markets in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Putting the challenges of the pandemic behind him, Mr de Antonio points out that technology is generating huge transformation in society. ?We need to embrace it. We need more unicorns, and society needs to recognise and support innovation, start-ups and scale-ups. Cabify is already active in this area, and a member of a new EU Unicorns Group to create a more resilient, digital, greener future.?

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten is an important owner of Shop Back

10.09.21 08:43
ShopBack?s earnings: 150% revenue growth + 5x advertising income

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaWhy taking no risks is the biggest risk of all

11.09.21 10:26
3 days ago

A necessary ingredient of progress

? It was risky for Rakuten to get into the mobile business. Many expressed concern that we were branching out beyond our core business of e-commerce and moving into a highly competitive, high-stakes space. We launched our 4G service in April 2020. Six months later, we launched 5G NSA service. Meanwhile, doubters questioned the technology we were using, our commitment to the cloud and the rate of our deployment. Many said we would fail, but that?s not what happened. Rakuten Mobile received two of the mobile industry?s top five global awards at the 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and network performance has delivered world-class scores when compared to other major city networks around the globe. And we are continuing to grow; As of August 23, 2021, the combined number of subscribers for our mobile carrier service and MVNO service has surpassed 5 million.

? It was risky for us to venture into financial services and fintech. We were just building our e-commerce business when we launched the Rakuten credit card a little over ten years ago. Now we?re a Japan leader in terms of shopping transaction volume, with over 23 million cards issued. Rakuten Securities is getting very close to recognition as number one in its field. Rakuten Bank is number one in online banks, recently surpassing 11 million bank accounts ? a first for a domestic online bank in the country.

? I took a personal risk when I left my job at the Industrial Bank of Japan to found my own company. Many people advised me against it. And when I said I was going to start a company that would put retail on the Internet, many were aghast. After all, many big brands of the time, such as IBM, had already tried and failed to bring retailing to the Internet. Today, Rakuten Ichiba?s annual gross merchandise sales (GMS) are on track to surpass five trillion yen in 2021 and growth of this unique ecosystem of diverse services continues to accelerate.

Risk and reward: Two sides of the same coin

To be sure, not every risk has paid off. There have been times over the years when we have tried something bold and the result is not what we had hoped. That happens. When you attempt ambitious projects, you have to expect that some of them will end in failure. This is not a reason to avoid risk-taking. Failures are not signs that you should stop and be more conservative. Instead, failures offer you lessons on how you can improve and how you can be more certain of success the next time around.


When you stand at the base of the mountain, the edge of a life change, or the cusp of a new business venture, consider all the risks ? not just the risks that come if you move forward, but also the risks of doing nothing. Often inaction is the biggest risk of all.

There are no guarantees in life or in business. But there is a reason the word ?risk? is often paired with the word ?reward.? They are two sides of the same coin. You can?t have one without the other.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaProfit without Mobile were $362 million in Q2/2021

11.09.21 21:37
Operating profit of Rakuten without Rakuten Mobile were $362 million in Q2/2021 ? that are $1.450 billion on a yearly base

Rakuten announced its Q2 financial results today, which saw the whole group having generated the ?highest revenue in the second quarter of a fiscal year?. Meanwhile, Rakuten Mobile, Japan?s newest and greenfield mobile operator, reported an 85% expansion over the JPY 53,825 million ($485.9 million) operating loss reported in the same quarter last year, despite growing revenue by 17%. The total operating loss reached JPY 99,686 million ($899.8 million). Once again, the loss from Rakuten Mobile more than wiped out the operating profit generated by other business units and took the whole group to an operating loss of JPY59,539 million ($537.4 million).  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libudazu 7288

11.09.21 22:14
If the break even of mobile will come in 2023, there will be near $ 2 billion net income from the other businesses of Rakuten and additional increasing net incomes from mobile in the following years.

But speaking in a pre-recorded interview with Credit Suisse, Mikitani made it clear that the problem is short term.

There are two sides to Rakuten Mobile?s business, he reminded us: the Japanese mobile operations and the company?s role as an exporter of its mobile platform. ?When both of these businesses are in full swing we will be capable of driving tremendous profitability,? he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Rakuten Mobile president Yoshihisa Yamada on the firm?s results call. ?Mobile business losses are expected to decline gradually after 2021,? he said. ?We aim to achieve breakeven in fiscal year 2023,? aided by subscriber growth, he added.

As it stands, Rakuten is still spending heavily on network rollout and the costs associated with domestic roaming, both of which should decline as the network build progresses. The firm has achieved 80% population coverage on 4G and aims to hit 96% this summer. Meanwhile, the award of additional spectrum at 1.7 GHz will enable to speed up 5G rollout; it launched a limited 5G service in March.

At the same time, the telco?s customer base and revenues are growing. Q1 turnover came in at 56.7 billion yen, up 45% year-on-year, and as of 11 May it had clocked up 4.1 million customer applications, the only metric it provides on that front. Customer applications have accelerated this year ? the company had just over 2 million at the end of last year ? and it attributes this to the launch of its newest plan, UN-LIMIT IV in January.

?This has been very well received,? Yamada said. Even when rival operators launched value plans of their own in March, ?the pace of the applications for Rakuten Mobile was not impacted,? he said.?  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten is one of the important owners of Glovo

11.09.21 23:03

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaA big market for Rakuten Symphony

12.09.21 13:17
GSA sees acceleration in 5G private networks globally

By Juan Pedro Tomás on AUGUST 12, 2021

The industry organization Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) said that it is tracking at least 370 companies around the world that have been or are investing in private mobile networks, with 5G deployments beginning to gain momentum.

The number includes trials and pilot deployments, commercial network launches or investment in licenses that would enable deployment of private LTE or 5G networks. GSA has identified 45 countries with private network deployments based on LTE or 5G or where 5G-suitable private network spectrum licenses have been assigned.

GSA is also reporting that while LTE still accounts for the majority of private mobile networks deployments, the market share of 5G is growing. LTE is being used in 64% of the identified private mobile networks, down from 81% in October 2020, in contrast to 5G ? which is now being deployed (or planned for deployment) in 44% of private mobile networks, including 8% which are both LTE and 5G.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaExzellente Cash

12.09.21 23:00
Cash of Non-Financial Business increased 216.7 billion JPY in the first half of 2021 as a result of negative 168.4 billion JPY operating cash flow, positive 21.4 tax cash flow, negarive 191.0 cash flow from investing and positive 554.8 billion JPY from financing (about 242.3 billion JPY from the offering of new shares to Japan Post and others).
Latest IR Materials
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Earnings release, presentation material and supplement

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libudazu # 7292: Cash Flow-Lage verbessert

12.09.21 23:10
After my opinion, after the first half of 2021 Rakuten is in a better condition as before - especially through the 242.3 billion JPY of the share offering to Japan Post, Tencent, Walmart and parts of the Mikitani-family.

And I can't understand the downgrade of S&P, which was not done from the Japanese rating-companies, who didn't follow S&P.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaDie gigantischen Investitionen sind bald durch

13.09.21 09:45
200 billion für 5G, 600 billion für $G und weitere ca. 210 billon (30% bis 40% von 600 billion) für die Verdichtung der base stations ergeben die gigantische Investitionssumme von 1010 billion JPY. Bis Ende 2020 waren davon 532 billion investiert ? denkbar ist auch, dass weitere in den 1010 billion JPY steckende Beträge direkt als Ausgaben gebucht wurden, wobei der exakte Betrag der  Rechnungslegung schwer zu entnehmen ist. Und im ersten Halbjahr 2021 wurden noch einmal von Rakuten laut dem zweiten Text 191 billion investiert, wovon der Löwenanteil auf den Mobile-Bereich entfallen dürfte ? auch hier dürften weitere Mobile-Ausgaben zusätzlich direkt als Aufwand verbucht worden sein. Auch wenn in Q3/21 noch einmal knapp  100 billion investiert werden, dürften aber danach die  großen Mobile-Investitionen weithin durch sein bzw. in Zukunft über Abschreibungsgegenwerte finanziert werden können bzw. kleiner sein als die Abschreibungsgegenwerte und dann die Cash füllen, was einen Abbau der Verschuldung ermöglichen wird.

?We also plan to continue to make significant capital investments to accelerate the expansion of coverage for our MNO network, and we currently expect that our 4G network will cover approximately 96% of the Japanese population by summer 2021 (as compared to the initial target of March 31, 2026 that we previously submitted to Japan?s regulatory authorities). In order to improve quality with a higher 5 density of base stations and to respond to the expected increase in users, we plan to construct a total of approximately 44,000 4G outdoor base stations (as compared to the initially planned 27,397 base stations). We expect the total capital investments for coverage infrastructure to consist of approximately ¥200 billion for 5G-related infrastructure expenses and approximately ¥600 billion for 4G-related infrastructure expenses as well as investments to improve the density of base station coverage for our 4G network that we expect to result in additional expenses of approximately 30-40% of such 4G-related infrastructure expenses. Our total cumulative capital investments in the Mobile segment since the year ended December 31, 2018 have been approximately ¥532 billion, which includes ¥126 billion of right-of-use assets, funded with the corresponding lease liabilities and accounted for in accordance with IFRS 16.?

Cash of Non-Financial Business increased 216.7 billion JPY in the first half of 2021 as a result of negative 168.4 billion JPY operating cash flow, positive 21.4 tax cash flow, negarive 191.0 cash flow from investing and positive 554.8 billion JPY from financing (about 242.3 billion JPY from the offering of new shares to Japan Post and others).

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaSelbst wenn sich das aus dem ersten Halbjahr

13.09.21 13:48
wie in #7292 geschilderte "negative 168.4 billion JPY operating cash flow, positive 21.4 tax cash flow, negarive 191.0 cash flow" in Q3/2021 auch ergeben würde, wobei man wegen des Quartals gegenüber den Halbjahreszahlen halbieren müsste, wären die 169 million negativer Cash Flow allein schon noch durch die übrige Cash of Non-Financial Business Erhöhung von 216.7 billion JPY aus dem ersten Halbjahr abgedeckt.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaCabify: a sustainable gig economy startup?

13.09.21 15:01
Uber is often dragged through the dirt over its ethical practices. Is Cabify any better?


Ride hailing apps and other gig economy platforms aren?t having an easy start to 2021.
A growing tide of public opinion, court cases and government regulation is challenging tech companies? assertions that couriers and drivers are self-employed workers.

This model ? which has helped keep the cost of taxi rides and takeaway deliveries low ? is increasingly seen as creating precarious work and denying people basic rights like sick pay and a minimum wage.

?We?ve tried to play a different game,? says founder and chief executive Juan de Antonio. ?We are not the kind of company that thinks the end justifies the means.?

?Cabify is recognised by drivers as the network where their income per hour is higher,? he adds.

Moving away from the gig economy

De Antonio is keen to highlight Cabify?s business model in its home market of Spain.
?Cabify is the only one in the industry that has made strong progress toward vertical integration,? he argues. ?In Spain we own a fleet of several thousands of vehicles and in Spain the drivers that operate those vehicles are fully employed.?

It?s worth noting that it would be impractical for Cabify to employ a typical, self-employed gig economy in Spain (Uber also doesn?t).

Cabify, a Madrid-based ride hailing startup, likes to think it does things differently.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libuda"Naschi" with Rakuten

13.09.21 22:13
Love Hemp Group PLC (AQSE: LIFE) Asia Distribution Partnership with eCargo

abm  September 7, 2021

Love Hemp Group PLC (AQSE: LIFE) (OTCQB: WRHLF ) , one of the UK?s leading CBD and hemp product suppliers, is pleased to announce it has signed a distribution partnership for Asia with eCargo Holdings Limited (?eCargo?).

Love Hemp?s initial launch into the region will be anchored around both online and offline presences in Hong Kong and South East Asia retail channels, before expanding into India and Japan later, through strategic partnerships with eCommerce marketplaces such as Flipkart and Rakuten in 2022.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libudazu 7297

14.09.21 08:11
I am sure, the IPO-market-cap will be between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion

Cabify, Madrid ($1,4 billion)

Founded in 2011, this "Latin Uber-rival" as media likes to call them because of their market leadership in LATAM, reached a valuation of $1,4 billion in the beginning of 2018, after having raised $160 million.

In April 2021, Cabify got into the very hot and competitive last-mile delivery space "to build up a new business unit beyond traditional ride-hailing". According to Forbes, "the logistics service is being expanded to take advantage of the surge in e-commerce and online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic."

The same article reveals that Cabify has hired a new chief financial officer to finally do an IPO, something that the Spanish startup ecosystem has eagerly been waiting for since early 2019, when rumors of the company reaching this important milestone first started.

In September 2019, Cabify implied to Spanish newspaper Cinco Días that they had learnt from its American competitor Uber what not do, saying that "it would be optimal to reach profitability before doing an IPO to become a publicly traded company". Instead Management started planning for an IPO in 2020, then in March 2020, well, you know.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaEverything is going in the Cloud

14.09.21 09:05
But the message has spread. A data centre with the appropriate software is what you need to run a cloud-based telecoms system. Yes, you still need to connect the users, via copper if you must, or fibre, or 4G or 5G waves, but you don?t need something in every district of every city that you can label ?telephone exchange?. And we have the infrastructure that connects homes and offices to the system ? it?s the internet.

This year, we have seen start-ups such as Japan?s Rakuten Mobile launch services in the cloud. It?s even buying a software company, Altiostar, for $1 billion, so it can spread the word. One of the adopters is Dish Network, now being built up as a rival to the three big mobile operators in the US ? AT&T, T-Mobile US and Verizon.

It?s harder for companies with existing, traditional infrastructure. But note how AT&T itself agreed a deal in late June to sell the network on which it already runs its 186 million mobile customers to Microsoft.

This is not an exclusive AT&T-Microsoft deal. The company behind Windows, Excel and Word will be using what it has acquired from AT&T to sell cloud telecoms to other operators around the world. It will be part of Microsoft?s cloud offer, as Azure for operators. Everything is going into the cloud.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten India's Largest-Ever Virtual Conference

15.09.21 09:35
Rakuten India Concludes The Largest-Ever Virtual Conference On Applied AI With 5000+ Attendees

The key highlights of this two-day action-packed applied AI conference were the exciting Advances in AI, Customer & Product Sciences, and Data Science Platforms & Analytics tracks which touched upon every aspect in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

The conference witnessed participation from more than 5000 attendees, 15+ companies and 40+ speakers across two days. The key highlights of the conference were the three tracks, including ? the Advances in AI; Customer & Product Sciences; and Data Science Platforms & Analytics, which touched upon every aspect in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. With more than 30+ talks, the conference created a dialogue and generated premium content in the form of keynotes, tech talks, knowledge talks, and panel discussions.

About Rakuten India Enterprise:
Rakuten India ? the development centre and key technology hub of the Rakuten Group, Inc. ? enables businesses with the depth of knowledge in multiple streams of technology such as mobile and web development, web analytics, platform development, backend engineering, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much more. Its unique 24/7 support centre ensures the reliability and sustenance of the Rakuten Ecosystem. With dedicated centres of excellence for mobile application development, data analytics, engineering, DevOps, and information security, the company ensures the success of multiple units of Rakuten Group, Inc. With 1500+ employees and growing, Rakuten India is housed in Crimson House, Bangalore.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaAnalyst Note

15.09.21 09:43
Mobile Business Losses Expected to Peak in 2021; Increasing Rakuten?s FVE to JPY 1,400

Kazunori Ito Director
Analyst Note Sep 9, 2021

We raise Rakuten?s fair value estimate to JPY 1,400 from JPY 1,200 as we think the company is making solid progress on enhancing its ecosystem. Rakuten?s cross-use ratio has reached 73.9% in the June quarter, 5 percentage points up from three years ago, implying the improvement of Rakuten?s user engagement. The number of accounts for Rakuten Bank and Rakuten Securities increased 21% and 42% from the previous year, respectively, outpacing the 6.8% increase in Rakuten membership. Rakuten Card accounts for 21% of gross trading value in Japan, which is up from 10% five years ago. While June quarter earnings numbers were below our expectations because of the larger loss in the mobile segment, we are encouraged with the solid KPI numbers in the fintech businesses. Our new fair value estimate of JPY 1,400 corresponds to 1.1 times price/sales, which is at the middle of its historical range over the past three years.

Rakuten Mobile is starting to make a material contribution in enhancing Rakuten?s ecosystem. For instance, the company explains that 19% of new mobile subscribers are first-time users of Rakuten?s services, and 65% of Rakuten Mobile users are Rakuten Card users, 39% are Rakuten Bank users, and 17% are Rakuten Securities users. As such, in addition to the current combination of e-commerce and fintech businesses, mobile business is adding more stickiness to Rakuten?s entire ecosystem. Although operating loss for the mobile segment for this year will be larger than our previous forecast, we believe it will contribute to driving the growth of Rakuten?s ecosystem in the longer run.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten forays into India's B2B tech segment

15.09.21 15:43
Japan's Rakuten forays into India's B2B tech segment, launches new product

This is the first time that Rakuten will be bringing its products and services into the Indian market

Shivani Shinde  |  Mumbai Last Updated at September 15, 2021 11:33 IST

Developed in India, Rakuten SixthSense, will provide businesses end-to-end visibility of the entire IT environment, from development to business operations.

Sunil Gopinath, CEO of Rakuten India said that the launch of SixthSense is the culmination of the experience and feedback it has received based on working with over 70 group companies.
?Our product launch is looking to solve for Indian IT leaders which will make it stand out and validate its quality for a global rollout. We have selected India as the first launch market as the region has always been a hub of exceptional engineering talent and a mature market that offers exciting opportunities for growth as Indian enterprises drive significant changes in their existing IT environments to support their growing customer needs. Also, we have a large R&D center in Bengaluru, which allows us to innovate and support our local customers more efficiently,? added Gopinath.

Rakuten India has 1,500 employees and plans to add additional 2,000-3,000 employees in the next two years.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libudazu #7302

15.09.21 17:53
Observability itself is a USD 30 billion-plus kind of market

Rakuten India is the largest of Rakuten's nine technology hubs outside Japan. It has over 1,500 people and there are plans to ramp up the headcount further over the next 2-3 years.

The goal is to build this to a 2,000-3,000 member organisation in the next two to three years, he added.

A lot of Rakuten's businesses - be it commerce, FinTech, cloud, mobile or ads and media, a lot of the key businesses are powered by the technology built in Rakuten India, he said.

Rakuten SixthSense is launching in India and will gradually be rolled out to other global regions.
''SixthSense is in the observability and monitoring space. Globally, observability itself is a USD 30 billion-plus kind of market and we feel we have a very solid product that we are bringing to the market...we have tested it in-house across dozens of Rakuten's businesses and they are all using it successfully,'' he said.

Gopinath explained that with a significant increase in data generated from across the business, there is an urgent need, especially in the midst of a continuously transforming digital environment, to glean insights from data at a faster rate and with a higher ROI (return on investment) for businesses to stay competitive.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage Libudazu # 7301

15.09.21 21:28
My target for the end of 2022 is a lot higher: 3 0 0 0 JPY  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaViber launches in-app AR filters with Lens

15.09.21 22:11

September 16, 2021 | 12:01 am

To make its app more fun to use, Rakuten Viber has introduced a new feature to chats: the Viber Lens. It teamed up with Snap, Inc., the creator of Snapchat, to bring augmented reality (AR) to its in-app camera.

?By implementing this technology, Viber Lens helps empower our user?s creativity in making simple communication more entertaining and vivid. It gives them more freedom on how they relay their thoughts and feelings to whoever they?re talking to, all while having a little fun,? Rakuten Viber Senior Director for APAC David Tse said in a statement.

?We are seeing a huge trend of people using videos and photos on our app,? Mr. Melnick said. ?When we look at camera, [Viber] Lens is the first step in the evolution of how people communicate. Viber started as a voice app and transformed into a messaging app, but we are transforming and adding more abilities to our cameras.?

Mr. Melnick said in the future, Rakuten Viber also plans to also develop games, and improving the app with features for organizational communication and businesses.

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaToushiru of Rakuten Securities

16.09.21 07:56
Toushiru of Rakuten Securities

The official YouTube channel of Rakuten Securities? investment information media ?Toushiru?, the first major online securities management channel to exceed 100,000 registered users!

2021-09-15 by rehow

Rakuten Securities, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Kusunoki, hereinafter ?Rakuten Securities?) is pleased to announce the number of official YouTube channel subscribers of the owned media ?Toushiru? that provides investment information related to money. However, we are pleased to announce that the number of people has exceeded 100,000 for the first time in a program operated by a major online securities company.

Since its opening in September 2018, the official YouTube channel of ?Toushiru?
( has distributed 40 to 50 videos every month on a wide range of themes from market information to asset formation. With the concept of ?making money and investment closer to you!?, It has been well received as a video program of the owned media ?Toushiru? that sends information that is not bound by the framework of investment and securities.  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaRakuten Mobile cuts prices on iPhone

16.09.21 08:16
Rakuten Mobile cuts prices on iPhone 12 series and iPhone SE (2nd generation)-iPhone Mania

written by News Dir September 16, 2021

Up to about 27,000 yen discount for iPhone 12 series, up to about 12,000 yen discount for iPhone SE (2nd generation)  

55796 Postings, 6107 Tage LibudaWith help from Rakuten Advertising

16.09.21 09:51
An Australian fashion label exceeded ROAS goal by 53% through a paid social partnership with Rakuten Advertising, which led them to extend the program by 8 months.

The Story
Since 2018, the Australian fashion label has partnered with Rakuten Advertising to drive sales through its affiliate, display and search programs. In the second half of 2020, the brand reached out to Rakuten Advertising as performance marketing experts to help improve its existing in-house social program.
Throughout September to December 2020, the program was live through key promotional periods, including Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN), Cyber Week, End of Season Sale and the label?s biannual event. By the end of the year, Rakuten Advertising was able to help the label exceed its ROAS goal through highly strategic planning and seamless execution.


Rakuten Advertising?s recommended strategy proved successful and the team was able to improve the performance of the label?s social program through this campaign. The brand saw exceptionally positive outcomes in the early stages of Q4, which prompted the team to extend the campaign for a further two months and again for an additional six months until June 2021.

29:1 Average Program ROAS

The label's social program consistently exceeded the 19:1 ROAS goal in Q4 2020.

33:1 Peak ROAS

The social program peaked in November 2020 and was responsible for 49% of total site revenue in this period.

46% Uplift in CTR

The label experienced an increase in CTR (46%) and ROAS (32%) compared to its April 2020 biannual sale event, which took place before migrating their social program to our platform.

68% Reduction in Spend

The program saw a reduction in spend during VOSN by 68% and a remarkable 215% increase in ROAS YoY.

These positive results are a testament to Rakuten Advertising team?s social expertise. The team worked closely with the retailer to transform its social program strategically and successfully improved performance during and beyond the golden quarter. Along with other performance channels, social now forms a key aspect of the brand?s performance marketing strategy and accounts for a significant portion of the brand  

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