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01.09.11 22:28
PTS, Inc. (PTSH) Recapitalization and the Upcoming Merger with Navistar Logistics
Toronto, Canada, September 1, 2011 - PTS, Inc. (PTSH; management is
using this opportunity to advise its shareholders and followers on the recent developments
concerning company recapitalization and merger update with the Navistar Logistics (UK)
The recapitalization has been finalized with the Nevada Secretary of State. Company?s new
share structure is as follows:
? 988 million Authorized Shares,
? 34 million Shares Outstanding and in the Float,
? 550 million restricted shares will be issued to the Navistar Logistics? for the merger
as PTSH?s main subsidiary,
? The remaining 404 million shares will remain locked with PTSH treasury for the
potential future mergers, acquisitions and/or expansions.
In the light of this recapitalization, PTSH Board of Directors is adapting a non-dilution policy
that will take effect with merger finalization.
In other company news, the public may have taken notice of the company?s brochure
providing additional information about the company operations has been shared
and posted temporarily @
_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=3645&nav=0. Shortly, PTSH will also
post the same document on and update contact information.
PTSH management advises that Navistar is a 10 million range operation, and believes that
the subsidiary should deliver PTSH a stable and robust price per share valuation.
Details on previously announced plans (such as progress of audited financials, etc.) will be
reported to public as they come closer to fruition  

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