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15.07.10 22:13
Das ist doch mal ein geiler Abschluss in CAN heute... oder hab ich was an den Augen?? Super! Weiter so - könnt ja auch allmählich mal was news-technisch kommen ;-))  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenGeht doch!

15.07.10 22:15
15:41:33  V  0.185  +0.01  3,000  1  Anonymous  11  MacQuarie  KW  

15:41:25  V  0.185  +0.01  6,000  1  Anonymous  2  RBC  K  

15:41:25  V  0.185  +0.01  5,000  1  Anonymous  7  TD Sec  K  

15:40:27  V  0.18  +0.005  33,000  7  TD Sec  9  BMO Nesbitt  K  

15:40:27  V  0.18  +0.005  50,000  7  TD Sec  11  MacQuarie  K  

15:40:27  V  0.18  +0.005  105,000  7  TD Sec  1  Anonymous  K  

13:56:11  V  0.175  -   10,000  89  Raymond James  1  Anonymous  K  


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16.07.10 22:31
Wochenabschluss in CAN!! Für einen Freitag NOCH ohne News beachtlich ;-))
Es stimmt mich freudig, dass die "F'hasserin" an Bord ist - lese dich immer wieder gerne - Gruß von hier!! :)
Sorry, dass ich den Namen verstümmeln musste - hier gibt es seltsame Regularien... ;-)
Ist ja nichts Neues, man darf ja auch keine 3 Ausrufezeichen hintereinander setzen...  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Provencanadian insider

18.07.10 17:49
Jul 16/10  Jul 15/10  Zisman, Raziel  Direct Ownership  Options  50 - Grant of options  375,000  $0.170  
Jul 16/10  Jun 16/10  Zisman, Raziel  Direct Ownership  Options  00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report        
Jun 18/10  Jun 16/10  Zisman, Raziel  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report        
May 20/10  May 18/10  Gingerich, John Cater  Direct Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  350,000  $0.220  
May 20/10  May 17/10  Gingerich, John Cater  Direct Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  20,000    
May 12/10  May 11/10  Gingerich, John Cater  Direct Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  250,000  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenNews

19.07.10 18:25
Advanced Explorations signs MOU with Xinxing Pipes

2010-07-19 08:39 ET - News Release

Mr. John Gingerich reports


Advanced Explorations Inc. has concluded a memorandum of understanding with China-based Xinxing Pipes Group Co. Ltd. The parties have agreed to general terms and conditions of a proposed strategic partnership and investment that will allow XXP to acquire a significant interest in AEI and/or the Roche Bay and Tuktu projects.

Subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval, the MOU sets out an option for XXP to acquire initially 19 per cent of the company's issued and outstanding common shares by way of a private placement at a price equal to or greater than 25 cents per share. The initial acquisition would also include a seat on the AEI board of directors. XXP is expected to complete its due diligence by Aug. 30, 2010, and work together with AEI to conclude the terms for its strategic investment.

In addition to the strategic investment, XXP and AEI will jointly determine project development plans that are to be financed through the XXP partnership.

John Gingerich, president and chief executive officer, commented: "The Xinxing Pipes Group is one of the world's largest producers of steel pipes with expertise across the full spectrum of the iron ore and steel industries. AEI is very pleased that a company with both the financial strength and technical expertise such as XXP has expressed its strong interest in co-operating with AEI. The companies are jointly assessing the various start-up and development scenarios as part of the due diligence process. The definitive feasibility study will be the responsibility of XXP, with a likely primary focus being a start-up concentrate operation, which will substantially reduce initial capital requirements for the project. The deal is also expected to include an off-take agreement with XXP."

XXP is a state-owned enterprise located in China and, as a partner in the Roche Bay project, would remain focused on taking the project to development. AEI will also begin to assess other growth opportunities to enhance shareholder value and accelerate assessment on non-core precious metal and other mineral assets.

Pursuant to the company's stock option plan approved at the June 16, 2010, annual general meeting and subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval, the company intends to grant options to buy a total of 775,000 shares to directors and consultants at a price of 17 cents per common share, exercisable in whole or in part on or before five years from the date hereof.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven...

19.07.10 18:39
So recht geht sie ja nicht ab trotz News...? Im Moment andere Zeiten als früher, wo sowas gleich voll reingeknallt hätt - erst recht, wenn hotlines dran sind - wie n-tv die Tage ;-)  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenOh oh

19.07.10 22:48
enttäuschender Verlauf, insofern verständlich, dass hier niemand mehr ist... ;-)
Und tschüss... war wohl nur eine kleine Verpuffung!  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenNa...

23.07.10 16:46
wann starten wir denn jetzt durch...?  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenIst ja immer noch so ruhig hier... ;-)

06.08.10 19:34
Jul 28/10  Jul 23/10  Chiummiento, Joseph  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Disposition in the public market  -5,000  $0.180  
Jul 28/10  Jul 22/10  Chiummiento, Joseph  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Disposition in the public market  -7,500  $0.175  
Jul 28/10  Jul 22/10  Chiummiento, Joseph  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Disposition in the public market  -25,000  $0.180  
Jul 28/10  Jul 21/10  Chiummiento, Joseph  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Disposition in the public market  -30,000  $0.175  

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554 Postings, 4857 Tage leilei3.

06.08.10 21:15
Denke mal das der Kurs bis ende des Monats noch stark anziehen wird.Gruß.  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven...

09.08.10 22:10
Na, da war aber heute in CAN offensichtlich einer seinen Stücke eher böse...?
Wäre gut, wenn von den Projekten mal news vermeldet würden... nicht nur "Warten auf die Chinesen"...  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenSpiele

10.08.10 19:38
Was werden hier für Spiele gespielt...?
Wenn man das schon liest in anderen boards "die 20 waren da"... juchhe, ne iss klar! Mit 500 Stücken, um den Kurs zu stämmen, während dann fette Stücke abgeladen werden... "Da kommt was ganz Großes"... - ja gewiss!!  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven...

11.08.10 20:38
Zitterpartie im Moment auch hier...  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven...

18.08.10 12:57
Kommt langsam zumindest hier etwas Bewegung rein, wie's scheint... ;-)
Countdown bis Ende August könnte beginnen ;-)  

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18.08.10 19:27
Advanced Explorations to acquire Alaskan claims

2010-08-18 12:42 ET - News Release

Mr. John Gingerich reports


Advanced Explorations Inc. has entered into an option agreement with Alaskan-based 7th Sea Holdings Company to either purchase for cash, shares or a combination of both, or earn up to 100-per-cent interest in 7th Sea's wholly owned Alaskan claims and 25-kilometre area of interest.

John Gingerich, President and CEO, commented:

"With the option to acquire a potential iron sands project, we are adding another property to our portfolio that emphasizes our focus on iron ore and facilitates the expertise and skill set of our team. In-house sampling to date indicates iron content comparable to other global iron sands projects. The location proximal to tidewater and the potential product show similarities with the Company's Roche Bay magnetite project in Nunavut. We have already initiated metallurgical studies to determine the flow sheet required to produce a quality iron product".

The Company believes additional advantages are a year-round shipping window, potential low mining cost and the proximity to the Asian market (6500 km from China). Thus, the AEI remains focused on a commodity that continues to be in high demand worldwide.

With the iron sand mineralization is exposed at surface for over 25 kilometres the Company believes the project has a high tonnage potential. A spot sample for the USGS National Geochemical Survey database (2001) of 65.6% Fe2O3 is what drew 7th Sea to the area. A composite sands sample taken during an initial site visit returned a result of 8.23% Fe2O3 which compares favorably to other iron sands projects. For example: The Pampa El Toro Sands deposit in Peru has a reported grade of 6.67% Fe2O3.

The Agreement is subject to a 90 day due diligence period and AEI may elect to exercise its option to either purchase the property (US$1.6 million cash and/or shares) or to by June 1st, 2012 earn undertake work commitments of $US 2,000,000 and cash and/or stock payments of $US 1.6 million. The Claims are subject to a 3% NSR with a 1.75% buyback provision. The Company intends to conduct and complete its due diligence prior to exercising its option, and remains committed to working with 7th Sea to further unlock the project's value. The terms and conditions of the Agreement remain subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval.

A finder's fee may be payable subject to TSX review and approval.

We seek Safe Harbor.  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven@leilei3

19.08.10 18:19
Hat man auch selten - gestern diese news - heute Null Stücke Umsatz in CAN? Wie passt das nun zusammen...?  

554 Postings, 4857 Tage leilei3.

19.08.10 19:42
Nun ja Proven es gab Zeiten da gingen die Kurse bei solchen News durch die Decke. Bin der Meinung das die News top sind doch der Markt hat halt seine eigene Gesetze. Wir müssen uns halt noch etwas Gedulten. Gruß  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenInterview Gingerich

20.08.10 12:44

Hier ein Interview mit J. Gingerich - das klingt alles sehr gut, was er da für die kommenden zwölf Monate so auf dem Programm hat... ;-)  

554 Postings, 4857 Tage leilei3.

20.08.10 18:53
Darum bin ich mir sicher das sich Geduld hier Auszahlt. Gruß  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage ProvenNews Release :-)

23.08.10 17:48
Advanced Explorations buys 155,000 Melville acres

2010-08-23 08:57 ET - News Release

Mr. John Gingerich reports


Advanced Explorations Inc. has provided an update on the company's recent field programs, the Alaska iron sands project and the due diligence process of China XinXing Pipes Group.

The company has completed the first phase of its regional assessment of other commodity opportunities on the Melville Peninsula. Based on the promising conclusions of the team, AEI has expanded its 100-per-cent holding to over 140,000 acres outside of the original joint venture area and added an additional 15,000 acres within the JV. Here, property acquisition was focused on iron ore targets with precious metal and base metal opportunities acquired elsewhere. Additional target evaluation will commence once the last round of sample assays are received. Depending on results, additional land may be acquired around key mineral prospects.

As reported in Stockwatch news on Aug. 18, the company announced its option to acquire a 100-per-cent interest in an Alaska iron sands project from 7th Sea Holdings Company. The project is located on the Alaska Peninsula (panhandle), approximately 6,500 kilometres from China, making the deposit potentially competitive to ore being shipped from Australia to China. AEI believes there is excellent tonnage potential, and the ocean location provides additional development advantages. In order to make an informed acquisition decision, metallurgical studies are currently under way to determine the process required to produce quality concentrate products with results expected in the next few months.

As part of the due diligence process of China XinXing Pipes Group (as reported in Stockwatch news on July 19, 2010), five delegates led by the director of the investment committee, Guo Shijin, visited the Roche Bay and Tuktu deposits and attended a variety of meetings with government and Inuit community officials (pictures can be seen on the company's website). XinXing's evaluation of the company's assets is continuing, and a decision is expected within the timeline set out in the MOU.

John Gingerich, president and chief executive officer, commented:

"The company has met its three key target objectives (milestones):

"Moving forward in developing a strategic partnership with XinXing Pipes Group: AEI believes XXP to be an excellent partner with the financial and technical capability to take the Roche Bay project to production.
"Expanding the core (iron ore) asset base of the company with the acquisition of the large Alaska iron sands project.
"Advancing the company's precious metal (Au, Ag) and base metal (Cu, Ni) potential: a program is under way to determine the economic potential of numerous targets that have been identified which has already led to an expansion of our landholdings. The results of this review will be an important guide on how best to monetize the value of these assets for our shareholders. Within the next few months we will decide whether to spin out, joint venture or pursue these opportunities within AEI as part of our project portfolio.

"There appears to be a continuing strong resurgence within the commodity sector and in particular iron ore. The company continues to evaluate new growth opportunities and respond to unsolicited inquiries to partner on other projects not covered by the XinXing MOU. We are very confident that the next six months will be very good months for AEI."

We seek Safe Harbor.

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven;-)

23.08.10 17:52
We are very confident that the next six months will be very good months for AEI.  

554 Postings, 4857 Tage leilei3.

23.08.10 18:23
Na dann die kommenden Monate fleißig weiter sammeln. So wie es aussieht ist das Risiko nach unten relativ gering. Gruß  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven.

23.08.10 20:19
Das kann man nie sagen, wie das Risiko nach unten aussieht...?
In München kurz down-dip 125.000 Stücke zu 0,126 E abgegriffen... warst du das wieder beim Sammeln ;-) ?  

554 Postings, 4857 Tage leilei3.

23.08.10 21:50
Nee heute nicht hab alle Zeit der Welt unsere Zeit wird kommen.  

532 Postings, 4686 Tage Proven@leilei

24.08.10 08:51
Hast du dir das neue Interview von gestern angehört - es hat jemand auf w.o. eingestellt, hier nochmal der link:


Ist echt interessant - könnte mir vorstellen, dass Ende August eine Reihe von news kommen. Gingerich sagt u.a., dass eben ein Team reingekommen ist mit Proben, was die anderen Minerealisierungen angeht außer Eisenerz, diese wurden ins Labor gegeben und er rechnet mit Ergebnissen in etwa 2-3 Wochen...  

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