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03.11.10 14:22
Advanced Explorations Closes Initial $2.8 mm Private Placement with Shandong Fulun Steel

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 3, 2010) - Advanced Explorations Inc. (the "Company" or "AEI")(TSX VENTURE:AXI)(FRANKFURT:AE6) is pleased to announce the closing of the $2,800,000 private placement with Shandong Fulun Steel Co., Ltd. ("Fulun Steel") as press released on September 30, 2010. This private placement is part of a broader cooperation commitment. AEI is in receipt of $2,800,000 and has issued 7,000,000 Units at $0.40 per Unit in the capital stock of AEI to Fulun Steel.  

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04.11.10 08:45
Wenn das alles vorbei ist Sehen wir auch hier den ?.  

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04.11.10 12:23
Advanced Explorations? focus on Melville Peninsula brings in two Chinese companies with deep pockets
by Richard Badakaus company news image

A face-to-face meeting with Advanced Explorations? (TSX-V:AXI, FSE:AE6) President & CEO John Gingerich leaves a strong impression that this junior iron ore company has no intention on spending shareholders? capital on kicking rocks. Indeed, the first fifteen minutes of an interview with Gingerich is focused entirely on management and their track record in developing assets.

Gingerich?s - a professional geophysicist - previous incarnation was as co-founder of East Asia Minerals (TSX-V:EAS), a CAD $550 million Asian exploration company, so he knows a thing or two about building up microcap companies into a junior mining company with good growth potential.

This is reflected in the team he has build around him, which includes James Excell who has worked on some of the world?s major mining projects, including the CAD $700 million Ekati Diamond Mine for BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP); Steve Roebuck who has spent much of his career in the Arctic, including time as a production engineer and geologist for BHP Billiton; Florin Gheorghiu, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, who has more than 35 years experience in ore crushing, grinding and enrichment processes and Bernie Swarbrick who recently joined the team as the new VP Capital Projects & Studies. Gingerich is also keen to note the crucial roles played by Robert Collette, former Canadian Ambassador to Switzerland, and Lei Guo, a specialist in securing finance from China for Canadian mining companies.

Management focus has been targeted on attracting Chinese investment for iron exploration and production. China currently produces 620 to 630 million tonnes of steel, recording a yearly growth rate of 10%, and has been seeking to diversify ore supplies away from Australia, Brazil and India. This has set off substantial growth in Canadian exports of iron ore, from a low base of 8.65 million tonnes per year, and created great interest in Canadian companies with undeveloped iron ore resources.

Baffinland Iron Mines Corp (TSX: BIM), whose flagship property is also based in Nunavut, carries a market capitalization of $340 million and is under a hostile takeover offer to capture a $4 billion development project, that will potentially produce 500 million tonnes of high grade iron ore over 20 years. New Millennium Corporation (TSX-V: NML) capitalized at $167 million, has 9 billion tonnes of taconite resources in the Millennium Iron Range in Northern Quebec- Labrador, and has attracted Tata Steel of India to invest $300 million in a joint venture to develop the Project.

AXI has 4 iron ore discoveries on the Melville Peninsula in Nunavut, which have already attracted two Chinese investors. The Roche Bay Banded Iron Formation extends for 140 kilometers, within which the C Zone covers 4.8 kilometers and carries a NI 43-101 Inferred Mineral Resource of 357 million tonnes of ore grading 28.7% of iron ore to a depth of 250 meters, where iron was intersected at depths of up to 540 meters. The conceptual size of the total resource exceeds 1 billion tonnes, and is situated next to deep water, which translates into a saving of $20 per tonne on shipping costs.

XinXing Pipes Group, which is the world?s largest producer and vendor of caste iron pipe, has committed $5.3 million to take a 19% stake in AXI at 25 cents per share, and funding of $20 million to complete a Definitive Feasibility Study along with $30 million for working capital. XinXing has the right to earn in 50% of the Roche Bay Project and a 50% off-take agreement of all iron ore production, and on completion of a positive DFS, commits to funding $1 billion to build an open pitmine, concentrate plant, iron nugget plant and export terminal with supporting infrastructure.

The project will likely deploy low cost modular components shipped in and completed on site. The Net Present Value of developing the C Zone, to produce 1 million tonnes of iron nuggets per year is US$1.16 billion, with an Internal Rate of Return of 24.4%, assuming an iron nugget price at US$500 per tonne. Recent metallurgical studies indicate that high quality iron concentrate of greater than 65% can also be produced at the rate of 3 million tonnes per year and sold into the seaborne iron trade for additional cash flow.

AXI explored different development scenarios for Roche Bay, among them a 3 Mt/year 63% Fe concentrate operation and a 1 Mt/year 96% Fe iron nugget operation. The most likely scenario based on the needs of its Chinese partner will be a start-up concentrate operation followed by a nugget plant. The nugget operation was initially chosen due to its unique benefits based on a new iron reduction technology that produces high quality pig iron as iron nuggets. Steel Dynamics (NASDAQ: STLD) has successfully commissioned the ITmk3 process at its Mesabi Nugget Plant at Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota. A large ball drum tumbles a moist mixture of pulverized coal, flux and binder and iron ore concentrate into ¾ inch balls that are dried and then roasted in a rotary hearth furnace to produce 96% iron nuggets that are a high quality pig iron suitable for mini mills to make steel. The whole process carries a low capital and operating cost and is expected to reduce emissions by 40% with a 30% less energy consumption than current steel plants.

The Shandong Fulun Steel Company has also invested in AXI taking a placement of 7 million warrants and shares at 40 cents for $2.8 million. The two companies have established a mutual co-operation agreement for the possible development of AEI?s other iron projects not pursued by XinXing, such as the Alaska Iron Sands Project or the Tuktu Prospect which hosts the potential to become a multibillion tonne iron ore deposit, located 60 kilometers north of Roche Bay. Fulun will also be able to secure 19% of the iron ore production from those projects if it proceeds to exercise its 7 million warrants at 55 cents within the next 4 months.

AXI is also developing a pipeline of other projects on the Melville Peninsula including the SikSik iron discovery, which is 40 kilometers west of the Tuktu massive magnetite zone, and has staked 22,000 acres of claims over molybdenum, copper, gold and silver showings. AXI has an Alaskan prospect at Port Heiden, containing tracts of coastal sands with potential for an economic resource of iron and titanium. This project may represent a potential low cost dredging operation with product shipped directly to Asian markets.

With Advanced Explorations? current market capitalization of $72.5 million, it is clear to see there is plenty of head room for appreciation in the share price, and with two Chinese groups already on board, the company looks nicely set up to advance several projects towards production decisions while also utilizing its sound management team to build out additional opportunities.  

21 Postings, 4543 Tage Gazosnachlegen?

04.11.10 16:08

lohnt sich jetzt nochmal nach zu kaufen?


554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

04.11.10 16:33
Hi Gazos kennst du einen besseren Explorer auf denn Markt? Die entscheidung zu kaufen kann dir keiner abnehmen. Ich habe diese Woche nochmal aufgestockt! Gehe davon aus das spätestens nächste Woche Top News kommen.Gruß  

943 Postings, 5303 Tage Alfgolf2soagar mehrere....!

04.11.10 19:21
nur nebenbei....

suchen musst Du nur selber :)

ist aber leicht---xx
Nur wer an sich glaubt, kann anderen helfen, an sich zu glauben.

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05.11.10 19:44
Friday, 05 Nov 2010Advanced Explorations Inc announced the closing of the USD 2,800,000 private placement with Shandong Fulun Steel Company Limited as press released on September 30th 2010. This private placement is part of a broader cooperation commitment. AEI is in receipt of USD 2,800,000 and has issued 7,000,000 Units at USD 0.40 per Unit in the capital stock of AEI to Fulun Steel.

Each Unit consists of one common share and one non transferable common share purchase warrant exercisable within 4 months from the closing date of the Offering. Fulun Steel shall be entitled to convert each whole warrant to one common share of the Company at the exercise price of USD 0.55 per common share. Conditional on the exercise of all warrants by Fulun Steel it will earn the right to 19% of the off take on iron products. The warrant exercise would raise an additional USD 3,850,000.

Mr John Gingerich president and CEO of Advanced Explorations said that "The agreement with Fulun Steel allows us additional scope in our development options. With the closing of this private placement, we have strengthened our relationship with Fulun Steel and can now aggressively pursue a broader growth strategy for the Company. Our primary focus is to rapidly advance our current portfolio of projects and add new projects that can immediately impact shareholder value. While the Company is committed to a core business in iron ore, our partners have encouraged that AEI examine other strategic international commodity opportunities."

To use the above contents click on "Get  

5303 Postings, 5104 Tage JenseHi und danke

05.11.10 21:40
das heisst diese Privatfinanzierung ist jetzt beendet worden, sprich der Weg nach oben ist jetzt offen und wird nicht mehr ausgebremst durch den tausch von Warrants in shares, richtig?  

554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

06.11.10 10:07
Moi, sieht so aus nächste Woche werden positive News auf uns zukommen.(Eisensandprojekt , spin offs, Rohstoffmesse) lassen wir uns überraschen. Allen ein schönes WE Gruß  

554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

08.11.10 22:18
In Kanada auf Tageshoch geschlossen bei 0,80! Gruß  

554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

09.11.10 13:17
Na wenn wir heute in Kanada die 0,85 knacken dann wirds lustig hier!Gruß  

2666 Postings, 5120 Tage Andrusch...

09.11.10 13:54
Habe mir mal eine Posi zugelegt...Sieht ganz vielversprechend aus das Teilchen...  

25 Postings, 5741 Tage Markus76Bin jetzt auch dabei

09.11.10 16:20

554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

09.11.10 17:12
Die 0,85 ist eine verdammt harte Nuss aber auch die wird fallen!!!  

2666 Postings, 5120 Tage Andrusch...

09.11.10 17:24

5303 Postings, 5104 Tage JenseJa das wird ganz sicher werden

09.11.10 18:35
aber könnte mir vorstellen, dass es heute noch nicht klappt... aber solange wir über 0,8 schliessen ist doch alles wunderbar...

Habe soeben meine Posi nochmals erweitert....  

2666 Postings, 5120 Tage Andrusch...

09.11.10 18:47
Genau...Long ist das Zauberwort..Habs eingepackt und beiseite gelegt...  

554 Postings, 4917 Tage leilei3.

09.11.10 19:01

Richtig gemacht Andrusch


5303 Postings, 5104 Tage Jensenaja bissl enttäuscht bin ich schon

09.11.10 22:05
dass wir ins Minus gerutscht sind, aber der Gesamtmarkt sieht ja auch nicht gut aus....
aber für mich ist das ne Posi die wirklich erst Mitte/Ende 2011 oder noch später richtig gewaltig durchstartet  

155 Postings, 4460 Tage TrenderkennerRealtimechart

11.11.10 16:31

659 Postings, 4851 Tage hausi09was möchtest du

11.11.10 16:35
uns damit sagen?
bist du hier auch investier? nicht nur bei arquana am zocken ;)  

924 Postings, 4554 Tage excellentbuyeinfach auf die übernahme warten

11.11.10 18:21
...sie wird kommen denke ich. und dann gibt es keinen halt mehr, bin mit meiner posi z.zt. gut im plus. könnte mir durchaus etwas größere rücksetzer im moment vorstellen - dennnoch will ich ungerne verkaufen. plane hier ebenfalls wie jense mindestens bis mitte 2011 investiert zu bleiben.


924 Postings, 4554 Tage excellentbuysorry

11.11.10 18:26
falsches forum ;-)
...plane hier aber ebenfalls den gleichen zeitraum investiert zu bleiben... nur das mit der übernahme war für nen anderen wert :-)  

924 Postings, 4554 Tage excellentbuy...

11.11.10 18:32
muss leider noch mal posten, aber an größere rücksetzer glaube ich bei advanced ebenso NICHT. auch dies kann ich mir nur bei dem anderen wert von dem ich eben sprach vorstellen. (wer interessiert ist... siehe meine letzten postings)  

5303 Postings, 5104 Tage JenseIch denke, dass wir hier max um die 0,75-0,85

12.11.10 08:24
schwanken, grössere Rücksetzer wird es eher nicht geben, aber brechen wir erstmal konstant über die 0,85 aus, dann ist hier ganz viel Potential nach oben und das ist nur eine Frage der Zeit....

Wie gesagt, meine Meinung: long > 6 Monate ein Kandidat der locker die 2,50-3CAD knacken kann  

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