Neuer Preferred Penny Stocks - VM Pick - Ideen?

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20.06.13 12:29
VM = Victory Mark.
Die haben 2 Wochen bevor APS XUII gepicked hat - Xuii released.
Damals noch für ca. 14 Cent.
Es könnte wieder eine Zusammenarbeit mit APs geben.

[quote]Hi Everyone,

We couldn"t be more excited about our brand new monster pick that we will be releasing to our valued subscribers tomorrow!

Our team believes that we have now found the winning combination with a one two punch that will give this pick the firepower to be the biggest pick of the year!

As most of our veteran subscribers know many of our picks see over 500% and our most recent, XUII, showed subscribers about 200% in the first two weeks following our alert on May 1!  

While many would be happy with seeing a stock go from 15 cents to 44 cents in just a few weeks, we are not. We know that our subscribers are our life line, so we are bringing a new pick that we believe has 1000% potential!

To avoid confusion, we still think XUII is a great company; in fact, it"s still trading well above where we initially alerted our subscribers to it.

The facts are we can"t wait any longer to release this potential bombshell and have an obligation to reward our subscribers with their best chance to win!

Be on the lookout tomorrow and make the needed changes in your trading accounts to get the most out of this next big winner!

Happy Trading!

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