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59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Fidelity... ist nicht irgendwer...

06.12.21 12:31
und das stimmt mich noch positiver....  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerWenn

06.12.21 13:02
Wenn jetzt noch Blackrock und Vanguard folgen...  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Dieser Wert ist eine Perle....

06.12.21 17:04
in einer Zeit..
wo SeltenErden zu strategischen Materialen zählen..
und ein Land damit unabhängig von Importen sein soll.

Für die USA... ein wichtiges Anliegen.  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79China - USA

08.12.21 08:50
Die Spannung nimmt zu...
Um so wichtiger ist... eine sichere Versorgung mit SeltenErden...  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerLucky

08.12.21 09:01
was meinst du.... wie lange braucht unsere perle ?  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Ich geb ihr sagen wir mal 1..2 Jahre...

08.12.21 09:34
Vorteil hier...
die entwickeln erst... also Frühphase Explorer.

Große Investoren müssen aufspringen, um Vertrauen zu generieren.
Mit Fidelity ist das ja schon mal passiert...
Rechne zudem damit, dass andere sich hier auch nicht lumpen lassen.

Der strategische Aspekt u. eine Unabhängigkeit von China
treten immer mehr in den Vordergrund...!!!


59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Zudem wird 2022 gebohrt...

08.12.21 09:35
die Ergebnisse müssten dann eingepreist werden...  :-)  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerLöschung

13.12.21 17:07

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158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkersecures key exploration permits

16.12.21 09:29
American Rare Earths secures key exploration permits and concludes capital raise

With all shares now issued, ARR has raised $6.1 million and says it is sufficiently capitalised to bring forward planned exploration activities for the La Paz and Halleck Creek projects.

American Rare Earths Ltd (ASX:ARR) has secured the green light for a series of exploration permits at its flagship rare earth plays in Arizona and Wyoming.

With the permits in tow, the specialty metal explorer can undertake ground-disturbing activities at the La Paz and Halleck Creek assets.

With all regulatory permits and approvals received, the company now has a clear pathway to advance drilling activities and further develop the exploration programs at what it considers two key rare earth projects.

The company has also revealed that its recently announced capital raising with Fidelity International has been completed, bringing the investor?s stake up to 9.94%.

With all shares now issued, ARR has raised $6.1 million and says it is sufficiently capitalised to bring forward planned exploration activities for the La Paz and Halleck Creek projects.

?Unlock value sooner?
Speaking to the development, American rare earths managing director and CEO Chris Gibbs said: "Timing could not be better with the recent capital raising efforts and obtaining the permits to commence drilling at our key projects.

?The opportunity to bring Fidelity onto the register means we can accelerate the planned scope of works and unlock value sooner.

?We are delighted to have the confidence of a high-quality, long term institutional investor such as Fidelity to support us on our journey to build the next major rare earth and critical minerals company.?  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerAmerican Rare Earths appoints non-executive Direct

07.01.22 10:33
American Rare Earths (ASX:ARR) appoints non-executive Director
American Rare Earths (ARR) has appointed Sten Gustafson as a Non-Executive Director.

Sten is the current CEO of special purpose acquisition company, Pyrophyte Acquisition which focuses on companies that provide products, services, equipment, and technologies to a variety of energy transition solutions.

He is said to have over 25 years of experience in the global energy sector and has advised on over 100 corporate transactions around the world for over $100 billion worth of transaction value.

Moreover, he was previously Chairman of the board of directors of the Norwegian company, Golden Energy Offshore and independent director for Western Rare Earths, the US subsidiary of ARR.

American Rare Earths is the only Australian company listed on the ASX with assets in the rare earth metals sector of the US It owns the La Paz rare earth project, which is believed to be the largest, rare-earth deposit in the states.

The company?s key focus is to build the next major rare earth and critical minerals company and play a key role in securing supply for the United States of America.

With experience in the US equity markets and corporate securities law, including expertise in investment banking, IPO?s, mergers and acquisitions, ARR?s Chairman, Creagh O?Connor said Sten?s expertise will strengthen the company board in its feat to grow its US business.

?It is a pleasure to welcome Sten to the Board of American Rare Earths,? the Chairman said.

?I?m excited for what the future holds in 2022 as we continue developing the La Paz project in Arizona and commence the maiden drill program at the Halleck Creek Project in Wyoming.

?We continue to increase our US presence and with Sten?s recent appointment we are well positioned to be a key player in the US Rare Earths Industry.?  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerTeam Member of the US Critical Materials Institute

11.01.22 10:09
Western Rare Earths Announced as Team Member of the US Critical Materials Institute; Partner to DOE Funded R&D Project
Subsidiary of American Rare Earths Limited named Team Member of Critical Materials Institute (CMI), a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Innovation Hub.

January 11, 2022 01:00 ET | Source: American Rare Earths Limited

PHOENIX, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Rare Earths Limited (ASX: ARR, OTCQB: ARRNF), an exploration and technology company focused on the development of its Rare Earth and Scandium assets, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned US subsidiary, Western Rare Earths, has been named a Team Member of the highly esteemed Critical Materials Institute. The company's assets have the potential to be some of the largest rare earth deposits in the United States.

The Critical Materials Institute (CMI) is a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary consortium led by the Ames Laboratory. CMI is an Energy Innovation Hub of the U.S. Department of Energy. Its focus is innovation to assure supply chains for materials critical to clean energy technologies with special focus on the Rare Earths supply chain for the United States. These critical materials are essential for American competitiveness in clean energy, including wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, and energy-efficient lighting. The Department's "Critical Materials Strategy" reported that supply challenges for five rare earth metals may affect clean energy technology deployment in the coming years.

CMI is a public/private partnership, led by the Ames Laboratory, that brings together the best and brightest research minds from universities, national laboratories, and the private sector. The shared goal is to find innovative technology solutions that will help avoid a supply shortage that would threaten the US clean energy industry as well as security interests.

Strategic objectives for Team Members include opportunities to drive R&D, the option to license technology for deployment, and provide input to CMI research programs.

CMI Team Members have research subcontracts from CMI or are providing cost sharing funds. Requirements include specific research project deliverables within the entity's areas of expertise, based on a scope of work and a negotiated budget, including cost-share as applicable.

Western Rare Earths' invitation to become a CMI Team Member is a result of being a cost sharing co-applicant to a recently approved CMI R&D project expected to be announced in early 2022. The project includes other CMI Team Members, in the National Lab and University categories, as the primary researchers and Western Rare Earths providing feedstock, beneficiated Rare Earths mineralized ore, and industry guidance.

According to the CMI website, some Team Members include:

Industry: BorgWarner, Lixivia, Marshallton Research Laboratories, Rio Tinto, Solvay, and Western Rare Earths
Universities: Arizona State University, Colorado School of Mines, Idaho State University, Iowa State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, Rutgers, University of Arizona, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
National Laboratories: Ames Laboratory, Idaho NL, Lawrence Livermore NL and Oak Ridge NL

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerTeam des Critical Materials Institute (CMI)

12.01.22 20:28
Western Rare Earths, die 100%ige Tochterfirma von American Rare Earths Ltd. (ASX: ARR, FSE: 1BHA) wurde kürzlich als Mitglied in das Team des Critical Materials Institute (CMI) aufgenommen. Das CMI ist ein Energieinnovationszentrum, das dem US-Energieministerium angegliedert ist. In ihm kommen verschiedene Institutionen und Unternehmen zusammen. Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Forschung an Materialien, die für die sauberen Energietechnologien entscheidend sind, sowie auf der Sicherstellung der Versorgungsketten für diese strategischen Rohstoffe.

Das Critical Materials Institute ist damit sowohl eine öffentliche wie auch eine private Partnerschaft, die vom US-Energieministerium finanziert und vom Ames Laboratorium geleitet wird. Zu seinen Mitgliedern zählen renommierte Universitäten, staatliche, nationale Labore aber auch Unternehmen aus der freien Wirtschaft wie Rio Tinto, Solvay oder First Solar.

Nun gehört auch Western Rare Earths zu diesem ausgesuchten Kreis, dessen Aufgabe es ist, nicht nur innovative technologische Lösungen zu finden, die dazu beitragen, dass Versorgungsengpässe vermieden werden, sondern auch sicherzustellen, dass die US-Industrie jederzeit mit kritischen Materialien versorgt werden kann. Hier sehen die USA nicht nur ihre nationalen, sondern auch ihre Sicherheitsinteressen bedroht.
Die CMI-Mitgliedschaft steigert die Wahrnehmung von American Rare Earths erheblich

Da die Seltenen Erden zu diesen kritischen Materialien zählen und American Rare Earths sich dem Ziel verschrieben hat, eine von China unabhängige Versorgung mit den kritischen Materialien innerhalb der USA aufzubauen, liegt eine intensive Kooperation für beide Seiten nahe. Ein Strategiepapier des US-Energieministeriums hat bereits fünf Seltene Erden, die für den Einsatz in den erneuerbaren Energien bzw. in Elektrofahrzeugen essentiell sind, identifiziert, bei denen es in den kommenden Jahren zu Versorgungsengpässen kommen könnte.

Die Einladung, ein Teammitglied des Critical Materials Institute zu werden, geht auch darauf zurück, dass sich Western Rare Earths an den Kosten eines CMI-Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekt beteiligen wird. Es soll Anfang 2022 angekündigt und der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt werden.

Marty Weems, der CEO von Western Rare Earths und der Präsident des US-Geschäfts von American Rare Earths wird für die Gesellschaften fortan im CMI vertreten sein und erhält dadurch die Chance, Kontakte zu wichtigen Entscheidungsträgern im Energieministerium wie auch aus der freien Wirtschaft zu knüpfen und zu pflegen. Langfristig dürfte sich dies für die weitere Entwicklung von American Rare Earths als ein großer Vorteil erweisen.
American Rare Earths Ltd. (ASX: ARR, FSE: 1BHA) ist ein in Australien und Deutschland börsennotiertes australisches Explorationsunternehmen, das auf die Erkundung und Entwicklung von Liegenschaften mit hohen Gehalten an Seltenen Erden und kritischen Metallen wie Scandium in Nordamerika und Australien fokussiert ist. 170 Kilometer nordwestlich von Phoenix im US-Bundesstaat Arizona besitzt das Unternehmen zu 100% das La-Paz-Rare-Earth-Projekt. Es verfügt bereits über eine Ressource nach dem australischen JORC-Standard von 128,2 Mt mit einem Seltenen-Erden-Gehalt von 373,4 ppm (0,037%). Zusätzlich zu diesem Flaggschiff wurde im Frühjahr 2021 das Searchlight-Rare-Earth-Projekt in Nevada akquiriert. Fast gleichzeitig sicherte sich das Unternehmen in Westaustralien die oberflächennahen Mineralrechte für Scandium auf dem Split-Rocks-Projekt. Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, in diesem sehr stark von China dominierten Markt zu einem unabhängigen Anbieter aufzusteigen.  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Heut geht's UP...

17.01.22 06:34

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerUnd

17.01.22 08:50
das ist nur Anfang! ;)  

158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalkerUS Bill would block defence contractors

17.01.22 09:56

US Bill would block defence contractors from using Chinese rare earths

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - A bipartisan piece of legislation introduced in the US Senate on Friday (Jan 14) would force defence contractors to stop buying rare earths from China by 2026 and use the Pentagon to create a permanent stockpile of the strategic minerals.

The Bill, sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, and Mark Kelly, an Arizona Democrat, is the latest in a string of US legislation seeking to thwart China's near control over the sector.

It essentially uses the Pentagon's purchase of billions of dollars worth of fighter jets, missiles and other weapons as leverage to require contractors to stop relying on China and, by extension, support the revival of US rare earths production.

Rare earths are a group of 17 metals that, after processing, are used to make magnets found in electric vehicles, weaponry and electronics.

While the United States created the industry in World War II and US military scientists developed the most widely-used type of rare earth magnet, China has slowly grown to control the entire sector the past 30 years.

The US has only one rare earths mine and has no capability to process rare earth minerals.

"Ending American dependence on China for rare earths extraction and processing is critical to building up the US defence and technology sectors," Cotton told Reuters.

The senator, who sits on the Senate's Armed Forces and Intelligence committees, described China's evolution into the global rare earths leader as "simply a policy choice that the United States made," adding that he hoped fresh policies would loosen Beijing's grip.

Known as the Restoring Essential Energy and Security Holdings Onshore for Rare Earths Act of 2022, the Bill would codify and make permanent the Pentagon's ongoing stockpiling of the materials.

China temporarily blocked rare earth exports to Japan in 2010 and has issued vague threats it could do the same to the US.

To build that reserve, though, the Pentagon buys supply in part from China, a paradox that Senate staffers hope will abate in time.

The rare earths production process can be highly pollutive, part of the reason why it became unpopular in the US.

Ongoing research is attempting to make the process cleaner.

Cotton said he had talked to various US executive agencies about the Bill, but declined to say if he had talked with President Joe Biden or the White House.

"This is an area in which Congress will lead, because many members have been concerned about this very topic, regardless of party," he said.

Encourage domestic output
Most members of the nascent US rare earths sector praised the Bill, though some worried defence contractors could continue to ask for waivers to buy Chinese rare earths even after 2026.

The Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group for Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and other US aerospace and defence companies, declined to comment on the Bill.

"Well placed policies such as this one get us closer to the target of onshoring this critical supply chain," said Marty Weems, North American president of Australia-based American Rare Earths, which is developing three US rare earth projects.

MP Materials, which operates the only US rare earths mine and relies on Chinese processors, said it appreciates "ongoing efforts by the Department of Defence and broader US government to secure the domestic rare earth supply chain and promote free and fair competition."
The Bill, which the sponsors expect could be folded into Pentagon funding legislation later this year, offers no direct support for US rare earths miners or processors.

Instead, it requires Pentagon contractors to stop using Chinese rare earths within four years, allowing waivers only in rare situations. Defence contractors would be required to immediately say where they source the minerals.

Those requirements "should encourage more domestic (rare earths) development in our country," Cotton said.

The Pentagon has in the past two years given grants to companies trying to resume US rare earth processing and magnet production, including MP Materials, Australia's Lynas Rare Earth, TDA Magnetics and Urban Mining.
Kelly, a former astronaut and a member of the Senate's Armed Services and Energy committees, said the Bill should "strengthen America's position as a global leader in technology by reducing our country's reliance on adversaries like China for rare earth elements."

The Bill only applies to weapons, not other equipment the US military purchases.

Additionally, the US trade representative would be required to investigate whether China is distorting the rare earths market and recommend whether trade sanctions are needed.

When asked if such a step could be seen as antagonistic by Beijing, Cotton said: "I don't think the answer to Chinese aggression or Chinese threats is to continue to subject ourselves to Chinese threats."


158 Postings, 668 Tage timewalker#118

17.01.22 10:02
"Gut platzierte Maßnahmen wie diese bringen uns dem Ziel näher, diese kritische Lieferkette ins Ausland zu verlagern", sagte Marty Weems, nordamerikanischer Präsident des in Australien ansässigen Unternehmens American Rare Earths, das drei US-Projekte für Seltene Erden entwickelt.  

966 Postings, 5146 Tage Chris2009Sieht perfekt.....

17.01.22 12:13
.....aus im Depot!  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Das Ding könnte durch die Decke gehen...

17.01.22 14:15

966 Postings, 5146 Tage Chris2009Bis Ende der Woche...

17.01.22 21:00
....über 0,20 €.  

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Eine Perle... :-)

17.01.22 23:42

59475 Postings, 3116 Tage Lucky79Ein solider Anstieg...

18.01.22 09:10
längst überfällig...  

966 Postings, 5146 Tage Chris2009Schon....

18.01.22 10:45
...sind die 0,20 € da!!!  

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