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A Green Metals Company Palladium+Platinum

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69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruA Green Metals Company Palladium+Platinum

01.09.17 11:37


Share Structure

Issued and Outstanding 68.4M

Options 5.7M

Warrants 52.2M

Fully Diluted 126.3M


River Valley PGM Project

  • 100% owned by New Age Metals
  • River Valley Measured + Indicated resources: 91 million tonnes @ 0.58 g/t* palladium, 0.22 g/t platinum, 0.04 g/t gold at a cut-off grade of 0.8 g/t PdEq** for 2,463,000 ounces PGM*** plus gold
  • River Valley Inferred resources: 36 million tonnes @ 0.36 g/t palladium, 0.14 g/t platinum, 0.03 g/t gold at a cut-off grade of 0.8 g/t PdEq for 614,000 ounces PGM plus gold
  • On a PdEq basis, the Measured + Indicated resources contain 3,944,000 ounces PdEq and the Inferred resources contain 1,201,000 ounces PdEq
  • River Valley PGM-copper-nickel sulphide mineralized zones remain open to expansion with continued exploration

Aktuell läuft das Bohrprogramm noch und mit Ergebnissen ist in den kommenden Tagen zu rechnen.

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69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruResearch vom 31.08.2017

01.09.17 11:38

All Eyes On Gold ? But Its Platinum That Will Soar

Palisade Research August 31, 2017
Category: Research

The platinum group metals are composed of six noble, precious metallic elements: iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, and rhodium. In mining, the most valuable PGMs are platinum and palladium, and rhodium to a lesser degree. Intuitively, the metals are correlated in terms of price movement, and often time track other precious metals, especially gold.


69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruNews sollten diese Woche kommen

06.09.17 11:03
Ergebnisse aus dem laufenden Bohrprogramm erwarte ich bis Ende der Woche !  

69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruNeuer Research - Fair Value 0,49 !

12.09.17 12:16
Investment Highlights

x New Age Metals Inc. (?company?, ?NAM?), previously
named Pacific North West Capital, is advancing its River
Valley PGM project to a Preliminary Economic Assessment
(?PEA?) in 2018.

x The project has a measured and indicated resource of 91 Mt
grading 0.84 g/t Pd + Pt + Au, 0.06% Cu, and 0.02% Ni,
containing 3.9 Moz PdEq (palladium equivalent).

x The company is currently pursuing a 16,500 ft drill program
with to confirm and expand the newly discovered high-grade
near surface resource on the northern portion of the project.

x Palladium prices have almost doubled since the end of 2015.
x The company also has a portfolio of five hard-rock lithium
projects in Canada. Management intends to advance these
projects through a joint venture model.

x Management and board members combined hold 6.92
million shares, or 10.1% of the total outstanding. Chairman,
Harry Barr is the largest shareholder, with 7.2% of the total

x At the end of 2017 (ended April 30, 2017), the company had
working capital of $2.91 million, which implies a current
Enterprise Value of $1.88 million.

x We estimate that NAM?s shares are currently trading at just
$0.70 per PGM oz.  

69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruNews

21.09.17 12:23

Drill Program Encounters 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au Over 28 m at the River Valley Platinum Group Metals Project, Sudbury Mining District, Ontario


- A drill hole collared in main mineralized zone (Dana North) encountered 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 28m, including 7.12 g/t over 3m and 4.06 g/t over 6m with a second zone of 3.30 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 4m

- Drilling continues to encounter PGM mineralization in the footwall of the River Valley PGM Deposit with assays of 1.56 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 9m, 1.41 g/t over 8m, 1.12 g/t over 17 m and 1.64 m of 7m were obtained from drilling in the footwall

- Drilling has been focused on follow-up drilling to further test the continuation of the Pine Zone and Dana North Zone

- River Valley is the Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM resource in Canada, with 3.9Moz PdEq in Measured Plus Indicated including an additional 1.2Moz PdEq in Inferred.


69 Postings, 1504 Tage GoldguruResarch

21.09.17 12:24

Successful Extension Drilling Update

New Age Metals announced the first batch of drill hole results of the 2017 drilling campaign, focusing on the Dana North (T3) and Pine Zone.

We already consider the campaign a success, with drilling confirming continued PGM mineralization in the footwall to the main River Valley contact.

The PGM mineralization has been extended for ~140 meters east of the previous known mineralization into the footwall of the identified resources. PGM mineralization in the Pine Zone has now been shown to extend to at least 300 meters below surface.

If NAM had a larger drill program, we imagine newer targets could extend along the 16 kilometers of strike, which is still open at depth.

Assay results have been received for six of the eleven presently drilled holes, and grades have actually increased, identifying breccia host zones in all holes, including 2.45 g/t 3E over 28 meters, including 7.12 g/t over 3 meters and 4.06 g/t over 6 meters with a second zone of 3.30 g/t over 4 meters.

This present exploration activity of drilling and geophysics will be used for the upcoming Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA).

We very much enjoy the PGM narrative, recently writing about platinum just a couple of weeks ago.

New Age Metals remains our sole holding in PGMs, and through our research and network we have determined it is on the radar of many majors looking to bolster their portfolios.

With another batch of drill results on the horizon, NAM?s River Valley Deposit, home to an M&I resource of 3.9 million ounces PdEq and an additional inferred resource of 1.2 million ounces PdEq, offers extreme value and optionality. The safe jurisdiction of Ontario only offers more safety in the volatile world of mining.


471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoNew age metals: Lithium, Platin, Palladium

12.10.20 17:15
mal im Auge behalten  

471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoEric Sprott:

12.10.20 17:20
Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - February 3, 2020) - Eric Sprott announces that, today, 2176423 Ontario Ltd., a corporation which is beneficially owned by him, acquired ownership of 14,000,000 units of New Age Metals Inc., pursuant to a private placement, at a price of $0.05 per share for aggregate consideration of $700,000. Each unit consists of one common share and one common share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant entitles the holder to acquire one common share at an exercise price of $0.10 per share for a period of two years.

471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoPlatin-Gruppen-Elementen (PGE) und Lithium

13.10.20 15:30
"New Age Metals Inc. (NAM) ist ein Explorationsunternehmen, welches sich auf die Exploration und Erschließung von Lagerstätten von Platin-Gruppen-Elementen (PGE) und Lithium spezialisiert hat. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt dabei auf der größten primären Platin-Palladium-Lagerstätte Nordamerikas. Diese befindet sich in der Region von Sudbury, im Norden Ontario/Kanada und wird das River Valley PGE-Projekt genannt."  

471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinotechnisch

24.10.20 12:30
unterer Wendepunkt erreicht.  

471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoNew age metals

22.12.20 06:25
erst mal Luft bis zur 0,1.  

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471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoNew age metals

11.01.21 09:07
"New Age Metals is the largest mineral claim holder in the prolific, Winnipeg River ? Cat Lake Pegmatite Field. All of the claims are held by Lithium Canada Development, a 100% owned Lithium Division of New Age Metals. We presently have eight Lithium Projects in the region which are situated along strike of the Tanco Pegmatite and the claims encompass several pegmatite groups. The projects are located 140 kms northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba:

The River Valley Palladium Project is located approximately 100 km northeast of the City of Sudbury, in northern Ontario. The Project is road accessible and boasts strong established infrastructure and local community support. NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource Estimates and a Preliminary Economic Assessment study have been completed for the Project.

On April 4th, 2018, NAM signed an agreement with one of Alaska?s top geological consulting companies. The companies stated objective is to acquire additional PGM and Rare Metal projects in Alaska. Our first acquisition, The Genesis Project is a road accessible, under explored, highly prospective, multi-prospect drill ready Palladium (Pd)- Platinum (Pt)- Nickel (Ni)- Copper (Cu) property. A comprehensive report on previous exploration and future phases of work was completed in August 2018 on Genesis. The Company is seeking to explore JV options with qualified companies through using the Prospect Generator Model. This report was completed by Avalon Development of Fairbanks, Alaska. ..."  

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471 Postings, 527 Tage banditolinoNew age metal: April newsletter

29.04.21 15:16
"Lithium Division
New Age is ready for our most aggressive year yet in terms of exploring and developing our Manitoba lithium division.

The previously announced UAV-borne drone geophysics program field work was completed in April and EarthEx Geoscience is currently completing a report from which we will evaluate and press release results thereafter. A follow up geophysics program will be contingent on success from the April work. A next phase of work will focus on the balance of the Company's project portfolio in Manitoba. The purpose of the drone geophysical survey is to define new drill targets on the projects that have been flown to date.

PGM Division
PGM  metal price performance in April was outstanding with palladium reaching a new all-time high of $2,913/oz. Platinum and rhodium also had strong months in terms of pricing.
The Company announced the initiation of the first Pre-Feasibility Study on the flagship River Valley Project. We are optimistic that by factoring in new mineral resource modelling, updated metallurgy, and strong recent metal pricing into this study that the final output will be positive. We are working to source a drill to begin metallurgical drilling as soon as possible and are looking to re-start environmental baseline studies in the first half of the year."  

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