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2633 Postings, 7107 Tage micha1Geht es jetzt Aufwärts?

04.06.14 21:20
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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherJa es geht aufwärts mit super NEWS

20.06.14 16:18
Studioplex Construction Update

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 20, 2014) - The new leadership of Medient Studios, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MDNT) ('Medient') is pleased to announce the following progress:
?The wetland mitigation credits have been purchased and the wetland piping and crossings have been completed.
?The access road survey and staking have been completed and the road has been cleared of timber.
?The studio site has been surveyed and the timber clearing has commenced.
?An initial master plan was prepared, and is now being amended to facilitate a quicker construction schedule that, along with the staging plan, will facilitate the studio being constructed sooner.

After a comprehensive search and bid process, Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung has been selected as the project engineer.

Initial studio designs have been completed by the structural architect and engineers.

Since the instalment of the new leadership, Medient has begun assembling its architecture team. Multiple interviews have been conducted and an interior studio architect will be announced shortly.

Medient has also paid all outstanding invoices from the vendors, contractors and consultants who have been engaged in the Studioplex project.

In short, preconstruction work is progressing, a new master plan is being completed, the interior architect is being selected and the complete studio drawings should be commenced imminently.

"With Mr. Shapiro taking charge of Medient, the project has gained immediate momentum," stated Mr. Jeremy Blackburn, President of Shore Development & Construction, LLC. "The boost from the new management team, along with their enthusiasm and energy is now taking place in a sophisticated and strategic manner that we fully support."

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherEs geht up :-)

20.06.14 16:19
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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherWird heute die 2 geknackt

20.06.14 16:20

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage Forscher+25% Rebound

20.06.14 16:20

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherChartbild

20.06.14 16:37
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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherSuper Unterstützung

20.06.14 16:47
20,6mio bid auf der 17 :-))  

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherWow es gibt sogar Bilder von der Baustelle

20.06.14 16:52

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherAuf jeden Fall ist sehr viel Aufmerksamkeit

20.06.14 17:25
auf IHub

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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherAuch sehr Informativ für die Zukunft

20.06.14 17:37
Medient Studios, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MDNT) ('Medient') ( is an entertainment content creation company with a strong presence in North America, and Europe. Medient's management team has almost 40 years of experience in the motion picture industry and is responsible for producing and/or financing over 130 movies. Medient is realigning the content creation process to enable efficiencies of scale and eliminate process waste by building a fully integrated movie and electronic game production facility as part of its Studioplex on a 1,560-acre property in Effingham County, Georgia. Once operational this production facility will be the largest of its kind in the United States.

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherOhhh sehr großer Bid support jetzt !!

20.06.14 19:33
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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage Forscherriecht ja förmlich nach Ausbruch

20.06.14 19:33

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherMal schauen wo MDNT heute schließt

20.06.14 21:17

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherSchluß für heute

20.06.14 22:01
und ist das der Anfang einer Rally ;-)

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3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherSehr schön :-))

20.06.14 22:02
+12,5% und 143.000.000vol  

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherSo noch 1h mal gucken was heute geht

23.06.14 14:31

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherSehr schön stabil gutes zeichen

23.06.14 16:09
für einen bevorstehenden Ausbruch  

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage Forschersehr guter Bid support auf der 17

23.06.14 16:12
14.600.000 und auf weiter geht es zur 19  

3512 Postings, 4058 Tage ForscherIHub

23.06.14 16:17
Der hat es erfasst

we could see anytime a breakout to 0.0026-0.0034.

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