Champion Iron and Mamba Minerals graben zusammen

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5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamarochampion

07.06.16 14:04
ich will das ATH sehen...alles andere interresiert mich nicht...sie furzen schon zu lang rum  

5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamarower

16.06.16 10:41
kauft hier noch ein...keiner kennt die aktie..selbst larsen ist hier nicht investiert  

729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendIron Ore Tax Australia

19.08.16 15:00

In Australien gibt es Pläne die Steuer für Eisenerzproduzenten deutlich anzuheben, sollte das so beschlossen werden, dürften Projekte außerhalb Australiens davon sehr profitieren.


5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamarodas wäre der tot

22.08.16 15:22

729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendNein

25.08.16 13:51
Nein eben nicht da Champion in Kanada tätig ist und davon nicht betroffen ist, im Gegenteil man könnte davon profitieren.  

729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendInsider Kauf

28.08.16 21:15
Insider bei cia am kaufen:

Aug 24, 2016

(filed on Aug 25, 2016) Insider Name:Love, Andrew John Ownership Type:Indirect Ownership Securities:Common Shares Ordinary Shares (as per Australian securities law) Nature of Transaction:10 - Acquisition or disposition in the public market # or value acquired/disposed of:44,468


729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendInsider Kauf vom CEO

09.09.16 16:18
260.000 Aktie hat er am Markt gekauft, er besitzt ja schon so einige Millionen Aktien, nicht schlecht, sind nun 3 Monate mehr oder weniger seitwärts gelaufen, vielleicht gibts in 2-3 Monaten was positives zu vermelden. Zumindest letztes Jahr um diese Zeit hatte O `Keefe auch ein großes Paket am Markt gekauft, 3 Monate später der Kauf von Bloom Lake, Zufall ?  

5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamaronützt

20.09.16 12:25

729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendInsider Buying:

25.11.16 11:34
Insider Buying:

Nov 23/16 Nov 21/16 Cataford, David Direct Ownership Common Shares Ordinary Shares (as per Australian securities law) 10 - Acquisition in the public market 144,000 $0.360


1728 Postings, 5251 Tage Basesupi

11.01.17 20:24
sieht der Kursverlauf aus.  

5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamaroteilweise

31.01.17 17:35
wird die tonne für 200 dollar verkauft  

5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamarohier gehts ab

13.02.17 15:56
meine damen und herren...endlich ...gott sei dank  

2556 Postings, 2154 Tage marroniEine Gelegenheit indirekt Champion Iron

14.02.17 20:42
zu kaufen, bietet ein kleiner Eisen-Explorer namens Fancamp, gelistet in Toronto. Fancamp hat 10,2 Millionen Aktien von champion iron im Wert von 14 Millionen CAD im Umlaufvermögen!

Fancamp allerdings hat eine MK von nur 11,6 Mill. Cad. Die champion iron gibt es somit zum Discount incl. den Rest von allen Beteiligungen und nicht unwesentlichrn Liegenschaften!

Ein Schnäppchen....  

729 Postings, 3848 Tage fishermann friendSuper NEws

16.02.17 13:39

Champion Iron Announces Completion of Bloom Lake Mine Feasibility Study

T.CIA | 36 minutes ago

MONTREAL, QC--(Marketwired - February 16, 2017) -


Champion Iron Limited (ASX: CIA) (TSX: CIA) ("Champion" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the results of the Feasibility Study for the Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine ("Bloom Lake"), located near the town of Fermont, in north-eastern Quebec.

The Feasibility Study demonstrates that recommencing iron ore mining operations at Bloom Lake is financially viable and would be competitive in global iron ore markets with the potential to be one of the region's leading long-life iron ore mines. A production restart at Bloom Lake would be a major contributor to the provincial and national economy.

Champion Iron Chairman and CEO Mr Michael O'Keeffe said, "This is a major result for the Company. Based on conservative assumptions, the Feasibility Study demonstrates that the Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine is clearly viable. In fact, very few iron ore projects offer the potential of 20+ years of production at industry-low operating costs, whilst being strategically located in close proximity to all necessary infrastructure and situated in what we consider to be a superior mining jurisdiction. I am confident that the Feasibility Study, and these attributes, will allow Champion Iron to secure investor support and funding as we bring the Bloom Lake mine back into full-scale production."


(All quoted figures in CA$ unless stated otherwise)
?Net after-tax cash flow of $2.3 billion (including all forecasted CAPEX);
?After-tax net present value at 8% discount rate of $984 million and an internal rate of return of 33.3% after tax;
?Total revenue over life-of-mine of $15.1 billion;
?Total capital costs of $326.8 million including mine upgrade capital cost of $157.2 million;
?Mineral Reserves for the Bloom Lake Project are estimated at 411.7 million tonnes at an average grade of 30.0% Fe;
?Concentrate production averages 7.4 million tonnes per annum at an assumed steady state over the 21-year life-of-mine. The concentrate, at 66.2% Fe is obtained with an expected metallurgical recovery that averages 83.3% Fe relative to plant feed at the 30% Fe average feed grade;
?Plant and processing upgrades are expected to deliver improvements in Fe recovery. The upgraded recovery circuit flowsheet replaces the existing 3-stage spiral circuit with a new gravity circuit that limits the recirculating process streams and reduces the chance of losses of iron to the rougher stage tailings. The recovery of additional iron minerals will also be achieved by a magnetic scavenging circuit;
?Life-of-mine average operating cost of production of $44.62 per dry metric tonne, FOB Sept-Iles;
?Life-of-mine average iron ore price at 66.2% Fe CFR China (62% Fe index plus premium for extra Fe content) of US$78.40 provided by a market study by Metalytics, a specialist economics consultancy in the metals and mineral resources sector.

Summary of Economic Parameters and Feasibility Results

Mining Parameters   Reserve (Mt)   411.7
Processed tonnage (Mtpa)   20.0
Average Fe processing recovery (%)   83.3%
Average mining dilution (%)   4.3%
Average Recovered concentrate (Mtpa)   7.4
Mine Life (years)   21 years
Cost Parameters   Initial CAPEX including Working Capital (CA$M)   326.8
LOM CAPEX (CA$M)   329.5
LOM OPEX (CA$/t of ore)   16.85
LOM OPEX (CA$/t dry concentrate)   44.62
Revenue Parameters   Gross Revenue (CA$M)   15,116
Shipping Costs (CA$M)   3,748
Cash Operating Margin (CA$M)   4,432
Operating Margin %   29.3%
After Tax Net Cash-Flow (CA$M)   2,335
Iron Ore PriceParameters   LOM Av Iron Price at 66.2%Fe CFR China (US$/ton)   78.40
Inflation   Nil
Average Exchange Rate   0.79 US$:1.0 CA$
Valuation Parameters   NPV - 8% Pre-Tax (CA$M)   1,675
IRR (pre-tax)   43.9%
NPV - 8% After-Tax (CA$M)   984
IRR (after-tax)   33.3%
Pay-back (pre-tax) (years)   2.5
Pay-back (after-tax) (years)   3.1

Mineral Resource and Reserve Estimates

The following table presents the mineral resource for the Bloom Lake Project estimated at a cut-off grade of 15% Fe, inside an optimized Whittle open pit shell based on a long-term iron price of USD $60/dmt concentrate for 66% Fe content. The Measured and Indicated mineral resource for the Bloom Lake Project is estimated at 911.6 Mt with an average grade of 29.7% Fe, and Inferred mineral resource at 80.4 Mt with an average grade of 25.6% Fe.

Mineral Resource Estimate for the Bloom Lake Project (notes 1-9)

Classification   Tonnage (dry)   Fe   CaO   Sat   MgO   Al2O3
 kt   %   %   %   %   %
Measured   439,700   31.0   0.6   3.0   0.7   0.3
Indicated   471,900   28.5   2.5   6.8   2.3   0.4
Total M&I   911,600   29.7   1.6   5.0   1.5   0.4
Inferred   80,400   25.6   1.9   7.9   1.7   0.3

Notes on Mineral Resources:
1.The mineral resources were estimated using the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) Standards for Mineral Resources and Reserves, Definitions and Guidelines prepared by the CIM Standing Committee on Reserve Definitions and adopted by CIM Council May 10th, 2014.
2.The independent and qualified person for the 2016 Bloom Lake resource estimate, as defined by NI 43-101, is Réjean Sirois, P. Eng., from G Mining. The effective date of the estimate is November 15, 2016.
3.The mineral resources are estimated at a cut-off grade of 15% Fe.
4.The mineral resources are estimated using a long-term iron price of USD $60/dmt concentrate and an exchange rate of 1.30 CAD/USD.
5.The mineral resources are reported within an optimized Whittle open pit shell.
6.The average strip ratio is 0.97:1 (w: o).
7."Sat" stands for Satmagan or Saturation Magnetization Analyser, an instrument which measures magnetite in mineralised material.
8.Mineral Resources that are not Mineral Reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. There is no certainty that all or any part of the Mineral Resource will be converted into Mineral Reserves.
9.The number of metric tonnes was rounded to the nearest hundred. Any discrepancies in the totals are due to rounding effects; rounding followed the recommendations in NI 43-101.

The Proven and Probable mineral reserve is estimated at 411.7 Mt at an average grade of 30.0% Fe based on a cut-off grade of 15% Fe. The mineral reserve was estimated using a long-term concentrate price of US$54/dmt for 66% Fe content and an exchange rate of 1.30 CA$/US$. The mineral reserve includes a 4.3% mining dilution at an average grade of 10.3% Fe. The average strip ratio of the open pit is 0.48.

Mineral Reserve Estimate (notes 1-8)

Classification   Diluted   Ore
Tonnage (dry)   Fe   CaO   Sat   MgO   Al2O3
 kt   %   %   %   %   %
Proven   264,160   30.73   0.48   2.98   0.56   0.32
Probable   147,554   28.71   2.84   6.68   2.72   0.40
Total P&P   411,713   30.01   1.33   4.30   1.33   0.35

Notes on Mineral Reserves:
1.CIM definitions were followed for mineral reserves.
2.Mineral reserves based on September 28, 2016 LIDAR survey
3.Mineral reserves are estimated at a cut-off grade of 15% Fe.
4.Mineral reserves are estimated using a long-term iron price reference price (Platt's 62%) of $50/dmt and an exchange rate of 1.30 CAD/USD. An Fe concentrate price adjustment of $4.00/dmt was added.
5.Bulk density of ore is variable but averages 3.63 t/m3.
6.The average strip ratio is 0.48:1.
7.The mining dilution factor is 4.3%.
8.Numbers may not add due to rounding.

Updated Mine Plan

The restart of operations at Bloom Lake is based on different operating assumptions which include an upgrade to the concentrator plant and a mineral reserve and mining scenario updated for the current iron ore market.

The operation consists of a conventional surface mining method using an owner mining approach with electric hydraulic shovels and mine trucks. All major mine equipment required for the restart of Bloom Lake is present on-site as this equipment was among the assets purchased by the Company's subsidiary, Quebec Iron Ore Inc.

Updated Concentrator Plant

Quebec Iron Ore Inc. intends to use Bloom Lake's existing crushing and storage facilities, along with the mill and the rail load-out facilities to produce 7.4 Mtpa of concentrate, with an expected recovery of 83.3% from the ore mined from the main pit.

The proposed concentrator plant upgrade was developed to improve the overall iron recovery previously achieved by the existing concentrator when Bloom Lake was in production from 2010 until 2014. The specific goal was to improve the recovery of both the coarser (+425 microns) and fine (-106 microns) iron minerals, while having no adverse effect on the recovery of other size fractions.

The concentrator upgrade development was based on proven technology for Labrador Trough iron ore deposits.


The mine already has operational processing facilities and rail loop infrastructure, with access to end markets via port and rail. The rail access consists of three separate segments. The first is the 31.9 km rail spur on-site that is operational and connects to the Quebec North Shore & Labrador (QNS&L) railway at the Wabush Mines facilities in Wabush, Labrador. The second segment uses the QNS&L railway between Wabush to the Arnaud junction in Sept-Iles. The third segment is from Arnaud to Pointe-Noire port facilities (Sept-Iles) where the concentrate will be unloaded, stockpiled and then loaded onto vessels for export.

Bloom Lake benefits from excellent access to power, water, roads, rail, ports and a highly professional mining labour market, as well as a government that continues to be supportive of new investment and mining.

Technical Report and Qualified Persons

A National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report ("Report") will be filed under the Company's profile on SEDAR within 45 days of the date of this news release. The Report will consist of a summary of the Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study will also contain contributions from the following independent Qualified Persons:
?Louis-Pierre Gignac, P.Eng. - G Mining
?Rejean Sirois, P.Eng. - G Mining
?Etienne Bernier, P.Eng. - G Mining
?Stéphane Rivard, P.Eng. - Ausenco
?Robin Jones, P.Eng. - Ausenco
?Michel L. Bilodeau, P.Eng. - Ausenco
?Edward Hart, MAusIMM - Mineral Technologies
?Philippe Rio Roberge, P.Eng. - WSP Canada Inc.

Each of these Qualified Persons has reviewed and approved the technical information contained in this news release that is relevant to their area of responsibility and verified the data underlying such technical information.

Read more at  

5876 Postings, 4246 Tage lamaroich hoffe das das sich

16.02.17 19:00
im kurs wiederspiegelt  

123 Postings, 1766 Tage Say10Löschung

20.02.17 12:44

Zeitpunkt: 06.03.17 15:00
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Moderation auf Wunsch des Verfassers



123 Postings, 1766 Tage Say10Löschung

20.02.17 13:32

Zeitpunkt: 06.03.17 14:35
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Moderation auf Wunsch des Verfassers



123 Postings, 1766 Tage Say10was ich gelernt habe...

18.03.17 08:25
je doller der name, desto weniger steckt dahinter.
power metals, supreme metals, champion iron...
... in meinem Depot (bei 30 Positionen) alle drei auf den letzten Rängen.  

2556 Postings, 2154 Tage marroniin Champion steckt aber jede Menge

18.03.17 13:47
Eisen drin! Was du meinst ist sicher dein schlechtes timing! Oder?  

123 Postings, 1766 Tage Say10ja, da hast du sicher recht.

18.03.17 19:48
Es gab keinen ungünstigeren Zeitpunkt für den Einstieg als den meinigen.  

2556 Postings, 2154 Tage marroniSay

18.03.17 19:58
champion wird sicher noch durch die Decke knallen, ist halt alles eine Frage der Zeit, wenn man die aber mitbringt, kein Problem! Vor einigen Jahren wurde die Mine für Milliarden gehandelt.....muß man sich mal auf der Zunge zergehen lassen, dass die vor noch nicht so langer Zeit für ein Appel und ein Ei von O'Keefe aufgekauft wurde!
Das mega Ding wird dir noch ne Menge Spaß bereiten, nmM!  

1454 Postings, 4554 Tage ReiseChampion...

26.03.17 16:48

123 Postings, 1766 Tage Say10geht doch!

06.04.17 20:08

845 Postings, 3203 Tage K1-SportChampion als Produzent?! :O

22.05.17 12:15

Kanadische Eisenerzmine Bloom Lake nach Abnahmevereinbarung vor Neubeginn


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