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1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyserstark!

24.01.11 14:25
Geld/Brief schon bei 0,087 / 0,09 ? und die Amis kommen noch !!  

645 Postings, 4173 Tage Bohne123Die Amis müssen

24.01.11 14:27

aber auch wirklich wieder nach oben schießen. Ich hoffe ja sehr!


1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyservorbörslich

24.01.11 15:05

wurden in Amerika bereits über 1,3 Mio. Stück gehandelt (Kurs 0,115 US$)


68 Postings, 3990 Tage tsddwenn ich die letzten Tage analysiere

24.01.11 15:30
könnte man von folgendem Szenario ausgehen: Den Tag durch ein Pendeln zwischen 0.115 und 0.1 und ein SK von rund 0.125 ca. + 10%.

Date               Open High Low   Last   Change % Change Volume
01/21/2011    0.1065    0.1150    0.0920    0.1150   +0.0105   +10.05%10,920,100          §
01/20/2011    0.0980    0.1060    0.0810    0.1045   +0.0105   +11.17%13,389,100          §
01/19/2011    0.0910    0.0940    0.0700    0.0940   +0.0120   +14.63% 5,938,000          §
01/18/2011    0.0800    0.0870    0.0675    0.0820   +0.0040    +5.13% 2,358,100          §
01/14/2011    0.0700    0.0790    0.0700    0.0780   +0.0080   +11.43%1,881,900

Auch sehr schön hier zu sehen: empfiehlt Diaaf weiterhin zum Kauf. Nun sogar bei der Medium Term auf 100%:

und hier noch sollte noch der DIAAF Kurs angezeigt werden:  

68 Postings, 3990 Tage tsddups

24.01.11 15:33
verschätzt, Kurs bei 0.13 gestartet...  

1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyseraktueller Kurs in Amerika

24.01.11 15:50

0,126 US$ bei jetzt schon über 5 Mio. Stück Umsatzvolumen !!


1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyserneuer Umsatzrekord

24.01.11 18:40

zur Halbzeit im amerikanischen Handel wurden bereits fast 9 Mio. Stück umgesetzt. Erstaunlich ist, dass keinerlei Verkaufsdruck aufkommt; ich vermute, dass demnächst eine oder mehrere positive News folgen!


68 Postings, 3990 Tage tsddUmsatz

24.01.11 18:42
auch in Deuschland wurden bereits mehr Aktien gehandelt wie am Freitag...  

1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyserwenn der Kursverlauf ...

24.01.11 18:48

ähnlich wie in den letzten Tagen ist, kommt gegen Handelsschluß nochmals eine große Kaufwelle.


16 Postings, 3973 Tage Diamant_ArtWieder stark!

24.01.11 22:27
0,128 $

Ende der Woche vielleicht 0,18 $ und 0,15 EUR?  

68 Postings, 3990 Tage tsddAktuelle Übersicht und Lageeinschätzung DIAAF

25.01.11 10:36
25. Januar 2011, ab

DIAAF- Providing Global Opportunities for Global Profits

Diamant Art Corporation (DIAAF) We are pleased to bring you a company that seems to be rallying for a strong bounce play.

DIAAF had a 52 week of $1.00 and has been experiencing a resurgence in volume.

Todays trading activity saw DIAAF close up 11.30% DIAAF (Diamant Art Corporation) is a provider of unparalleled product management and security solutions and technologies designed to help a variety of businesses boost revenue, sales, and operations while increasing their bottom line. The company`s products help retail chains, museums, airports, convention centers, hotels, casinos, museums, and department stores increase productivity and performance.

Diamant Art designs solutions, provide management tools and security measures for a wide gamut of industries that include:

* Airports * Shopping Centers * Retail Chains * Department Stores * Hotels * Constructions Sites * Casinos * Stadiums and Arenas * Convention Centers * Museums Diamant Art delivers:

* Vital metrics for their clients to increase performance through analysis of people flow, predictive behavior, people counting, trend forecasts and labor management.

* Security solutions to counteract theft and contraband, mollify and deter criminal activity and increase fire safety.

* Energy management tools to reduce usage in electricity, heat and air conditioning.

* Diamant Art`s products are tested and proven business solutions and management tools that make an enterprise or institution work better and succeed.

* Diamant Art builds the tools that manage changes and market fluctuations and increase productivity and performance. The company provides real-time metrics to empower their clients to improve their bottom line.

* Diamant Art offers many off-the-shelf products that are modular and scalable to client`s needs.

DIAAF operates through its wholly owned subsidiary T&R International.

Through T&R, DIAAF focuses on Energy, Commercial and Retail Solutions and Cost Efficiency Measures.

Green Solution Energy Management T&R Energy Management solution provides a significant energy savings by calculating the number of people present in large facilities such as railway stations, convention centers, shopping malls, airports, museums, universities, sports arenas, etc. It automatically adjusts the heating and cooling, the level of light, and the use of elevators and escalators in accordance.

It counts the heat index per person in any given area and calls for the right amount of adequate ambient temperature. When there are no people present, the system shuts down elevators, escalators, dim lights and puts displays on standby mode.

The implementation of the system results in savings of up to 20% in energy consumption, lowering drastically electrical and related heating and cooling costs.

Commercial Solutions People counting is crucial in places such as malls to understand pedestrian traffic and charge rent accordingly. It also notes the number of people in a building in case of an emergency. In Belgium, the technology is being used in night clubs and is directly linked to the fire department to provide exact count of occupancy for safety concerns. This reduces insurance costs. In Paris, where advertising real estate is at a premium, the technology is being use to identify the present population in a given area at any given moment to target advertisements to a specific demographic group. This changes intra-day, weekly, seasonally, etc. Clients paying for advertisement are guaranteed effectiveness in reaching their target audiences.

Retail Solutions T&R products provide a concert of tools for store managers to maximize personnel to impact the bottom line by affecting the point of sale. The tools allow a manager to see what is the mall traffic vs people entering the store.

It relates effectiveness of window displays historically and the product is able to identify how many people looking at displays are enticed to enter the store. It also manages queues and alerts for more cashiers to open if the wait is longer than 5 minutes. It alerts where people are in need of help and helps address customer needs. Reports are generated in real time with metrics that assist managers react to conditions and maximize labor resource. This technology is being applied in Ikea Europe to help sell large ticket items.

DIAAF has a very impressive list of clients, among them 1. Adidas 2. Ikea 3. ING 4. Tommy Hilfiger For the complete client list, click here :

[11] DIAAF has had some great news over the last weeks, here are some vital excerpts:

Diamant Art Corporation Announces T&R International`s Commencement in the Development of a First-Rate Engineering and Management Team.

Diamant Art Corporation Enters Joint Venture With Lapidim, Ltd., One of the World`s Leading Security Companies Diamant Art Corporation Enhances Its Product Line With Its New Multi Scale Testing System for Potential High Level and Sensitive Task Personnel Diamant Art Corporation Announces the Development of a New State of the Art Anti-Theft Technology for Art Merchandise Identification System DIAAF is just getting fueled for liftoff! With amazing news, a great chart showing positive momentum and a 52 week high that DIAAF is just itching to reclaim, DIAAF is the next big thing! Consult your registered broker/advisor and perform your due diligence. DIAAF has everything you want to see in a company.

DIAAF, global solutions for global profits! [12]For Complete Disclaimer, please click here References 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12. This message was sent by: XplosiveStocks, 1325 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10019


206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724ich verstehe nicht

25.01.11 11:27
warum diese Aktie hier in Deutschland so wenig Aufmerksamkeit bekommt. Seit Tagen nur eine Richtung in den USA . Na ja mal sehen wie hoch Sie noch rennt.  

206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724So noch

25.01.11 14:31
1 Stunde bin ja mal gespannt wie es in Amerika heute weitergeht....hat jemand evtl. mal einen vorbörslichen Kurs ?  

206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724Keine gute

25.01.11 15:37
eröffnung in Amerika....RT 0,116 $  

68 Postings, 3990 Tage tsddwie gehabt

25.01.11 16:12
Kurs wieder wie jeden Tag der letzten Woche mit einem Minus-Start, ziemlich volatil und grosses Handelsvolumen (bereits über 3 Mio. Shares gehandelt). Werden voraussichtlich den ganzen US-Tag zwischen 0.115 und 0.125 rumtümpeln und 10min vor Handelsschluss sehen wir wieder ein + von 10%. Ich bin weiterhin bullish...


206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724Heute mal

25.01.11 22:03
im minus geschlossen in Amerika....bestimmt leichte Gewinnmitnahmen....  

206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724Sieht so aus

26.01.11 10:21
als wenn keiner mehr das ist...nun gut..gestern Nachbörslich in Amerika mit fast plus 4 % auf 0,124 $ geschlossen...das sieht doch dann wieder gut aus für heute....  

95 Postings, 4016 Tage youda1Nachbörslich-wo finde ich Daten

26.01.11 12:28
kann jemand hierzu einen link einsetzen-ist ja insbesondere für Trader interessant-

-keine Kauf/Verkaufsempfehlung  

1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreysernach kurzer, wenn auch notwendiger...

26.01.11 17:07

Konsolidierung geht es jetzt wieder steil bergauf!


206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724Mal sehen

26.01.11 18:01
wie heute der SK in Amerika ist.....mal sehen ob diese Woche auch wieder News kommen...  

95 Postings, 4016 Tage youda1in amerika kommen laufend kaufnews

26.01.11 18:18
DOVER, DELAWARE -- (Marketwire) -- 01/26/11 -- is a premier source for microcap research - providing a wide range of due diligence and investment insight on stocks all over the market. Investment Report primary focus is to alert our valued subscribers to small cap and microcap companies poised for explosive movement in the market. As every investor knows, timing in the market is critical! To receive our FREE comprehensive newsletter, please visit

Today announces seven stocks to watch closely: Cavico Corp (CAVO), MultiCell Technologies (MCET), Strategic Mining Corp (PINK SHEETS: SMNG), Mainland Resources (MNLU), Crosswind Renewable Energy (CWNR), Diamant Art Corp. (DIAAF), Biosante Pharmaceuticals (BPAX).

At we know that nothing speaks louder than our picks and the success of our subscribers! In today's markets, investors need to be in the know. Knowledge is more than power, its money. That's why our team at tracks the hottest stocks all over the market in order to keep our subscribers tuned in. We focus mainly on microcap, small cap and penny stock companies - companies that allow our investors to bring home big profits. We work diligently and provide all investors - large or small - an opportunity to track stocks with the potential to make big gains.

Join our FREE newsletter at today and receive our Penny Lane Report coming out next week. alerts investors to promising small cap companies, many (if not all!) are overlooked by your run of the mill Wall Street investment advisors. At, we know it is easier to find a stock that can go from $0.01 - $1.00 in days or weeks, than it is to find a stock that can go from $1.00 - $100.00 in months or years. provides its subscribers with comprehensive public information and due diligence for small companies with huge potential.

While many of the other investment newsletters talk a big game, at we let our research do the talking! We invite you to give us a try and sign up for free today at

--für Trader sieht´s gut aus--keine Kauf/verkaufsempfehlung--  

206 Postings, 3969 Tage kw40724@youda

26.01.11 18:36
ich meinte Unternehmensnews.....Q-Zahlen, Cooperationen etc
RT in Amerika 0,117 $  

1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyserwahrscheinlich erneuter Umsatzrekord in Amerika

26.01.11 18:39

zur Halbzeit wurden bereits über 10 Mio. Stück gehandelt !!


1792 Postings, 4844 Tage dreyserin den letzten 10 Minuten....

26.01.11 19:13

wurden über 2 Mio Stück gehandelt (über 200.000 US$ !)


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