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Fast vergessen - Bewegung !

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126 Postings, 3642 Tage Frida PauliFast vergessen - Bewegung !

12.06.19 09:41
Es gibt Bewegung, Wer hat Info ?  

2916 Postings, 2042 Tage XaropeWestwater: Bei dem Umsatz

12.06.19 09:45
an den Börsen wirds wohl nixs großes sein.
Ich wäre hier vorsichtig.  

126 Postings, 3642 Tage Frida PauliInfo wär gut !

12.06.19 10:05
Also es wär ja schon interessant zu hören warum jemand kaufen will . . .  

2916 Postings, 2042 Tage XaropeWestwater: 2400 Euro

12.06.19 11:35
Das ist ungefähr ein Umsatz von 2400 Euro.
An den deutschen Börsen.


dort die News:
- Westwater Resources Announces Up To $10M Purchase Agreement with Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC
- Westwater Resources Regains Nasdaq Listing Compliance
- Westwater Resources Reports First Quarter 2019 Operating Results

hab den Q1 Report nur kurz überflogen.

516 Postings, 830 Tage Banzaifett im Plus heute

15.10.19 15:49
"a milestone"     so schnell können Kurse fliegen lernen!  

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimJa

15.10.19 18:37

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimDas krasse

15.10.19 18:40
Daran ist der Buchwert mit 28 Mio US Dollar. Und noch krasser ist die Marktkapitalisierung zur Zeit 18:39 knappe 10 Mio US Dollar.

Volumen bis jetzt Nasdaq 145 Mio US Dollar .... Krasse Nummer heute !


950 Postings, 3329 Tage antares0650Pressemeldung

22.10.19 08:27

Westwater Resources Receives First Shipment of Graphite Concentrate

Receipt of natural flake graphite kicks-off next steps in graphite business plan to produce larger samples for pre-qualification of products

CENTENNIAL, Colo., October 15, 2019 ? Westwater Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials development company, announced today that it has taken delivery of the first shipment of natural flake graphite concentrate pursuant to its recently announced long-term graphite purchase agreement. The entirety of the 20 metric tonnes of material received will be used in development of planned pilot scale processes and to produce several metric tonnes of battery ready advanced graphite products which include ULTRA-PMGTM, ULTRA-DEXDGTM and ULTRA-CSPGTM.  Various sizes of each of the Company?s three planned products will be distributed to potential clients to advance the pre-qualification process.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, ?With this delivery, we can now go about the business of executing our pilot plant studies and putting larger samples of battery graphite in the hands of battery manufacturers.   This is an important milestone.?  

778 Postings, 2887 Tage K1-SportAntwort von OB und Elazar auf meine Frage

12.12.19 17:44

Zitat OB:

Leider gibt es den Chart bei Guidants noch nicht so lange. Von daher sehe ich nur das fallende Dreieck, was in der Regel nach Norden verlassen wird. Wann das passiert, kann ich leider nicht sehen. Bei der wichtigen rote Linie habe die Anlagepunkt sichtbar gemacht. Die jenigen, die in dem Wert investieren möchten, sollten wenigstens das Dreieck nachzeichnen um zu sehen wann die Post abgeht;-)

Viel Glück

Zitat Elazar:

fand das Portfolio interessant und hab mir die Aktie auch angeschaut, was ist hier passiert? Scheint kein typischer "Pennystock" zu sein wird an der Nyse,Nasdaq und AMEX gehandelt.
ATH am 12/2010 jetzt genau am Ende des 9 Jahres-Zyklus


570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimUran

14.12.19 18:44
Scheint sich zu fangen! Sehr gut für eine evtl Neubewertung wenn der Preis anziehen sollte ... nachhaltig.  

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimUran

20.12.19 18:12

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimLetzte Zahlung

04.01.20 15:39
von Laramide Resources von 2 Mio USDollar am 05.01.2020 in Bar und Aktien von Laramide

Verkaufserlös von church rock


778 Postings, 2887 Tage K1-Sportmal schauen wo die Reise hin geht...

29.01.20 15:53

Five battery raw materials themes to watch in 2020

5. Graphite ? after the Balama drama

While key ?battery metals? like lithium and cobalt have suffered from the slowdown in EV sales in the all-important Chinese market, for the likes of graphite ? a 1 million tonne plus industry primarily driven by the steel sector ? the fundamentals are more complex. In the natural flake market, last year saw a steady ramp up in exports from Syrah Resources? Balama mine in Mozambique. This gradually overwhelmed the previously insulated Chinese flake market and eroded price levels as the year progressed. The extent of the oversupply eventually saw Syrah trim its own output in the final quarter, and its guidance for 2020 for 120-150 kt.

As 2020 gets underway, there are many questions associated with the flake market. To start, does the natural graphite industry even need a mine as large as Balama right now ? which at full capacity (350 ktpa) would be larger than current global consumption of natural graphite in batteries? And is there a future for the other flake graphite projects looking to move into production in this environment ? particularly given a seeming resurgence in interest in synthetic graphite?

Medium-term demand prospects for graphite remain strong, Wood Mackenzie says, with disruptive technologies like silicon or even lithium metal-based anodes unlikely to dampen growth anytime soon. However, with this fledgling sector already overwhelmed with supply, 2020 looks likely to be another challenging year. With margins being squeezed, and an increasing focus on sustainability encouraging ex-China sourcing, many graphite miners, including Syrah, will continue to move down the value chain towards high-purity spherical graphite.


570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimAnspruch in der Türkei weiter voran getrieben

05.02.20 09:01
Westwater Ressource

On February 4, 2020, Westwater Resources, Inc. (?Westwater?) announced that it has submitted a Claimant?s Memorial (the ?Memorial?) in its arbitration proceeding against the Republic of Turkey (?Turkey?). The Memorial relates to Westwater?s request for arbitration submitted to the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (?ICSID?) in December 2018 as a result of Turkey?s unlawful actions against Westwater?s investments at the Temrezli and Sefaatli uranium projects owned by Westwater?s Turkish subsidiary Adur Madencilik Limited Sirketi.

The Memorial sets forth the basis for Westwater?s claims under the treaty between the United States and Turkey concerning the reciprocal encouragement and protection of investments and international law generally, as well as the basis for the jurisdiction of the tribunal constituted on May 1, 2019 following ICSID?s registration of Westwater?s request for arbitration. The Memorial also establishes the reparations owed by Turkey for breach of its international obligations towards Westwater, consisting of no less than $36.5 million, plus costs and post-award interest, as compensation for Westwater?s resulting loss of its investment. Accompanying the Memorial is an expert report regarding the reparations owed to Westwater. In determining the amount of Westwater?s loss, the expert report considered (i) the projected future cash flows from the expropriated projects, discounted to present value by a risk-adjusted discount rate, (ii) valuations from transactions for similar projects, and (iii) in the case of the Sefaatli project, the amounts invested in the project.

Turkey may respond to Westwater?s Memorial on or before March 9, 2020 with a request for bifurcation, or proceed with filing a Counter-Memorial on or 2020. Schedules for additional filings are dependent upon the approach taken by Turkey and the decision of the ICSID tribunal on any request for bifurcation. For example, if bifurcation is requested and denied, a hearing on the merits will be scheduled for September 2021. Alternatively, if bifurcation is not requested, a hearing on the merits will be scheduled for May 2021. Finally, if bifurcation is requested and granted, a hearing on jurisdiction only will be scheduled for March 2021.  

778 Postings, 2887 Tage K1-SportWWR und Uran

11.02.20 08:15

$150 million set aside for new Uranium Reserve

Westwater Applauds Federal FY 2021 Budget Proposal for Uranium


570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimBald anschnallen

19.04.20 15:22

663 Postings, 2794 Tage leilei1Na platzt heute der Knoten...???

22.04.20 20:30

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltim3 x evtl Kursbuster

24.04.20 07:49
1. Uranpreis
2. Ausgleichszahlung Türkei wegen Zwangsenteignung. Uran vorkommen bis zu 270
Mio US Dollar. Selbst wenn beim Vergleich 100 Mio US Dollar rausspringen wäre das enorm
3.dorfner präsentiert Pilot Studie bis Ende April 2020  

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimKursbooster

24.04.20 07:50

663 Postings, 2794 Tage leilei1Zieht schön an.....

27.04.20 18:36
Timing war perfekt meinerseits....  

663 Postings, 2794 Tage leilei1Sollte den Sektor weiter beflügeln....

27.04.20 22:06

570 Postings, 4744 Tage zelltimViel wichtiger ist jetzt die Daten Pilotanlage

28.04.20 07:17
Die kommen heute oder Morgen!


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