Clear Skies Solar - kurz vorm Durchbruch?

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02.03.11 15:22
MINEOLA, N.Y., March 1, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (CSS) (OTCBB:CSKH - News), a full-service renewable energy provider to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients, today announced that it has received another round of project funding fueling the pipeline of work.

"We have received additional LOI's from our investors representing funding for 6 more projects. These agreements total 200 kw's of commercial projects brought in under our new-expansion program. These projects represent approximately $800,000 which brings us past the $4 million mark in project funding for Jan-Feb 2011. The significance of this milestone is the consistency that we were looking for in our new-deal flow," said Ezra Green, CEO of Clear Skies Solar.

Continuing, "As I discussed in our last release, we are adding new projects each week that are in various stages of process. We have many Megawatts of systems in various stages of development and we will discuss them with our shareholders as they develop and follow through to completion. I would also like to add that we have just started to receive the stamped engineered drawings on the projects announced the past few weeks and will be moving forward on the permitting process."

About Clear Skies Solar, Inc.

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (CSS) through its wholly-owned subsidiary provides full-service renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients across the country. CSS was incorporated in 2003 and launched formal operations in 2005. During that time period, CSS developed its proprietary systems, obtained licenses and certifications, and acquired technologies that could maximize the impact of its construction expertise in the renewable energy sector. CSS has become one of the premier solar electric installation companies in the country. For more information about CSS please visit  

1320 Postings, 4702 Tage xnomisMegacontract über 2mio USD

08.03.11 12:28
jetzt noch schnell rein befors die amis können!  

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08.03.11 12:32
Clear Skies Solar, Inc (CSS) (OTCBB:CSKH), a full-service renewable energy provider to commercial, industrial and agricultural clients, today announced it has signed several new contracts for PV power systems.

CSS, with its expanded sales & marketing department, has signed seven contracts over the past few days totaling approximately 500kws valued at more than $2 million. These 7 commercial grade projects range in size and will be installed throughout New Jersey under the CSS-PPA program.

"The strong growth we are experiencing at CSS is indicative of the hard work we put into the aggressive restructuring of the sales and marketing department over the past few months. As a result of these efforts, we have been able to deliver a continuous flow of good news to our shareholders. We look forward to regaining the confidence of our shareholders & investment community," said Ezra Green, CEO of Clear Skies.

Green continued, "I am also pleased to say, that in keeping with the milestone growth we discussed last week, we have already met the March quota."  

143 Postings, 4434 Tage togurwow

08.03.11 12:37
super nachricht, es gibt sofort bewegung hier!!  

1320 Postings, 4702 Tage xnomisZiel 0,05USD

08.03.11 12:37

143 Postings, 4434 Tage togurKurs steigt ganz schön

08.03.11 12:41

1320 Postings, 4702 Tage xnomisallein von der mcap. ca. 5mio lockere 50%

08.03.11 12:54

366 Postings, 4517 Tage trader50Hier tut sich was..

08.03.11 14:14
RT FFM 0,027
Geldkurs: 0,025 EUR
Geldvolumen: 150.000 Stk.

Briefkurs: 0,028 EUR
Briefvolumen: 100.000 Stk.  

143 Postings, 4434 Tage togurgleich machen die Amis auf ;)

08.03.11 14:32
Rt 0,027 +17%  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieDann nutze ich

08.03.11 14:37
doch noch vorher die Gelegenheit, um hier einzusteigen.

Hab mir mal 100 k gegönnt.  

1226 Postings, 6591 Tage sarah100@Rosalie ah deine 100k waren das

08.03.11 14:46
wollen mal schauen wie die Amis die Nachricht werten.  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieBist

08.03.11 14:48
du weniger zuversichtlich !!!  

1226 Postings, 6591 Tage sarah100Manchmal komm ich mit den Amis nicht mit

08.03.11 14:51
wie die teilweise reagieren.
Insgesamt ist Clear Skies intressant und könnte eine Erfolgsgeschichte werden.  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieIst

08.03.11 14:57
denn nun das Datum der Zahlen bekannt, wann sie rauskommen .!!!  

143 Postings, 4434 Tage togurnein

08.03.11 15:14
soweit ich weis ist noch nicht bekannt  

1226 Postings, 6591 Tage sarah100die von wo wissen auch noch nichts

08.03.11 15:16

1226 Postings, 6591 Tage sarah100Intresse steigt auf jeden Fall

08.03.11 15:27
Hier und bei WO.  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieHabe jetzt auf der schnelle

08.03.11 15:27
auch versucht zu recherchieren ,finde auch nichts ,wann sie rauskommen könnten.

Dann werde ich  gleich einmal bei den Amis versuchen, es nachzulesen .

Erst mal schauen ,wie die Amis jetzt eröffnen  !!!!  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieHoffe doch ,das auch noch ein paar andere

08.03.11 15:29
bekannte User hier auf die Perle aufmerksam werden, und nachlegen.  

39641 Postings, 4441 Tage RosalieAllerdings

08.03.11 15:43
brauchen die Amis immer eine Zeit ,bis sie eine Medung  nach dem Rauskommen realisiert  haben.................  

930 Postings, 4391 Tage Jamaica_RumBin dabei!

08.03.11 15:45

Das Angebot ist sehr gut! Bin überzeugt. 


930 Postings, 4391 Tage Jamaica_RumKursziel für heute

08.03.11 15:47

meiner Meinung nach nach der News 0,041.

Gleich kommen die Feierabendzocker.


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