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Horisont Energi - Carbon Capture & Hydrogen

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566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowHorisont Energi - Carbon Capture & Hydrogen

21.04.21 17:28
Barents Blue Project short-listed by Enova as Norwegian candidate for EU?s IPCEI Hydrogen  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowHorisont Energi and Knutsen Group

23.04.21 17:26

Horisont Energi and Knutsen Group enter CO2 transport agreement for Polaris project

SANDNES, NORWAY ? April 23, 2021 ? Horisont Energi and Knutsen Group have signed
a contract to complete the design for transport of pressurized liquefied CO2 for
direct offloading offshore, a key part of Horisont Energi?s Polaris carbon
storage project off the coast of Northern Norway.  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowCCS und blauer Wasserstoff

29.04.21 22:23
CCS und blauer Wasserstoff
Jetzt bricht die Klima-Lobby das Technik-Tabu  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowZusammenarbeit

04.05.21 02:09

Climate collaboration - carbon-negative solutions  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowHorisont Energi completes Barents Blue project fea

26.05.21 17:38
Horisont Energi has completed the feasibility phase of the Barents Blue project, laying the foundation for Europe?s first large-scale carbon-neutral ammonia plant, which will include offshore carbon storage.  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowEquinor

31.05.21 23:21
Equinor and Horisont progressing Barents Sea carbon capture project

Equinor ve Horisont Norveç?te karbon yakalama projesi geli?tirecek Kaynak: Equinor ve Horisont Norveç?te karbon yakalama projesi geli?tirecek  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowbuild Europe's first large-scale carbon-neutral am

03.06.21 15:09
Horisont Energi chooses Hammerfest, Norway, to build Europe's first large-scale carbon-neutral ammonia plant  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowTechnip Energies

14.07.21 21:29
Marco Villa, Chief Operating Officer von Technip Energies: "Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir von Horisont Energi für das prestigeträchtige Projekt Barents Blue ausgewählt wurden. Wir wollen unsere Expertise in der Technologieintegration und die langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit Haldor Topsøe nutzen, um den Übergang zu einer kohlenstoffarmen Zukunft weiter zu beschleunigen." Technip Energies hat bereits zahlreiche modulare Projekte in arktischen Umgebungen realisiert.  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowSt1 and Horisont Energi to collaborate on green a

16.08.21 10:04

St1 and Horisont Energi to collaborate on green ammonia production in Finnmark  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowFirst-half year 2021 results

25.08.21 11:09
Horisont Energi: First-half year 2021 results

Sandnes, Norway ? 25 August 2021 ? Horisont Energi (EURONEXT: HRGI) today
reported its first-half year results. Horisont Energi is in a project
development phase and consequently had no income in the first half of 2021. The
net loss was NOK 16.4 million.

?During the first half year of 2021, we have delivered on our promises and
positioned Horisont Energi as a European clean ammonia and carbon storage
company, and more specifically positioned the Barents Blue project as a key
hydrogen project,? says Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen, CEO of Horisont Energi.

The company has a solid financial position with a total of NOK 117 million in
cash and expects to have sufficient resources to bring the Barents Blue project
up to investment decision by end of 2022, based on current plans.

Highlights of the first half 2021:
? Listed on Euronext Growth Oslo in January
? Signed cooperation agreement with Equinor May 19th for the Polaris offshore
storage project
? Developed a novel system design for the first world-scale blue ammonia plant
in Europe together with Haldor Topsoe
? Signed EPC Onshore Concept Studies with Saipem and Technip Energies
? Entered into various agreements with industry-leading companies such as Baker
Hughes, Knutsen Group and TGS
? Selected Markoppneset, in Hammerfest municipality, as the preferred site for
the Barents Blue plant. This will be confirmed at decision gate 2 (concept
selection, expected February 2022)
? Initiated pre-FEED studies for Barents Blue with an Enova grant of NOK 10
million to contribute to the development of the innovative clean ammonia system
? Matured our carbon removal business, which will contribute to EU?s carbon
removal strategy. We have entered into several partnerships in this field, and
also developed a legislative proposal for sustainable carbon capture and storage
? Signed letters of intent with major European companies for commercial carbon

Highlights after the end of the period:
? Signed memorandum of understanding with Port of Rotterdam to set up a corridor
for transport of blue ammonia from Norway
? Signed memorandum of understanding with St1 Nordic Oy for the joint
development of a green ammonia project in Finnmark, Northern Norway

Market outlook
EU?s Green Deal target of 55% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050
established the framework for the coming years? regulations and activities, as
well as future demand for carbon neutral products and carbon storage solutions:

? Shipping is proposed to be a part of the EU?s Emissions Trading System (ETS)
quota system, further driving the transition to clean maritime fuels.
? Through the carbon adjustment mechanism (CBAM), announced in July, grey
ammonia imported into the EU is proposed to be tolled at the border on equal
terms as the EU?s current grey ammonia production, which is already a part of
the EU?s ETS. With ETS quota cost above 50 EUR/ton of CO2, this is a significant
contribution to the economics of clean fuels, such as carbon neutral or clean
ammonia from the Barents Blue project.
? The CO2 emissions in the EU amounted to more than 3,000 million tons in 2019.
Present known planned storage capacity is less than 10 million tons in 2025 and
around 20 million tons in 2030. In that perspective, the demand for carbon
storage among industries and power plants in EU will far exceed known planned
storage capacity, leaving great room for CO2 storage companies delivering
flexible and cost-effective solutions to European industry and power plants.  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowHorisont Energi applies for CO2 storage license of

14.09.21 19:41

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowBarents Blue ammonia plant gains new partners, set

18.09.21 21:27
Barents Blue ammonia plant gains new partners, set to triple in size  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowHorisont Energi talks Barents Blue ammonia project

30.09.21 15:49
Horisont Energi talks Barents Blue ammonia project with infrastructure investors  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowCCUS

11.10.21 12:14
What is CCUS? ? How Carbon Capture plays a role in the hydrogen economy  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowCooperation

11.10.21 20:36
Horisont Energi joins forces with Koole Terminals in large-scale clean ammonia project  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowterminal

13.10.21 15:07
Horisont Energi and Koole Terminals to create ammonia terminal and storage facility in Rotterdam  

566 Postings, 883 Tage StockWatchNowPresentation

18.10.21 11:14

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17.01.22 19:42
und wird 25 % erwerben...außerdem Kooperation im Bereich Dekarbonisierung der Wirtschaft. Es geht zudem um "sauberen" Wasserstoff und Ammoniak...  

1227 Postings, 1807 Tage TheseusXUnd hier noch

17.01.22 19:43

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