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1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Base Breakouts and Pocket Pivot signals

11.12.16 23:55
...here's the thing though….. and this is hanging over all long term shareholders' heads right now. The market in general is entirely overbought right now.
Macro economically, I think we are due for a correction because many companies who have had their stock price return to higher levels simply do not have the fundamentals in place - increasing earnings, more growth, ASO - to justify these lofty prices.

There is a lot of garbage stocks that should not be going up the way they are. They are going up solely on momentum/technical and people hoping the recovery
is coming sooner than most of us think. I definitely think a correction of some size in the market is coming. I sold covered calls last fryday on a few of my larger positions and pocketed the premiums.

I'm waiting for a pullback and needed some more dry powder. I cannot say how big the correction would be. But if it is based on history the 1929 crash also had a great stock price recovery followed by an even bigger takedown than the original 1929 crash
on October 28, "Black Monday” followed on October 29 “Black Tuesday"….

I hope things do not turn out that way, but it is smarter to prepare for that just in case. Have a few plans in place. That's what I am working on now. There is a lot of dumb money on the sidelines though that missed all the fun that has happened since Nov 9.

Will all those “Hundreds of Billions” of dumb money come pouring back into the stock market over the next few months?  That's the big top-down picture!

Thank you for your consideration - Take care of each other!

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50The train is going off the cliff!

14.12.16 21:03
.......that's a lot of wishful thinking, but it seems WMIH doesn't have the backbone for it.

c'mon - let’s get weird!

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50iHub down due to DDOS attack!

17.12.16 23:04

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Ho Ho Ho...

26.12.16 00:18
Good wishes to all, may your family prosper by the fruits of your actions and those of others.  
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1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50I still don't buy the rumor .....

30.12.16 21:27

.......and the FCC-statement today seemed a bit forced due to potential liable statements made yesterday!


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Löschung

16.01.17 21:33

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1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Löschung

17.01.17 18:24

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1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Did Don mentioned the WMI issue?

18.01.17 20:34

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Why are you so obsessed with ihub-MB?

27.01.17 17:13

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Alternative Facts!!

29.01.17 10:32
....I hope you’ve followed my advice on Deutche back in September/29/2016 ==>#198756

WMIH-stock really looks like he's on his last legs - LoL

almost double my invest in just four months!

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1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50SCPOTUS vs. Nordstrom

09.02.17 00:55

It’s gonna be a hard week for SCPOTUS....
Yesterday was a hard day… but today …. pu$$y grabs back! LoL
this makes “The Don” looks so (expletive) bad…
...so many people have been waitin’ for….

2072 Postings, 4173 Tage alocasiaIt could be that you have one

23.02.17 21:11
an der Waffel... or are you a solo entertainer... No seriously ... it hurts :-))  

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner5033$...LoL

25.02.17 09:25

Don't take them too seriously!!

This has to be the most ludicrous analysis of all time……

.....nice Computer Based Metrics!

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50If you say so...

25.02.17 09:34

So, how do I add Alocosia to my Buddy List – any idea? LoL

Please leave your message in understandable English- go playi’n with your plants&shrubs!

You make your messages hard to read.  

It’s terrible…. so sad….

Cheers !!

3795 Postings, 5025 Tage KeyKeyLoL

25.02.17 10:32

Hier ist ja noch richtig was los.

Verkürzt die Wartezeit, bis die Milliarden ausgeschüttet werden :-)


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50The jig is up !!

27.02.17 00:39

I heard there going to expose pizzagate at this annual meeting 2017…

.......this is going to be a Zero-G Pushover! LoL


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Mood: Fuhrer Bunker Mentality

01.03.17 21:53

....anybody out there have any reports from the front? The Fuhrer's Bunker is saying nothing. The hope dies last, the same mood like in the Fuhrer Bunker end of WWII april 1945.

....everything around it is destroyed…the sounds of jackhammers and heavy drilling equipment grow louder….and louder!

Posting #65761 share with odin:
Now go back to Brietfart and hang out with the other right wing kook snowflakes

have a nice one!

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50Hi crybabies !

22.03.17 17:56

….don't blame the BOD dudes - don't bust the guys balls for having a shitty job.

Being in need of a white shoe lawyer list ? LoL


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50still playing volleyball over here huh?

30.03.17 17:56

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50.......was pretty long overdue!!

02.04.17 19:35

you guys have come a long way! LoL

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50dog & pony show

03.05.17 22:22

in America you have a right to be stupid – how is it in Europe? particularly in Germany?

full of deep affection!!


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50I declare this cow is dead!

04.05.17 22:49

BOD worked on it for more than six years, got zippo, zero, nada


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50WMIH in continuous down trend

18.05.17 19:02

I think  you are looking at the wrong side of facts here.

You as gamblers stumbled into it without any plan at all…. right?
You are put in an incredibly awkward situation…..right?
so you are stuck here for decades….right?

BTW: Why the sudden price movement yesterday? Any speculation?

Let's all make money and be merry , woot woot!!

1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50There will be a funeral service held next week

27.05.17 00:37

I'm sad to announce that there will be funeral services for all those who lost money in WMIH.
The service will begin on Thursday, 06/1/2017 at 3:00 pm EDT.
Send my heartfelt condolences to all of their families.

Respectfully yours


1216 Postings, 4564 Tage liner50WMIH deals is fading into oblivion......

06.06.17 08:40

…...and the BOD will make up new non accretive deals to keep their ponzi scheme going!! LoL

Cheers !

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