HYON AS - Wasserstoff im maritimen Bereich

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4497 Postings, 2070 Tage franzelsepHYON AS - Wasserstoff im maritimen Bereich

18.02.22 14:09
Wasserstoff im maritimen Sektor - Ein blaue Zukunft oder doch nur eine Geld-Druckmaschine von den größten Anteilseigner?

Saga Pure - https://www.sagapure.com/about-us

Nel Asa - https://nelhydrogen.com/about/

Norwegian Hydrogen AS - https://nh2.no/about-us  
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381 Postings, 993 Tage TailorCobainFakten

01.02.23 09:14
-CFO von Saga zu einer Saga Company
-CTO ("ausgeliehen" von Saga und nie direkt von Hyon angestellt) zu Norwegian Hydrogen als Head of Infrastructure -> gerade der größte Owner von Hyon, bleibt also nach wie vor in engen Kontakt mit Hyon

-Saga als Owner raus, finde ich persönlich gut
-Nel als Owner raus, finde ich persönlich nicht gut, aber auch nicht dramatisch.
-hätte ich mir einen neuen industriellen Owner gewünscht? Ja. Kann das noch kommen? Ja.

Ich gehe davon aus, dass die Themen am Freitag thematisiert werden. Also abwarten.

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Friday Presentation Feb 03 - 0800 CET

01.02.23 09:49
For both parties (positive or negative):

lets see what HYON present on friday. and DO have in mind that there is a Q and A session as well, and people can send in their questions upfront if they want

my view remains the same:

CFO: dont need a CFO comming from Saga in such Company
CTO: he was hired in Saga and rented out to HYON. Now he moved from Saga to Norwegian Hydrogen. There he will be Head of infrastructure, i.e linked with HYON.

but I will not write up/down before the presentation on Friday


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - MoU with Hexagon Purus etc

01.02.23 13:30
HYON have now in addition to the LOI from last week also agreed and MoU!



13 Postings, 34 Tage SMISENHyon-Mou

01.02.23 15:06
Consortium within Hydrogen, Hyon as participant.


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Presentation friday 03 Feb 0800 CET

01.02.23 16:33
I have seen this article many places today, but easiest to monitor the jungle is probobly to follow on linked in

I think HYON will talk more about this project on Friday maybe ?

I do hope so though


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Maritime Hydrogen - onlin Presentation

02.02.23 12:13
This is an easier link to use for the presentation tomorrow - from HYON's Linkedin page


Tomorrow we?re hosting a digital company update for our shareholders. CEO Jørn Kristian Lindtvedt will share recent updates on both technology and organization, and we?ll host a live Q&A session.

Join us on Teams at 08:00 CET through the link below!




13 Postings, 34 Tage SMISENHyon

02.02.23 19:54
Has the CEO of HYON (Lindtvedt) commented the presentation tomorrow deeper than above. Do we know precicely what he will present, what projects and so on ?  

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Presentation friday 03 Feb 0800 CET

02.02.23 20:38
I dont think so,
not that I have heard of at least
But i think the presentation tomorrow is a general one, and simply explain what they do, have done and what they will aim for
Having in mind the last 2 weeks, HYON would be smart if they have something new to sugar the presentation tomorrow with.

But lets see tomorrow!


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryNorwegian Hydrogen buys HydRe

02.02.23 21:50
Norwegian Hydrogen has acquired Finnish-based hydrogen refuelling company HydRe Oy for an undisclosed price.

The two companies both target the heavy-duty vehicle sector, with HydRe having facilities in the Baltics while Norwegian Hydrogen currently has projects in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.




4833 Postings, 4519 Tage sonnenschein2010nice presentation today

03.02.23 09:22
now just waiting for first signed order
or any other activities eg from Mitsui ;-)

company update 3.02.23:

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Presentation friday 03 Feb 0800 CET

03.02.23 09:56

going through the slides now

ps! do you also have the video presentation ?


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - got Cash until summer 2024

03.02.23 10:16
I am glad to see that HYON  HYON have 25,2million NOK (2 million Euro) as per 31.12.2022
Meaning they burn say 8 million NOK  (800K EUR per 6 months)

I.e they have enough until Summer 2024! And some people in here were sure they needed funding within 1-2 months ??

Well, I am glad to see that they are well-financed


13 Postings, 34 Tage SMISENHyon-monopol

03.02.23 10:37
What I liked the most was That there is No competion as per now.
In Other words they have monopoly.
This is Lindtvedts own words(CEO of HYON)  

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Cash + Monopoly

03.02.23 10:57
The way i see it and to summarize it all in one line

According to the CEO, HYON got monopoly + cash until July 2024 + have numerous applications for public funding pending reply + burn 800K Euro per 6 months

time being HYON is trading only 20 % above cash position, meaning they are trading on 120 % on cash alone. PS! have in mind HYON is not a company that have anything tied up in inventory etc etc.  So the financial situation is good


4497 Postings, 2070 Tage franzelsepPump Pump Pump

03.02.23 12:06
Cash on hand as 31.12.2022 NOK 25.2M

MC @ 02.02.2023 NOK 83.34M

Find the mistake.  

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON

03.02.23 12:29
the mistake is easy to find, you just wrote it:

MC is NOT 83,34M as you write, the MC is:

number of stocks X market price = MC

55.567.521 X 0,6375 NOK = 35,424 M

i have one mistake myself though, the stock is trading at 140 % of CASH, not 120 %

35,424/25,2 = 1,14057 to be precisely

but to answer your question, your mistake in your calculation is your MC


4497 Postings, 2070 Tage franzelsepMy mistake

03.02.23 13:12
Investing showed me a MC of NOK 83.34M, so it looks so they are wrong.


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Alle fine :-)

03.02.23 13:32
Ahh then it make sense

no worries, I have done same myself plenty of times:-)

sites like that is pretty good on overview, but for some reason the MC part is seldom updated

I see the same on many other pages to be honest

But we both made mistake, not only you

the share is trading at 140 % of cash, AKA 1,4 X cash


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Clearstream - new ATH ownership

04.02.23 18:17
during last 2 weeks Clearstream has gone from about 2% ownership to 5,3 % and now 4th biggest holder of HYON stock

note: Clearstream currently holds 56 % in NEL i think

Clearstream is entire Europe is it not ?


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryEU Funding - ship-ah2oy-project

06.02.23 13:01
I am not sure this article has been posted, but EU agreed to fund this project a few days ago.
Meaning EU continue to support a dinvest in the Martime Hydrogen sector


Projectperiod: January 2023 - December 2027


13 Postings, 34 Tage SMISENHyon

06.02.23 22:05
Do you know who the 17 partners are?  

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Key facts: Ship-aH2oy

07.02.23 11:14

in brief i foound this: It is not huge, but it is yet another step

Key facts: Ship-aH2oy
Project period: January 2023 to December 2027
Funding: ?15 million
Partners: VTT, Edda Wind, Østensjø Rederi, Johannes Østensjø DY, Hydrogenious LOHC Maritime, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Siemens Energy, DNV Hellas, Engitec, Demokritos, Gondan, Deltamarin, Teknotherm, ANEK, National Technical University of Athens
1. Introduces a safe and efficient way to use hydrogen as fuel for ships in the form of liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) to achieve zero carbon emissions.
2. Achieves high system efficiency through the combined use of LOHC, high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and efficient heat integration.
3. Aims to demonstrate the technology on board an existing and available ship, a service operation vessel (C/SOV) for zero-emission offshore wind operations.
4. Includes a replication study for the developed SOFC/LOHC system allowing easy replication in other and larger ships, including ROPAX-vessels.


13 Postings, 34 Tage SMISENHyon-monopol

07.02.23 12:14
Ok and as Lindtvedt Said on friday, there is No competion so it should in theory fall Hyons way, or not?  

62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - EU Program

07.02.23 13:47
not really. This funding is related to Liquid Hydrogen, whilst HYON is working on compressed Hydrogen.

But,  Time being I would say that all money that EU is  sourcing to Maritime Hydrogen fueling is for the great cause.
And among the 17 receivers there will also be some compressed hydrogen players,

All in all , good market news!

could EU also have a similar program for compressed hydrogen ?
Anyone knows ?


62 Postings, 39 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - BP - Hydrogen

08.02.23 10:40
After BP's record result yesterday they are announcing to invest further into Hydrogen

Leaning further into bp?s strategy:
Investing more in the energy transition and bp?s transition, investing more in supporting energy security and energy affordability today
Up to $8 billion more into transition growth engines by 2030 ? growing in higher-return bioenergy, and convenience & EV charging; focusing hydrogen and renewables & power where bp can leverage integration


Anyone know further how BP (or any of the other Oil companies) is approached Hydrogen, especially compresses Hydrogen  ?=

@globinho86 - @DrWiesener - TailorCobain - @Franzelsep - @SMISEN - sonnenschein2010



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