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Goldplay STRONGHOLD (WKN:A1CWQ5) sieht gut aus

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833 Postings, 4192 Tage Raptor11und fällt

03.02.11 16:06
stoppt wahrscheinlich erst bei 0,30  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerKurs

04.02.11 12:24
Denke das bald Bohrergebnisse anstehen,zumal sind schon Res. nachweisbar vorhanden und das bei einer MK von knapp 22 Mio Euro. Kurzfristiges Kursziel mMn 0,55 Euro cent. Keine Kaufempfehlung nur Meine meinung.  

57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniacwoher?

07.02.11 08:50

Woher habt ihr denn die informationen mit den Bohrungen die demnächst anstehen weil die Reports auf der Webpräsenz sind ja nicht unbedingt die neuesten


36 Postings, 3914 Tage Aktien-TomNaja...

07.02.11 09:01
Der Satz dürfte selbsterklärend sein:
"Denke das bald Bohrergebnisse anstehen"
Betone noch das erste Wort und Du weisst die Antwort ;-) Anders ausgedrückt: Mutmaßung, Spekulation, Bauchgefühl ^^

Allerdings ist diese Vermutung ja nicht völlig aus der Luft gegriffen, denn irgendwann müssen ja erste Ergebnisse kommen :-)  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammler@eletromaniac

07.02.11 09:24
Auszug aus einem Interview mit dem CEO von Stronghold Yannis Tsitos vom 17.01.2011 mit

9. Was ist der Zeitplan des Unternehmens für die kommenden Monate?

Es ist unser kurzfristiges Ziel, mit 2 mobilen Bohrgeräten in-fill undErweiterungsbohrungen über 12.000 bis 15.000 Meter auf Eagle Mountain in Britisch-Guyana durchzuführen. Später in 2011 planen wir, metallurgische Tests und wichtige Umweltstudien für eine potenzielle Mining-Operation zu beginnen. In Brasilien werden wir basierend auf dem Erfolg des laufenden Bohrprogramms auf unserer Tucuma-Liegenschaft den Anfang der zweiten Bohrphase für März 2011 anvisieren, aber nicht bevor wir die Bohrdaten aus Phase 1 analysiert haben.  

57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniac-14%

09.02.11 14:24

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerNa und?

09.02.11 14:44
Jeder der die Aktie besitzt kennt den Kurs selber ( Volumen warger ade mal 169000 Aktien) ...geht heute bestimmt wieder hoch. Handelt sich sicher um ungeduldige.  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerWann kommen endlich News?

20.02.11 09:25
Ich denke die Woche könnten News bzgl. des  ersten Bohrprogramms kommen! Zudem habe ich an Stronghold Metals gestern eine Mail gesendet,mal sehen ob die antworten? Alles natürlich nMm.  

57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniacdu sprichst mir aus der seele

20.02.11 15:07

diese funkstille ist schrecklich , bitte teile uns mit sobald du eine antwort vom IR Team bekommen hast.



744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerJa werde ich

20.02.11 15:14
machen sobald ich was in erfahrung gebracht habe, und ich denke die geguldigen werden belohnt werden ;-).  

70 Postings, 5668 Tage crystalsonicMail von IR

21.02.11 12:25
Ich hatte vorletzte Woche den IR von Stronghold schonmal angeschrieben aber keine Antwort erhalten ... auf nochmalige Status Check Mail erhielt ich dann nach freundlicher Entschuldigung folgende ausführliche Antworten auf meine Fragen:

1. Eagle Mountain - Flagship-Property: What steps are currently undertaken to develop this project and what sum has already been invested to add-up the %-amount from IAMGOLD? I read that production level is scheduled for end 2013 - but what is your timeline to reach this in time?

We have paid $500K and 2,000,000 shares to date.   Please see the detailed payment schedule on page 14 of the Corporate Presentation by following the link:

We must stay as close to the schedule as possible so that we avoid default so end of 2013 is still a target for us.  Having said this, there are always obstacles from outside influences not connected to Stronghold and Iamgold understands this.  Therefore, Iamgold would be accommodating by extending the time schedules for payment under reasonable conditions.  Iamgold has been very helpful in this process and obviously wants to see this project succeed for their own benefit.

When we are closer to production at the stages of producing a mining license, there will be a  larger payment.   But when the project is to become a producing mine, then this sum payment is relatively negligible.  The point of creating this kind of agreement is to limit dilution of the Company?s shares and to keep a back-out option at every stage.  Having said this, we are fully confident that the 750K ounces can be increased through further exploration.

A strong endorsement to this belief is that the Iamgold team of geologists that discovered this indicated resource insisted that it would follow the Eagle Mountain project.  So now we have the team from Eagle Mountain, with all of its expertise and insights on the project, working to forward the cause of Stronghold Metals.

2. Tucuma ? Regarding the drilling undertaken last year I understood the newsrelease that the drilling-results should be out at end  January  or mid of  January ? at what date do you expect the drilling results? The next steps for this property are not fixed today and will be planned based on the results or?

We are currently preparing a news release based on the results recently analyzed by the laboratory.  This release will come out soon.  The delay on the project was based on the fact that our diamond drills were having difficulty to penetrate the wet saprolite (a soft layer of soil covering the bed-rock) due to the rainy season.  The saprolite would get into our drills and cause problems by mucking up and jamming the rotation of the bits.  Some core barrel was lost and had to be retrieved, further adding to the time that the rigs were not turning.  Additionally, in Brazil there is a lot of ?holiday time? over Christmas and during Carnival in February, adding further delays.  

Having said this, we expect drilling production will be much more efficient during the dry season, which has already started.  Also, to prepare for the next rainy season, we are already inquiring about the purchase of a second rig based on SONIC technology.  We are using this type of rig on the sister project to Stronghold, First Bauxite Corporation, and operates on vibrational technology much more suitable for the penetration of loamy soils.  We have been seeing excellent results in drill hole penetration with the SONIC drills, returning two holes per day on the bauxitic terrain.

3. Combarbala - Are there any active actions planned? Whats your plan to this property? I heard to develop it with a JV with some major metal company - is there a management plan or a timeline?

At this stage we are looking to vend this project to another party for its development.  There have been a few interested parties but as of yet their proposed terms to strike an agreement have not been suitable.  Combarbala is a project with promise but because of its large scope requires a lot of attention from the company willing to focus on its development.  We are fully focused on discovering gold and copper that characterize Eagle Mountain and Tucuma and so we put our efforts there.  

4. What?s your current cash position? 5 Millions USD at the end of december?
And for what actions will this money be spend?

End of December approximately $4 Million.  Now, after Iamgold payments and for work projects we are at $2,700,000.  Our president, Yannis Tsitos is currently in Europe to discuss terms for further financing with funds and large investors.  The money will be spent on drill programs, IR campaigns and administrative costs.  We will begin drilling with one rig at Eagle Mountain and will contract a second rig to start in April.  For Tucuma, please see Question 2.

5. What are the major shareholders of your company?

Insiders of the Company hold the largest percentage, MPartners Group (who organized the last financing and placed the majority), Global Investors Group, other large individual Investors, with public float approximately 6-7 million.

6. Do you think that stronghold is undervalued?

Stronghold is definitely undervalued.  The project has acquired an advance stage gold project at 750,000 ounces gold that can move to production in its own right.  Please see the ?comparative valuation? on page 26 of the Company?s Presentation:

7. Can you give a timeline what news releases are planned for the next 6 months? The next one should be the drilling results of Tucuma or?

Both projects will be advancing steadily in Q2 of 2011 and so there should be a steady stream of news starting sometime in this quarter.  

Yannis says that ?we are first and foremost miners? because it is our mandate to build a Company based on solid projects.   All success, including market success, is based on this.  Everyone on the technical team works hard from within a basis of knowledge and experience to see our projects succeed.  And from there those with the knowledge of the financial side take the deal to the markets to bring the money.  And during every step of the process, we want to ensure the financial success for those individuals and groups who believe in us along the way.  


364 Postings, 4964 Tage DrSchafsteinWow, das nenne ich mal ne ausführliche IR-Antwort

22.02.11 00:45

Ist ja schonmal ein gutes Zeichen wenn die so genau auf deine Fragen antworten. Ich halte weiter und glaube, der Boden ist nun gefunden in der Aktie.

Dieser Satz klingt doch sehr verheissungsvoll:

We will begin drilling with one rig at Eagle Mountain and will contract a second rig to start in April.

Mit dem Goldpreis wieder über 1400 USD wird es hier auch bald wieder auf die 0,50 Euro gehen, da ist nur Geduld gefragt!


57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniac:)

22.02.11 14:24

Both projects will be advancing steadily in Q2 of 2011 and so there  should be a steady stream of news starting sometime in this quarter. 


dann bin ich mal auf die strömenden news gespannt :)


364 Postings, 4964 Tage DrSchafsteinIch bin auch gespannt. Der Boden ist nun da.

25.02.11 16:57
Man sollte auch nicht vergessen dass Anfang März in Toronto immer die grosse Rohstoffmesse PDAC ist, siehe

Um diese Zeit werden in der Regel immer gute News rausgebracht. Ich sammele um die 0,33 Euro einige Stronghold-Aktien ein und denke, dass ich damit +50% in ein paar Monaten machen kann.  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerAntwort von Stronghold

01.03.11 13:42
Meine Frage war,wann man bei Stronghold Metals mit News bezüglich des ersten Bohrprogramms rechnen kann. Und ich hatte dieser Frage noch eine Anmerkung bezüglich des dürftigen Informationsflüssen seitens Stronghold hinzugefügt,und das ein Explorer ja nunmal von Informationen für die Aktionäre lebt!
Meine Fragestellung war nicht so umfangreich und detailliert wie die von meinem Vorredner,aber mir reicht das Statement von Stronghold Metals dazu erstmal.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your inquiry.

The company has finished planning its opening strategy for a drill program which will be starting in March. We have already secured a diamond drill rig which will start drilling at the advanced gold project, Eagle Mountain, and we will add a second rig in April; we are confident that we can increase upon the 750,000 ounces that are currently defined. The Iamgold geological team which discovered Eagle Mountain has come to work with Stronghold because of its belief in the project into a significant mine. Their expertise in this property will be very important as we move forward towards production.

In addition, there will soon be news published regarding the previous holes at Tucuma, only 7 holes because of difficulty to drill in the rainy season and for Brazilian "holidays". We will announce results soon and also mention the start of second phase of the drill program at Tucuma. To prevent another slow drilling campaign next rainy season, we are inquiring about purchasing a SONIC drill rig which works with vibrations instead of rotary like the diamond drills, and which therefore will not jam.

We are in good shape financially with approximately $3 million dollars and are in talks for further financing. Our immediate focus is to gain a lot of momentum with these projects by continuing the programs on an ongoing basis, even when the weather makes things more difficult. We look forward to having a steady stream of news for our investors released over the remainder of the year.


George Heras
Corporate Communications  

364 Postings, 4964 Tage DrSchafsteinDanke

02.03.11 19:32
Die Antwort liest sich recht ehrlich und transparent. Ich denke die hatten einfach Pech mit dem Regen usw. aber nun sollte es endlich losgehen.  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerLaut der Mail von George Heras

08.03.11 20:06
konnte Stronghold Metals seinen Zeitplan aufgrund der Regenzeit nicht so einhalten wie es geplant war. Aber in der Mail steht auch daß, wenn auch etwas verspätet nun Bohrergebnisse vorliegen! Nun Frage ich mich wann Stronghold nunmal langsam Anfängt News bekanntzugeben?! Heute wurden in Kanada mit 100000 Stück  bis jetzt mehr Aktien gehandelt als in den letzten 2 Wochen zusammen. Vielleicht ist das ja eventuell ein Vorbote für die langersehnten News. Ansonsten muß ich leider anmerken das das PR Team von Stronghold bis jetzt leider sehr schlechte Arbeit gemacht hat. Bis zum Private Placement kamen regelmäßig News danach war nur nochmal ein Interview mit dem CEO und seitdem ist Funkstille.  

364 Postings, 4964 Tage DrSchafsteinHalleluja, 37% Plus heute auf 0,365 Euro!

16.03.11 12:38
Ist hier was im Busch?  

36 Postings, 3914 Tage Aktien-TomDaß...

16.03.11 13:07
der Wert aber gestern entsprechend viel verloren hat ist Dir schon aufgefallen oder? Bin schon froh daß wir uns dem Stand der letzten Wochen wieder nähern, war ja ein mittelschwerer Schock gestern. Bissel seltsam daß man wirklich NICHTS mehr an News von Stronghold bekommt...  

57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniachmm

16.03.11 15:05

die IR Abteilung hat doch einiges an Informationen geboten hoffentlich kommt demnächst auch was offizielles


744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerNews

16.03.11 20:53
Es gibt tatsaechlich News von Stronghold Metals,nur kann ich es leider nicht verlinken. Aber die haben tatsaechlich Bohrergebnisse bekanntgegeben und zwar ein zum Diamond Drill Programm auf dem Tucuma Project ueber (11500 Hectar). Sind im Schnitt Goldgehalte von 1-2 gramm Gold also fuer ein Tagebauprojekt gut. Darunter sind Goldgehalte von 25 gramm pro Tonne. M.M sehen wir bald ganz andere Kurse sollte der NEWSflow wie versprochen anhalten. Alles Nachlesbar unter Goldreport.  

744 Postings, 4002 Tage dersammlerNews!

23.03.11 19:59
3/23/2011 9:01:45 AM - Market Wire

Stronghold Metals Inc. ("Stronghold" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: Z) The Company is pleased to announce that final preparations are underway for a major mineral resource outline drilling program at the Eagle Mountain Gold Project ("Eagle Mountain" or the "Project"), located in Guyana, South America. The Project comprises an area of approximately 5050 Ha (12,480 acres) in central Guyana, 200km southwest of the capital Georgetown and 45 kilometres from the historic Omai Gold Mine, which was in production from 1993 to 2005. In Sept 2010, Stronghold entered into an Earn-In and Joint Venture Agreement with a subsidiary of IAMGOLD Corporation, under which the Company has been granted the right to acquire in stages up to 95% interest in the Property.
The diamond drilling program will commence not later than March 31, 2011 and will consist of a minimum of 15,000 metres and at least 120 holes. One drilling contract with Orbit Garant Drilling Services Inc. of Quebec, Canada has already been executed and their drill rig is on site. As the program ramps up, the Company expects a second, in this case man-portable diamond rig, to be mobilised to the site by early May 2011. Discussions with additional drilling companies are currently in progress.
The Company's primary focus is currently the accelerated development of the advanced exploration stage Eagle Mountain Gold Project. In November 2010, the Company filed an NI 43-101 reporting an Inferred Mineral Resources of 18Mt @ 1.27 g/t gold, containing 733,500 ounces of gold (using a 0.5 g/t Au cut-off grade). More than 250,000 ounces of contained gold in this inferred mineral resource is hosted by oxide material (saprolite). The Project is on track to produce a preliminary economic assessment report or scoping study. Our primary focus at Eagle Mountain is to enhance this NI43-101 compliant mineral resource with advanced exploration drilling and mineral resource definition drilling.
This 15,000 meters drilling program will have the following three objectives:

--  Expand the Inferred mineral resource by in-fill drilling and step-out
   drilling along and across strike in three directions.
--  Confirm historic records of gold mineralised horizons by twinning older
   historic holes. With success, that gold mineralization can be brought
   into the mineral resource estimate.
--  Upgrade the Inferred resources to Indicated resources with closely
   spaced in-fill drilling.

The program is expected to take 6 to 8 months to complete. A preliminary drill plan is available to be viewed at the Company's corporate web site at The total meterage and final position of the drill holes will be determined by access and future information gained from the programme.
Mr. Yannis Tsitos, President and CEO of Stronghold stated: "Stronghold is now in the exciting position to initiate an aggressive mineral resource outline drilling program of significant size at Eagle Mountain. As mentioned last year at the conclusion of our joint venture with IAMGOLD, we will effectively build upon the strong foundation established by IAMGOLD in Guyana and intensify the exploration work program with the objective to expand and advance the current mineral resource estimate at Eagle Mountain. We believe there is significant blue sky potential beyond the currently identified gold resource and want this drilling program to become the foundation in establishing whether the Eagle Mountain Gold Property can sustain a profitable independent mining operation in the future."
The exploration program in Guyana is supervised by Stronghold's local Guyanese geological team, which is headed by Ms. Anne Casselman, Country Manager, and Mr. Paul McGuigan, a Director of the Company. Mr. Paul McGuigan, P. Geo., a Qualified Person under NI 43-101, has reviewed and verified the data disclosed in this news release.
On behalf of The Board of Directors of Stronghold Metals Inc.
Ioannis (Yannis) Tsitos, President, CEO & Director
This document contains certain forward looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, delays, and uncertainties not under the corporations control which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the corporation's to be materially different from the results, performance or expectation implied by these forward looking statements.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Contacts: Stronghold Metals Inc. Ioannis (Yannis) Tsitos President, CEO & Director +1 604.806.0916 +1 604.806.0956 (FAX)  

36 Postings, 3914 Tage Aktien-TomVielleicht...

24.03.11 13:13
passiert hier ja doch mal was. Hab so langsam den Glauben an den Wert verloren.  

57 Postings, 3904 Tage electromaniaczocker

25.03.11 13:03

mich wundert ja nur das bei der volatilität nicht mehr gezockt wird von spekulanten oO ?

10% rauf 10% runter wilde sache wie ich finde


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