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5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNews

05.10.16 21:25
Vancouver BC - Western Potash Corp. (WPX: TSX) (FSE: AHE) ("Western" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the following amendments to the board of directors of the Company effective September 29th, 2016.  The new Western Board consists of seven members, with Geoffrey Chang and Bill Xue as executive directors.  Mr. Xia Qinglong is appointed an independent member of the Audit Committee.  Mr. Zheng Mianping is a newly appointed independent member of the Board. Buddy Doyle remains an independent member of the Board. Patricio Varas and Patrick Power, founders of the Company, will serve as non-executive members of the Board both having resigned from their respective management positions.

The board welcomes Mr. Xia Qinglong, CEO of ChinaBlue Chemical Ltd. who brings over 30 years experience in the resource extraction industry beginning a distinguished career after training as a geologist, earning a PhD in geophysics and subsequently training as a professor grade senior engineer at the Chinese University of Sciences Academy.

The Western board is also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Zheng Mianping, a renowned expert in the salt lake research and extraction industry. Mr. Zheng is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the President of the International Society for Salt Lake Research.  Mr. Zheng is the foremost expert in salt deposits geology and a pioneer in the salt lake mineral extraction industry in China.  Under his direction, China's first solution mining lithium extraction technique was also developed at the Zabuye Salt Lake. Recently Mr. Zheng oversaw the Survey of Marine Potash in China, which generated a breakthrough in potash prospecting of a new potash rich gravel brine layer.  

Mr. Bill Xue and Mr. Patrick Power are re-joining the Board of Directors and will continue to contribute their managerial, organizational and commercial experience.

At the management level of Western, the board announces that Geoffrey Chang, Chairman of the Board will assume the position of CEO from Patricio Varas. George Gao will assume the role of Chief Administrative Officer and Jerry Zhang will take on the position of Corporate Secretary.

Geoffrey Chang, Chairman and CEO welcomed Mr. Xia and Mr. Zheng, recognizing their extensive industrial, technical and operational expertise.  "The contributions that our new board members bring will be particularly valuable as Western transitions towards project construction and commercialization.  Western is grateful for the contributions of Mr. Wang Hui and Mr. Wang Yinping who have tendered their resignations from the board as part of this restructuring.  With the board and management streamlining, the Company is well positioned for the next critical stage in Western's development."  

To read the news release in its entirety please click here.

For more information on The Milestone project, please visit the Company's website at:  www.westernpotash.com.


"Geoffrey Chang"

Geoffrey Chang

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatVaras macht den Weg frei für den Minenbau

06.10.16 01:22
Warum sollte das dem Kurs nicht bekommen. Ist ja nicht wie bei den Neanderthalern der Nachbar-Mine deren Pleiten, Pech und Pannen entweder zum lachen oder weinen reitzten,-)  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatWesterns Team trifft Wirtschaftsministerium Saskat

31.10.16 14:31
Western freut sich, zu berichten, dass am 13. Oktober 2016 ein Treffen mit hohen Beamten des Wirtschaftsministeriums der kanadischen Provinz Saskatchewan  in Regina stattfand.

Im Rahmen dieses Gespräches bekräftigte die Provinzregierung ihre Unterstützung für die einzigartige technologische Innovation, die im Zuge der Erschließung des Projekts Milestone erforscht wird. Dieses Pilotprojekt könnte einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Innovation der Kalibergbauverfahren in Saskatchewan beitragen, indem es die Umweltauswirkungen der Halden beseitigt, den Wasserverbrauch im Vergleich zu anderen Kalibetrieben in der Provinz senkt und in eine kostengünstige Mine entwickelt werden kann, die selbst auf dem aktuell geringen Kalipreisniveau wirtschaftlich sein wird.

Herr Geoffrey Chang, Chairman und neu ernannter CEO von Western Potash Corp., erneuerte die Zusage des Unternehmens, die Regierung und alle anderen Interessensvertreter über die Entwicklung des Projekts auf dem Laufenden zu halten.  

Vom Führungsteam des Unternehmens nahmen Herr George Gao, Chief Administrative Officer, Herr Matthew Wood, Project Director, Herr Arthur Ma, Vice President, und Jerry Zhang, Corporate Secretary, an diesem Treffen teil.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatChang, WPX CEO, and Ms. Nie, ICBC Can, meet

31.10.16 14:37
The newly appointed CEO of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) visited Western Potash Corp. on October 18 in Vancouver.

Western?s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Geoffrey Chang, met with Ms. Nie and her senior staff and briefed the ICBC team on the progress of Western?s Milestone Pilot Project near Regina, Saskatchewan.

Ms. Nie confirmed that ICBC (Canada) is committed to providing all possible support to Western Potash Corp and its project.

The two leaders discussed how ICBC (Canada) will contribute its banking expertise to the Milestone Project.

Western Potash Corp.?s Chief Administrative Officer Mr. George Gao attended the meeting. Among ICBC (Canada) staff attending the meeting was Terry Liu, Senior Executive Vice President and PK Chan, Regional Head of ICBC (Canada) Vancouver Office.

ICBC is a Chinese multinational banking company, the largest bank in the world by total assets and by market capitalization.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatInvestieren im Kalisektor?

03.11.16 18:57
Investieren im Kalisektor?
Geschrieben von Redaktion ? 3. November 2016


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatMilstone Pres Will Attend Sask Geo Open House

04.11.16 14:54
Milestone Potash Corp?s President, George Gao will attend the 47th Annual Saskatchewan Geological Open House to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on November 28th.

George will join Laurie Pushor, Deputy Minister of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy and other senior officials for a round table discussion on Saskatchewan?s mineral industry. This event is the premier annual mineral geoscience conference held in Saskatchewan. Many of the key players involved in Saskatchewan?s mineral industry are expected to attend.

This will provide an important opportunity for the company to exchange views with both the Saskatchewan government and industry peers on the Milestone Pilot Project, and also to discuss trends in the global potash market as well as the development of other local potash projects.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboards/...FPjTq30tWr1owLfw.99  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNEWS Wasser wird neu verhandelt

12.12.16 10:48
According to information released by the city in advance of a finance committee meeting set for Tuesday, Western Potash Corporation is looking to extend the timelines of the deal and reduce or eliminate some payments it is expected to make.

The city's report added that the company no longer needs as much wastewater as first envisioned. The report did not provide details on how that would affect the value of the deal beyond noting the reduction was significant.

City officials are recommending that council approve changes to the contract.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNEWS Westerns CAO meets Saskat minister of finance

12.12.16 10:51

Among those attending the meeting from Western? management and key technical team members were, Mr. Matthew Wood - Project Director, Mr. Arthur Ma -Vice President, and Mr. Greg Vogelsang- Project


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatWastewater wish boosts Western Potash

13.12.16 19:51
Wastewater wish boosts Western Potash

The council is due to consider the matter at its December 19 meeting.

In a board reshuffle announced in October, company founders Patricio Varas and Patrick Power resigned from their management positions but will remain on the board, joined by new appointments salt-lake research and extraction expert Zheng Mianping and ChinaBlue Chemical CEO Xia Qinglong.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNEWS Opex 83 CAD

22.12.16 04:20
The OPEX estimate for the Pilot Project was developed by Amec Foster Wheeler in conjunction with the Company. The plant site OPEX is estimated to be $82.39 per tonne of product. This estimate does not include costs associated with product transportation and delivery from the site to the customer.

Western Potash Receives Final Engineering Report on the Milestone Pilot Plant Project


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatDiese NEWS in deutsch

28.12.16 16:13
Geoffrey Chang, Chairman des Unternehmens, sagte hierzu: ?Wir freuen uns über den Abschluss der technischen Planung. Hierbei konnte die technische und wirtschaftliche Machbarkeit des horizontalen Bohrverfahrens, der selektiven unterirdischen Solung und des Einsatzes von Kristallisierungsbeckens nachgewiesen werden. Wir sind begeistert von der Möglichkeit, dieses revolutionäre neue Solungsverfahren nach Saskatchewan zu bringen.?

...im Vorfeld von Westerns endgültiger Entscheidung über den Bau des Pilotprojekts.
...Der Betriebsaufwand (Anlagenstandort) wird auf 82,39 CAD pro Tonne Produkt geschätzt.
...ChinaBlue Chemical Ltd., einer der größten Aktionäre von Western, hat zwar seine Bereitschaft zum Ausdruck gebracht, unter bestimmten Bedingungen einen Kaufvertrag für sämtliche Erzeugnisse der Pilotanlage auzuhandel. MPC sondiert jedoch weiterhin andere Optionen für den Verkauf der Produkte außerhalb des chinesischen Markts.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNEWS Besuch bei Western von Banker

15.01.17 14:29
NEWS Besuch bei Western von Banker, ich hoffe mit einem unausschlagbarem Angebot;-) CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANK VISITS WESTERN POTASH CORP. 17/12/2016 China Development Bank?s (CDB) Canada Program Work Team paid a visit to Western Potash Corp on December 16th, 2016. The delegation was headed by team leader Mr, Geng Tiejun, and included Ms. Ji Xiaoyu, Division Chief of CDB and Ms, Xin Miao. President of Western Potash Corp Mr. Bill Xue welcomed the CDB work group and presented to the group on the status of the Company, with a focus on the development of Western?s 2.8 million capacity potash project, as well as, progress of its 150,000 tons of capacity pilot project. The two parties held a very constructive discussion on future project cooperation. The CDB work group were greatly impressed with Western Potash Corp and the advantages of its Milestone Project, including the world-class resources, excellent location, unparalleled shareholder structure and management team, its access to financings and innovative technologies. CDB expressed its willingness to provide ample support to the development of the project. Representatives from Western Potash Corp. in attendance included Mr. George Gao, Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Matthew Wood, Project Director and Mr. Arthur Ma, Vice President. http://www.westernpotash.com/news/...-bank-visits-western-potash-corp  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatfocus on

15.01.17 14:30
the development of Western?s 2.8 million capacity potash project, as well as, progress of its 150,000 tons of capacity pilot project.  

1740 Postings, 2250 Tage DölauerEndlich Umsätze mit Kursanstieg

18.01.17 19:28
Weiter so ....
Bitte News in Deutsch schreiben.  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatNEWS Cheftreffen Baufirma mit 5% WPX Beteiligung

19.01.17 07:06
CAMCE hat reichlich Erfahrung in internationaler Projekt Erstellung.
China CAMCE Engineering Co., Ltd Chairman & President, Ms. Luo Yan paid a visit to Western Potash Corp. on Jan 9th, 2017.Western Potash Corp.?s President, Bill Xue...presented the status of the Company status, with a focus on the development of 2.8 million MOP Project as well as the progress of 150,000 tons capacity Milestone Pilot Potash project.

CAMCE is a large scale Chinese national state owned enterprise, with extensive experience in international project contracting, especially in engineering procurement construction (EPC) projects, domestic and overseas investment and trade. CAMCE is now the third largest shareholder of Western Potash Corp, with a total of 4.7% ownership of Western Potash through its wholly controlled Canadian Procon Resources Inc.


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatInder wollen bis zu 7mtper Jahr in Can fördern

19.01.17 07:42
Wenn die Inder auf einmal bis zu 7m Tonnen pro Jahr aus Encanto saugen wollen, werden die Chinesen nicht bei 150k stehen bleiben. Gibts von den zwei Chin. Banken einen Baukredi, werden die sich auch an Western beteiligen. Hoffe die von Western zurück gekauften Aktien wandern dahin;-)


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatfertecon e-bulletin: fertilizer summary for Januar

19.01.17 15:05
POTASH Outlook: Firm


Mosaic to acquire Vale?s fertilizer business
Brazilian prices steady at $235-240 cfr
K+S acquires 30% stake in Saudi SOP producer Al-Biariq.  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatIndien - Encanto Deal anscheinend unterzeichnet

19.01.17 18:58
Indien - Encanto Deal ist anscheinend unterzeichnet. 7m t pro Jahr nach Indien.

Vancouver junior inks $1 billion a year potash deal, by Frik Els Encanto Potash Corp. (CVE:EPO) on Wednesday announced the finalization of a blockbuster agreement with India's national farmers co-operative to supply a minimum of 5 million tonnes of potash per year for the next twenty years.


Wenn das nicht auf Wpx abfärbt...,-)


5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatReitzend

20.01.17 16:39
Angehängte Grafik:
img_0411.jpg (verkleinert auf 71%) vergrößern

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatChina Potash Company

20.01.17 21:42
Hab da mal ein bisken genauer hingeschaut: Also zu CAMC gehört seit Jahren Procon, Alberta, Minenentwickler, haben für Potash Corp gearbeitet und arbeiten momentan auf Esterhazy, Mosaic. http://www.procongroup.net/project/k2-mine-brine-inflow-project/ Das die eine 150k Pilot bohren is wie Fliegen mit Kanonen jagen. Zu CAMC gehört ferner ein Düngerhandel und China Ocean Aviation Group mit drei Redereien mit Bulkfrachtern. http://en.coagi.com.cn/ywly/hkhy/ Zum Finanzieren von Minen ham se auch ne Sparte. Also zwei Banken waren da, eine grosse Bank ist an Western beteiligt. und jetzt legense ein 150k Ei? Nebenan liegt Acron/Rio siech und Western hält die Bohrrechte. Dr. Wood von Vale nebenan is an Bord. Yancoal hat für 100 Mios Potashrechte von Acron gekauft und will ne Mine bauen hat aber kaum cash. Irgendwas bauen die da, China Potash Company, hattip Börsenclown  

1740 Postings, 2250 Tage DölauerKursanstieg

22.01.17 18:10
Thairat, was meinst du, steigt der Kurs weiter??, Käufer gab es genug am Freitag.

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatZwischenkonso

23.01.17 01:32
kann es jederzeit geben. Tairui is um die 0,30 cad eingestiegen, China Blue Chemical um die 0,71 cad, das wären doch mal zwei nette Marken, die der Kurs überspringen könnte. CAMCE und damit der grosse, kanadische Minenentwickler Prokon haben sich mit etwas mehr als 5% an Western beteiligt, damit rückt die Kapatizitätsausweitung auf 2,8 mt pro Jahr näher.  

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatFörderkapazitätsausweitung auf 2,8 Millionen

23.01.17 19:04
Jetzt hat uns Western schon zweimal auf die Möglichkeit der Förderkapazitätsausweitung auf 2,8 Millionen hingewiesen. Beim nächsten Hinweis, Hafen, Regina Wasserversorgung, Bahnkontrakt sollte der Kurs auf die von China Blue bezahlten 0,70 Cad klettern.

Den Chinesen gehts nicht um den niedrigen Capex der Pilot, die sind scharf auf die Methode das Potash aus dem Boden zu holen.

18/1/2017.  "President, Bill Xue met with the CAMCE delegation and presented the status of the Company status, with a focus on the development of 2.8 million MOP Project as well as the progress of 150,000 tons capacity Milestone Pilot Potash project."

17/12/2016 "President of Western Potash Corp Mr. Bill Xue welcomed the CDB work group and presented to the group on the status of the Company, with a focus on the development of Western?s 2.8 million capacity potash project, as well as, progress of its 150,000 tons of capacity pilot project. The two parties held a very constructive discussion on future project cooperation."

5805 Postings, 4241 Tage thairatHeute in Kan 3,2 Mio bis jetzt gehandelt

23.01.17 19:07
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