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Kupfer: Max - der Maximizer für`s Depot?

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Typische Wannenformation, Bodenbildung scheint abgeschlossen zu sein, über 20 geht`s auch schnell Richtung 30.  

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22.07.20 21:35

Max Resource Corp (TSX-V:MXR) continues to expand the surface mineralization at its CESAR copper + silver project in Colombia, on Tuesday releasing assay results from its AM South Zone.

Since last November, Max?s geological teams have been identifying copper and silver targets in the 100 km x 20 km target area at CESAR, using rock chip channel, panel and bulk sampling to identify structures, continuity of thickness, and strike length, to determine potential size prior to drilling.


Kupferschiefer analog

Moreover, Max anticipates that the near-surface copper oxides transition to richer copper minerals chalcocite and covellite at depth. According to CEO Brett Matich, this is important because it provides further evidence to support Max?s geological model, that CESAR is analogous to the massive ?Kupferschiefer? copper-silver mineral deposits in Poland.

?The petrographic study elucidated the relationships of the various copper minerals further reinforcing the similarity to Kupferschiefer mineralogy and to the stratigraphic control on mineralization,? said Matich.

State-owned KGHM Polska Miedz is the world?s eighth largest copper producer and the second biggest silver producer. Its Kupferschiefer (?copper shale? in German) copper-silver deposits are regionally extensive.


Two greenfield discoveries earlier this year, AM North and AM South, appear to support this conclusion.

AM South features four stratabound copper + silver horizons, with mineralized structures currently totaling over 5.8 km of strike length.

In a Feb. 27 news release, Max notes AM North and AM South discovery zones are both hosted in well-bedded sandstone-siltstone. They appear to be of significant size, gently dipping, and partly outcrop at surface.

The stratabound (confined to a single stratigraphic unit) copper-silver mineralization found at CESAR is similar to the mineralization found in Ecuador and Peru in Jurassic-age rocks. The project lies along a historic 120-km copper-silver belt within the Cesar-Ranchería Basin, a major oil and gas and coal-mining sedimentary basin.  

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22.07.20 21:59
sieht klasse aus!  

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sieht gut aus.  

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Die Liegenschaften haben riesiges Potential  

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23.11.20 09:19
Geht die Reise. Ich bin für Kupfer sehr positiv gestimmt und wir werden hier nich ganz andere Kurse langfristig sehen  

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