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1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketGigamon

30.11.16 19:50

Looking for a Growth Stock? Why It is Time to Focus on Gigamon

"So if you are looking for a fast growing stock that is still seeing plenty of opportunities on the horizon, make sure to consider GIMO. Not only does it have double digit earnings growth prospect, but its impressive Zacks Rank suggests that analysts believe better days are ahead for GIMO as well."


1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketIBD: Gigamon can continue its top-line momentum

30.11.16 19:54

In a report, William Blair analyst Jason Ader said, "We believe Gigamon can continue its top-line momentum in 2017 based on continued opportunities in security, acceleration in data center network upgrades the AWS public cloud visibility solution."  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketNeedham: Buy Target $58

06.12.16 10:19

"We still think the stock has room to appreciate past $60 but we can reiterate our Buy and maintain our $58 Target Price. GIMO remains our Single Best Idea in Networking as it has for 2015 and 2016, and seems likely positioned to retain that role in 2017. We talked to over 35 clients including two that had done one-on-ones with the company at a recent conference. No one heard any negative comments from management or had a good explanation for the correction other than the fact it was up so much and ?risk off?. We talked to management and went over all the various business angles. Gigamon is as bullish as ever. We think the company has a good shot at 30%-40% growth in CY17 and again in CY18. In fact with a lot of things coming together the visibility into the out year is growing, in our opinion. We think Gigamon can push up GMs further and push up Operating Margins toward the 30% plus vicinity from the low 20?s currently."


1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketD.A. Davidson: Buy Target $60

10.12.16 20:11

Shares of Gigamon have declined by over 11 percent since October. Investors may have responded to management commentary on the partnership with AWS not generating revenue Gigamon until at least 2018, D.A. Davidson?s Mark Kelleher said in a report.

Analyst Kelleher upgraded the rating on the company from Neutral to Buy, while maintaining the price target at $60. He mentioned that the current share price provides meaningful upside to the price target.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketA Falling Knife, And Some Nasty Cuts

03.01.17 16:43


Gigamon is a company most often considered to be in the cybersecurity space. It basically sells data visibility solutions that are often used as part of a cybersecurity fabric.

The shares have been noticeably weak since making a high a few weeks ago and have pulled back by 25%.

The company introduced its long awaited joint solution with AWS in the last few weeks.

The consensus growth forecast for 2017 seems significantly compressed compared to a more likely progression.

In the wake of the share price pullback, valuation parameters, while not at value levels, have reached what many consider to be an attractive entry point.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketZacks: Preliminary results didn t impress investor

18.01.17 16:01

However, the company?s year-over-year revenue and earnings comparisons for 2016 were encouraging.  

We believe that Gigamon is well positioned to benefit from a rapidly growing network security solutions market, which is worth more than $18 billion. The ongoing transition to cloud and the fast adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology presents significant growth potential for the company.

We believe that product launches will continue to drive growth. The GigaSMART, GigaVUE-HC1 and GigaVUE-HC2 platforms continue to witness increased adoption. Moreover, the company is adding clients, which should bolster its financial results.


874 Postings, 4602 Tage millemaxDer Absturz scheint mir übertrieben

18.01.17 17:03
Bin jetzt mal mit 600 Stk. zu 31,00$ rein...sollte es weiter fallen werde ich auf 1000Stk. akkumulieren...
Wie ist deine Einschätzung? So schlecht war die Guidance doch nicht oder gibt es weitere Gründe?  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketÜberspannte Computer

18.01.17 18:19
Mal wieder eine völlig übertriebene Reaktion der Computer, die scheinen nur noch 2 Zustände zu kennen:

1. Kaufen wenn Erwartungen übertroffen werden
2. Verkaufen wenn Erwartungen enttäuscht werden.

Und leider machen die das dann alle gleichzeitig :-(

Von der Spitze satte 50 Prozent verloren und das weil der Umsatz um 8% niedriger ausfallen wird, weil wohl einige Aufträge verschoben worden sind.

Bleibt abzuwarten ob es sich wirklich nur um eine "Umsatzverzögerung" handelt oder ob doch mehr dahinter steckt. Kein Unternehmen gibt gerne zu, wenn was nicht rund läuft, da wird dann versucht sich hinter kreativen Ausflüchten zu verstecken ... Der Markt ist bei solchen Wachstumswerten immer extrem Manisch-Depressiv ...  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketGewinnentwicklung

18.01.17 18:29
Die Schätzungen gingen bisher nach oben

Current Year                        57.50%
Next Year                                21.40%
Next 5 Years (per annum) 33.50%

Insider und Gurus sind allerdings eher am verkaufen

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketFool: Hooper's synopsis leaves room for a comeback

18.01.17 18:33;utm_source=yahoo-2-news

Now what
Hooper's synopsis leaves room for a comeback in 2017 if he's right that customers were simply delaying orders. Until a couple of months ago, Gigamon had been a strong performer since its 2013 IPO as shares had more than doubled, and even with today's setback, revenue is still set to grow by 25%. For a stock that now has a modest P/E of just 25, that seems like an encouraging sign.

I'd expect Gigamon to bounce back from today's sell-off, but if this trend continues into the next quarter, there could be trouble.


1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketQ4 Expectations Offers An Opportunity

20.01.17 23:24


Gigamon offers network visibility and control solutions, being in great demand in this environment.

The company has now finally reached sufficient scale to deliver on real earnings, as operating leverage in the model is very high.

Amidst long-term tailwinds and an important AWS product offering being delivered, the outlook looks solid.

Shares have recently retraced 50% after the company missed its own hyped Q4 outlook, not being a key worry to me as growth remains impressive.

In a $25-30 region, shares look appealing as GIMO has the potential to deliver on $1 in real earnings while it has sizable net cash balances as well.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketWhere is cybercrime really coming from?

30.01.17 18:40

Caleb Barlow: Where is cybercrime really coming from?

Cybercrime netted a whopping $450 billion in profits last year, with 2 billion records lost or stolen worldwide. Security expert Caleb Barlow calls out the insufficiency of our current strategies to protect our data. His solution? We need to respond to cybercrime with the same collective effort as we apply to a health care crisis, sharing timely information on who is infected and how the disease is spreading. If we're not sharing, he says, then we're part of the problem.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketRestore Visibility

15.03.17 15:59

Can Gigamon, A Visibility Specialist, Restore Visibility Into Its Own Business?


Gigamon shares, have gone from the mid $30's to over $60 and then back again in little more than 8 months.

The shares fell sharply after the company missed expectations and guided Q1 results to pitiful levels.

Despite the guide, there really wasn't all that much in terms of the company's sales machine that saw material deterioration.

Management acknowledged that Q1 guidance was designed to be ultra-prudent.

The company retains a commanding solution in a niche that is considered to be vital as part of a total cyber-security solution.  

4069 Postings, 2200 Tage Kap HoornWow, de GIGA .. :::Du , DIE geht ....

15.03.17 16:25
..."gigantisch" los, yöööah !!!
LAUGH-----LAUGH------LAUGH .....................  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketElliott Management has purchased 15.3 percent

08.05.17 17:34

Hedge fund activist Paul Singer just found his next target

The firm said in the SEC filing that shares of Gigamon are "significantly undervalued and represent an attractive investment opportunity."

Further, Elliott seeks to engage in a dialogue with Gigamon's board to discuss opportunities that would maximize shareholder value, the filing said. This could entail Elliott making proposals with respect to potential changes in Gigamon's operations or management, the SEC filing said.


1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketA Natural Acquisition Target

15.05.17 16:22


Gigamon has good products to sell, but it spends too much on direct selling to end users and paying third-party distributors to channel to end users, which squeezes margins.

While Gigamon's top line has been growing, the company may have to scale up its business soon if it wants continued growth, something its current level of internal capital cannot support.

Merging with a larger network equipment maker or security software company can address both its capital needs for expansion and its sales efficiency via product integration with the acquirer's offerings.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketGigamon ready to seek buyers

05.06.17 15:32

Network monitoring software company Gigamon Inc (NYSE:GIMO) is ready to hold talks with potential buyers, according to Reuters.

The sale process, guided by Goldman Sachs Group, hasn?t formally started yet. Bidders might include the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise or a tech-focused private equity firm.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketIt Has Been A Long, Long Time

11.08.17 17:48


Gigamon recently reported the results of its Q2 operations.

While the headlines were not a substantial beat and presented a dismal picture of operations, guidance was surprisingly strong.

The shares rallied noticeably, but are still trading within a range.

Some of the metrics presented during the call suggest that the company is returning to high growth status.

The company's valuation, based on the forecast return to growth, is very modest.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketForbes Annual List of 25 Fastest Growing Companies

17.08.17 23:44

Firms featured on the Fast Tech 25 have demonstrated strong sales growth over the past three years and will lead their industry in projected earnings growth for the next three to five years, according to Forbes.

"We're honored to be recognized by Forbes and rank in the top ten of this year's Fast Tech 25," said Paul Hooper, CEO of Gigamon. "We credit our inclusion to our innovative technology, our leadership of the visibility market that we created, and our dedicated employees. Visibility is a fundamental requirement to deploy a meaningful security architecture to provide enterprises the insight they need to best protect their critical data assets. The loyalty and trust of our customers and partners around the world have resulted in the recognition by Forbes."

The Company's 2016 financial highlights include revenue of $310.9 million, a 40 percent increase over the prior year, and compound annual growth rate of 30 percent over the previous three years.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketElliott's Evergreen made a bid

12.09.17 07:53

Evergreen secured financing from two investment banks and recently made a formal bid for the company, Reuters says. A successful bid would mark the first time Elliott's P-E group led an acquisition that the activist side had put into play.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketAcquisition Opportunity

28.09.17 14:04


The company received a bid from a fund launched by Elliot Management.

A competitor of the firm was acquired recently and the shareholders were paid 45% premium.

Institutional investors are buying.

The company owns large amount of IP assets that may interest a strategic buyer.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketElliott takeout bid stalls

06.10.17 20:27

Gigamon (NYSE:GIMO) is 5.9% lower premarket after a report that a takeout bid from an affiliate of Elliott Management has stalled out over price issues.

The bid from Evergreen (Elliott's private-equity arm) has "ground to a halt," Reuters says, as the $1.6B Gigamon rejected an offer that came in below the company's share price.

Negotiations could pick back up with Elliott or Gigamon could get an offer from another party, the report says.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsket$1.6B deal to be acquired by Elliott

27.10.17 14:36

The deal is for $38.50/share in cash; Gigamon closed today at $36.15, a 6.5% premium. It represents a 21% premium to the unaffected closing price on April 28, the day on which Elliott was required to file a Schedule 13D with respect to ownership interest in Gigamon.

Gigamon will go private in the deal, which is being led by Elliott's Evergreen Coast Capital.

The deal's expected to close in Q1 2018.  

1144 Postings, 5913 Tage TradingAsketAngebot ist ein Witz

27.10.17 15:02
Am 8 Mai hat Elliott Managment in ihrem SEC-Filling noch davon gesprochen das Gigamon "signifikant unterbewertet" ist und eine "attraktive Investmentgelegenheit" sie, da stand die Aktie bei $33.

Und jetzt kommen die mit einem läppischen Angebot von $38.

Das ist echt ein Witz, ich hoffe die Aktionäre lassen sich diese Frechheit nicht gefallen!

Erste Anwaltskanzleien sind ja schon aktiv geworden und ich hoffe die werden dem Management und den Elliott Leuten ordentlich auf die Finger hauen.  

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