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15.02.01 09:01
aus heutigem daily briefing (

...If the market can shrug-off the sellers and surmount resistance, then you have what's potentially a secondary test of the late December lows, and that's the grander import of all this; which potentially goes far beyond simply oscillating rallies and declines, as fun as they have been to capture for S&P players (or similar), but as frustrating for all investors as all get-out. That means we risk loosing confidence considerably if this is not able to be built-upon, and probably have an entire leg down in the S&P thereafter as you know. If we can build upon this (our preference), then interestingly enough, it will not only send a sign that the new bears are wrong, but impact general consumer confidence potentially, as the public (so recently bombarded by many news stories or pieces of mostly-negative information on the economy) would sense an eventual turn.

Sinngemäß in Deutsch: Das Reversal gestern im SP500 war extrem wichtig. Wenn es jetzt gelingt, weiter nach oben zu gehen, dann haben wir offensichtlich das Tief vom Dezember erfolgreich getestet. Wenn nicht, müssen wir ein weiteres tieferes Tief erwarten.  

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