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EnWave mit Durchbruch - erster Produktverkauf

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493 Postings, 4227 Tage oli59Ist das nicht eine alte Meldung??

28.05.18 15:38

85 Postings, 4808 Tage backhand longline26.4.18

29.05.18 09:15

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamarokeiner mehr

01.06.18 08:45

85 Postings, 4808 Tage backhand longlinelamaro

01.06.18 10:24
was gibt es schon dazu zu sagen? Wir wollen alle Geld verdienen, was erst passieren wird, wenn Enwave Geld verdient. Ein weiterer Maschinenverkauf, eine weitere Kooperationsvereinbarung, usw. Gäbe es mooncheese nicht, sähen die Zahlen ungefähr so aus wie der Käse, trocken und löchrig. Was an Lizenzeinnahmen eingenommen wird, die Hauptbasis für Kursphantasie aus meiner Sicht, ist eben noch zu wenig.      

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamaroja

04.06.18 10:27
leider ist es so.  

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamarokeiner mehr da

18.06.18 18:44
???????????????????????? alle abgesprungen?  

727 Postings, 1715 Tage Medical2018-6-25

29.06.18 08:29
Zitat:" EnWave Corp. has signed a technology evaluation and licence option agreement (TELOA) with a major Australian dairy company to evaluate the use of the company's radiant energy vacuum (REV) technology for the development of several dehydrated, premium dairy ingredients.....The partner will rent a small-scale REV machine for use in Australia for a maximum of six months. During this term, EnWave's experienced food science team will collaborate closely with the partner's innovation group to expedite progress.....EnWave has signed a total of four TELOAs with Australian companies and has granted two separate commercial licences to Australian royalty partners...." ENDE Zitat

727 Postings, 1715 Tage Medical2018-6-26

29.06.18 08:31
Zitat:"EnWave Corp.'s wholly owned subsidiary, NutraDried Food Company LLC, is expanding its production capacity to facilitate the continued sales growth of Moon Cheese....NutraDried will acquire a second 100-kilowatt REV (radiant energy vacuum) machine and also a 10-kilowatt REV machine to improve production capacity and expedite new product development.....The 10-kilowatt REV machine will provide increased capacity for product development and will enable NutraDried to create new, innovative flavours and develop additional product lines. Innovation will remain a driving force in NutraDried's business activities...The purchase of the second 100-kilowatt REV line will be by way of a signed equipment purchase agreement with EnWave..." ENDE Zitat

727 Postings, 1715 Tage Medical2018-6-27

29.06.18 08:32
Zitat:"EnWave Corp. has signed a technology evaluation and licence option agreement with Fresh Business Consulting SL. Fresh Business Consulting is a part of a diversified investment and consulting firm headquartered in Spain that has business interests in its home country, the United Kingdom, and Peru. The technology evaluation and licence option agreement grants Fresh Business Consulting a six-month term to evaluate EnWave's radiant energy vacuum technology for the production of several undisclosed food products in the country of Peru..." ENDE Zitat

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamarodanke für das einstellen

02.07.18 14:00
ich weiß nicht, was hier passieren muß , das der Kurs gen norden kommen kontinuierlich neue Nachrichten und der Kurs geht nur seitwärts bzw. fällt.  

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamarostarbucks

03.07.18 19:19

140 Postings, 6133 Tage JogibärInterview mit J.Budreski....

24.07.18 15:23
zu sehen unter:

sieht gut aus. Gruß Jogibär  

61 Postings, 4267 Tage woto55meldung von heute -kam per e-mail

30.07.18 15:25
EnWave Sells 10kW REV™ Machinery to the United States Army Natick Soldier Research,
Development and Engineering Center to Accelerate Nutrient Rich Field Ration Product Development

Vancouver, B.C., July 30, 2018

EnWave Corporation (TSX-V:ENW | FSE:E4U) (�EnWave�, or the "Company") announced today that it has signed a Purchase Requisition (the "Agreement") with the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (�NSRDEC�) to supply a 10kW Radiant Energy Vacuum (�REV™) machine for research and development purposes. The acquisition of the 10kW REV™ machine by NSRDEC aims to facilitate an accelerated path to improved Close Combat Assault Ration deployment.

Dr. Tom Yang has been leading the project on behalf of NSRDEC and recently presented a scientific poster at the Institute of Food Technologists (�IFT�) Food Expo in Chicago on the 17th of July. The NSRDEC also displayed a series of REV™-dried Close Combat Assault Rations at the IFT Food Expo where featured rations including shelf-stable mini-quiches, high-protein crunchy cheese snacks, a Korean BBQ bar, a chewy banana bar, and cheese cake bites were showcased.

After a successful presentation at the Pentagon in May 2018 and confirmed demand for REV™ dried rations, the NSRDEC has fast tracked the research and development necessary for implementation with close combat warfighters. An additional presentation to NASA will take place in September 2018. This project has been under development for the past year with trials previously being completed at EnWave�s pilot plant facility located in Vancouver, Canada.

EnWave and the NSRDEC are currently looking to collaborate with potential vendors to manufacture and supply REV™-dried nutrient rich field rations moving forward. Any interested parties are encouraged to contact EnWave Corporation at

About US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC)
The Soldier�s RDEC � Ensuring dominance through superior Scientific and Engineering expertise NSRDEC provides the Army with innovative Science & Technology solutions to optimize Soldier/Team performance and improve combat readiness. By focusing on the Soldier domain, NSRDEC incorporates the latest innovations to maximize the Warfighter�s survivability, sustainability, mobility, combat effectiveness and field quality of life. Using basic science, technology generation/application/transition that enables rapid fielding of the right equipment when it is needed, NSRDEC continues to empower, unburden and protect Warfighters. NSRDEC�s Portfolios and Focus Areas concentrate on the �The Science Behind the Soldier� and include Soldier & Squad Performance Optimization, Expeditionary Force Projection, Maneuver and Sustainment, Human Systems Integration, Individual Multi-Threat Protection, and Soldier Systems Engineering Architecture.

49 Postings, 3153 Tage franbattSutro Projekt fehlgeschlagen

17.08.18 15:41
Hallo zusammen,

Leider ist nach dem Hormel Deal auch Sutro fehlgeschlagen.  Das ist ein Rückschlag für die Vermarktung von der REV. Hoffentlich gibt es positive Nachrichten von Bonduelle,....

EnWave Corporation Discontinues Equipment Development Project

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnWave Corporation (TSX-V:ENW | FSE:E4U) (?EnWave?, or the "Company") announced today that it will discontinue its exploratory equipment development project with Sutro Biopharma Inc. (?Sutro?). EnWave has been working under an equipment construction contract to deploy the Company?s Radiant Energy Vacuum (?REV??) technology to dehydrate a specific cell-free extract since September 2012.  

EnWave was unable to satisfy certain quantitative bioactivity criteria for the dried cell-free extract; however, the throughput and process time metrics were achieved using REV? technology.  Due to project time metrics and additional investment required to pursue a solution, both companies decided to put any further development on hold for the foreseeable future. Sutro will independently continue development work to identify a suitable drying process for its cell-free extract.

As a result of this project ending, EnWave will record an impairment to its ?Due from Customers on Contract? balance in the amount of $865,000. The impairment charge will be reported in the Company?s third quarter financial statements for the three and nine months ended June 30, 2018.

493 Postings, 4227 Tage oli59Die Q3 Zahlen sind da!

28.08.18 14:09
Ich persönlich halte sie für gut bis sehr gut. Die besten Zahlen die je vorgelegt wurden. Mal schauen,  wie der Markt reagiert. Man weiß ja nie!  

2509 Postings, 3400 Tage Marlies123Heute um 20,15 kommt ein langer Beutrag

28.08.18 19:06
im ARTE   TV von Starbrucks -mag ein Zufall mit den Zahlen von heute zu sein  ???  

4133 Postings, 3743 Tage Pitschkönnte man

09.09.18 17:15
die Zahlen kurz zusammenfassen... im Vergleich zum letzten Quartal.

Danke im Voraus !  

5876 Postings, 4449 Tage lamarostarbucks

10.09.18 20:09
wurde von nestle geschluckt  

49 Postings, 3153 Tage franbattErstes Interview von Brent Charleton als CEO

12.09.18 21:16
Erstes Interview von Brent Charleton als CEO, von der Minute 4:30 bis 10:00

Interessant ist die Aussage, dass Enwave mit 3 grossen Unternehmen im Gespräch betreffend eine Lizenzvereinbarung sind.  

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