GLCC hebt ab +335%

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1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikGLCC hebt ab +335%

27.05.08 16:48
in den letzten 2 handelstagen von 0,008 auf heute 0,035 us geklettert. auch in FFM beginnt langsam der handel zu erwachen, in usa auf ihub auf platz 1.

1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964@karibik....

27.05.08 17:24
warum hebt sie auf? Gibt es da News, oder ist sie letzte Zeit sehr unterbewertet? Kann nicht rausfinden

1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964da gehts aber ....

27.05.08 17:32
richtig zur Sache , wowwwww

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikgeh mal auf

27.05.08 17:45
und gib GLCC ein, da kannst du alles nachlesen

oder schau dir das neue info-video an unter :

1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964danke karibik :-)

27.05.08 17:51

1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964kann es nicht.....

27.05.08 17:59
.....nachvollziehen warum sie so abgestürtz ist ? Von 2005 ist ständig gewachsen....

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikmanagement ergreift maßnahmen

27.05.08 18:08

gegen den tiefen kurs : Good Life China Corp (GLCC) Greets Director of German and East Asia Trade Relation BEIJING, China, May 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Good Life China Corp is pleased to announce that it has completed its meetings and discussions with Mr. Gerhaman Mire, Director of German and East Asia Trade Relation Dept. The German delegation visited the headquarters of Goodlife in Hebei accompanied by Director of market system construction department of Hebei Commerce Ms. Ma Zhongyu, and the Deputy Director of International relation department of Hebei Commerce Mr. Gu Sanlong. Mr. Gerhaman Mire was particularly interested on the exploration of rural market by Goodlife. Mr Mire expressed praise to the mode of the e-business operation and logistics distribution of Good Life. Ms. Dong Mai Jia, Good Life CEO, said 'Good Life has entered into a tremendous growth stage. Just to put all of this in focus, our Distribution Turnover to Stores, from 2005 to the first quarter of 2008 are as follows: - 2005: RMB 0.23 billion - 2006: RMB 0.42 billion - 2007: RMB 0.80 billion - First quarter of 2008: RMB 0.31 billion We do not hide the fact that we are disturbed by the recent unexplained massive and rapid share price decline. We are exploring every opportunity to see our share price resumed or returned to its previous levels. This has become GLCC and our IR advisory team's top priority. If this means moving to another exchange, doing a spin off or a split off, we are examining all of our options as we move forward towards reaching our goals.' About Good Life China Corporation Good Life China Corporation operates a rapidly growing chain of franchised convenience stores based in Hebei Province, China. It employs advanced retail concepts such as e-commerce enabled POS/back office systems, and achieves significant economies of scale on the supply side of the business. It will be expanding geographically to neighboring Provinces, as well as offering a growing number of additional products and services, such as financial products, as it moves forward. The Company's North American operations comprise a number of online sub prime financial services, including; the Money Lending; Forex Trading; and Advanced Electronic Funds Management. Safe Harbor Statement Information in this press release may contain 'forward-looking statements.' Statements describing objectives or goals or the Company's future plans are also forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the financial performance of the Company and market valuations of its stock, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Forward-looking statements in this news release are made pursuant to the 'Safe Harbor' provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, risks relating to the ability to close transactions being contemplated, risks related to sales, continued acceptance of Good Life China Corporation's products, increased levels of competition, technological changes, dependence on intellectual property rights and other risks detailed from time to time in Good Life China Corporation's periodic reports filed with the regulatory authorities. SOURCE Good Life China Corporation Source: PR Newswire (May 27, 2008 - 8:27 AM EDT) News by QuoteMedia


1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikneue stoff füe neue höhere kurse heute

28.05.08 15:32
Good Life China Corp (GLCC) obtains current information status with PINKSHEETS.COM
BEIJING, May 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - (PINKSHEETS: GLCC) announces today that the Company has met the necessary disclosure criterion, receiving a 'CURRENT INFORMATION' status with PINKSHEETS.COM.

The Company filed necessary financials and other corporate information with PINKSHEETS, which provides transparent information about the Company and its business on-goings. The Company will continue to adhere to these transparency requirements to maintain itself as a 'CURRENT INFORMATION' tier quoted entity see:

Garr Winters, GLCC Secretary, stated, 'We had hoped to achieve this level by the end of 2007 followed by becoming a reporting issuer with SEC, and moving on to a different exchange. We continue to maintain these aspirations. After a number of months, PINKSHEETS.COM allocated the highest possible level of transparence available to GLCC. We believe this will help further the Company's creditability throughout the domestic and International investment communities. This 'CURRENT INFORMATION' tier quoted status will help the Company attract new investors, new vendors and others who can now, with ease, complete due diligence on Good Life China.

Dong Mai Jia added, 'GLCC recently paid out two separate dividend tranches as dividend and as RESTRICTED stock. It has also come to our attention that the 1st tranche has possibly made their way through the system and booked as free trading shares by some broker dealers. We are also hearing that some of the retail dividend recipients may have already sold their positions which may have contributed to our recent massive and rapid share price decline. Our IR tells us that that they have received quite a few inquiries from the designated recipients of the 2nd tranche who claim that they have yet still to receive their dividends. All of these shareholders have purchased their stock on the street, making it virtually impossible for the company to manage the process. We have requested from our corporate IR team, and advisors to follow up on all of this and we will act accordingly'.

On the business front, Good life is pleased to report that 8 additional new stores were launched this week. 6 are in Cangzhou, one is in Beijing, and one is in Shijiazhuang. 2 new suppliers with audited on line transactions of (Yuan)1,122,300. The sum of distribution is (Yuan)785,600. The income of member attestation is (Yuan)16,000. The income of distribution is (Yuan)33,000. All sums are reported in Chinese Yuan and converted into USD on GLCC statements and filings.

Safe Harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Certain forward information contained in this release contains forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties, including but not limited to, those relating to development and expansion activities, domestic and global conditions, and market competition.

SOURCE Good Life China Corporation

Source: PR Newswire (May 28, 2008 - 8:40 AM EDT)

News by QuoteMedia


1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964ob der Stoff positiv angenommen wird?....

28.05.08 16:08

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibik0,035 us = +26 % ggü. gestern

28.05.08 16:15
sehen wir heute bereits die 0,05 us? die 0,04 us scheint nur eine frage von minuten zu sein, FFM hat bereits nachgezogen, auch hier bewegt sich der kurs auf bereits 0,024 ?.
die heutige meldung sollte helfen, das management wird massiv versuchen, das prognostizierte wachstum einzuhalten und den kurs zu beflügeln. warum der kurs so eingebrochen ist, erklärt die o.g. meldung.
bereits 1 mio. shares gehandelt in knapp 40 minuten.  

1026 Postings, 5432 Tage D23011964hast irgendwo den RT - Kurs?

28.05.08 16:21

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikz.b. über

28.05.08 16:27
und direkt auf links im Active Board auf GLCC gehen oder unter  

1558 Postings, 6129 Tage SuperflachSieht gut aus Jungs

28.05.08 16:27
Bin zwar nicht drin aber sieht ehrlich gut aus das Ding.

Kein Verkaufdruck in den USA zu spüren trotz sehr starken Anstiegs.

Vielleicht habt Ihr Glück und das wird son Ding wo jeder immer denkt ich steige ein wenn Sie etwas runter gekommen it was aber vorläufig nicht passiren wird.Dann rennen Euch die Käufer hinterher und die Bude explodiert.

Na viel Glück bei dem Zock.  

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikRT war gerade bei 0,039 us

28.05.08 16:29
jetzt auf 0,035 us, FFM 0,028 ?  

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibik@Superflach

28.05.08 16:37
denke persönlich nicht an einen zock, ich kenne glcc aus dem merger mit MONA, die waren bei damals 0,70 !. MONA aktionäre bekamen eine 1:1 divi in form von glcc aktien. Da kommt was großes auf uns zu, m.E. kein kurzer zock , viel platz und luft nach oben, von nachhaltiger substanz. mach dir ein bild davon, ich denke es lohnt sich, asien boomt und olympia bringt zusätzlich fantasie mit, bei diesen kursen unglaubliches potenzial, zumal die aktienzahl reduziert wurde.
keine kaufempfehlung, alles nur meine bescheidene, persönliche meinung.  

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikaus ihub, mail von IR Company

28.05.08 17:22

XXXXXXX, The Jack Chang ordeal is all posted on MONA disclosure. Its in that 90 page document. Go see its been there for weeks. We got suspicious when what he was telling us he could not back up and stop ed returning tel / email/ calls. Go read up on Chang its all there. Again, we hold no "control of shares". We are a hired IR company just like a lawyer an accountant etc. We do our job they do theirs. Its up to the company. The loan of $250,000 done to ASIC is a company loan and NOT to Xu?! Where did you get the idea that Xu got the $$$ we have seen the payments to creditors bills etc of ASIC. Look at the deals ASIC is doing just signed a deal with Shanghai bank. Their stock is back in penny land again and should move We are on your side and the market makers do not know how to deal with what Mina Mar offers. Theres no other IR co out there that intertwines with common shareholders and calls the bottom of the deck dealers to the carpet. We won GLCC - ASIC in court, We nailed Chang, We nipped HKBV Ridge from destroying that company,(Hes another Chang) just go read the filings. Don't assist the 12 paid bashers that's all we ask and we will get GLCC back on track. (se the news this morning re dividends and markert maker games it speaks volumes) Thats why the stock is down from 70c to 03. Last but not least, MONA. Come back to us in 4-6 weeks and tell me if you still feel the same way Regards IR


126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Hi Jungs.Grüße euch zu dem Mega Run $$

28.05.08 18:43
Wie Ihr sehen kontet hab euch lieben einen Stern verpast.Auf GLCC.WIrd noch weiter steigen

GLCC - Strong Buy  

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Die 0.05 ist gefallen auf 0.10 Jungs schaffen wir

28.05.08 18:45

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Heute schaffen wir die 0.10 .Morgen Richtung 0.20

28.05.08 19:08

268 Postings, 5987 Tage admiral_rna, dan fängt unser yuppi

28.05.08 19:09
ja schon wieder an zu träumen, mich wunderts, dass er so lang gebraucht hat  

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Ich habe noch Restrichtet aus der ehemaligen

28.05.08 19:17
Die lass Ich leigen bis sie bei 2,00 US$ sind  

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11ca, 600.000 Stück. sind aber restricted

28.05.08 19:20
Lass sie erstmal wachsen  

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Jetzt bin ja bei euch.Das Ding wollen

28.05.08 19:24
wir mal wachsen sehen.Bis ende dieser Woche.Noch zwei Tage auf 0.20 müüsten wir hinkriegen  

126 Postings, 5204 Tage Yuppi11Danke euch für die sehr gute Empfehlung

28.05.08 19:34
Das ein ware 100Bagger fürs erste $$$$  

1861 Postings, 8258 Tage karibikda bin ich mal zwei stunden weg

28.05.08 19:40
und das teil fliegt bereits auf über 0,05 us, danke für den stern  

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