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21.09.12 17:02

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniGrandiose Performance!

24.10.12 00:27
Glückwunsch! Oder warst Du nicht short?  

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17.01.13 15:18

Converge Global Partners Majestic Menu with Preferred Magazine
TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Converge Global, Inc. ("The Company") (OTCPINK: CVRG) announced today that its new division, Majestic Menu, has executed a Letter of Understanding to partner with Preferred Communications Inc. to produce "Majestic Menu" as a magazine supplement in print and online with  "Preferred Magazine".

Majestic Menu magazine will feature reviews, articles, marketing campaigns and products to be available through its online portal. In addition, Majestic Menu will appear in a double page advertisement spread and Cornelia Volino, President of Converge Global Inc. will be a contributing writer with Preferred Magazine featuring articles in cuisine, wine/spirits and cigars.

Cornelia Volino, President stated "The partnership with Preferred Magazine will provide Majestic Menu with an immediate and customized media presence in print and online with an established customer base in our retail target market." Ms. Volino further stated "We are thrilled to partner with Preferred Communications and benefit from their expertise and network in the media industry."

Preferred Magazine features articles on food, wine, cigars, culture, travel, quality products, arts & entertainment, luxury and editorials on people and places that reflect the exotic and affluent designed to meet the needs of its target market. The magazine is available online at , for download from the App Store, in print at Marriott Hotels, Monte Carlo Inns, Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges, Via Rail, The Cambridge Group of Companies, office lounges, boutiques, Spas, select high income postal walks in partnership with the Global & Mail and by  subscription.

Majestic Menu is currently preparing for its retail test market and will feature current and progressive media and technological strategies. The portal will be a form of online purchasing that can be engaged to enhance or direct traditional retail and commercial distribution.

Converge Global, Inc. will continue to seek potential acquisitions, encourage strategic alliances and assess business development to support and expand its tiered network and corporate growth.  

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17.01.13 15:26

6889 Postings, 4130 Tage Global-Invest+12,5% bereits

17.01.13 15:47

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniManagement-Buy-out!

10.07.14 13:30

Der Angebotspreis soll heute veröffentlicht werden. Es wird spannend...  

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniHammer! Übernahmeangebot für 0,08 USD!

10.07.14 15:17

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniBid und Ask steigen stetig

10.07.14 15:36
Noch scheint sich die News nicht überall herum gesprochen zu haben...  

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniVerstehe ehrlich gesagt nicht,

10.07.14 15:44
warum die Aktie gerademal zu Kursen um die 0,015 USD gehandelt wird.  

13121 Postings, 4221 Tage RudiniZweifel

10.07.14 15:57
Scheinbar zweifelt der Markt am Wahrheitsgehalt der Meldung.

Oder hat jemand eine andere Erklärung?  

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10.07.14 18:22
Herr Rudini pusht sich ne aktie schön, vermutlich liegt es an den vielen löschungen vorher...
man wird sehn was noch kommt oder auch nicht  

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22.08.14 09:19
5 mil assets , market cap 2.7mil , kurs 0.0029. 52 Wochen Hoch bei 0.035  

13 Postings, 3043 Tage bzn26Charts sagen mehr als Worte

22.08.14 14:55

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22.08.14 15:13
Float 520,530,637 *  Kurs 0.0029 = Market CAP 1,509538 mil . noch billiger als gedacht! Assets 5 mil. Faire Preise wäre bei > einem Penny.  

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26.08.14 13:53
Goldmine in Sebirien gehört zu CVRG :  

13 Postings, 3043 Tage bzn26+ 44%

26.08.14 19:01
der Zug startet :)  

13 Postings, 3043 Tage bzn260.01 wir kommen

29.08.14 10:11
ist nur noch eine frage der Zeit.  

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