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587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoealso die neue CO19 Welle in GB wird

16.04.21 21:25
anscheinend vorzeitig eintreffen. Ich hatte damit frühestens in zwei Wochen gerechnet  

79 Postings, 3037 Tage BastlmucWas ist passiert?

20.04.21 07:02
Hab ich was verpasst? Die News waren doch eigentlich gut, oder?  

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoetja,

20.04.21 16:50
da werden jetzt pro Jahr mindestens 20 mio Test verkauft, und wir sind keine 30 cent Wert xD! Brave new World  

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoenews

21.04.21 18:05
Our sister site, has published an update on Relay Medical, worth the read:

Short Squeeze Alert #2 for Relay Medical (CSE: RELA) - Evidence of Market Manipulation

Investment thesis remains, COVID-19 is not going away any time soon & RELA is busy signing deals left and right

In the last two months, many ?COVID-19? stocks have sold off, and the category of ?reopening stocks? had their day in the sun due to vaccine rollouts. However, investors do not seem to understand the slow rate of worldwide mRNA injections, or the reluctance of a large segment of the population to take the mRNA doses. We?re not here to debate vaccine merits, we?re here to objectively observe, bet, and make money, and when we see something egregious, send it out to our subscribers.

What's happening to our favourite COVID-19 deal? Company performance vs. stock price is inverted...

Our favourite short squeeze stock from September to February, Relay Medical, (CSE:RELA) went from 0.23 to a high of 0.93 cents on February 24th (if you?re new to this newsletter, we?ve linked the original email alert at the bottom of this note). It looked like we had obliterated the naked shorts who were forced to cover. Then the stock consolidated a bit on profit taking, in the 0.60-0.70 range. With recent positive news of additional roll outs, RELA looked poised to break out once again, but instead, RELA seems to be under attack by one or more bot trading algos manipulating the share price down. It has been beyond blatant to anyone watching the depth charts in the past 4 trading sessions. It might have started up to 7 trading sessions ago. Take a look, and notice the volume and number of transactions spike more than doubling, then quadrupling.

For the past 4 trading sessions, 500, and 1000 share market sell orders have been rapidly pounding the tape. We mentioned in our September report on RELA that German short sellers had targeted the Company. Maybe they didn't learn their lesson the first time, and it's the same guys who got their heads handed to them once the company began to sign deals. The only other explanation would be a Canadian brokerage is shorting the deal, betting that those who financed the company in January will be selling in May when those shares are free trading. If our thought process is right on this deal, within 6 months, RELA could be cashflow positive, and well on their way to raking in millions each month. Remember, THIS IS A ROYALTY DEAL, so once Fionet is everywhere recording test results, the vast majority of the revenue comes as free cash flow, with very few costs.

Let?s recap why RELA is our COVID-19 bet, and highlight the achievements of this company. Let?s also reiterate why RELA remains the best solution to testing and tracing:

There is no dilution on the horizon, the company has $10 million in the bank and is not raising money. The burn rate is low as well, less than 500k per month currently, so that box is checked.
Life Labs deal... WOW did the market get this wrong. Relay just signed a deal for mass rapid COVID-19 testing to be rolled out with Life Labs across Canada. From the press release, "LifeLabs will provide the Fionet platform in community-based settings at multiple sites across Canada, including airports, pop-up labs and installations for small businesses. The Fionet platform is integrated into LifeLabs's laboratory information system, ensuring seamless interoperation, as well as into LifeLabs' turnkey, end-to-end COVID-19 rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) program to support Canadians as they return to work." THEY MENTIONED CROSS-COUNTRY AIRPORTS! They are Canada's oldest lab testing company, and have over have 380 locations for testing across the country already, and they?re growing. This deal alone has the potential to make the company cash flow positive, and RELA is just getting started. From Life Labs' own press release on the subject, they added medium and large size businesses for pop up testing sites. This is a company who does over 100mil tests overall per year, and we're just talking about Canada so far, at this rate, RELA is bound to go global. Life Labs has almost $1 billion USD per year in revenue, this means RELA is playing with the big boys now! If that company did their research and love FIONET as the best solution, what more proof of concept do investors need?
The Pearson Airport deal is going well, and we believe it?s going to lead to additional airport deals in Canada in locations where Life Labs don't have the contract. Again, potential upside for millions in royalties each month as more and more travelers pass through airports again. If RELA is able to get deals with US airports, money starts rolling in exponentially.
RELA is now targeting cruises. Ships operate in tight quarters, and passengers need to prove they?re COVID-19 free. With the additions of Bernard O'Brien, Keith Davis and Donal Smith to the board of advisors, who have stock options in the deal, don?t be surprised to see Cruise line deals pop up on your newsfeed for RELA in the future.
Even if COVID-19 levels drop, you?re still going to have to take tests to travel for years to come, and RELA has the best recording device for any rapid tests available. So, RELA shareholders have a good shot at ringing the COVID-19 test royalty register 24 hours a day, everyday, at every point of entry location for the foreseeable future.
Clark Kent, the company?s low key financial Superman, has started buying in the open market. Who knows more about what deals are in the pipeline for RELA? The thesis for us was, one success will lead to another, and another, and there would be a snowball effect of Fionet being rolled out everywhere, cause its adaptable to any and all COVID-19 tests. So far the thesis is running on schedule.
The past 6 months have been great for RELA as a business, and if they continue on this trajectory in terms of deal making, the greedy blue sky reward would be a big board listing or company buyout by a testing giant.
If we?re right and the last 4 days were short sellers trying to manipulate the stock again to scare people into selling, then these shorts are in for Round 2 of pain. For full disclosure, we?re with Clark, and we?re buying at these levels over the next few weeks. The next step is to bring this idea to some big players. The boys at wallstreetbets should love this one, because if short manipulators are betting against deals like Relay Medical, who are trying to give us back some semblance of normal life, those shorts deserve to be squeeeeeeeeeezed, AGAIN.

Happy trading, Research Team  

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoebei Yahoo forum ist

21.04.21 19:33
wesentlich mehr los als hier.  

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoenagut. dann

21.04.21 19:51
binn ich halt aleine, irgendwer muss ja Geld verdienen, wenn sonst keiner will.  

1828 Postings, 4651 Tage logalltesten so oft mann will hier im testcentrum

21.04.21 20:22

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoenews . Gates Foundation-Verträge Texas Krankenhäus

22.04.21 12:03

488 Postings, 1629 Tage dav1dtja...

23.04.21 03:40
typisch pennystock ... pushen was das Zeug hält... Habe nach vielen Wochen hier mal wieder vorbei geschaut.

Scheint so, als hätten die alten User hier von damals bei ATH verkauft.

Tja.. wir haben das gleiche wie Lahev gemacht... und verpisst :D

PS: Lahev kennt wahrscheinlich niemand mehr  

1 Posting, 586 Tage SilkesvbxaLöschung

23.04.21 04:31

Zeitpunkt: 23.04.21 11:01
Aktionen: Löschung des Beitrages, Nutzer-Sperre für immer
Kommentar: Doppel-ID



2361 Postings, 1829 Tage PapaSchlumpf41Das ist ja der selbe Kursverlauf

23.04.21 21:21
wie Anfang 2018.... (zoomt mal auf Gesamt...)

Damals war der Hemopalm das News Zugpferd.
Den es noch immer nicht gibt. (unglaublich)

Jetzt ist es Covid 19.
Keines ihrer "Produkte" hat kommerziell einen Erfolg oder eine Bedeutung.
Weder Pharmatrac, Glow Lifetech oder Hemopalm.
Die Renderbildchen auf der Homepage ändern sich, dass wars aber auch schon.


8 Postings, 664 Tage Gonzo_1Emerging Markets Consulting LLC for IR

27.04.21 11:39
da werden wieder mal großzügig neue Optionen verteilt... ist aber eigentlich ein positives Zeichen, dass man sich in Richtung IR "professionalisiert".

Relay Medical Retains Emerging Markets Consulting LLC for Investor Relations Advisory Services  
April 26, 2021 -  Relay Medical Corp. (?Relay? or the ?Company?) (CSE: RELA, OTC: RYMDF, Frankfurt: EIY2), a technology developer and innovator, announces that Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC (EMC) has been retained to provide investor and public relations services. EMC specializes in helping small and mid-sized public companies establish brand awareness and increase market share to its customer base while improving visibility to the institutional and retail investment community.

?With the recent deployments of Toronto Airport and partnering with Canada?s largest lab company Lifelabs, Relay has a lot to share with the marketplace,? said W. Clark Kent, President, Relay Medical Corp. ?We look forward to working with Emerging Markets to bring Relay to a broader audience and build on our communication as we progress through these milestones and others like the recent acquisition of Cybeats, an innovative IoT Cybersecurity company.?

James Painter, President of EMC, said, "with the termotulous year we have all faced, hope springs eternal. Working with Relay Medical is an honor and a privilege. The company's prospects met our stringent requirements and we are happy to have Relay on our prestigious client roster."

The Company announces that it has granted an aggregate of 1,500,000 options to purchase common shares of the Company at $0.50 per common share and expiring five (5) years from the date of grant, to certain officers, directors and consultants of the Company.

About Emerging Markets Consulting LLC

Based in Orlando, Florida, Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC (EMC) brings over 40 years combined experience in the investor relations industry. EMC is an international investor relations firm with affiliates around the world. EMC is relationship-driven and results-oriented with the goal of seeking attractive emerging companies and concentrating its resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high-quality clients.

For more information, visit EMC?s website at


James S. Painter, CEO

390 North Orange Ave Suite 2300

Orlando, Florida 32801



About Relay Medical Corp.

Relay Medical is a technology innovation Company headquartered in Toronto, Canada focused on the development of novel technologies in the diagnostics and AI data science and IoT security sectors.


For Media Inquiries, please contact:  Destine Lee | 647-872-9982

SUBSCRIBE: For more information on Relay or to subscribe to the Company?s mail list visit:

W. Clark Kent
Relay Medical Corp.
Office. 647-872-9982 ext. 3

TF. 1-844-247-6633 ext. 3

Bernhard Langer
EU Investor Relations
Office. +49 (0) 177 774 2314


1828 Postings, 4651 Tage logalles läuft

27.04.21 16:56

665 Postings, 1828 Tage hallo333was

29.04.21 08:16
Eine Scam hier.

Mein beileid an alle investierten und vor allem an die Bagholder vom peak  

587 Postings, 1689 Tage BlueHorseshoeCovid-19 heilmitel Artemic in USA

30.04.21 11:03
zugelassen, Aktie geht in Keller, die Welt ist schon verrückt;  

2361 Postings, 1829 Tage PapaSchlumpf41Die News haben eher einen

04.05.21 20:53
negativen effekt auf den Kurs wie mir schein.  

111 Postings, 1634 Tage ElefönAnscheinend...

04.05.21 22:38
Sinn ergibt das für mich wenig, da die letzten News die ersten seit langer Zeit sind, die Einnahmen zumindest in Aussicht stellen. Bin glatt am überlegen, nochmal nachzulegen.  

79 Postings, 3037 Tage BastlmucWTF?!?

06.05.21 18:51
Was zur Hölle passiert hier...  

665 Postings, 1828 Tage hallo333doch nur

06.05.21 18:56
Kanada bastelbude  

646 Postings, 673 Tage Lalle1895Habe heute nochmal

06.05.21 22:10
nachgekauft bei 19,9 Cent. Der Abend war ja versöhnlich. Schauen wir mal, wie es weiterläuft. Vielleicht haben wir ja jetzt einen Boden. COVID-Aktien haben die letzten Tage generell richtig was abbekommen.  

165 Postings, 1461 Tage NovalisLalle1895:

07.05.21 17:48
ich denke mal, die bekommt man auch noch für 10 cent  

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