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5BARZ INTL INC: soeben per Mail eingeflattert

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30.03.11 13:48

Ich gehe hier von Spam aus, lasse mich aber gern von besserem belehren, oder was meint ihr?


“I don't care that this company
won the Design of the Year Award at
the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, I'm more interested in the virtually guaranteed, 1,080% gains I'll be
making as they go to market!”

Yes,  5BARz (BARZ) may have won the CES Award for Engineering and Design, but  what's more important is the fact that this company is giving
us a very real chance to cash out 1,080% winners
as their mobile electronics service boosting innovations start selling like hotcakes!
That kind of gain means watching your $5,000
investment soar into $59,000 - or $10,000 explode
to $118,000 - by the July 4th weekend!
Greetings Friend,

     As  impressive as winning accolades and awards are, performance and profit  potential is what's really important for people like us.

     And in both those categories, 5BARz delivers.

     What this company's doing right now is simply amazing, they're not reinventing the wheel here...

     They're simply bringing one of today's hottest  technologies to the next level, and giving us the chance to profit along  side them as they dominate a projected $4.6 Billion market.

     But before I get into exactly what they're doing,  let's talk about how much money we'll be able to make as they make  history.

     Because the landscape of their industry is so  sparse, it's entirely possible for them to capture anywhere from 25%-35%  of this rapidly expanding market...

     We've seen this happen before, as Finnish cellphone  maker, Nokia, captured 35% of the entire mobile market in less than 2  years, becoming a multi-Billion dollar company in the process.

     Capturing 35% of a market is incredible, and for 5BARz, it's totally possible...

     Doing the math, we're looking at market share of anywhere from $1.15 Billon all the way up to $1.61 Billion.

     That's huge.

     Do you know what this means for the shareholders of 5BARz (BARZ) when this happens?

     I'll tell you, it means a windfall of epic proportions for those with gumption to act now.

     And the best part is, it's only the beginning...

     As you see, recently, a 5BARz competitor, Airvana (AIRV) IPO'd at $83 million,  but even more amazing is the company was taken private afterwards, as  an investment group thought it was too valuable - buying it for an  astounding $530 Million!

     By grabbing up to 35% of their market is  big, an even bigger event could be 5BARz own  aggressive, high-priced  buyout by any one of the gigantic mobile service companies like  AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Vonage...

     And not only is this possible, it's already happening in 5BARz's industry sector!

     I'll give you all the details in my new, Special  Report on the amazing new company and why you'll be hearing all about  it's next generation of femtocell technology

     Get all info on how they're going to give us the  chance at a huge 1,080% gain by July by reading the enclosed Special  Report.

To Your Future Wealth,
Tim Fields
Untapped Wealth




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