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222 Postings, 1053 Tage nicholas65Hm

15.04.20 21:17
Und die Nageltante, Masseuse oder Friseuse macht dann mal eben Corona--Tests? Lach mich schlapp. Die Aussagefähigkeit dieser Billigbluttests ala AYTU ist in Bezug auf eine akute Corona Infektion doch mehr als begrenzt. Für seriöse Tests haben sie doch aktuell gar keine Testmöglichkeiten. Oder habe ich was verpasst?  

2 Postings, 1346 Tage WalandoXpresTest

16.04.20 14:09
Also das was ich mit bekommen in amerika forum ,sollte es keine spa dort geben nur wird das umgebaut für Test. Bin von Anfang an dabei und paar mit gewinne mit genommen, finde die haben sehr wohl potenzial und gibt keine anderes unternehmen in diesem Bereich wie XSPA.


12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerGo Baby

16.04.20 15:32

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16.04.20 15:36

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerKurs im Trump-Land geht ins Minus

17.04.20 17:33

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerGefällt mir! Der Kurs marschiert. Plus 29 %

20.04.20 20:16

2199 Postings, 1975 Tage NervousJup

20.04.20 20:17
Sehr schön heute...!
Ziel 1$  

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerZiel 1$ ? Wann?

20.04.20 20:34

2199 Postings, 1975 Tage NervousMit news! Dann

20.04.20 20:35
Kanns weiter gehen!  

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerDer Kurs hält sich erstaunlich gut.

20.04.20 20:39

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage Tiger65 Mio gehandelte Aktien

20.04.20 20:40

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerIst das ein schlafender Riese?

20.04.20 21:09

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerGo Baby...

20.04.20 21:14

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerVerkaufen Daytrader? Ich sehe nichts.

20.04.20 21:22

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerShorts...Was machen sie?

20.04.20 21:36

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerOH Weia...

20.04.20 21:38

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerWenn Shorts decken, dann geht der Kurs durch die

20.04.20 21:42

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerJetzt wird der Kurs gedrückt,

20.04.20 21:54

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage Tiger0,51 lächerlich!

20.04.20 22:04

12416 Postings, 7704 Tage TigerKursdrückerei sollte man lesen können!

20.04.20 22:07

222 Postings, 1053 Tage nicholas65Hm

21.04.20 08:36
Ist ja ganz schön zum Geld verdienen die Bude als Zock. Ändert aber nichts an den fundamentalen Dingen.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the Coronavirus (?COVID-19?), which continues to spread throughout the U.S. and the world, a pandemic. The outbreak is having an impact on the global economy, resulting in rapidly changing market and economic conditions. Similar to many businesses in the travel sector, our business has been materially adversely impacted by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and associated restrictions on travel that have been implemented. Effective March 24, 2020, the Company temporarily closed all global spa locations, largely due to the categorization of its spa locations by local jurisdictions as ?non-essential services?. The Company intends to reopen its spa locations and resume normal operations once restrictions on non-essential services are lifted and airport traffic returns to sufficient levels to support its operations. On March 25, 2020, the Company announced that, during such period as it remains unable to reopen its spa locations for normal operations, it was advancing conversations with certain COVID-19 testing partners to develop a model for testing in U.S. airports.

The temporary closing of the Company?s global spa operations has had a materially adverse impact on its cash flows from operations and caused a liquidity crisis.  As a result, management has concluded that there was a long-lived asset impairment triggering event during the first quarter of 2020, which will result in management performing an impairment evaluation of certain of its long-lived asset balances (primarily leasehold improvements and right of use lease assets totaling approximately $16,318 as of December 31, 2019). This could lead to the Company recording an impairment charge during the first quarter of 2020. The full extent to which COVID-19 will impact the Company?s results will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain and cannot be predicted, including new information which may emerge concerning the severity of the virus and the actions to contain or treat its impact.

The Company is currently seeking sources of capital to help fund its business operations during the COVID-19 crisis. It has been able to secure financing during the first quarter of 2020 totaling gross proceeds of approximately $9,440 by obtaining a cash advance on its accounts receivable balances, a loan from its senior secured lender, B3D, LLC (?B3D?), and through common stock offerings (see Note 20, Subsequent Events). Depending on the impact of the COVID outbreak on the Company?s operations and cash position, it may need to obtain additional financing. If the Company needs to obtain additional financing in the future and is unsuccessful, it may be required to curtail or terminate some or all of its business operations and cause its Board of Directors to possibly pursue a restructuring, which may include a reorganization or bankruptcy under Federal bankruptcy laws, or a dissolution, liquidation and/or winding up of the Company.  Accordingly, holders of the Company?s secured and unsecured debt and common stock may lose their entire investment in the event of a reorganization, bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company.


Und nun bitte den Dollar heute... ;-)


2199 Postings, 1975 Tage Nervousdie Frage...

21.04.20 08:47
ob die heute ohne News über die 1$ Marke läuft?

2158 Postings, 4312 Tage MilchKaffeeDie haben gestern nach Ladenschluß noch ein 10K

21.04.20 08:54

2199 Postings, 1975 Tage Nervousja das war

21.04.20 08:57
vor Schluss...aber der Kurs lief weiter nach oben...  

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