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Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.

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20752 Postings, 5857 Tage permanentFortuna Silver Mines Inc.

29.03.06 19:25
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.

Corporate Contact Information
Phone: (604) 484-4085

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4 Breaking News   Fortuna Announces additional Channel Sample Results, Animas Vein, Caylloma Silver Project, Peru
4 Overview   Fortuna Silver Mines is an emerging silver producer focused on Latin America. Our primary assets are the Caylloma Silver Mine in southern Peru, and the San Jose Silver-Gold Mine in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fortuna intends to be a 2 M oz/yr silver producer in 2006 and is uniquely positioned to make additional acquisitions in Latin America.
4 People  Fortuna management has extensive experience in exploration, mining and business development in Latin America, and is committed to aggressive growth through acquisition and advanced stage exploration.

Jorge A. Ganoza Durant, B.Sc. Eng. - President & Director

Mr. Ganoza Durant is a geological engineer with 12 years experience in mineral exploration and business development for various private and public exploration companies in Central and South America.

Peter Thiersch, M.Sc. P.Geo. - V.P. Exploration

Mr. Thiersch is a geologist with 20 years experience in mineral exploration throughout North and South America, specializing in epithermal and porphyry related precious metal exploration.

Jorge R. Ganoza Aicardi, B.Sc. Eng. - V.P. Operations

Mr. Ganoza Aicardi is a mining engineer with 30 years experience in exploration and mine development in Latin America, including managing the start up of 3 mid size underground mines in Peru and Panama.

Simon Ridgway - Director

Mr. Ridgway has over 15 years experience managing exploration companies in North, Central and South America, including Radius Gold. His companies have made several major discoveries in Honduras and Guatemala.

Tomas Guerrero Mendez, Eng. - Director

Mr. Guerrero is a geological engineer with over 30 years of mine geology and mineral exploration experience in Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. He discovered and put in production three mid size gold-silver mines.

4 Property  Caylloma Silver Mine, Peru

Fortuna acquired 100% of the Caylloma Silver Mine from the Hochschild Group in early 2005. Caylloma was developed on a system of multiple silver-lead-zinc veins located in southern Peru. The mine hosts a NI 43-101 compliant estimate of 7 million ounces silver in proven and probable reserves, plus 14 million ounces silver in inferred resources, along with significant base metal credits. The mine was temporarily closed in 2003 due to low metal prices, but produced 2.6M oz silver in 2002.

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Management believes there is excellent potential to build on this resource base, increase future production rates and realize significant upside in additional zinc credits. The Company is therefore conducting a major exploration drilling campaign during 2005 and 2006 to revise the existing resource and production models. All operating and environmental permits are in place, and Fortuna expects to move rapidly into production.

San Jose Silver-Gold Mine, Mexico

Fortuna has also recently signed an option agreement with Continuum Resources to earn up to a 70% interest in the San Jose Silver-Gold Mine, by spending C$2 million over the next 24 months. The mine contains an NI 43-101 compliant estimate of roughly 12 million ounces silver equivalent (200,000 ounces gold equivalent) in the Inferred Resource category.

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The mine is currently producing at a rate of 100 tpd, and the Company will be focusing on exploration drilling in 2006 with the intent of expanding this resource and increasing future production rates. The acquisition also includes access to a significant portfolio of high potential exploration projects assembled by Continuum.

4 Politics Peru and Mexico are developing nations with democratically elected governments. Both are relatively stable and business oriented, with long histories of mining. At Caylloma, the district has seen mining for over 400 years and the previous owners have developed excellent relationships with the local community which Fortuna expects to continue.
4 Paper Fortuna trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol FVI (V.FVI) and on the Frankfurt Exchange in Germany under the symbol F4S. The company has a total of 26,006,086 shares outstanding and 45,799,497 fully diluted.
4Click here to Request Investor Information Direct from this Company
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296 Postings ausgeblendet.

43 Postings, 569 Tage francibis jetzt -11% heute

11.10.18 16:53
Weiß jemand warum alle Edelmetallmienen steigen und Fortuna Silver um 11% einbricht?  

4448 Postings, 906 Tage VassagoFSM 3,95$ (-7%)

11.10.18 17:20

Fortuna Silver meldet Produktionszahlen für Q2/18

Third Quarter Production Highlights

  • Silver production of 2,230,465 ounces; 11 percent increase over Q3 2017
  • Gold production of  12,542 ounces; 6 percent decrease over Q3 2017
  • Lead production of 7,575,541 pounds; 1 percent decrease over Q3 2017
  • Zinc production of 11,482,583 pounds; 2 percent increase over Q3 2017
  • Cash cost2 for San Jose is US$63.30/t
  • Cash cost2 for Caylloma is US$88.53/t

+ heftige Regenfälle führen zum Überlaufen von Behältern

"Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.  reports that in the early morning of October 8th, abnormally high rainfall caused a contingency pond to overflow at the dry stack tailings facility at the San Jose mine located in Oaxaca, Mexico. The contingency pond collects water from a ditch system at the dry stack facility designed to capture and manage rain water. The Company wants to emphasize that no industrial process water was discharged in this incident and that the San Jose operation uses a cyanide-free process to produce concentrate.

The dry stack contingency pond's holding capacity is 7,000 cubic meters and it is equipped with a 600 cubic meter per hour pumping capacity that was surpassed by the volume of rain fall. The overflow occurred for about two hours at approximately 4:00 am and resulted in the spill of approximately 1,500 cubic meters of water carrying sediment and minor amounts of fine tailings from the facility's drainage system into the nearby Coyote Creek. The Company is mitigating the risk of future overflows by immediately increasing its pumping capacity at the contingency pond. No damage has occurred to the tailings dam or to the dry stack infrastructure and both are fully operational. San Jose tailings are monitored and sampled continuously, are free of heavy metals or other contaminants, and are characterized as sterile.

Officials at the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (PROFEPA) were notified of the overflow on the day of the incident. The Company is currently working with federal, state and local authorities as they conduct inspections of our facilities at San Jose and the Coyote Creek."


4448 Postings, 906 Tage VassagoFSM 3,69$

09.11.18 11:31

Fortuna Silver meldet Ergebnisse für Q3/18

Third quarter consolidated financial highlights:

  • Sales of $59.6 million, compared to $64.0 million in Q3 2017
  • Net income of $6.9 million, compared to $10.3 million in Q3 2017
  • Earnings per share of $0.04, compared to $0.06 in Q3 2017
  • Net cash provided by operations of $21.5 million and adjusted EBITDA of $24.2 million, compared to $20.3 million and $30.6 million, respectively, in Q3 2017
  • Free cash flow, excluding Lindero construction costs,1 of $13.6 million and $42.2 million for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2018
  • Cash position, including short term investments, as at September 30, 2018 was $176.7 million
  • Silver and gold production totaled 2,230,465 and 12,542 ounces compared to 2,009,362 and 13,412 in Q3 2017
  • AISC1 per silver equivalent2 ounce was $10.8 compared to $11.1 in Q3 2017


576 Postings, 5004 Tage larsuweDie Q-Zahlen waren recht ordentlich.

10.11.18 12:26
Zu 2,50 Euro versuche ich mal einige einzusammeln!.In der Ruhe u Geduld liegt der Erfolg unter Umständen.Was meint ihr zum aktuellen Aktienkurs  von Fortuna Silver Minesund?.  

4448 Postings, 906 Tage VassagoFSM 3,53$

17.01.19 12:14

Fortuna Silver meldet Produktionszahlen für 2018

  • 8,9 Moz Silber
  • 54 koz Gold
  • Ausblick 2019 ~8,2-9,0 Moz Silber sowie 49-54 koz Gold zu AISC 9,90-12,10$/oz Ag Eq


1545 Postings, 619 Tage neymarFortuna Silver Mines

20.01.19 16:56

4448 Postings, 906 Tage VassagoFSM 3,83$ (-3%)

08.02.19 11:18

heftige Regenfälle verzögern die Konstruktion des Lindero-Projektes


4448 Postings, 906 Tage VassagoFSM 3,61$

14.03.19 18:19

Fortuna Silver meldet Zahlen für 2018

  • Umsatz 263 Mio. $
  • Gewinn 34 Mio. $
  • Produktion 54 koz Gold & 8,9 Moz Silber
  • AISC 10,55$/oz


1336 Postings, 1151 Tage KatzenpiratVassago, danke, dass du die Zahlen aufbereitest!

14.03.19 18:35

16985 Postings, 3529 Tage Balu4u2,59USD +0,16USD +6,58%

03.06.19 13:04

1545 Postings, 619 Tage neymarFortuna Silver

23.10.19 14:17

358 Postings, 1053 Tage Fr777Danke fürs

23.10.19 14:55
Posten neymar!

Ceo hatte bei 2.59 Dollar gekauft sollte eigentlich heißen, daß er die Firma dort zu günstig bewertet  gesehen hat.

Der Markt findet die Story scheinbar weniger interessant momentan...  

1663 Postings, 5029 Tage BozkaschiWann kommen die Q3 Zahlen?

05.11.19 20:16
hier wäre ein Rebound angebracht.
Carpe diem

199 Postings, 1283 Tage KonstrucktZahlen

05.11.19 21:11
letztes Jahr kamen die Q3 so um den 9 November bin auch schon gespannt besonders mit dem neuen Projekt Lindero ob die hier  die Kosten im Griff haben.  

358 Postings, 1053 Tage Fr777Morgen

06.11.19 13:11
Sollten Zahlen kommen vermutlich. Auf der Homepage nichts zu finden... Finanzen100 sagt morgen...abwarten...  

358 Postings, 1053 Tage Fr77714. November kommen Zahlen

06.11.19 17:04

748 Postings, 598 Tage Dr. GreenMorgen

13.11.19 12:12
ist der 14. könnte es auf 8 EUR steigen?!  

358 Postings, 1053 Tage Fr777Auf 8 Euro

13.11.19 16:33
Nein :) das ist unmöglich, wie leitest du das ab?

Ich bin zufrieden wenn es ähnlich wie im letzten Quartal laufen würde  

1663 Postings, 5029 Tage BozkaschiDa ist der Wunsch

14.11.19 09:20
Vater des Gedankens ;) Ich hoffe heute Nacht auf gute Zahlen und kein "misses on revenue"
Fortuna hat sich jetzt lange genug mit einer Bodenbildung im Chart beschäftigt. Jetzt ist es Zeit mit guten Zahlen den Ausbruch nach oben zu schaffen.
Carpe diem

199 Postings, 1283 Tage KonstrucktZahlen für mich entäuschend

17.11.19 05:58

Net loss for the three month ended September 30 was (1.5) Million compound to 10.5 reportet in Q3
2018.  Währungseffekte und Sonderbelastungen trüben das Ergebnis aber auch die Kosten sind gestiegen  All-in sustaining cash cost ($/oz Ag Eq)1,2   2019= 15.78  2019 = 12.29   um Fette 19,5%. Der Umsatz stieg um 3%

Keine Kauf oder Verkaufsempfehlung   nur eine erste  Einschätzung.  

1545 Postings, 619 Tage neymarFortuna Silver

21.11.19 11:49

748 Postings, 598 Tage Dr. Greenes geht los!

03.12.19 15:48

358 Postings, 1053 Tage Fr777Es geht loooooooooooos

03.12.19 16:07

748 Postings, 598 Tage Dr. GreenBin Raus!

04.12.19 21:51
Der Anstieg muss erst mal verdaut werden.  

1663 Postings, 5029 Tage Bozkaschiwelcher Anstieg ?

05.12.19 08:21
schau dir mal den langfristigen Chart an... das war doch nix in den letzten Tagen... ich würde sogar eher sagen die Aktie ist aufgewacht !
Carpe diem

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